One Life To Live 8


Monday, January 23, 2012

"But we all know that things are never as they seem." Allison says aloud as she throws the papers of her story at Victor Jr., who is tied up to the bed. "I am full of surprises, not only did I manage to escape from that no good Statesville prison, but I also was able to find you, Victor Jr., right where I thought you would be. Just more juicy information to go into my sequel."

Destiny, Matthew, Bo, Nora, Vivian, Shaun and Mr. and Mrs. Evans have arrived at the hospital to make sure everything is okay with baby Drew. Shaun is still trying to hold back tears as everybody else is sharing glowing smiles.

"My little D had a baby today." Shaun says quietly.

"I know the feeling; our little girl just had a baby of own today as well." Mrs. Evans said and turned to her husband.

Nora walks over to Mrs. Evans and they lock hands.

"Can you believe that now we are grandmothers?"

"Please don't remind me of that now." Mrs. Evans' answers jokingly.

"I'm a father." Matthew says as he holds baby Drew.

"And I'm a mother." Destiny adds, as she smiles and gives her baby another kiss to her forehead.

"Viki, will you marry me?" Clint says to Viki on a bended knee.

Viki starts tearing up immediately; she quickly gets on her knees and gives Clint what he was hoping to hear.

"Of course, of course I will marry you!" Viki says as she grabs Clint and they share a long, warming hug.

John and his deputy force down Blair's bedroom door, causing both Todd and Blair to jump out of her bed.

"Did you guys try knocking?" Todd asks sternly.

"Oh trust me, we did." John starts to say, "But after waiting and getting no answer, we just decided to come on in."

"John, what is this all about?" Blair asks swiftly.

"Todd Manning, you are under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord Jr." John starts to say aloud.

***Opening Sequence, Version A- John, Natalie, Bo, Matthew, Destiny, Shaun, James, Nate, Danielle, Todd, Jack, Blair, Tomas, Tea, Victor Jr. & Viki.***

"What! Hold on there John!" Blair exclaims, "You know it is impossible that Todd could kill Victor. Tomas confessed to everything, he freaking ran away to save his hide and left the rest of us here just thinking exactly who Tomas really is. How dare you come into my house and make that accusation?"

"Actually Blair, we have evidence that Todd set up Tomas. Todd murdered Victor." John says blatantly.

"What evidence?" Blair asks sarcastically.

"We got a hold of Todd's cell phone and got his records and heard his conversations. He has been having lots of contact with Malcolm Baker. Remember him, the guy who worked for Irene Manning and her rogue branch of the C.I.A.?" John makes his point.

"What…what…okay, what does that have to do with Victor's murder?" Blair questions.

"We will talk more once we get to the station." John clarifies, "But first, Todd you need to get dressed so I can handcuff you and escort you to my squad car."

Todd remains dead silent with his eyes bright and wide open. Eventually he climbs out of the bed and into the bathroom to put some clothes on. The deputy stands in the doorway and keeps the door open so he can keep an eye on Todd. Blair stares off into a mirror so she can have a few moments to think to herself.

Jessica and Natalie enter the living room where Clint and Viki are sharing hugs and laughing. Jessica and Natalie quickly glare at one another before Jessica chimes in.

"So…why are we so happy?" Jessica interrupts.

"Should we tell them?" Clint says and turns to Viki.

"They will find out sooner or later, so yes, they should know." Viki agrees.

"Know what?" Natalie asks suspiciously, "Oh my God! Is something wrong with Clint's heart again?"

Viki looks away and Clint giggles before setting the record straight, "It's nothing bad" Clint begins to say, "Your mother and I are getting married."

"Whoa! This is fantastic!" Natalie says loudly as she runs over to hug her mom and dad.

With a little hesitation, Jessica adds, "Well, I am happy for you two. It's been a long time coming. I guess now is the perfect time."

Clint turns to Jessica, "Are you okay honey?"

"Yeah…I'm fine." Jessica said.

"Oh no…" Viki sighed, "Maybe this was not the best time to make a decision like this."

"No, no" Jessica breaks in, "You all just cannot stop your lives just to try to make me feel good. Losing Ford is going to take a while to get over. However, you all should just do want you want and be happy. I know I am happy for you."

"Thanks honey, I love you so much." Viki walks up to Jessica and say.

Viki, Clint, Jessica and Natalie share a group hug.

Destiny, Matthew, Bo, Nora and Mr. and Mrs. Evans went into a room where a couple of doctors are taking a quick look over Destiny and baby Drew. Shaun and Vivian are outside standing in the hall getting ready to have another one of their serious, heart-to-heart conversations.

"I just love kids, babies are truly blessings." Shaun says peacefully.

"I know." Vivian says as she leans on Shaun.

"But you still don't want to get married." Shaun says poignantly.

"I am sorry hun, but that's just the way I feel. I feel like we can have children, I just do not care to marry." Vivian answers.

"I just do not see how we could have kids and not be married, I mean, what would people think?" Shaun said.

"It doesn't matter what people think. I am going to do what I want to do and do what I feel is right." Vivian says.

Vivian walks away down the hallway and around the corner. Shaun turns around and props himself up against the wall.

Sav and Holly J. are busy unloading and unpacking a couple dozen of boxes that they brought with them to Llanview. They have bought a house that is just outside of Angel Square and they plan on sharing it together as they both transfer into Llanview University.

"Okay. Just remind me why we moved here to Llanview, Pennsylvania?" Sav asks Holly J.

"Because, I wanted a change and you were the one who let me spin the globe and land on any point in the United States. It just happened we ended up here in Llanview." Holly J. smiles.

"Yeah, not to mention a couple spots opened up at LU. So, I guess it is a good opportunity." Sav adds.

"See; let's just keep the positivity going." Holly J. assures.

"I just don't know about this place. It just feels like nothing happens here. We could have landed somewhere in southern, rural Virginia and there would be more things going on." Sav states.

"Let's just give this town a fighting chance." Holly J. says, "Who knows, maybe this will be a fun place to be after all. Just look, we already have a nice house that is just outside Angel Square."

"This is a nice house." Sav agrees, "But here is the thing, this house has three bedrooms and the one master bedroom, who is going to get what room?"

"How about you take the master bedroom." Holly J. points to Sav, "I forced us to leave our hometown and come here, so you can enjoy the master bedroom."

"Aww. Thanks Holly J." Sav says to Holly J. as the hug in the middle of their living room.

"I am almost tempted to take that rag out of your mouth and let you say a few words." Allison taunts Victor who is still tied up to the bed.

"But it's not the right time yet" Allison starts to say, "There is no need to jump to conclusions. Justice is being served right now in Llanview. Also, would I really want to give Viki more good news this soon after revealing the truth about her daughters?"

Allison crawls around the bed and picks up all her loose pieces of paper and tries to put them back into the correct order.

"I have no clue yet what I am going to do with you." Allison grins, "I know Tea would be glad to see you again, and alive. I am so proud of how happy I can make people. Not to mention, my story is going to be a big seller. I will make enough money where I can go away and live in peace!"

Tea and Tomas have arrived at the police station where they are eagerly awaiting for John to bring Todd in and lock him up. Tomas is pacing back and forth while constantly checking the windows. Tea is sitting at a vacant desk, lost in her train of thought. She is worried about how Blair is going to handle herself after she learns the truth. Tea knows when the truth is revealed that many things are not going to be the same.

"When is John going to be back with that punk?" Tomas asks aloud.

Tea does not even react. That is how far into her thoughts she is.

"Todd is going to pay for what he did to me, my sister and her husband!" Tomas continues to raise his voice. "If he does not pay, I will make sure that bastard gets what he deserves!"

Tea now hurriedly gets up out of her chair and runs over to Tomas and covers his mouth, "Do you really want to get yourself into trouble? Really? John and the police know what they are doing; just let them do their job, please."

"Okay, fine, I need to go out for a walk." Tomas says

"I think we could all use some fresh air" Tea adds, "But I need to stay here to make sure everything gets taken care of, how about you go out of the back door, that way Todd won't see you when he shows up."

Tea walks with Tomas to the back door of the police station. After Tomas goes out of her sight, she sits back down at the table and lapses back into her deep train of thought.

John has arrived to the station with Todd in handcuffs. As soon as Todd is in sight, Tea breathes easier and she gets up out of her chair to confront Todd. However, before she had the chance to say anything, Blair interrupted.

"Thank goodness Tea, you're here!" Blair starts to say, "You would not believe what is going on, John has arrested Todd for Victor's murder, yet we all know it was your sniper brother Tomas who did it!"

"Blair, I am not here to defend Todd. I would never help him, he is beyond help." Tea points out. "By the way, the next time you verbally attack my brother, I will hit you so hard that you will have to see reality."

"Excuse me Tea; I am just trying to help Todd here. He needs our help!" Blair says.

"No he doesn't." Tea admits, "Todd needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law."

"That's enough counselor; we do not need all of this back and forth." John said.

Tea ignores John's advice and walks straight up to Todd and she grabs his shirt, "How could you possibly do this to me Todd! After the history we have had. Don't you realize that not only did you hurt me, you hurt this entire family! Just look at what has happened to Jack, he has been a complete wreck since all of this has happened! My baby is going to have to grow up never knowing his father! Why is that? Because you are selfish, stubborn and a pitiful excuse of a man! And you will pay, I can guarantee that!"

Tea finally backs off of Todd, but now Tomas has returned and he is staring Todd down.

"Victor, Victor, Victor…" Allison repeats as she drinks a Diet Pepsi, "You're alive; Todd didn't kill you, but who needs to know? I might just want to keep this secret to myself. As long as I have you, I have a bargaining chip. Or at least I could give Viki and Tea a happy ending…someday. Of course you have nothing to return to. I mean, you do have Tea and the baby, but that doesn't really mean anything. Tea has finally gotten over your death enough to start living her life again, and why should we ruin that for her, right? And Starr, yes she has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her new music career. I bet that as long as she is a project of Rick Powers, that she won't make it far. At least she always will have Todd and Blair to come home to."

Victor is getting angry by everything Allison is saying. But there is nothing he can do for now, he can't speak and he is still tied up to the bed.

Back at Llanfair, Viki, Clint, Natalie and Jessica are all celebrating Viki and Clint engagement by drinking sparkling grape juice.

"Okay, mom…dad, I have something to say." Jessica adds, "I have made a decision. I am going to take Bree and Ryder with me to London for a while. Kevin, Kelly and Joey haven't seen the kids in forever, and I think it can also do me good to get out of here for a while."

"That's understandable." Clint says, "When will you be leaving?"

"Today, in just a little while." Jessica answers.

"You know we are all going to miss you." Viki tears up and says, "But I guess it's only fair that the extended family gets to see the kids too, so I support you."

"Do whatever you have to do sis." Natalie tells Jessica, "Just know that I'll always love you and I meant what I said about you being the best thing to ever come into my life."

"I know, the same thing goes for you too!" Jessica says as she tears up. She and Natalie hug again.

Sav has gone upstairs to continue unpacking his things. Meanwhile, Holly J. is downstairs checking things over when mail arrives. She steps outside to take the mail out of the box and divides the mail into two piles. One for Sav and one for herself. Sav received roughly 7 envelopes, Holly J. only got one. She curiously opens it to find something shocking. The letter came from LU saying that she did not need to make any more payments and that the next year and a half of her college classes have been paid for.

"This must surely be a mistake." Holly J. says unbelievably, "I'll just head over the university tomorrow and get this sorted out. Also, I need to get a copy of the local newspapers and start that job search."

Sav happily runs back downs and joins Holly J. in the living room.

"Are these two boxes your stuff that you need to take up to your bedroom?" Sav points at the boxes.

"Yes, I was going to take them up in a minute." Holly J. answered.

"Anything wrong?" Sav questions.

"No, not really, just trying to figure some things out…" Holly J. sighs.

"Anything you want to talk about?" Sav says.

"Nah…not really." Holly J. answers

Sav reaches down and picks up one of the boxes and runs back upstairs. Holly J. takes her letter and puts it in her back pocket. She then grabs the other box and takes it upstairs.

Jessica has put her things in her car and has gathered Bree and Ryder at the doorway. Clint, Viki and Natalie approach them for another round of hugs and kisses before Jess sets out on her way to London. It is killing Viki and Clint that Jessica wants to go away for a period of time. However, they know that Jessica is a smart Buchanan and that just maybe going to see family in London for a while will be a good thing. Jessica waves to the bunch and then picks up baby Ryder and grabs Bree's hand as they slowly walk out the door and to the car. Viki, Clint and Natalie walk up to the doorway to see Jessica out. Natalie however, quickly turns away and goes upstairs to check on baby Liam. Viki lays her head on Clint's chest.

"It's you!" Todd coldly says aloud.

"What the hell, Tomas, why are you back?" Blair jumps into the conversation.

"Tomas is not guilty Blair." John says, "Todd set Tomas up and forced Tomas to confess for killing Victor. At least we now know Todd did it."

"What…this is crazy!" Blair yells out, "Is there a gas leak in this police station?"

Tea walks up to Blair and tries to grab her hand. But Blair quickly jerks herself away from Tea.

"Look Blair" Tea starts to say, "I know this must be shocking for you, but it is the truth. Todd killed Victor, not my brother Tomas. We have the evidence, and John and I knew for a while that Todd may be guilty. When he dropped his phone last week, I picked up his phone and took it to John. They ran diagnostics and checked the phone records. Todd has had contact with Malcolm Baker many times after Victor's death. Also, we now know why we never got the murder weapon, because Todd had the gun hidden away. I am so sorry Blair, but Todd is guilty."

"How about you Tomas? Anything you would like to say?" John asks Tomas.

"Todd's facial expression says it all." Tomas points out, "He knows what he has done."

Tea walks back over to her brother as Blair turns around to take another look at Todd.

"Oh my God. This is all true isn't it?" Blair demands, "Tell me the truth!"

"I am not saying another word until my lawyer gets here." Todd points out.

"Really…really Todd. Do you want to treat me like this? Tell me the truth!" Blair screams.

Todd smiles before John takes him downstairs to an empty cell. Blair, Tea, and Tomas are left standing in the middle of the police station glaring at one another.

(End Chapter/Episode)