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Herein is a slightly sadder story.

Characters: RED Medic, RED Engineer

Content: Death

His blood pounded in his ears, and his head throbbed. His body, covered in a thin sheet of sweat, was trembling with exhaustion. He'd barely dodged the barrage of grenades from the BLU Demoman, only to be shot at mercilessly by the BLU Engineer's Sentry. He'd barely made it across the platform, and was now huddling in a corner to address the matter at hand. While he'd escaped the immediate danger, his Medigun had not. When faced with the choice of his life or his gun, the gun came up short, and he had used it as a shield against his attackers. The weapon had taken considerable damage, and was now rendered absolutely useless. What's worse, there weren't any materials around by which he could fix the device. Without the Medigun, he was in serious trouble.

Salvation came in the form of a call, a voice rising above the sound of the wind.

"Doc!" The voice croaked. "Doc!"

The Medic's face lit up. The Engineer, the RED Engineer, he could help! He could probably fix up the Medigun in no time, and then the Medic could assist his teammates without fear once again.

"Herr Engineer!" the Medic called, standing and moving into view, and leaving the Medigun on the ground. "I am here! I require…" The sentence died on the Medic's lips as he saw the Engineer. He was trying to walk, but could only accomplish a half-walk, half-crawl towards the Medic's location His face was contorted with sheer agony. His left side looked like it had taken a hit from a Demoman's grenade. He was bleeding profusely.

"Doc…" The Engineer said again, momentary relief washing over his features. However, with his next movement, the pain was back, and he gasped. "Doc, help…"

The Medic sprang into action, immediately reaching for his Medigun. It wasn't until his hand met the instrument that he paused, remembering his dilemma. His face paled and terror seized him. If the Medigun was out of commission… there was no way to help the Engineer.

And respawn wasn't working.

The Engineer saw the Medic tense up. "Doc?" he coughed. "What is it?" The Medic turned to his teammate, sorrow in his eyes.

"Entschuldigung. I'm sorry." He said. He couldn't bring himself to look the Engineer straight in the eyes, even if the latter's were covered by goggles. "The Medigun… it is broken. I cannot…" his voice broke. "I'm sorry."

The Engineer's heart dropped, but he managed to put on a brave face.

"Hey, don't worry, doc. Respawn'll take care of this." For some reason, the Medic's immediate reaction to what the Engineer said made the Engineer doubt his own words. However, the Medic soon forced a smile.

"Of course, Herr Engineer."

The Engineer's world started dimming. Everything faded but the Medic, whose expression was one of grief. Even that was fading.

"Don't worry, doc." The Engineer whispered. "See you in a minute."

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