That is what I feel as I drink Yuuki's blood. An overwhelming sense of calm finally beating back the blood thirsty beast within me.

Yuuki's soft vanilla scent fills my nose as I slowly drink from her neck. A scent that I have come to love over the years. A scent that is completely and uniquely Yuuki. The scent seems to embody her. Her constant happiness, her gentle touch, her innocent smile. All of it is contained in her scent.

Her gentle hands stroke my hair slowly, causing me to draw her body closer to mine. My body craves her warmth, her protection. Despite all the suffering I put her through, Yuuki has never denied me the warmth of her touch. And that makes me truly unworthy of her. My arms wrap tightly around her waist, afraid she will realize what a monster I am.

Her soft voice whispers in my ear, the sound more soothing than any lullaby. She makes soft, calming sounds like she did when we were children. The same soothing sounds she used to make to chase my nightmares she makes now to chase the guilt and anguish away, if only for a moment.

My drinking stops finally, the beast in me sated for a moment. My tongue runs over the bite mark slowly, soothing but also seeking forgiveness. Part of me is ashamed of marking the porcelain skin of this kind, gentle girl. But part of me, my vampire half, is glad she bears my mark, that others know she is mine. That I possess her in a way no one else can.

I rest my head on her shoulder, eyes closing slowly as she continues to stroke my hair gently. She kisses the side of my head softly, an action that is utterly Yuuki. Granting me the forgiveness I do not deserve. I hold tighter to her, my mind at peace at last.

My mind only able to find peace when the monster within allows me to hold the girl I love.