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Tsuna is twenty-three, Hibari is twenty-four.



Red is the color of fate. They say a red thread knots you to your soulmate and you two become connected by the thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. It's said that after a person is born they meet approximately 30,000 people before they die. Of those, the number of people you'll meet at work and school is 3,000 and of those you'll intimately know 300. Among all these encounters it's said that God has arranged a special one for you. One made before you were born. However, that bond of fate is invisible to everyone. And yet that unseen person is your destiny.

That's why Tsuna knew he fell in love with Hibari the moment they met.

It ran so unconditionally, so deep, so far into him, that he came to believe in a different theory out of personal experience of just loving someone so unreservedly. He knows it is often given the common misconception that it is tied to your little finger, your ankle, your toes, your wrists and arms. Even your neck. But he doesn't believe in either of those. He thinks that the thread doesn't tie itself onto a physical appendage, but rather, something you can't sense or see.

Tsuna believes the thread goes deeper than that, deeper then any security an arm or pinky can offer.

It ties to something inside you, it tangles you red.

Tsuna hates Hibari Kyoya.

He couldn't stand the sight of him, couldn't even be anywhere near in his presence without feeling the overwhelming desire to get away. It wasn't normal for him to feel such animosity, and he wasn't sure why he disliked Hibari so much to the point where the mere thought of him set Tsuna's teeth on edge.

He hates his personality, everything about it: the scary character with no care in the well being of others, preferring to do whatever it takes to obtain whatever he wanted. He hates how physical the man is—which is very often—and how utterly ignorant he could be in favor for his own selfishness. Hibari was easily tempered, easily pushed by simple buttons. Tsuna thinks it's annoying, for such a reserved man, one would think that the man wouldn't easily be prodded into violence and bloodlust.

He hates his recklessness, the bad trait of rushing headlong before thinking, therefore blowing everything out of proportions, where Tsuna was concerned, he disliked having plans ruined for him. Hibari never liked to admit he was wrong, and it angered Tsuna to no end. He hated how he thought he was above the others, calling himself a carnivore whereas everyone else was herbivores therefore subhuman in comparison to himself.

He hated how Hibari used his authority to assault all those who annoyed him, including his own subordinates.

He disliked Hibari's need for privacy all the time. As partners, they needed to communicate and Hibari was just not cooperating. No. In fact, Hibari did not think of Tsuna as a partner, but more as a small animal that benefited him. Again, with the benefiting. Again, with the belittling. He hates it.

He hates how Hibari owes him a favor. Hibari in turn, hates being indebt to anyone, and tried many times to pay Tsuna back as soon as possible. But Tsuna would not have it. He would make Hibari feel forever indebted, just because.

Hibari was just a big enigma of every trait in the book he hated.

He wasn't sure why, for all the reasons he could think of, they were just not rational enough for hate. But he hated Hibari Kyoya.

It was funny: for he couldn't, in his life, understand how he managed to be the predestined soulmate to this horrible man.