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"Uhhhh, yeah, right there!" she whispered wantonly in my ear, her warm breath tickling me as her tongue snaked out to run along the edge of my earlobe.

"Say it. Say it, Bella, I know you want to... say it! Out loud!" I stuttered back, fucking her with all I had.

"No! I won't! Oh.. oh...oh.." she said, moaning loudly.

"I. Want. To. Hear. You. Say. It." I ground out with each thrust I made into her tight, fucking pussy.

"Eddddwaaard... you... make... my... clunge tingle..ahhhhh!" she trilled loudly.

I groaned enthusiastically while changing our positions so I was fucking her from behind.

"YES! That's it... what else, baby?" I said, as I thrust into her deeper than before, totally thrilled with the new angle I was getting. I laid my chest against her back, feeling her deep breaths underneath me, God I loved skin on skin. Especially Bella's skin on my skin.

"You make my snootch so wet, baby, I love it when you take me from behind," she grunted, as I pushed in and out of her. I watched her hands grip the red sheets, her beautiful skin looking so fragile against the color, her knuckles white in their death grip.

"Uuunnfffffff, Bella, tell me more. Baby, I'm so fucking close," I ground out, needing to pick up the pace. I wanted to come so damn bad.

"Your... your dick is going to have an aneurysm... I want you to spill your hot pearls of cum inside me. Right. The. Fuck. Now!" Bella commanded with a little giggle, as she thrust back into me, her ass cheeks slapping against my body.

My hands were gripping her hips so hard she was going to end up being bruised if I wasn't more careful. I managed to pull myself back from the edge a little.

"Do you like it when I fuck you hard?" I gasped, still pounding into her, making her jerk forward pretty hard. I took one hand and started rubbing my fingers softly along her clit, just the way I knew she liked it, almost teasingly. The other hand grasping her tit, squeezing and pulling her nipple gently, making her moan my name. I knew I was going to cum and I wanted to make sure she did too.

"Ung, Edddward, I'm... I'm... I'm cumming..." she screamed, her body stiffening, her back arching, as her release coursed through her.

That's all I needed, the feeling of her pussy tightening around me, I pumped faster as I, too, came with a grunt.

I rolled so that I was at her side; she was laying flat on her belly, her eyes turned toward me, her breathing labored.

Staring into one another's eyes, we burst into hysterical laughter.

"Oh my God, Edward, we're such freaks!" she said, laughing exuberantly.

"I know, who knew that stupid porn phrases could be so damn fun," I said as I leaned toward her to kiss the tip of her nose.

We'd been reading a book that Bella had found while searching for inventory for the business. It was amazingly hideous in that the descriptions of their sexy times were so ridiculous. We got a little carried away teasing and touching and decided to work it into our own sexy times.

"Remember when I first taught you all those new words when we were in Vegas? You got such an education from me, now didn't you?" she offered, one brow raised, smirking as she ran her hand down my neck lovingly.

"How can I forget, you started this whole thing after all. I mean if you hadn't done that, I'd have never tried to one up you for the last two years, never tried to find the stupidest things I could find," I said with my own smirk, my voice proud at my accomplishment.

"Oh, honey, you do find some stupid shit. This newest stuff might well be the worst of it though," Bella said laughing.

"Yeah, well, there's no accounting for taste now, is there?" I defended. "And besides, technically, you found it. I just made you repeat it."

"I know, babe, it's all good. It's funny and damn, I liked it," she said gratefully, giving me a warm smile that lit up her eyes brightly.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" I asked, wondering what kind of mischief we'd find ourselves in later.

"We have a meeting at noon to go over the new summer program for the center. Emmett got us some used sports equipment that is still in top notch condition and he wants to do some kind of athletic activities for the kids. You know how they love Emmett in the summers."

Emmett, Jasper, Rose and Alice had all been Godsends when we got back from Vegas with our winnings. They were all so excited for us and eager to help out with the library/kid's club that Bella and I wanted to open. They contributed their time and some very invaluable ideas. Plus since Rose was in corporate America and Alice worked for a millionaire, we had people clamoring to help with Bella's terrific idea.

The bookstore/boys and girls club was opened with much fanfare. Someone had leaked the story to the media of how it got funded, that Bella and I had met on a game show, won over a million dollars in Vegas and made her dream come true.

It was a great story after all, I lived it so I should know.

The Spot, as it was named, was going like gangbusters. We got regular donations, employed over fifty people and could officially call the business a success after eighteen months. I knew putting money behind Bella would be a win/win. We were earning back our initial investment and THAT was a great thing.

She and I were going strong as well. It turned out that we worked quite well together after all. Her sense of humor held us together in rough patches, there were a few of those, of course. You can't try and open a business without some issues. But, all in all, it was a fantastic experience.

I had told her I was in love with her about six months into the relationship. It happened one night after we'd had an incredible night of sex followed up by some new pet words we'd found. I just looked over at her, after having laughed with her for about fifteen minutes and it hit me. I loved her. With every part of who I was. She was it for me.

When I told her, she got a little teary eyed and told me she loved me too, that she had for a while. She said she was just waiting for me to catch up.

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to marry her someday soon. I want to start making little baby Bellas. I can't wait to see little minis of us running around. And for the love of God, I sure as hell hope they have their mother's sense of humor.

I refocused, coming out of my musings, to pay more attention to what she started to say.

"Edward? Honey, where were you just then?" she asked, inquisitively.

"I was reflecting," I answered with a soft smile.

"Reflecting huh? Ooookay." she said, looking at me somewhat bemused.

Sitting up, she leaned over to give me a quick peck on the cheek before getting up and walking naked into the bathroom.

As she got to the bathroom door, she turned slightly and looking over her shoulder she blew me a kiss and gave me a wink before heading to the shower.

I laid there wondering to myself how I ever got so lucky. I had gone on a game show and had won the biggest prize of them all. Not being picked as her date, not the trip, not even the money. No I won the biggy, I won...




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