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Teenage Love

By LexieDragomire

Lenalee Lee a young female member of the Black Order was walking to the Scientist Department with a typical calm look on her face. She always had that look on her face when she was going there. She liked it there. Her brother the scientist was a great distraction for her. At least she didn't think about 'him'.

"Hi Reever," she helloed him and gave him a lovely smile.

"Oh, hi Lenalee are you looking for Komui? Sorry to say it but his working," said Reever while he was writing something very important.

Lenalee's eyes widened in shock. "He's doing what?"

"Well not the work he should be doing but you know probably another Komurin or so," he explained.

"Oh, I see. And what about you guys?" she looked all around her but the entire scientist looked really busy so she decided to let them be.

Again she was walking through the halls of the Order looking for something to do.

"Lenalee," called her a familiar voice.

Lenalee turned around and smiled but then she found out that it wasn't the person she thought it would be but she didn't show any disappointment.

"Hi Allen-kun," she replied and walked to him. She never thought about it but he had a lovely and calm voice. Not like 'him' so have could she mistake them?

Her young white hair friend was walking out from the hospital wing with a sweet smiled on his face.

"I thought you were on a mission in Lavi and Bookman in Scotland," she said carefully so that she didn't look like she was too interested about it.

"Well yes I was but we ended early and I returned. It was kind of easy. Just a few levels 1. We didn't even get hurt," he assured her.

"I'm happy to hear that. And where is Lavi by the way?" she asked hopping she didn't sound too interesting. Besides even if she did it wasn't like it was something bad, right? They were also her friends.

"Well he and Bookman went for some information to… what was it? Somewhere in Russia but they should be back any day now."

"I see," she looked at the ground and frowned.

Allen blinked. Lenalee was acting strange sometimes when it came to Lavi.

"So what are you doing, hmm?" he asked leaving the though as they started to walk.

"I'm bored. Everybody is on a mission or working," she said with a sigh.

"Well I wouldn't say that everyone. How about Komui? I'm sure his not working," said Allen and smiled.

"He IS."

"WHAT?" shouted Allen in sock. "No way! Are you serious? Oh, I bet his just building another robot of destruction," he said with a dark aura around him.

"Yeah, he is," she laughed. "Were going to have some fun later." She said as she remembered what happened every time he built that robot.

"No Lenalee, you're going to have fun while we are going to run for our lives," he said and they Both exploded in a massive laugh. Yeah, whenever she needed some fun she could always count on him or on 'him'.

"Hey let's go check some news from the world for something interesting, hmm?" afforded Allen.

"News? Yeah that sound ok I haven't read news in a long time," filled Lenalee.

They went again to the Scientist Department for news from all around the world and went to one of the rest rooms.

"So with what would you like the start?"

"Hm, maybe we should pick the ones that we understand the language and read those," afforded Lenalee and put all the papier before her on a table.

"Good point. Well I know French and, Spanish and a little Germany," he said and sat to a chair opposite to her.

"Ok, than I will have Chinese, Russian and well what's left?"

"Hmm, not sure what is this language," he said frowning and handled her over some news.

She stared at them and then she put them on the table. "No idea. Oh well, let's begin."

"Listen to this. On the fourth of November seventy-one year old Gretchen Muller did a Germany record in running on the long traces."

"What?" Lenalee laugh. "No way!"

"No it's true. She broke the record at being the oldest participant that ever ran the run."

"Oh, and I thought that she broke the record by winning but running in that age is also a specialty."

"Sure is," Allen agreed.

"Which was she?"

"She was thirty-fifth from a hundred participants."

"Wow can you imagine being able to run at that age?"

"Are you kidding me I going to be happy if I'm going to be able to stand without help."

"Maybe she also has an innocent," she joked.

"Hey don't make fun of her," he warned her.

Again they were reading until Lenalee screamed. "Oh my got it's Lavi."

"What? Where?"

"Well… We finally found out something more about a fire on the third of November. More than half of the witnesses claimed that behind the rescue of the victims were two mysterious men that didn't care about the danger and without any angst they went to the burning building and help the people out. A red haired young boy and an old grandpa looking man didn't even wait for the thank you and immediately left. No one knows who are these men or where did they came from but we all would like to thank them. It is maybe rare but true heroes, heroes that are hidden from the eyes of the world. They're here and even if we don't know about it. They are saving the world each day."

"Wow that was nice. Who would have said that?"

"Why are you saying that? Lavi and Bookman are brave and even if they aren't always acting well you know… sensitive they do have a good heart and a lovely soul," she immediately defended them. She didn't like when someone is talking bad about her friends and especially her 'special' friends.

"Lenalee I didn't mean that I was just surprised that well they wrote about secret heroes and not that Lavi or Bookman are bad," he reply surprised of her reaction. 'She always defenses them.' crossed his mind.

"Oh, sorry. I just got it wrong," she embarrassed looked at the paper in front of her.


"Hmm?" she still wasn't looking on him.

"Do you by any chance like Lavi?" he asked suspiciously.

Her face got immediately red as a cherry. "Well… of course I like him. He's my friend I like him and you and the others as well."

Allen calmly and sweetly smiled. "No Lenalee you don't like me and the other as much as Lavi," her dark purple eyes glance into his grey eyes which were full of understanding.

"Lenalee you really like Lavi. Don't you?"

Lenalee bit her lover lips and gave out a hard sigh. "Yes, Allen I really do."

Didn't see that coming did ya! XD Yes I know I said it's going to be an AllenxLenalee but just wait. It's going to be so AllenxLenalee that you won't even remember about Lenalee crush on Lavi but you know what you have to do. You have to read to find out XD Million times sorry for the grammar.