Monday, September 10, 2012

"What are you saying…you are going to be with her?" HJ says to Sav and points at Michelle who is standing by the front door downstairs in their home and popping her bubble gum. Sav is dressed up in a nice dark suit, and Michelle is wearing a somewhat short black dress.

"I'm telling you…I really want to be with her." Sav tries to tell her delicately.

"You have to be kidding…this isn't making any sense!" Holly J. exclaims.

"Maybe you should get your head checked." Michelle giggles.

"You should sit down Holly J." Sav says as he grabs her arm, "Maybe you aren't feeling well."

"I am feeling perfectly fine!" Holly J. says and breaks loose, "You should go see a doctor. You would never go for a sleazy tramp like her!"

"Hey! I'm standing right here, ya' know?" Michelle points out.

"I know you are probably jealous, Holly J." Sav starts to say, "But name calling her is not going to change my mind."

Sav walks over to Michelle and he puts an arm around her, and she does the same. Holly J. looks on at bewilderment.

"Michelle is the perfect girl for me…she has always been there for me when I needed her." Sav says and smiles.

"You've only known her for like eight months!" Holly J. says loudly, "I've known you for years!"

"So?" Michelle argues back.

"So…you are going to back off of my boyfriend!" Holly J. says as she approaches Michelle.

"Whoa…whoa…whoa…back off of her! Sav says as he throws himself in front of Holly J. and clutches her, "You need to just be happy for me and let this all go."

"Let it go?" Holly J. mumbles under her breath.

"Yes." Sav assures her as he looks directly at her.

"We should get going back to the house…we are expecting your parents to stop by for a visit today." Michelle says with glee.

Holly J. rolls her eyes as Sav turns around and prepares to go. Michelle and Sav exchange a kiss before heading out the door.

"No! I'm not letting you go…I'm not letting you go!" Holly J. screams and runs into the closing door. She falls to the ground, but she is still screaming "Don't go! Don't go! Don't go!…"

"I can't believe this is happening." Michelle looks over and says to Sav while looking out of their 20th floor penthouse suite in downtown New York City.

"It is amazing…isn't it?" Sav beams as he pours them both some sparkling red wine.

"Why thank you!" Michelle says to her man as she walks over and grabs a glass.

"Who knew that I would find so much success after kicking Holly J. to the curve and hooking up with you." Sav states.

"I knew that." Michelle says honestly.

"I wonder what happened to her?" Sav ponders.

"Now honey…don't you worry about her." Michelle urges, "She isn't worth the headache."

"True." Sav agrees, "What should we do now?"

"I don't know." Michelle wonders, "I mean…there is so much we can do here in New York."

"I know…" Sav says with a smile, "How about we go and look at the hot tub in the recreation room."

"What a great idea!" Michelle says and jumps out of her chair…let's go!"

Michelle and Sav walk arm-and-arm down the hallway to the recreation room.

"Matthew…what are you doing here?" Dani says to Matthew after opening her front door.

"I came here to tell you that…that…" Matthew tries to say.

"What?" Dani wonders.

"That…I…still have feelings for you." Matthew says as he quickly looks away.

"No!" Danielle gasps.

"Sorry to mention it now…but after spending all of these last few months with Destiny and baby Drew…which make for an unbearable combination…I have slowly realized that I feel something for you." Matthew confesses.

"Oh…wow…" Dani says stunned.

Matthew suddenly reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small black case…and goes down on one knee.

"Oh no…oh no!" Danielle utters.

"Dani…will you marry me!" Matthew says as she goes ahead and slips the engagement ring on her finger.

"Whoa…wow…" Dani says in amazement, "What about Destiny…and Baby Drew? I mean…wouldn't this be awkward for everybody?"

"It may be…but I love you and I feel like this is the right thing to do." Matthew answers sincerely.

Danielle looks around to see if anybody is around.

"So Dani…you want to do this?" Matthew says as he grabs her hand.

Rama and Justin are in Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven on another usual early morning. Roxy just left last week to go on an unplanned vacation to England to spend time with Shane, Rex and Gigi.

"Bills…bills…more bills." Rama says as she sorts out the mail which hadn't been checked since Roxy left.

"What am I supposed to do with these?" Rama asks Justin who is stocking the cabinets with clean towels.

"I think you pay the bills." Justin answers.

"Me?" Rama said.

"Well…Roxy left you in charge…didn't she?" Justin says to Rama.

"I guess so." Rama shrugs her shoulders, "Do we have Roxy's checkbook?"

"I don't think so." Justin said, "I think she took it with her to England."

"Well…I can't write these checks without her checkbook…" Rama says.

"Just call her then!" Justin points out to her, "She did also take her cell phone with her…along with like a year's worth of beauty products…where did all of the hairspray go?"

"Okay…good…I'll give the boss a call." Rama says as she pulls out her cell phone.

Victor, Téa, and Tomas are sitting in the living room of their house with baby Thomas. Victor and Tomas are being more than civil to each other, the way they have been acting toward one another since Téa had her baby.

"I think Tomas needs a changing." Téa smiles and looks at her baby.

"Don't worry…I'll do it." Tomas says.

"No…no…no…he's my baby…I'll do it." Victor says as she sprints in front of Tomas and takes the baby.

Victor takes baby Thomas to another room and Téa and Tomas take a seat once more.

"I am amazed with how well you two have gotten along since we had our baby." Téa says to her brother.

"I'm not surprised." Tomas says, "I told you that we could act civil around one another…do I still absolutely trust your husband?...no…but I respect the fact you love him…so I put up with him."

"Put up with him? That's funny." Téa laughs, "But really…what do you think Victor is up to now?"

***Opening Sequence/Version A: Victor, Téa, Tomás, Blair, Jack, Danielle, Nate, Destiny, Matthew, Nora, Bo, Oliver, Kyle, Roxy, Natalie, & Viki***

"Don't go…don't go…don't go…" Holly J. keeps mumbling to herself as she rolls around in the bed.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Someone says to her while nudging her shoulder.

Holly J. jumped up really quick in a cold sweat. The sweat is just rolling down her face and her eyes are glued wide open as if she has seen a ghost.

"Are you okay, baby?" Sav says to her, "Sounds like you were having a really bad dream!"

"Oh my God…it was sooo much worse than bad…it was really horrific!" Holly J. says.

"Tell me what happened?" Sav wants to know.

Before Holly J. can start recalling her dream, Sav's phone rings, and he steps out into the hallway to answer it.

Michelle lightly wakes up, finding herself in her own bed in her parents' house. The sunlight glows through the edges of the window and lightens up her room. She rubs the back of her neck and starts to fix her hair.

"That was some wonderful dream." Michelle says to herself as she smiles and glares at herself in the mirror. "I wonder what that dream meant…maybe it means I should call Sav!...But what for…hmm…another study session…for Chemistry…yes…that would be perfect!"

Michelle climbs out of her bed and grabs her phone up off the counter.

"I'm sorry about that." Sav says to Holly J. as he reenters her bedroom and shuts the door behind him. "That was Alli on the phone, she is just begging for her chance to visit us again."

"That's fine." Holly J. sighs.

"So…what has you in a cold sweat this morning?" Sav asks intuitively.

"Well…it's all probably petty…" Holly J. starts to say before getting interrupted by Sav's ringing phone.

"Really…again?" Sav says as he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket.

"Hello." Sav answers the phone.

"Hey there!" Michelle says perky on the other line, "I was just wondering if you wanted to meet me someplace to study that Chemistry today? I know you know the material that we need to know…and I am just so scared off getting left behind. Professor James moves through this material before I even have a clue what is going on."

"Umm…okay, sure, that will be great." Sav answers, "When and where?"

"How about the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop…in about an hour?" Michelle throws out there.

"That's perfect." Sav says and smiles, "I'll see you there…and don't forget your book this time, okay?"

Sav hangs up his phone and places it back into his pocket.

"Maybe now we can go over that dream of yours." Sav says to HJ.

"Yeah…" Holly J. hesitates, "Umm…I've already forgotten most of that dream…it was probably silly anyways."

"Are you sure you're okay then?" Sav makes sure.

"Yeah…I guess so." Holly J. replies.

"Well…you know I am here to listen to you if you ever need to talk to me." Sav says assuring.

"Yes…I know." Holly J. smiles faintly.

"Well…I need to go and get dressed before I meet Michelle." Sav said.

"You're meeting Michelle? Where and why?" Holly J. asks concerned.

"We are just going to the coffee shop to study some Chemistry before our class later." Sav responds.

"Oh." Holly J. says unexcited.

"I'll see you later though." Sav says to her as he opens her door and leaves out of her room and shuts the door behind him.

"Great…just great!" Holly J. says to herself before she flops back down into bed.

"That was too awkward." Dani says to herself as she stands by her bedroom window. She woke up calmly, but she is still in amazement at her dream and she is still feeling weird about it.

"Why do I have a weird feeling that dream was truthful?" Danielle asks herself, "But really? Do I still like Matthew…I mean…I've always liked Matthew…both as a friend and more…but now…do I really? Gosh, this can't be happening…I'm actually happy with Nate…but I was happy when I was with Matthew…the way he found me to break me out of that suffocating boarding school in London…and then the way we were able to get him to Seattle to have his surgery…it was all just surreal."

"I would listen to whatever you want to say about Victor." Téa says, "But I'm not really in the mood and I want to go upstairs and make sure that Danielle is up…it's not like her to sleep this late."

Téa wanders up to the top of the staircase and then she calls out Daniela's name. When Dani responds, she walks back down to the base of the stairs where Tomás is standing.

"There is nothing for you to worry about hermano." Téa tells her brother, "You always have to be suspicious of people…don't you?"

"I'm just looking after you, hermanita." Tomás says to his sister.

"Did you manage to find Roxy's checkbook?" Justin asks Rama who has just got off of the phone with Roxanne.

"Yeah…" Rama answers and points, "She's says it's over there…inside Morris."

"She left the checkbook in the porcupine?" Justin asks to be sure.

"That's what she told me." Rama says as she walks over to Morris, who is sitting in the front corner of the Hair Haven next to the dryers.

"At last she hid it in a good spot…I mean...who would have known that Morris had a secret compartment?" Justin giggles.

Rama pulls out the checkbook and goes over the table to start writing them out.

"Now this is what I love to see!" Téa says as she enters her living room. Jack and Danielle are sitting on the couch eating some breakfast from the big tray sitting on the coffee table. Victor is sitting in the recliner with baby Thomas in his arms, and Tomás is actually carrying on a normal conversation with Victor. No crude or sarcastic remarks, just talking to one other. Just as Téa is about to sit with her cup of coffee, the doorbell rings.

"Don't worry…I'll get that." Téa says happily as she gently gets up and struts over to the front door. She grabs the doorknob and pulls the door open with just the right amount of force.

"It's you." Téa says coldly to the person, as she folds her arms.

(End Chapter/Episode)