Author's note:

First off, don't blame me for the title, I can't think of a punny one yet :I

And sorry for uploading this, for I don't think I'll be able to update for a few months or so. I made this story about a year ago, and it has stayed in my documents folder untouched for that long. Only recently have I rediscovered this story. I had planned to finish the whole story before uploading it (because I also know and hate the feeling when you find out that the story you read ends in a terrible cliffhanger or with the never-disappearing "to be continued") , but unfortunately I didn't have even the initiative to finish it at all. And now I really can't finish it for I only remember a few stuff about the game. I want this story to be as accurate as possible, even up to Tei'jal's accent (oh wait, her accent isn't accurate here either :'( ). I'll update after I play the game again.

So without further ado, enjoy the introduction!

Sedona is now an all too familiar place for Lars even if he has visited the place for only a couple of times. Through skills he had acquired in their adventures, he is readily able to notice anything out of place or strange. That's why when he entered the gate of their newly bought manor he immediately noticed the object that had a lighter shade of green than the place it had been in, the bush. Lars picked up the object right away and was not at all surprised when he read the title of the book in his hand: "The Elite Mage Handbook". He grinned as he placed the book in his sling bag. So that noble snot is snooping around, eh? Good timing cause I COULD do with a few more spells…

"…rumor…chicken curse….backstab…." said Lars as he walked through the hallways of their manor. "Coward spells for cowards, just as expected. I'd better call him the Noble Coward Snot then. Hmm… that's too long. NCS? No, that's more like a school's name rather than an insult… Am I resorting to name-calling now? I'm getting more childish by the min-" Lars' murmurs were abruptly stopped when he was greeted with the faces of a dozen vampires seated in the dining room.

"Oh Hello Mother- w-what the heck is this?"

"Can we eat this one, Tei'jal?" one of the vampires spoke.

"For the nth time Martha you cannot eat any human here. Unless you mean my dear Galahad, but he's mine," an all too familiar voice answered.

"Tei'jal, would you care to take yourself and your immortal friends out of this house? I believe that I won't be able to tolerate more than one vampire in the same room."

"Human, may I remind you that this house belongs to all of us. The other members have already given their consent to have our meeting held here. Do not be bothered for my friends have promised to behave. Martha seems to think that she is an exception. I shall deal with her later." Tei'jal gave a sly smile as she saw Martha gulp following her last sentence. After deciding that Tei'jal had a point but did not want to agree that she did, Lars resigned himself to his fate.

I need a quiet place to read… Lars passed the other vampires while still keeping up his guard, aware that any one of the vampires could get rid of him with a single bite at his neck, and turned right, to where there was an extra room that he seldom visits, for a reason he is too bothered to think about right now that several vampires were staring at him.

If the person we're talking about isn't Lars, the person would have slapped his forehead after remembering the reason he often avoided the room. Lars, as he had self-proclaimed, was too elegant for stuff like that. So this is what he did: he turned his back in what he thought was an elegant pose, and tripped on the book he previously held in his hand. Apparently he lost his hold on the book because of his shock when he had entered the room.

He had forgotten that this room was where Dameon proclaimed ridiculous words of love to Rhen.

Oh, how wonderful.