Chapter Twenty-Five: Addicted

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Everything was different this time around. Mycroft led Greg up to his flat and made sure the DI got a tour. He spoke about his furniture, his books, his TV and windows and wallpaper and everything. The entire time he had his eyes on Greg, watching his reaction.

Greg loved it all; it was all so... Mycroft. The first time they'd dated everything had been so fast and intense and it had all happened at bars and restaurants and Greg's flat. They went slowly this time, hands joined as Mycroft led his boyfriend through his flat.

Finally they fell to sit on the very expensive couch, Mycroft flicking the TV on. They ignored it in favour of each other, Mycroft pulling himself onto Greg's lap. The kissed softly and slowly, enjoying each other and the fact that finally, after twenty plus years, they were together again.

'You really haven't dated anyone since me?' Greg asked after a good hour of making out.

'I honestly haven't,' Mycroft said.


Mycroft sighed and said, 'I couldn't. I just... I dated women before I met you but it was all so different after you left. I never met anyone I connected with.'

'I'm sorry.'

'It's not your fault.'

'It is.'

'It's my fault too,' Mycroft said.

'Ha, so it is my fault.'

Mycroft tutted. 'Gregory, please.' Greg smiled. 'So...' he said slowly, 'you got married.'


'How long?'

'Three years,' Greg said. 'Sharon was nice, is nice, but... she's not you. I've never loved anyone like I love you.'

'And you have children?'

'Yeah,' Greg said, 'a son; Luke, or Lucas. I think he'd like you.'

'I doubt it, Greg. Children don't like me.'

'Spend a lot of time with children, do you?'

Mycroft rolled his eyes. 'You know what I mean. Grown humans tend not to like me so I figure younger versions will also take an aversion.'

'Luke's two, Myc. He likes shiny things and bowls.'


'I dunno, he just likes 'em. Screams bloody murder if you put his food on a plate but a bowl he has no problem with.'

'So he'd go crazy for a shiny bowl?'

'Shut up.'

Mycroft smiled and kissed Greg quickly. 'Are you and Sharon getting a divorce?'

'No, I'm planning on keeping both of you,' Greg said, Mycroft tutting. 'You can cook and she can rub my feet.'


'Yeah, Myc, we're getting a divorce. She's at her sister's until I find a place to live.'

'You've already found one,' Mycroft said and gestured around.

'Have I now?'

'Yes, you have.'

'What about Luke?'

'What about him?'

'You'll be okay having him here? I mean, Sharon will get custody because of my job but I'm hoping I can have him weekends... you'd be okay with Luke staying over?'

'Of course, Greg. I'll fill the guest room with bowls just for him.'

Greg snorted. 'And you don't mind me being around either?'

'Of course not.'

'I'm messy.'

'I know.'

'I leave the milk out.'

'That's fine, Greg.'

'I also leave out orange juice... and soft drinks, water, butter, cheese, ice cream–'

'What do you use your fridge for?'

Greg smiled. 'Decoration.'

Mycroft shook his head before kissing Greg again. 'I don't mind, Greg, really. Bring your son and all your stuff and be messy. Leave all the food out, I really don't care.'

'You will after I turn the living room into a dump.'

'You're forgetting I grew up with Sherlock. Did you know he threw a sledgehammer through our bay windows when he was nine? There was plaster and glass everywhere.'

Greg pulled back to look at his boyfriend. 'He... how the hell did he manage that?'

'I honestly don't know but I'm inclined to blame a soft drink company.'

'Why'd he throw a sledgehammer?'

Mycroft shrugged. 'He never explained why. Our parents locked him in his room for a week which didn't really help. He destroyed his bed and wardrobe.'

Greg snorted. 'And you never destroyed anything?'

'Other than Sherlock's stuff when he was annoying me? No.'

Greg grinned and pulled Mycroft in for more kissing, their lips already swollen but neither wanting to stop. After ten minutes Greg flicked off the TV and said, 'I'd really like to see your bedroom again.'

Mycroft bit his lip and looked away.

'Myc? What's wrong?' Mycroft didn't answer. 'We can just sleep if you don't want to have sex, I don't mind.'

'No,' Mycroft said quickly, 'I want to have sex, Greg, but...'

'But what?' Greg asked. 'I know you haven't had sex in... God, twenty-three years, wow.'

Mycroft scowled and Greg smiled.

'Sorry, sorry. Well I haven't had sex with a man since you but I'm sure it hasn't changed. I don't think sex can change that much. Unless you're suddenly into leather and whips. Do you want me to whip you?'


'Or dig my nails into your arse?'


'It's a nice arse, Myc, I really don't want to ruin it.'

'It's nothing like that,' Mycroft said.

'What is it?' Still Mycroft didn't answer. 'Myc, how am I supposed to help if you don't tell me what's wrong?'

Mycroft sighed and looked down, playing with the edge of Greg's shirt. 'I don't have anything.'


'Condoms,' Mycroft said and bit his lip, 'or lubricant.'

'Oh,' Greg said. 'No worries, we'll just go buy some.'


'Yeah,' Greg said, 'it doesn't matter.' He paused before saying, 'I'm clean, Myc.'


'Well, if you are too then we don't have to use a condom.'

'Oh,' Mycroft said, memories of Greg taking him without protection filling his head. There had been a lot of those moments. 'I see.'

Greg smiled and pulled Mycroft to his feet, dragging the taller man to the bedroom.

'What about lubrication?'

'You'll see,' Greg said.

'Will I?'

Greg smiled and pushed Mycroft onto his bed. He bent down to pull Mycroft's shoes and socks free before moving up slowly to kiss him. Mycroft groaned and pulled Greg forward, flopping back onto the bed and taking Greg with him.

He immediately started thrusting himself up, rutting his groin against Greg's and making soft noises in the back of his throat.

'We have all night, Myc.'

'I haven't had sex in twenty years,' Mycroft reminded him.

Greg kicked his shoes off and started on Mycroft's shirt, pulling the buttons free. He pushed it off Mycroft's shoulders and attacked his neck, the politician groaning. Mycroft's fingers twisted in Greg's hair as the DI moved down to lick his nipples, loving the soft chest hair he found. He'd missed Mycroft's body so much.

He moved a hand to rub Mycroft through his trousers, the taller man immediately thrusting into the touch. Mycroft began groaning loudly and pulling at Greg's hair.

'Easy, Myc,' Greg mumbled against his skin, tongue circling Mycroft's bellybutton.

'My... apologies,' Mycroft swallowed, eyes fluttering shut.

Greg giggled. 'There's that politeness I love.'

'Shut up,' Mycroft moaned.

'Hmm, you want me to shut up,' Greg mumbled and unbuckled Mycroft's belt. His fingers were very skilful as they unbuttoned and unzipped Mycroft's trousers, pulling them completely clear. Mycroft watched with wide eyes as Greg ripped his underwear down, exposing his hard and throbbing cock. 'I need something in my mouth to shut me up,' Greg said and moved.

Before Mycroft could say anything Greg had licked at the head of his cock and taken him completely. Mycroft moaned and tried not to push up into his boyfriend's mouth but failed miserably. He began thrusting slowly, lifting his hips from the bed and driving his cock deeper into Greg's mouth.

Greg swirled his tongue around the head, licking pre-come away before hollowing his cheeks. Mycroft's moans were getting louder, eyes squeezing shut and his hands fisting in the sheets. He hadn't felt this good in years; the pleasure seeping through his body was sparking every nerve, fire dancing across his skin.

Greg was making obscene sucking noises which did little to calm Mycroft down. He forced his eyes open so he could watch Greg, the DI bobbing up and down. Mycroft had never thought this would happen again; had never thought he'd have Greg causing him this amount of pleasure.

The fun wasn't entirely one-sided. Greg hadn't given a man a blow job since the last time he and Mycroft were together. His boyfriend's hot, heavy shaft was sliding along his tongue so nicely, his skin beautifully warm and his pre-come trickling down Greg's throat. Greg had forgotten just how delicious Mycroft tasted; just how beautiful Mycroft looked all sweaty and panting, teeth biting into his lips and arms shaking from twisting the sheets.

Suddenly Mycroft moaned and his heels dug into the mattress. Greg looked up just in time to see a look of absolute release cross Mycroft's face before the politician was coming, hot liquid shooting down Greg's throat.

Greg sucked and licked Mycroft clean as the taller man moaned, mouth open wide and eyes shut tightly as pleasure rolled across his body. He fell back onto the bed heavily and slipped from Greg's mouth with a wet noise, leaving the DI crouched over him. Greg wiped his lips and crawled up the bed to lie beside Mycroft.

'Really? You lasted all of two minutes.'

'I... s-sorry,' Mycroft mumbled, wiping at his sweaty face.

'No worries.'

'I haven't... come... in a... while.'

'Don't you masturbate?' Greg asked.

What little blood remained in his top half rushed to Mycroft's face. Greg smiled as he said, 'Erm... no, not in a while.'



'We'll have to change that, Myc.'


Greg smiled and kissed Mycroft softly, the politician tasting himself on Greg's lips. 'Can't have you coming all the time before I get a chance to fuck you.'

Mycroft rolled his eyes and grabbed Greg by the back of the head, forcing their lips together in a hard, wet kiss. The added taste of himself and cigarettes had Mycroft panting, his tongue forcing itself deeper and deeper into Greg's mouth.

Greg moaned and rolled onto his back, pulling Mycroft atop. The politician rubbed himself against Greg's still clothed body, making his older lover moan and dig his fingers into Mycroft's hips.

'I need you,' Greg murmured.

'Give us a minute,' Mycroft muttered.

Greg smiled. 'You've gone and lost your charming vocabulary.'

'Shut up now or I'll go to sleep.'

'Oh, you got what you want so you're just gonna leave me?'

Mycroft shifted off his boyfriend and rolled over, curling his knees up to his chest. Greg smiled and sat up to look over Mycroft's naked back, eyes lingering on his lower half.

'I quite like this view.'

Mycroft snorted. 'I'll leave the room.'

'Excellent; I'll watch.' Mycroft rolled back over to face Greg, who whined. 'No, I thought you were leaving. Go on, I've been bad; leave. I want a nice view of your arse.'

'You're weird.'


Mycroft smiled. 'And nothing.'

'That's what I thought,' Greg said and grabbed Mycroft by the hip. He forced their crotches together and pushed softly as they kissed, tongues rubbing against each other. Mycroft moaned into his mouth and Greg felt the politician growing harder and harder against his thigh. 'Already?'

'Twenty years, Gregory.'

'Twenty-three,' Greg corrected.

'Are you going to fuck me or do I have to do it myself?'

Greg pulled back, raising an eyebrow. 'Yourself?'

'Did you not understand the question or do you want me to fuck myself?'

Greg smiled. 'Er, bit of both.'

Mycroft said, slowly, 'Are you, dear Gregory, going to stick your fabulous cock in my arse,' Greg giggled, 'or am I going to use my fingers to get myself off for the second time tonight?'

'Ah, there's that vocabulary,' Greg chuckled and grabbed Mycroft's hand.

'What are you doing?' Mycroft asked.

Rather than answer, Greg parted Mycroft fingers and inserted his index finger into his mouth, sucking back loudly and coating his skin in saliva. Mycroft moaned and watched as Greg bobbed back and forth on his finger, teeth scraping against the pad and lips squeezing his knuckle.

'Greg... God...' Mycroft mumbled.

Greg took his middle finger into his mouth, now sucking both. His tongue was hot and wet, swirling around Mycroft's nails and making the politician shiver. He took another finger in, making very rude noises as his eyes locked onto Mycroft's.

'I don't... understand...' Mycroft managed.

Greg sucked back once more before removing Mycroft's fingers to lick at his finger tips. 'So...' he said, holding up Mycroft's hand to inspect his work. 'Are you going to fuck yourself or what?'

Mycroft smiled. 'That depends,' he said, 'are you going to stick your cock in my arse?'

'After you fuck yourself I might.'

With a grin, Mycroft shifted onto his legs and dropped his hand. Greg bit his lip as Mycroft prodded at his own entrance, closing his eyes as he pushed one finger in.

'Oh God,' he moaned.

'Are you tight?' Greg asked.

'I haven't been fucked in twenty years, what do you think?' Mycroft asked. He bit his lip as he fucked himself slowly, pushing in deeper and deeper.

'How does it feel?' Greg asked, mouth watering as he watched the show.

'So... good...' Mycroft mumbled.

'Yeah?' Greg asked and his boyfriend nodded. 'Can you fit another finger?'

Mycroft tutted and pushed his middle finger in to join the first, moaning even louder. Greg moved across the bed to bend down and watch. He groaned as he watched two of Mycroft's fingers disappear into his arse, the politician moving up and down on himself.

'Add another,' Greg whispered.

Mycroft did and Greg put a hand on his back, rubbing the soft, sweaty skin as Mycroft continued to moan.

'Touch your prostate,' Greg said.

Mycroft did and nearly jumped off himself, swearing loudly and shaking.


Mycroft continued to fuck himself as Greg asked him to do different things; move faster, touch his prostate, stretch himself out more. Soon Mycroft was panting and sweating, rubbing at his eyes with his free hand and biting his lips.

'Greg... please,' he begged.

Greg pushed Mycroft forward so he was on his hands and knees. He shoved two fingers into Mycroft's mouth and the politician sucked on them wetly, swirling his tongue around Greg's calloused digits.

Mycroft was tighter than Greg remembered, his muscles squeezing around Greg's fingers as he pushed two in.

'Fuck, Myc,' the DI groaned, scissoring his fingers as he thrust them in and out of his boyfriend's entrance.

Mycroft dropped his head and closed his eyes as he forced himself back, burying Greg's fingers in deeper and deeper. When Greg touched his prostate he whimpered.

'Myc?' Greg said.

'Please, Greg, I need you,' Mycroft gasped, voice wobbling. 'Please, please, please.'

Greg couldn't wait any longer and removed his fingers. He stepped off the bed to shed his clothes, Mycroft turning to watch his shirt and trousers fall to the floor.

When Greg climbed back onto the bed he looked down at his aching cock, pre-come oozing from the slit. 'I need lube,' he said.

Mycroft wasted no time in wrapping his lips around Greg's cock, sucking back hard and sliding his fingers down the shaft. Greg groaned and pumped into Mycroft's mouth a few times, pulling at his own hair to make sure he didn't get too aroused.

'On your back,' Greg demanded.

Mycroft pulled himself from Greg's cock and shifted up the bed, head hitting his luxurious pillows. He spread his legs and took his cock in one hand, stroking lightly and looking up at Greg.

His eyes were the brightest blue, bigger than Greg remembered. He was so beautiful and just lying there, just for Greg. The DI considered himself the luckiest man in the world; he'd never thought he'd see this again.

He pushed himself between Mycroft's legs and forced their lips together, sucking back on Mycroft's tongue.

'I love you so much,' he said, 'I can't believe we wasted twenty years apart.'

'You have a beautiful son, Greg,' Mycroft whispered. 'Never apologise for him.'

'I won't,' Greg said, 'I love him, I love you.'

'Love you too,' Mycroft mumbled against his lips. 'Greg, please.'

Greg was starting to think please was Mycroft's new favourite word. He looked down to see what he was doing, clasping his cock in one hand and moving it to Mycroft's puckered entrance. Mycroft's hands came up to rest on Greg's shoulders and he squeezed tightly to show Greg he was ready.

With a smile, Greg pushed in. Mycroft shouted and wrapped his legs around Greg's waist, hauling the DI deeper in. Greg moaned and stopped when he was fully encased in Mycroft's heat, fighting hard to not come right there and then.

'God, Greg, I've missed this. I've missed the kisses and the sex and you and fuck, please move.'

Greg pulled out before pushing back in, Mycroft's muscles contracting around him. The politician's heels dug into Greg's hips and set up a punishing rhythm, Mycroft using his legs to pull and push Greg back.

'Fuck, Myc, calm down,' Greg grunted, not sure how long he'd be able to keep going if Mycroft continued this.

'Sorry, sorry, I can't... harder!'

Greg tried his best, pushing in and grabbing Mycroft's cock. A small part of his brain that wasn't focused on watching Mycroft whimper and twist beneath him wanted the taller man to come right there and then so he could enjoy his own release. But he wanted this to last, it had been too long.

'Myc... please... I can't... keep going,' Greg whimpered.

Mycroft's eyes snapped open, his intelligent blue eyes raking over Greg's face. Suddenly he was pushing Greg into a sitting position and mounting him, Greg's cock never leaving him completely.


'I'm sorry,' Mycroft whispered and kissed Greg fiercely, teeth biting hard on Greg's bottom lip. 'I'm so far up myself it's embarrassing.'

'I'm pretty far up you,' Greg grunted.

Mycroft grinned and kissed Greg again. 'Greg, I want you to come. Remember all those times you fucked me?' Greg moaned, eyes flickering shut. 'I want to hear you scream my name as you fuck me.'

'Oh God.'

One of Mycroft's hands wrapped around Greg's to pump his own cock in time with Greg's thrusts.

'Remember the first time? I was so tight, you were so big.'


'You're the only man who's ever fucked me; you're the only man I want to fuck me.'


'Fuck me hard, Greg. Please.'

Greg's thrusts got harder and deeper and Mycroft lost his train of thought. White hot pleasure was slipping through both their bodies as skin slapped against skin, the room filled with moans and grunts.

'G-Greg,' Mycroft groaned, lips hot and hard against the DI's as his older lover hit his prostate. 'Fuck... right... there... oh!'

Mycroft came all over their stomachs and hands, moaning and pushing Greg onto his back. His muscles tightened around Greg's cock and Mycroft continued to pull himself up and down as he came.

Greg pushed himself up and felt his balls tighten, digging his nails into Mycroft's hips as, finally, he came. He buried himself deeply into his boyfriend as a fierce animal pleasure was ripped from his body, every muscle twisting violently as he shot come into Mycroft.

'MYC!' he shouted loudly, Mycroft wincing as the noise assaulted his ears. Their lips crashed together and they panted loudly as their bodies stilled, Mycroft falling to press their torsos together.

Everything was hot and wet and so fucking good, both men forgot everything for a few minutes. When Greg opened his eyes Mycroft was still atop him, panting heavily, his body trembling.

'You okay?' Greg murmured. Mycroft nodded and managed to roll off, wincing loudly as Greg slipped from his arse. 'Sorry.'

'S'fine,' Mycroft murmured, feeling Greg's seed leak down his inner thighs. God how he'd missed feeling that full.

'Myc, you're trembling.'


'Are you sure you're alright? You haven't been fucked in twenty years and we weren't really gentle.'

'I'm... I'm fine,' Mycroft said and blinked, eyes narrowed against the light. 'Turn off the light.'

Greg managed to get to his feet and flick the light off. He stumbled to the en-suite bathroom and grabbed a towel, wetting it.

Mycroft was in the same position, still trying to catch his breath. He winced when Greg cleaned him, dabbing at his arse softly.

'You okay?'

'I told you, I'm fine.'

Greg snorted. 'No you're not. I'm too much for you.'

Mycroft smiled. 'I've taken your cock plenty of times, Gregory.'

'Maybe I got bigger.'

Mycroft chuckled and took the towel, throwing it across the room. 'Bed.'

He watched as Greg drew back the covers, making him move so they could both slip under. Mycroft sighed in content and drew Greg in, wrapping his body around the DI's tightly.

'Never leave.'

'I won't,' Greg promised.

'Mm,' Mycroft murmured and placed soft kisses along his boyfriend's neck.

They kissed softly and slowly for hours or days or weeks, neither man was counting. Nothing else mattered, not then, just them; twenty-three long years had passed since their last time together and both men were hating the time spent apart.

But that was different now; both would make sure it was different. There wouldn't be only quick rendezvous in alleyways behind pubs. They wouldn't skip dinner in favour of snorting coke and getting drunk. They'd sit down with each other and just kiss, just enjoy the other's company. Mycroft would tell Greg what he could about his day without revealing too many secrets and Greg would prattle on about Mycroft's annoying little brother.

They had been happy before, happier than they ever had been, but both had been broken and fragile. They were still broken, still fragile, but this time would be different. Mycroft and Greg would stay clean and sober for each other and for Greg's son; for Sherlock and John too, for their colleagues and families and everybody.

This time things would be different. Mycroft and Greg would be properly happy. And they would never, ever, take each other for granted. Fighting and throwing punches and saying foul words wouldn't matter, not at the end of the day. They would still fall into bed with each other, hold each other, be there for each other.

'I'm addicted to you, Myc,' Greg murmured, turning to kiss him softly. 'You're better than any drug.'

'Is that so?' Mycroft said, cupping Greg's cheek and kissing him harder.

'Yup,' Greg said. 'It's an addiction I don't want to break.'

'Good, I don't want to lose you.'

'Good?' Greg asked

'Yes,' Mycroft said.


Mycroft tutted. 'Stop saying good.'

'Sorry,' Greg mumbled.


Greg giggled and pulled himself up so he was lying atop Mycroft. 'You're an idiot.'


'And nothing,' Greg said, pressing their lips together.

'It's probably unhealthy,' Mycroft said, peppering kisses along Greg's jaw, 'how much we love each other.'

'Mm, but oh so good; like chocolate.'

'Are you comparing our relationship to chocolate?'

'Yummy chocolate.'

Mycroft smiled. 'You are an idiot.'


'And you're an idiot.' Greg slapped him on the shoulder. 'What did I say?'

'You called me an idiot,' Greg said.

'You said it first.'

'No, I called you an idiot, I didn't call myself an idiot,' Greg said.

'Now you keep saying idiot.'

'IDIOT!' Greg shouted. Mycroft rolled them so now he was lying atop Greg. He smiled and kissed him softly. 'Idiot,' Greg murmured.

Mycroft chuckled.

They exchanged gentle kisses, tongues curling around each other and teeth nipping each other's lips. Mycroft felt Greg stir beneath him and pulled back.


'Well...' Greg said slowly, '... I was hoping you'd fuck me.'

Mycroft grinned, kissing him again. 'Do you think this will work?'

'What, you on top of me?' Greg asked. 'I think it works very well.'

Mycroft rolled his eyes. 'I'm serious, Greg.'

'Do I think what will work?' Greg asked.

'This... us,' Mycroft said. 'Do you think it will work?'

Greg sighed. 'I don't know, Mycroft. I know I care about you and don't ever want to leave you again. Anything longer than one hour apart is completely unacceptable.' Mycroft smiled. 'Will it work? I dunno. We might drive each other crazy and kill ourselves.'

'Please don't.'

Greg smiled. 'Mycroft, all we can do is try. We'll probably fight and do stupid things but at the end of the day... I love you, Myc.'

Mycroft grinned and asked, 'You do?'

'I do, with all my heart.'

Mycroft smiled. 'I love you too, Greg.'


'What did I say?' Mycroft asked.

'You said to repeat the word, 'good,' over and over and over and– mmf.' Greg grunted the last word as Mycroft crushed their lips together. They grew more and more heated until Mycroft was rutting against Greg beneath the sheets.

'I love you,' Mycroft whispered, threading their fingers together.

Greg squeezed his hand. 'I love you too.'

Greg dragged Myc into his flat and pushed the taller man heavily against the door. Myc moaned into his mouth, tongue licking at his teeth, his lips, his jaw.

'Fuck,' Greg groaned, shoving a hand down Myc's trousers. He whimpered into Greg's mouth, shivering as Greg palmed his throbbing cock.

'Fuck me,' Myc demanded.

Greg pulled out his hand and hauled Myc to his bedroom. It was a familiar routine and Greg wasted no time in ripping apart Myc's three-piece suit, a few buttons flying before Greg started on the tie.

'Greg, fucking hell.'

'Shut it,' Greg said, crushing their lips together again.

Myc chuckled and pulled Greg's clothes off, pushing his older lover onto the bed. He dropped to suck on Greg's cock, hollowing his cheeks and dragging his teeth along the officer's hot shaft.

Greg bucked into Myc's mouth, the tip of his cock sliding down the back of Myc's throat.

Myc pulled back after slathering a great deal of saliva over Greg's cock. He straddled the older man's hips and immediately pushed down, groaning as he was completely filled.

Greg bucked up and Myc dropped his hands onto Greg's chest, moaning and cussing as Greg fucked him. Neither were going to last long, not after two weeks apart. Myc felt heat and lust encase his drug-addled brain.

'God, harder, please!' Myc begged.

Greg rolled the official onto his back and pounded away quickly, moaning as he watched Myc grip and stroke his cock.

'Fuck... gonna... come!'

Greg leaked into Myc, moaning as he continued to thrust. Myc shouted loudly before he too was coming, spurting all over his hand and stomach. His fingers dripped with liquid as his muscles clenched around Greg, making the police officer's orgasm last longer and longer.

Greg blinked through the haze to pull out, Myc sighing as he sat.

'What?' Greg asked.

'Always good,' Myc said.

Greg smiled and gave him a quick kiss before pulling back the covers. Myc raised an eyebrow and Greg said, 'The sheets are already ruined.'

Myc realised Greg's seed was leaking down his thighs and smiled as he crawled under the covers, giving Greg a nice view of his arse.

He sighed and gave Myc a slap, the younger man yelping before dropping onto the bed.

'You're an animal.'

'An animal who just fucked you silly.'

'Mm,' Myc murmured, drawing the covers up and pulling Greg close.

They laid in companionable silence. Myc threading his hands through Greg's hair and the officer nodding off on his chest.

Suddenly Myc yawned and said, 'You're like a drug.'

'Am I?' Greg asked, nuzzling into Myc's neck. 'What am I called? Greg-caine? Greg-stacy? Oh, Geg-juana!'

'You're an idiot.'


Myc chuckled and kissed him quickly. 'Shut up and let me talk.'

'Sorry, sorry. Ladies and gentlemen, Myc has the floor.'

Myc slapped him before settling against the pillows. 'You, my dear Gregory, are like a drug; addictive and fascinating with the ability to make me feel high.'

'Mm, is that a good thing?'

'Most definitely.'

'Good, 'cause I'm addicted to you, Myc. I'm addicted to your lips,' he murmured, pressing his own against the soft and swollen lips his partner was sporting. 'I'm addicted to your jaw,' another quick kiss with a bit of tongue, the officer feeling light stubble pushing through the pale skin. 'Your neck.' He sucked back on the sensitive spot to the right of Myc's Adam's apple, the younger man giggling and trying to push him away.

'I'm addicted to your chest,' he said and trailed his tongue through the soft hair, 'and your nipples.' He sucked one between his lips, Myc moaning and fisting his hand in Greg's spiky brown hair.

'Your cock,' Greg murmured and bit down on Myc's nipple as one hand came up to palm the hot and hardening fresh. 'I'm addicted to the way you get so hot and heavy over me.'

'Keep going,' Myc mumbled.

Greg chuckled. 'I'm addicted to your arms and fingers and that little thing you do with your tongue.'

'What thing?' Myc asked.

'You know, when it's in my arse and you wiggle it around.'

'Greg,' Myc groaned.

'You're always so uptight.'

'Am not,' Myc pouted.

Greg chuckled and his hand grazed along Myc's thigh. 'I love your pale skin and freckles; your feet and the way you twist your hips when you make breakfast. You've mastered ordering drinks and getting a table.'

Myc smiled. 'I am rather good, aren't I?'

'And most importantly, Myc,' Greg said and drew himself up to kiss Myc again, 'I'm addicted to you. Just you, every part of you, even the uptight part.'

'Don't make me smack you,' Myc said but he was smiling.

'Maybe that's my intention.'

'Is it now?'


Myc smiled and shifted across the bed to grab his chunky mobile. Greg got a great view of the official's arse and moaned.

'And I'm so addicted to your perfect arse it's not funny.'

Myc smiled and wiggled a bit as he got back onto the bed, Greg drooling.

'I sound dangerously unhealthy,' Myc said, 'if I were a drug I'd definitely kill you.'

'Oh, but it would be a spectacular death,' Greg said and pulled him close. They lay against each other, kissing softly and trailing hands down hot body parts.


'Mm?' the police officer murmured.

'I love you.'

Greg pulled back to look at the younger man. 'Yeah?'

'Yeah,' Myc nodded.



'Yup,' Greg said.


''Cause I love you too.'

Myc grinned. 'Really?'


Myc sighed in content and dropped to rest against Greg's chest. 'Good.'

Neither knew that in three weeks Myc would be OD-ing on the living room floor, that Greg would cry himself to sleep and break the best thing in his life. Neither knew that twenty-three long years of bitterness and anger would bubble just beneath the surface until, finally, they found each other again.

Neither man could know that soon their worlds would be ripped apart. In the long run it wouldn't matter.

They had each other right then and there, arms warm around each other.

And, in twenty years, they'd have each other again.


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