A Consulting Detective's Babysitter


It was Thea Karr-Michael's first case for the offices of Scotland Yard with Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade. The crime scene seemed like a plain old suicide, but Thea knew better and knew what an actual suicide looked like. It was the fourth body found since October. She sighed when she arrived to the crime scene with Lestrade and Sergeant Sally Donovan. Thea noticed Sally was hanging around Anderson more and more lately. It wasn't hard to find out that Anderson's wife was out of town, which meant Sally and Anderson were sleeping together.

Thea stood next to Lestrade, he pulled out his cell phone. Anderson walked out of the crime scene with blue scrubs on, staring at the phone. Thea didn't understand what he was upset about. "You're not phoning him, are you?" Lestrade shot Anderson a 'shut it' look before going back to his phone. "Because we can handle it. We can absolutely handle it." Anderson was begging Lestrade to stop calling whoever.

"Don't you have a body to get ready for the morgue, Anderson?" Thea asked. Anderson looked her like she grew 10 heads. "Go, go." She waved her hand at him, making him walk back into the room.

Lestrade chuckled.


"You handled Anderson on your first day on the job. Good job." Thea smiled at the Inspector, but she had to ask. "Lestrade, who's the man Anderson's talking about?" Thea asked.

"A consulting detective I occasionally have help us with cases, from time to time." Lestrade put the phone to his ear. "This is Inspector Lestrade. Please call me as soon as you get this. I think we're going to need you."

"What's his name?"

"Sherlock Holmes."

The brilliance of my plan is working. "The author of the Science of Deduction?" She asked. "You read his blog?" Lestrade asked.

"Yep, it's quite interesting, if you don't mind the random fact count." Thea smiled. "If he doesn't call me in the next 24 hours, I have you personally go and get him." Lestrade walked into the room with the body. My evil plan is working…

"Hey Molly," Thea said once entering the morgue. Molly Hopper looked up at her friend, smiling at her.

"Morning Thea. What brings you by today?"

"Did Anderson bring by a body late last night or early this morning?" Thea asked. "Yes, he did. Do you want-"

"I prefer not to see the body or any body twice in two days." Thea said, taking off her jacket. "Ah, your first case was last night, wasn't it?" Molly asked. Thea nodded as her phone buzzed.

"Give me a moment, Molly." Thea looked at the screen. Find Sherlock Holmes. He should be at Barts. -GL

Molly went to walk out of the room. "Molly, can you tell me where Sherlock Holmes is right this moment?" Thea asked.


"Ah, coffee. Thank you, Molly." Sherlock Holmes said. Molly placed his cup on the table next to him. "What happened to the lipstick?" Thea glanced at Molly, seeing traces of lip stain from her previous color.

"It wasn't working for me." Molly said. "Really? I thought it was a big improvement. Mouth's too small now." Sherlock shook a sip of the coffee Molly made.

"Okay." Thea took her arm before Molly could get away. "He just insulted you. Why are you not getting upset about it?" Thea asked. Molly shrugged. She walked away, upset.

"That was uncalled for." Thea said, crossing her arms against her. She noticed two other men in the room, talking with Holmes. "Oh, sorry I interrupted your conversation." She apologized to them.

"Nice to meet you, Detective Karr-Michael."

"How'd you know my name?"

"Lestrade said you were coming by." Sherlock didn't bother looking at Thea, he was too busy with someone's phone. "Oh, well…uh…" God, Thea, what is your problem? You are as smart as Sherlock Holmes. Just talk like a normal human being. The went to say something that could impress Sherlock.

"How do you feel about the violin?"


"Not you - him."

'Sorry, what?" The Army Doctor asked. "I play the violin when I'm thinking. Sometimes I don't talk for days on end. Would that bother you? Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other." Sherlock typed away at an e-mail.

"Oh, you told him about me?"

"Not a word."

Thea Karr-Michael just stood here, thinking about who the men were - trying to figure out if they would be important enough for her babysitting gig.

"Detective Karr-Michael, introduce yourself or get out." Sherlock said. Thea was snapped out of her thoughts, shooting Sherlock Holmes a glare. "Gee thanks, Mr. Science of Deduction. I'm Detective Thea Karr-Michael and you two are?" Thea smiled.

"Mike Stamford."

"John Watson." Hmm, John Watson… He could be useful.

"Well, if you excuse me, I'll be leaving. I have a lot of important work to do." Thea headed towards the door. "Stay, Detective." Sherlock said. Thea stopped, turning back to the three men but she was staring at Holmes.

As Thea went to say something, her phone buzzed in her pocket. "Life of a Scotland Yard Detective, sorry. I have to take this." Thea walked out of the room before anyone could say bye or anything.

Come to my office. We need to talk. Now. -GL

"I'm a…WHAT?!" Thea screamed at Lestrade. "I want you to follow Sherlock around, get to know him." He said.

"So I'm basically his babysitter? Please tell me your on drugs." Thea said. Lestrade simply rolled his eyes at the detective. "There's no way, Lestrade. I just met him and I want to punch him in the face."

"What did he do?"

"He insulted Molly and she didn't even do anything about it." Thea said. "It's just his nature. He's very sarcastic." Lestrade said.

"I didn't notice."

"I heard you were looking for a place to live, so is Sherlock. I want you to leave next to him on Baker Street." Lestrade said. "Baker Street, you say?" Thea smiled.

Thea was about to call for a cab outside Scotland Yard when a black car pulled up next to her. "Get in Detective Karr-Michael." A young woman said, from inside the car. Thea looked around before approaching the car.


"Everything will be explained when you arrive." Thea got in, hesitantly. The drive was in silence. The young woman wouldn't stop texting whoever she was talking to. "So, what's your name?" Thea asked, trying to make small talk.

"Carla." She didn't look up from her phone. "Texting your boyfriend?" Thea guessed.


"Okay…" Enough of the small talk. The car stopped, "You may get out." Thea looked at her, she motioned for the door to be opened. Thea got out of the car, she was in an abananded warehouse. "Please, sit down, Detective Karr-Michael."

"No, I think standing is better." Thea folded my arms. "Detective Karr-Michael, you're here to talk about Sherlock Holmes." Thea raised her eyebrow at the man.

"I just met him this afternoon. How could you possibly know I met Mr. Science of Deduction?" Thea asked. "I have my way, Thea." He circled around her once.

"How did you know my name was Thea?" She asked. "I know more about you than you know. You think your clever." He said.

"What's your name? I like to have a person's name before I bad-mouth them." Thea smirked. "Just call me a friend." He said.

"A friend? A friend of mine or a friend of Sherlock's?" Thea asked.

He laughed, "I'm more of Sherlock's arch-enemy."

"Arch-enemy? I didn't think people had arch-enemy." Thea let out a breathy laugh. "Sherlock does." The man said. said.

"Why am I here?"

"A job."

"A job? I'm a detective at Scotland Yard. I'm good." Thea walked to walk away. "I'll pay you triple what you're getting at Scotland Yard." Thea stopped dead in my tracks, turning slowly towards the man.


"I'm concerned for Sherlock." He said. "Concerned for Sherlock? Why? The only reason you would be concerned about his wellbeing was if you're his…" Everything was clicking in her mind. "You're his brother. Of course. Another Holmes." Thea rubbed the back of her neck as she placed the another hand on her hip.

"So friend, what exactly is your name?"


"Mycroft, we're done here. I don't want the job, the money, or giving you information on your brother. Find another sap to do you dirty work." Thea turned to walk away, stopping and turning back around to Mycroft. "If you're so concerned about your brother, why don't you just check up on him yourself." Thea said.

She got back into the car as the driver asked her where to drop her off at. "Baker Street." The woman, Carla continued to text. Thea sat in silent as the car drove away from the building.


Thea knocked on the door of Baker Street, next to a café. The door open and an elderly woman smiled at her. "Hello, I'm looking for a flat, I've been living out of suitcases for the last few months. Sherlock Holmes recommended here." Thea said with a convincing smile. "Of course, Sherlock. Would you like to look at the flat?" She asked.

"I was wondering if you any other flats near his." Thea asked. "One, right next door. Do you want to see it?" Thea nodded her head.

The landlady, Mrs. Hudson showed me the flat. "How much?" Thea asked. "Really?" She asked.

"I just want to move in before anything happens."

Originally published 1/23/2012 and finished 12/17/2012.

*If you read ACDB then you don't have to read this but if you want to, go right ahead and read on.

Since it's been a year since I started to write A Consulting Detective's Babysitter, I thought I'd rewrite it because I didn't like how I started writing it. I will rewrite the whole thing starting with chapter one and ending with chapter 36. And, yes, there will be a sequel when season three premieres in the US and I have the DVD, of course. So, let's hope Sherlock season 3 comes on this fall instead of next year!

I did change a lot of things around because, again, I didn't like how I started to write it.

Now, I'm also going to write a multi-shot of the first episode, not the 'pilot' episode. That will come along soon!