Chapter 3 – Things Change Again

That old amusement park was repaired now, and the rides were lit up. I went into the house of mirrors, thinking that I would be able to get closure if I went back to the very place where my heart had been broken. There was a main area to it, where the mirrors made a circular room. Standing in the center, I saw nothing but my own reflection looking back at me no matter where I looked. I heard footsteps coming up the hall. I was ready to turn and leave when the person came into view. It was her. It was Terra.

She was still in her school uniform, probably here with some friends. Her blue eyes widened when she saw me, but I was a bit surprised when she didn't turn to go. Neither one of us said anything. I could feel everything that I wanted to say to her on the tip of my tongue, just waiting. Why couldn't I say it?

"I know you've been lying," I finally managed to say. "You remember it all, don't you?" One, two, three, four seconds passed. "Even if I did, it wouldn't matter," she said. I knew she was right. She may be lying about forgetting everything, but I knew for a fact that she'd lost her powers. I'd thrown mud at her face (something I regret now) and she wasn't able to stop it.

"Cut the act, OK? I know you remember it all, so don't pretend it never happened," I snapped at her. She sighed and pushed some of her blonde hair behind her ear. "What will you do if I told you I remember it all," she asked. I shrugged.

"Would you forgive me?"


"I want an answer, not a 'maybe.'"

"Probably. I don't know."

I looked at her, wanting so much to tell her everything on my mind right now, and then I found myself doing just that. "Did you even realize how much you hurt me?" She seemed shocked at this, as if I should've assumed that she had. "Yes," she said, taking a few steps towards me. "Did you care," I asked. She stopped. I waited for her answer. "Of course I cared," she said. "I had to, though. I had made-"

"I know about that stupid deal, Terra! You never needed to make it, you could've gone to us to help control you powers, not Slade!" I mentally kicked myself for yelling at her, and then mentally kicked myself again for feeling sorry for her. She's the one at fault here, not me. "I don't know what I was thinking," she said. "I panicked."

"We were your friends…and you chose Slade. I warned you about him, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but…I just…I don't know…"

"If you were really my friend, you would've listened to me."

"Slade told me that you would tell them…about how I couldn't control my powers…"

"Dude! He lied! He always lies!"

I felt some satisfaction in seeing real, genuine regret on her face. I'd had enough of this. I turned to her, but only because she was between me and the doorway out of this depressing room. Just go, I told myself. Just leave her here. She never cared anyway. I didn't look at her as I walked by. I kept my eyes forward, focusing on getting as far away from her as possible. I didn't hear her say "wait," I didn't hear her following me. This only confirmed what I'd thought before. She never cared.

I stopped when I made it out of the house of mirrors and looked up at the sky (something I almost never do). It was flat black now; the clouds were so thick they covered the moon and the stars, so the only light came from the street lamps. I heard footsteps running towards me from behind. Terra. Of course. "What do you want," I asked coldly when the footsteps slowed.

"You made me a promise that you'd still be my friend no matter what happened," she said. I'm sure that to someone else, the look on my face would've been funny. It was a mix of surprise that she'd brought that up, and embarrassment because she was right. "Sorry for shooting your own lines back at you, but…things change, Terra," I said, without turning to look at her.

And with that, I turned into a bird and flew off.

(Ending #1 – I HATE THIS ONE!) Chapter 4 – Making Amends

As I headed back to the tower, I wondered what I'd face when I got there. Robin would probably still be mad about what I'd done to Raven. Raven would just shrug it off like she does with everything else in her life. No matter what was facing me, I didn't feel like facing it. My plan was to hide in my room until this whole thing settled down.

"No amount of sulking is going to change the past." For the first time in a long time, I was actually agreeing with Raven. I agreed, but I still didn't have enough strength to change how I felt about all this. Terra was the only girl I met who actually cared about me, and she turned around and betrayed me anyway. Whoever's in charge of fate and stuff like that must have a sick sense of humor.

I landed on my windowsill (someone must've left the window open for me), ready to face whatever punishment Robin had in mind for me. I shifted back to humans and went out my door, down the hall, and into our main living room. Everyone was sitting on the huge couch in the middle of the room, and they looked up when the door opened.

There was a brief and awkward moment where I looked at them, and they looked at me, both of waiting for someone to break the silence. "Raven," I said. "I'm sorry about…what happened." "Don't worry about it," she said. "I'll get back at you for it later." Note to self: sleep with one eye open tonight. "So…am I still on the team," I asked Robin.

Everyone looked at him now. I couldn't see his eyes (nobody can, he wears a mask all the time, even when he sleeps), but he was probably looking from one Titan to the other, seeing if they all agreed with what he'd decided. This was not a good sign for me.

"You get once last chance. If this happens again, I won't think twice about making you leave the team," he finally said. I nodded, said "fair enough," and walked out the door. The door had just closed behind me when I heard it open again. I turned to see who it was, but all I saw was a flash of blue, and then someone was hugging me.

It took me a moment to figure out that it was Raven. This was confusing to me on a number of levels, considering that Raven and I go back and forth on a daily basis. I annoy her, she insults me. That's how it'd been ever since this team formed. But this…this was somehow…different. It was like she was a different person, and I found myself hugging her back. "I really am sorry," I said.

"I know," she said. She let go of me and went back into the living room. "…What just happened," I muttered to myself. Then I went back down the hall. When I passed the room that I'd spent hours in, wallowing in self-pity, something was different too. It didn't matter to me as much anymore. I walked by it without feeling anything related to Terra. I didn't bother to ask myself why, because somewhere deep inside, I already knew.

(Ending #2 – I LOVE THIS ONE!)

"You made me a promise that you'd still be my friend no matter what happened," she said. I'm sure that to someone else, the look on my face would've been funny. It was a mix of surprise that she'd brought that up, and embarrassment because she was right. "Sorry for shooting your own lines back at you, but…things change, Terra," I said, without turning to look at her. "You can't do that," she shouted at me. "You can't just walk away and pretend like that never happened!"

I turned and glared at her. "Oh really? I can't? Then explain what you've been doing," I said, taking a few steps towards her. "You were the one who betrayed us, you were the one who broke my heart, you were the one who did all those horrible things to us, and you were too much of a coward to even apologize for it! What makes you think that we'd ever accept you again?" This rant was followed by the loudest silence I'd ever experienced. "I-I'm sorry," she finally said.

"It's too late for 'sorry'," I muttered. "I know," she said. "But…is it too late for this?" The confused look hadn't even gotten onto my face before she grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. I instantly forgot where I was, what she had done to us, and how much I wanted to hate her. I finally gave in, kissing her back and wrapping my arms around her.

After a while (I honestly don't remember how long), we pulled apart and she stared into my eyes. Even in the dim light, I could see her blushing. Wasn't I the one who did that back then? "So…" she said. "So, I guess I'll talk to the guys about getting you back on the team," I said.

Her eyes lit up and she hugged my tightly, pressing her head into my neck. I laughed. We were silent then for a minute. "Beast Boy," she said. "I…I love you." I held her tighter and kissed the top of her head. "I'd be the one lying if I said I didn't feel the same way," I whispered.

THE (cheesy) END!