American Superhero

Ch. 1

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Videl nervously looked left and right, making sure no one was looking. She flipped the piece of paper over that lay on her desk and slowly shifted her eyes, focusing on the several red marks painted all over the sheet.

God damnit. C+.

Videl let out a long, drawn sigh. She plopped her forehead onto her desk. Turning her head to rest against her cheek, she furrowed her eyebrows.

'There's no chance I'm going to be able to pass this stupid class at this rate.'

Videl let out a small grumble as she crumpled her exam into a little ball. She refocused her eyes from the wadded up exam over to the young man sitting two seats down from her.

Gohan had just transferred to her school not long ago. Unlike most of the girls in their class, Videl did not solely focus on his good looks and naïve charm. She had her suspicions. For some reason, something was off about him.

It may have been because he claims to commute hundreds of miles from the Eastern Zone mountains to school every morning. It may have been because he never talked about his personal life. It may have been because he showed up but 10 days after the Golden Warrior appeared. Or even more suspiciously, he showed up the day the Great Saiyaman made his debut.

Videl peered closer at the exam in Gohan's hands, focusing on the grade marked at the top of his paper. Unsurprisingly, Gohan had scored a 100.

'God, how does that kid do it? Perfect score every time!' She thought.

"Hey, Gohan, what did you get on your English test?" Erasa poked at the half-Saiyan.

Gohan let out a sheepish laugh and rubbed the back of his head in slight embarrassment. "Heh, I got a 100. What about you?"

"Wow, Gohan! You're so smart." Erasa giggled. "I totally flunked. A 34! I should've just copied your test during the exam!"

'At least I don't have the worst grade out of everyone here…' Videl managed to reassure herself.

Gohan looked over at her. "What did you get, Videl?"

Videl raised her head off the desk and scowled.

"None of your damn business, Gohan!" She huffed, crossing her arms as she slightly turned her body away from him.

"Gee… sorry." Gohan meekly responded.

Gohan chuckled in his head. 'I take it her grade isn't very good.'

In a strange way, Gohan enjoyed watching Videl. Her moods were always all over the place. Content one minute, and impatiently aggravated the next. He thought the faces she made when she was in one of those moods were actually quite adorable. He just wished she wasn't head over heels about finding out the identity of his alter ego, the Great Saiyaman.

Sharpner chimed in. "Hah, leave it to the bookworm to ace every test given so far."

"I think it's amazing!" Erasa commented. "If only I could manage to get grades like yours, Gohan. Maybe you could tutor me someday, hm?" She winked, nudging his shoulder.

A light blush formed across Gohan's face.

'Oh please. It would take a miracle for Erasa to get even a C+ on her exams. She's a lost cause.' Videl rolled her eyes.

Videl's thoughts were interrupted as the teacher began to speak.

"Alright class, now that everyone has their exams back, we can continue onto the next lesson." The teacher shuffled through his files. "Now, as part of your requirements for this class, you are all to work on a project throughout the semester. You will be paired up with another classmate, and the two of you will research your topic together and present it on the last week before finals."

The whole class groaned.

The teacher's eyes narrowed. "You guys better cut that out and suck it up, because 40% of your grade depends on this."

"Forty percent?" Videl burst out.

"Now, I have you all paired up already, so please listen for your name and who your partner will be." He pulled a list out from the files he had been rummaging through.

As the teacher called out the names of her classmates, Videl anxiously combed her fingers through her pigtailed hair. 'Forty percent… I'm so screwed! English is possibly my worst subject. And the fact that I'm constantly leaving in the middle of class to help the police doesn't help me one bit!'

She then looked around the classroom to see who had been paired up with whom, and who still remained as an option.

"Videl," she heard her name get called by the teacher.

She stood up from her seat.

"You will be paired up with Gohan. The topic you two will cover will be 'Superheroes in American Culture'."

Gohan turned his head towards the raven-haired girl and made eye contact. He smiled.

Videl felt a wave of relief wash inside of her. This was her lucky break. There was no way she'd get a bad grade with Gohan on her team.

Not only that, Videl knew this was her chance to find out who this new boy actually was. She could tell he was hiding something. But what? It was only a matter of time to find out. She had a whole semester to investigate, after all.

"OK, now that everyone has a partner, please take 10 minutes to get together and discuss how you two will manage to collaborate. Set up basic times to meet up as well as the location. I hope you all will get along with each other. You will not be graded separately." The teacher explained. "You will discover that this concept of teamwork applies in any situation – outside the classroom."

With a final grumble and sigh, the students all sat down next to their respective team mate. Videl and Erasa switched seats – coincidentally, Erasa had been partnered up with Sharpner.

"Videl…" Erasa whined. "Can we switch partners? Sharpner hardly gets better grades than me! We'll fail for sure!"

"Erasa. You're talking to a girl who's desperate to pass this class, too. No chance."

With that, Videl turned her back to her and focused on her team mate. She narrowed her eyes.

Almost whispering, Videl spoke up. "Gohan… I'll lay it to you straight. I'm on the verge of failing this class. I need this grade. So let's get to it, huh?"

Gohan raised his eyebrows. Although he knew to an extent that Videl hadn't quite been achieving in this class, he was not aware of her circumstance. A smile washed over his face.

"Don't worry, Videl. I'll make sure we get a good grade. You'll pass, for sure."

Videl smiled in relief.

"OK, that settles it! When and where should we meet up first?"

"Um, well, how about the library? Or your house?" Gohan suggested hesitantly. "As you already know, my house is a bit far…"

Videl furrowed her eyebrows. She knew his house was far, but she was hoping this assignment would give her the opportunity to see for herself just how far it was. Even more so, how Gohan managed to get to and from school every day.

"Fine. We'll meet in the school library. How does today sound, after school?"


Both in agreement, they decided that was that. The two turned their attention back to the front of the room, waiting for the teacher's next instructions.

The school day passed by rather quickly. As the bell rang, the students all gathered their belongings and began to ready their departure. Gohan and Videl packed their things and walked together to the school's library.

They picked an empty table and took out their notebooks to start jotting down brainstorms and ideas.

"Well, our topic is superheroes in American culture." Gohan began. He then grinned. "Actually, I'm a bit of a fan of American comic books, so I do have some general idea of who many superheroes are."

Videl looked at him in surprise. She then thought for a second and realized that this news was not exactly so surprising. He was a bookworm, after all.

"OK, then, what do you suggest? Should we tamper with the history of comic book superheroes, or the making of them? Or should we focus on the aspects of American cultured superheroes in comparison to Japanese ones?"

Gohan thought for a second. "Hm. I guess the teacher would probably be most impressed by a comparison between cultures. Seeing that this is an English class."

Videl paused.

"So, like, for instance, comparing Superman to the Great Saiyaman?"

Gohan froze.

'Shit, this might be really bad…'

At that point, Gohan knew this was going to be one long semester ahead of him.

End, chapter 1.

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