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I felt nervous. My stomach was all fluttery, like I needed to run to the bathroom. I was so worried that this choice I'd made may come back and bite me in the ass.

Who in the world would've ever thought that I, Bella Swan, would be sitting here in the green room of WVMP, in Burbank California waiting for my turn to go on a game show? Not just any game show, but a dating game show called Date Night.

You know the one, one bachelor or bachelorette picking a faceless date after asking mystery men or women three questions? And then you choose your date based on their answers? While I liked the concept of not seeing who you were going to go on the date with, I worried that I would end up picked by a freak or something. Or, worse yet, that I'd be the bachelorette picking from a deranged date pool of loser bachelors.

When I moved to California after college three years ago I figured I would have no trouble finding friends and guys to date. I mean, have you seen the hotties they show on television all the time that live here? Yeah, I haven't seen them either. However, much to my chagrin, I had still yet to meet any guys, go on any dates and honestly, I only had two friends here as well.

I was twenty-seven years old, I didn't feel like I had a lot of time to waste.

I worked as a children's librarian at the Glendale Public Library. Unfortunately, there weren't many opportunities to meet men there, unless they were there with their children and then that wasn't always the best situation either. Not that I had a problem with kids, it just seemed like the dads liked for me to think they were single and successful when it was usually established quite quickly that they were either very married or very unemployed…and sometimes both. So yeah, not such a great place for meeting men.

I had come to the drunken conclusion one night, after a few too many margaritas and watching way too much television, that things needed to change. Since it wasn't happening on its own I was going to make it happen for myself.

After toasting myself drunkenly to that very statement, I then had the possible misfortune to decide that I needed to go on Date Night and win a date. I figured why not, ya know? What did I have left to lose?

After applying online for the show during said drunken stupor, I can't begin to say how shocked I was when I was contacted a week later by the studio for a screen test/production meeting. After an intensely stupid round of questions and answers it was determined that I would be the "lucky" bachelorette looking for a date from a pool of three bachelors. Scary, I know. But seriously, why the fuck not? At the very least I'd meet new people and get a guaranteed, over-the-top date out of it, paid for by the show.

That was three weeks ago; now today's the day. I'd gotten here at ten this morning, they did my hair and makeup, and now was waiting in the women's green room with three other women for the taping to begin. The other bachelorettes vying for a date with a bachelor on this taping were named Rose, Angela and Alice. One guy had to pick a faceless date from one of these three. They were all incredibly lovely and honestly, my self-esteem was taking a beating after looking at them for the past three hours in hair and makeup.

Rose was tall, blond and stunning with the most beautiful lavender eyes, it was so hard not to stare. Her hair was to the middle of her back, hanging in waves. I don't actually know if she always looked this much like a super model since hair and makeup had done their jobs quite well. When she'd first gotten here she had her hair up in a ponytail and her back to me so I didn't notice her face right away, although I did notice her fucking fabulous figure and was green with envy. She had smiled softly at me after her makeup was done and I was waiting for my turn. I was very glad my prospective dates weren't going to see her instead of me, or they'd run straight into her arms.

She wore her own clothes, they suggested we do that anyway, and her choice was perfect. She wore an off-the-shoulder red silk blouse that showed off her magnificent creamy skin and a pair of black skinny jeans that looked like she had poured herself into them. Damn. Seriously, I needed to be like five inches taller. She was stunning.

Then there was Angela, another tall drink of water. She wore cute, modern-framed glasses that fit her to a tee and only accentuated her amber-brown eyes. She was gorgeous, her dark hair long and full of reddish blond highlights. She too chose skinny jeans and a multi colored floral blouse that wrapped across her waist and tied on one side. She was gorgeous and seemed wonderfully kind as well.

Alice, the shortest of us all, was simply adorable in that cute-as-a-button way. The girl everyone wanted to be friends with, the one who was most popular, most dates, most friends, most everything. Her hair was short and black, cut almost like a boy's, but on her it was so feminine and beautiful. She had luminous green eyes that danced with mischief, I could just tell she was a lot of fun. She had worn a black pair of leggings under a smock top that was covered in geometric shapes in all colors. He shoes were understated black flats. I know it doesn't sound like much, but let me just say, I'd have dated her and I'm not gay.

The one thing the three of them had in common? They were all beautiful and for the life of me I could not figure out what the hell they were all doing here.

After my hair and makeup were done, I dressed in my dark wash skinny jeans and brown boots, my peach colored tank top under a cute three quarter length beige and peach floral sweater hoodie completing my ensemble. I looked really good and the makeup was nice, making my boring brown eyes look like they were sparkling. It was a little more makeup than I was used to wearing on my eyes, but I honestly liked the effects. My hair was straight and left down, the red highlights glistening under the stage lights.

They made us all go into the green room and wait for the set people to get finished. The girls were first and I'd get to sit back here and watch the taping of their segment before I had my turn. We all introduced ourselves and I found out that Rose and Alice lived close to me in Glendale. In fact, they'd both been in the library a time or two and we hadn't noticed each other.

Rose was an administrative assistant to a big wig at NBC, said she loved her job but hated everyone she worked with. She said it was so impersonal there and the only thing that mattered was how you looked and how well you kissed ass. She was beautiful and clearly unpretentious, but, if I were a guy she might intimidate me. I figured that was probably why she was here.

Alice was a personal shopper/assistant for some millionaire IT executive's wife. She said it was a boring job and one that didn't afford her a lot of time for dating. She said she was constantly exhausted and that only recently her boss had hired another person to work with her to free up some time. Well, no time to find dates meant no dating, there was my answer for her as well.

Angela lived here in Burbank with her cousin and worked in a local Starbucks until she could get a full time acting job. She said she didn't really care if she got a date, she was only in it for the exposure. Go figure.

Rose, Alice and I shared a look that said "what the fuck?" and then we all smiled at her.

Just watch, she'll win the fucking date. It's always the people who don't really want or need something that win it.

I explained my circumstances, that after moving here from Seattle I didn't know anyone and hadn't been able to connect and that I thought I'd give this a try. Rose and Alice could both commiserate with me over that and honestly, the few hours we spent together in that green room made us all decide that no matter what, we'd hook up for some fun after this was all over.

I felt like I'd already kind of won, I now had three new friends. We exchanged numbers and gave excited good lucks to each other before they were called on set for their segment.

I watched them on the television monitor in the greenroom, watching as the set people put them where they wanted them and mic'ed them up. Rose and Angela were on either side of Alice.

After their set up, the partition was closed so they couldn't see him and he couldn't see them, then they brought the bachelor out. He was tall, dark and handsome. Wow, I could only hope at this point that the guys I chose from were this cute. Turns out his name was Ben.

I watched as he asked his questions, fingering my own question cards nervously. His questions were stupid and silly, mine were kind of off the beaten path and hopefully kind of funny. He asked what kind of ice cream they liked, what their favorite television show was and why, and finally where the best place to kiss in Burbank was. See? Stupid questions.

Alice, Angela and Rose answered them, taking turns going first and then they took a break so Ben could deliberate his choice.

The taping resumed and the host asked Ben who his choice was. There was pause for dramatic effect and I sort of held my breath, hoping for Alice or Angela cuz honestly, it didn't seem like Rose really gave a shit after the kissing question. She had rolled her eyes a bit and her answer was really short and to the point.

"I choose bachelorette number three," Ben said brightly.

The audience clapped and Angela grinned madly. Alice was smiling and Rose looked relieved. See, I knew Angela would win, it's always that way!

I chuckled aloud nervously, thinking my time was coming and maybe I needed to re-evaluate the questions I'd come up with. I read them once more and decided, what the hell, I was going with what I had.

The girls all came back into the green room, sans Angela who was off getting to know her "date".

"Oh my God, he was hot, wasn't he Bella?" Alice asked me excitedly, her eyes bright and face beaming.

"Yeah, he really was, Alice. I sure hope the pool of guys I choose from will be that good-looking," I answered sincerely, biting my lip anxiously.

"Oh shit, I didn't think he was that hot, he asked stupid fucking questions," Rose said drolly, her face twisted in dislike as she rolled her eyes.

"You're right, he really did, I tried not to laugh at the best place to kiss one," Alice answered quickly, smirking and rolling her eyes as well.

I laughed and said "Yeah, but your answer was perfect Alice! I mean honestly, the best place to kiss is on the lips!"

Rose and I laughed heartily as Alice blushed slightly and said laughing, "Well, hell, I couldn't think of anyplace good to say, it just came out!"

"It was a good answer, Alice, I loved it. I said Starbucks for fuck's sake! I felt like such a moron!" Rose offered with a big grin.

"Are you guys sad you didn't get picked?" I asked sincerely, my voice soft as I looked back and forth at each of them.

"Nope," they said in unison, looking at each other and bursting into hysterical laughter.

"Clearly, he wasn't my type, I'm good with how it ended, Angela was the right one for him based on the stupid three questions," Rose said seriously as she studied her fingernails. I could tell she still felt dumb about her answer.

"I agree totally, she was the perfect choice, I'm not sad at all. Although, I was really hoping to make a date connection," Alice added with a shrug of her shoulders, looking slightly bummed out.

"Listen, Bella, how about Alice and I wait around for your segment to film and then after the show, the three of us can go grab dinner and drinks and talk shit about whatever happens next?" Rose asked, smiling at me with hope in her eyes.

"Yeah, Bella, what do you say?" Alice asked brightly.

"I say, hell yeah! That sounds terrific, at the very least I have that to look forward to after I get done," I answered cheerily, smiling at them both and thinking how fucking awesome this day was turning out to be. I'd definitely made two new friends. I just knew the three of us would have fun later.

"Okay then, we'll stay back here and watch your segment and then afterwards, we'll head out for some fun. Now good luck and choose wisely, Bella," Rose said, pointing a long finger at me.

Right about then, the door opened and the stage technician came in to get me ready to head out. It was time.

I looked at Alice and Rose, Rose gave me a wink and a smile and Alice was grinning madly and giving me two thumbs up. This was it.

I followed the tech out and sat in the chair on stage, wiping my hands nervously on my pants knowing that behind the partition were the three bachelors I was going to have to choose from. My heart started beating faster.

"Now listen, don't be nervous, you're gonna do great. Do you have your questions at the ready?" the stage tech asked me as she clipped the mic to my collar. Her blue eyes were kind and calming.

"Yeah, I'm ready," I answered anxiously, taking a deep breath and blowing it out to calm myself down.

"Good, now remember to smile and for goodness sake, have fun!" she exclaimed, looking at me with a big smile.

I could only nod as I swallowed nervously.

The host of the show looked over at me and gave me the signal we were about to get started.

He started speaking.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Date Night!"

There was applause, fake of course, it was an empty studio. The cameras were surprisingly easy to ignore, I just tried to pay attention to the host.

"Tonight our lovely bachelorette is Bella, originally from Seattle Washington, Bella has lived in California for the past three years and is a librarian."

Again with the applause, I remembered to smile as he looked over at me and gestured my way with his hand.

"How are you tonight, Bella?" he asked, his voice like a used car salesman asking if you knew what a fucking great deal he was about to NOT give you.

"I'm good, thank you," I offered, my voice sure and strong.

"Well, Bella, are you ready to begin?" he asked me, one eyebrow arched, a wicked gleam in his eyes and an evil grin on his face.

"Um, yeah, sure, let's do this," I said smiling as I answered firmly. No backing out now. I could do this, I was strong, sure and in control. It was my choice, not anyone elses. I sure hope I could decide who to choose off three questions and a hello.

Alrighty then, bachelor number one, will you say hello to Bella please," the host said loudly.

"Hiya, Bella," bachelor number one said, his voice was strong and firm but I could hear playfulness in it too. A very sexy playfulness.

"Bachelor number two, will you say hello to Bella please," the host said again, putting an emphasis on the "you" when he spoke.

"Hello, Bella," bachelor number two said in a sexy voice that could melt butter. Jesus, was it possible to get turned on by a voice?

"And finally, bachelor number three, would you please say hello to our Bella," the host finished with another grand sweeping motion towards me with his arm.

"Howdy there, Bella," bachelor number three said with a lazy, sexy southern drawl. Oh my God, someone with an accent? I might die here.

How was I going to choose? Right now they were all tied for first place!

"Now Bella, you have your questions ready for the guys, right?"

I nodded.

"Let's get started with bachelor number one. Go ahead and ask your first question Bella," the host said, leading me where I needed to go.

I took a deep breath and started. Here goes nothing.

"Bachelor number one, if you could go anywhere for a day, where would it be a why?" I asked, my voice sounding a lot more put together than I was feeling at the moment.

"Well, Bella, I'd say I'd probably want to be at a sporting event with someone special. I love sports and it is fun to be in the middle of a stadium and experience the thrill of victory as well as knowing how to experience the agony of defeat. You can't be a good winner if you don't know how to be a gracious loser," he said with a gentle, yet enthusiastic tone, his voice seeming somewhat nervous.

Wow, I actually liked that answer, I wasn't too big on sports but his enthusiasm might just be contagious and honestly he seemed fun.

"Thanks bachelor number one. Same question for you bachelor number two," I said, my voice coming out smooth and sure.

"Anywhere for just a day? Hmmm... well I'd have to say this meadow I found up in the hills nearby, it's beautiful, a great place to escape to and explore nature in the daytime but an even better place to go and look at the stars at twilight . A fabulous place to hang out and relax and get to know someone special, take a picnic, you know... all that," bachelor number two said. Damn, again that fucking delicious, smooth voice kind of came over me like a fog, twisting and turning itself around me like it was weaving itself inside my soul. Simply sexy as hell. I felt my eyebrow arch in response, completely involuntarily of course.

"Thanks, and now finally, same question for you bachelor number three," I said sweetly as I smiled for the cameras. He should have the best answer, he had the longest to prepare. I was looking forward to this one. Southern charm and nummy!

"Well, darlin', I'd say somewhere I'd go for a day might be, oh say, a place I like to go in the hills. There are horses to ride through the wilderness up there and it's just chock full of streams, flowers, nature and other glorious sights. When the sun sets at night it is magical. It's very beautiful, I'd love to show you sometime..." he trailed off sexily.

Damn, a southern gentleman, I was feeling kind of sweaty all the sudden. Tingly and thinking that maybe number three was already my choice. Damn, that accent was gonna kill me.

"Alrighty then, Bella, time for question number two," the host enthused.

I knew they wanted you to give each guy a chance to answer first so it was going to be bachelor number two's turn first this time.

"Okay, bachelor number two, if I was being held captive by a group of rogue vampires, how would you save me?" I asked wistfully, giving a small smile for the camera.

"Well, let's see, hmmm... I'd follow the clues from the obviously bumbling group of rogue vampires who would have no idea that I could read minds. Upon finding their lair, I'd mentally tell you I was coming and we'd work together to thwart the danger and get you out alive while I set fire to the building and killed them all for stealing something as precious as you away from me," he said in a silky, sexy voice that made me shudder internally with lust.

"Oh, well, yeah, that's...yeah, that's nice," I stuttered. Fuck, Bella, way to make an impression, such a bumbling fool, and all over someone's voice no less.

"Okay, how about you, bachelor number three? How would you save me?" I managed to squeak out, saving myself further embarrassment.

"Well now sugah, I'd first come up with a strategy, I wouldn't come in to save you guns blazing, it would have to be a sure victory or I couldn't risk it. I think since I'm smart and good with firearms I could easily defeat the vampires and whisk you away before they even knew what hit them. Then once I was sure you were safe, I'd go back in a finish the job, not letting you see the evilness it took to kill them," he said in his sexy southern accent.

Mmmm... he was delicious. That accent, I swear I just love a man with an accent.

"Thank you bachelor number three, that gives me a lot to think about. How about you number one? How would you save me?" I asked playfully. I couldn't wait to see what his answer would be, since the previous two were pretty fabulous.

"Well now Bella, I'd have to say I think brute force might be the only way to go. I mean I wouldn't want to assume that I'd get some magical power and I wouldn't be willing to risk your safety by making a plan, I'd just burst through the door, kick their butts, grab you and save the day. Simple as that. Then of course we'd head off into the sunset to live happily ever after," he answered jovially.

I laughed lightly, saying, "Wow, that is awesome, bachelor number one!"

He was a rough and tough cocoa puff, I bet he was all man and damnit I think I liked him too!

This was going to be a tough decision, I only had one question left. It was a silly one too but I honestly couldn't wait for their answers.

"Finally, the final question before Bella must deliberate and choose who she wants to go on a date with," the host said firmly. "Go ahead and ask the final question Bella."

"So guys, the final question I have is this, pick a drink to call yourself and then explain your choice," I said in my most sultry voice. I wanted them to go balls to the walls on this one, I was going to have to make a solid choice here.

"We'll start with you bachelor number three," I finished.

"Hmmm... well darlin' I'd have to say Southern Comfort because obviously I'm from the south and we do know how to do comfort. Any and all comfort, if you get my meaning. I'd really like to make you feel comfort," he purred sexily.

I swallowed audibly as I thanked him for his answer in a rather shaky voice.

"How about you bachelor number one, what would your drink name be and why?" I asked sweetly.

"Wow, I would say Sex on the Beach. Cuz I'm thinking you and I might be having some fun times together at the beach and after you got to know me the lure of my stellar personality would make you see that we were meant to be and of course, sex on the beach with you at sunset may well be like heaven on earth," he said flirtatiously.

Oh my God, did he just say that he wanted to have sex on the beach with me? I loved this shit, these guys were awesome!

"Thanks bachelor number one, and how about you bachelor number two, what would you pick?" I asked, eyebrow raised in wait.

"I'd have to say a Screaming Orgasm, Bella. I think it may well be pretty self explanatory but if you pick me, I think you will understand implicitly what I'm talking about," he said sensuously, his voice dripping sex.

I heard the other guys chuckle, I could only imagine the looks they might be giving each other behind the partition.

"Thanks bachelor number two," I said in a stunned voice. Damn, just…damn, he was fucking fabulous too.

"Alrighty Bella, that's it for your questions, now the hard part, you have to pick. It can only be one guy though so take a minute while we go to commercial and make your choice," the host said to me with a smirk.

I sat there thinking as the stage tech came back out and fixed my make-up and hair and others worked on the guys and the host.

I looked into the stage techs eyes hoping for some clue as to what to think or who to pick but she just gave me a small smile and walked away.

Number one seemed fun and silly, I could totally date someone like that. Number three was fabulous, that accent and the voice, both were just so...unf. Number two had that sexy silky voice, like velvety smooth. Jesus I needed more time which I was so not going to get. Think, Bella, think. Who do I want to learn more about, who did I feel like I made a connection of any kind with...

"Welcome back to Date Night, Bella, I'll need to know your answer now. Who is going to be the lucky bachelor you pick for your date?" the host asked me, his voice excited and loud.

"Well I liked them all, it totally seemed like they were all really sweet guys, but, I'd have to say... I pick bachelor number two."

More applause.

"Number two huh? Why him?" the host asked seriously.

"Well, I think I liked how he involved me in my save from the vampires, not thinking I couldn't help or that I was not able to be involved in my own destiny and also, frankly, a screaming orgasm? What girl could refuse that?" I said with a wink and a smile. I decided to play it up a bit.

Again with all the canned applause. I got myself ready to meet the two guys I didn't choose.

"Bella, let's have you meet the two bachelors you didn't choose, shall we? Bachelor number one is a high school football coach from Glendale, meet Emmett," the host said jovially as the bachelor came around the partition.

Oh my fucking hell. Hotness personified, sweet Jesus what have I done? This guy was divine! Tall, dark curly hair, twinkling blue eyes and a killer fucking smile. Dimples, did I mention dimples? His tight red t-shirt was pulled against his abs and pecs, showing the definition that was there, his bi-ceps straining against the arms of the shirt, his blue jeans tight and looking just fine. My God.

He winked at me, grabbed me and pulled me in for the best hug I've ever gotten. He was like a big muscled teddy bear. He kissed my cheek and said quietly in my ear, "I work at Glendale high school if this date doesn't work out give me a call."

I smiled broadly at him as he walked backstage. Damn, I knew I should've picked him.

"Now let's meet bachelor number three, who you also didn't choose. His name is Jasper and he is a research developer for a local aerospace company, Jasper come and meet Bella," the host said, again as one of the most gorgeous creatures I'd ever seen came around the partition.

He was almost better than Emmett, smaller in stature but his tousled blond hair and smiling hazel eyes - along with a smirking grin that lifted up on one side - led me to believe that he was just as fun and interesting as Emmett would have been, only he had an accent to go along with it all. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, winking at me over the top of it and damn did I mention the eyelashes? He was wearing a black leather vest over a white tshirt, a chain watch hanging from the pocket of the vest. Normally I'd think 'Eww, a leather vest?', but on this guy it was sexy as hell. Couple that with the strategically ripped jeans and yeah, holy crap, I knew I should've picked him!

Giving my hand a light squeeze he started to walk away and I couldn't help it, my body turned and wanted to follow. I managed to stop before I made a fool out of myself and waited to see what my actual date looked like.

I just know he was going to be a complete goober, there was no way on God's green earth this guy was going to be as hot as the other two. No way. I was pretty certain he was going to have coke-bottle lens glasses and pock marks all over his face, or some hideously ugly scars, or two noses, or some other weird anomaly. There was no way I was going to hit the trifecta of good looking guys. No stinking way.

"Let's meet who you did choose Bella. Let me introduce you to your date. He is twenty-nine years old, a real estate developer and entrepreneur, from Glendale as well, please meet Edward," the host said excitedly.

I turned toward the partition, my breath held in my lungs, waiting to see what I was going to get. I had no idea that perfection was about to round the partition.

I honestly think I gave an audible sigh as I saw him come around the corner, my breath coming out in a rush. Holy fuckballs, he was fabulous!

He was about six-foot-two, his body lean but sturdy, wearing dark blue jeans and a white button down shirt. The skinny black tie he had hanging loosely around his neck only made me think I could maybe use it to pull him towards me so I could rape his mouth with my own. His lips were so red, so delicious looking, his smile was beautiful and his teeth straight. Then there was his hair. Messy, erratic and completely sexy, kind of a ginger color, but a few blond streaks in it too. His nose was straight and his brows on the bushy side, but my god, the eyes, the eyes were like a pool of jade, green and bright, staring into my soul.

He came closer and pulled me in for a hug. He smelled musky and good enough to eat. As he kissed me on the cheek he whispered into my ear sexily, causing me to shiver at the warmth of his breath next to my skin, "You're beautiful, I'm so glad you chose me."

Then he grabbed my hand in his, holding it tightly while he rubbed circles on it with his thumb. It was as if he ignited a spark inside my pants. I was tingling from head to toe, perma grin on my face and I'm sure my blushing cheeks gave away every dirty thought that was currently racing through my head.

"Now, let's find out where you'll be going on your date, shall we?" the host announced looking at the both of us with an amused smirk.

"Bella and Edward, I sure hope the two of you enjoy hustle and bustle because you're going to exciting Las Vegas, Nevada! Yes, a weekend in Las Vegas at the esteemed Bellagio hotel complete with a show and five hundred dollars each spending money!"

Edward grabbed me in another hug, this one a bit tighter and whispered again into my ear, "I can't wait to see Vegas with you, Bella, we'll have such a good time. Who knows, maybe we can try a screaming orgasm?"

As he pulled away looking into my shocked red face he gave me a wink and squeezed the hand he hadn't let go of tighter as I smiled in awe.

This could very well be the best date ever.