I'm back with more TsunadexNaruto stuff. This one is pretty much only lemons and contains some Kage Bunshin fun. As usual, please take in consideration that English is not my first language. Also, Naruto's a bit young in this one, which ain't a theme I really favour, but it's explained by what little story there is. Enjoy.

Tsunade laughed as Naruto repeated that he wanted to become Hokage.

"Really? You want to become Hokage? Forget that dream boy, it won't bring you anything good," she said with a mocking tone. Not one to let himself impressed, even by one of the legendary Sannins, Naruto lifted a finger and pointed at her.

"I'd become the next Hokage if I could, but I'm not as strong as you, Tsunade! But just you wait, I'll train and fight and become the strongest ninja in Konoha. I'll make everyone acknowledge me and I will become Hokage, believe it! I never go back on my words, it's my way of the ninja!" he yelled out, loud enough that the entire restaurant could hear him clearly. Tsunade stood up and left the restaurant. Jirayia sighed and crossed his arms.

"No wonder she is still single, with such a temperament," he said. Naruto followed the blonde kunoichi outside.

"Hey! Don't you dare turn down this offer! Who are you to decide that this position, which every ninja wishes to reach is not good enough for you? Is my dream, shared by others like me, not worthy enough for someone like you?" he asked her, his eyes watery as his own beliefs were being shaken by how casually she had dismissed Jiraya's proposal. She turned around, eyes also tearing up as she recalled her lover and younger brother, who both carried that dream to their tombs.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I stopped believing in that dream a long time ago," she said, sobbing once, wondering why she was already thinking this boy could actually make it, the same way she thought Dan and her brother could have made it to Hokage. Naruto was at a loss for words and he simply stared at her with anger and sadness. He found his resolve, he wanted to become Hokage, and he knew he had it in his guts.

"If you can't believe in a dream, I'll prove to you that it can be done! Believe that instead!" he said with a grin after a long, uncomfortable silence. The Sannin returned Naruto's grin and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

"I want to believe in you, Naruto. I wish I could, but I can't. At least not just like that. I need you to prove to me what you can do," she walked towards the teenager as she talked.

"Prove myself to you?" he asked, wondering what she meant.

"If you can fulfill my challenge, I'll believe in you and take the mantle of Hokage until the day you realize your dream. If not, you will have to give me all the money you carry in your precious toad," she affirmed with a condescending tone. She issued her challenge, crossing her arms, believing he wouldn't even accept it.

"I'll do it. I'll prove my worth to you!" he replied immediately. The couple walked back into the tavern and noticed Jiryia flirting with two young women. He laughed too loud and stood too close to them and even Naruto could feel how bad the girls felt of the old ninja's perverted invasion of their privacy. Tsunade led the way upstairs and she walked into her room. She slid the door closed behind her and turned to face Naruto.

"Ready?" she asked with a grin.

"Ready," he replied, nodding once at her. The young blonde walked up to the older one and reached for her breasts. He fondled them, his small hand losing itself into the ample bust. Immediately, Tsunade noticed Naruto seemed to have some experience with this. Damn that Jirayia, must have taught him naughty things already, she thought. Naruto undid her sash and spread her vest open. She shed it, letting it fall on the ground, revealing her huge breasts barely contained by her bra. He walked behind her and freed her of the contraption much quicker than she anticipated and his hands reached around her torso to grope her breasts once more. He stood on the tip of his toes and started kissing her shoulders and back, while his hands massaged her generous bust, finding her nipples quite quickly and circling his digits around them. The horny woman pressed her body back against the young ninja, who teased her nipples more and more, making them harden as he popped her breasts out of her bra. She purred playfully, as if she was a kitty being scratched behind the ears. The curvaceous blonde pushed Naruto back against the wall and started grinding her plump butt against his crotch, feeling his rock hard penis through both of their pants.

"Aaah… ah… Tsunade…" Naruto moaned out, caressing her back and gripping her hips and pulling her against his crotch. Tsunade felt Naruto's thick member through all the clothes and wondered if what she felt was right. She turned around, stopping her movement, then crouched down, pulling Naruto's pants down in the motion. His big, hard cock sprung free and almost slapped the naughty woman in the face. She stared at it in surprise. Does he really have that much chakra? She thought, knowing that a man's size was proportional to his chakra reserve. It was about the size of her arm with a thick, bulbous purple cock head leaking pre cum. She knew she was able to take on something like that; after all she had modified her body not only to look young and sexy, but also to be a real sex machine. Tsunade gripped Naruto's hard shaft and he moaned again. Unable to reach around his girth with only one hand, she had to use both to hold the heavy penis.

"Tsu… Tsunade…" Naruto stuttered while a large spurt of pre-cum leaked out and fell on the woman's generous bosom. There was at least as much pre-cum in that single spurt as a normal man would cum in an entire orgasm. The slutty blonde smirked: maybe there's something to do with this boy after all.

"Are you already about to cum?" Tsunade asked Naruto, a devilish grin on her face. Naruto blushed and kept his eyes closed and his hands clenched into fists.

"Of… of course not! Believe it!" he managed to say too loudly.

"Really?" asked Tsunade as she slowly peeled the skin off his cock, jerking his long, throbbing member slowly. She felt his every veins pulse under the pressure of her hands while pre-cum leaked even more from the small cum hole, trickling along his large under vein and lubricating Tsunade's hands as they moved on his shaft.

"Gnnn… aaannh, hmmm!" he moaned as he tried desperately to keep himself from cumming. Tsunade let go of his cock just as another spurt of pre-cum splattered down on her cleavage, making it quite sticky. She stood up and stripped naked quickly in front of the boy, who was panting against the wall, his knees shaking and his eyes half-closed as he peered at her divine body. She had broad, womanly hips, thick, strong thighs and smooth legs, along with a plump ass, a thin waist and flat stomach and huge, head sized breasts. Her face was the ever sensual face of the Sannin and future Hokage of Konoha.

"Naruto. I'm merciless and even more so to a quick shot like you," she whispered as she turned around and pressed her big butt against his cock. It pushed his shaft up along his abs and squeezed it in her comfortable ass crack. The pre-cum lubricated her butt's cleavage quite quickly as she started squatting up and down, jerking his penis with her ass.

"Aahhh! Tsunade! You… youuU!" he shouted as he came in a matter of seconds, shooting a ridiculous amount of sperm like a fountain. It splattered his own torso, her bare back and big ass. It dripped along her heart-shaped rear, falling on the ground and hugging her curvy legs. Still, she kept jerking his cock as he climaxed, making him shoot his load all over her lovely butt. He hugged her as he came; rubbing his cum-caked chest against her own glazed back and squeezing her huge jugs quite hard. Still, she ground her ass into his crotch, rubbing his thick rod until he stopped cumming. Tsunade giggled, shaking her head as she mocked Naruto.

"You have a big juicy cock, yet you can't use it properly. You're good at nothing, forget it, I'm not becoming Hokage and you will never accomplish your dream, I'm a fool to have believed you." Frustrated and not about to give up, Naruto gripped the buxom blonde's hips and pulled her ass back against his cock. Still hard, he started thrusting his shaft between her ass cheeks, rubbing all along her crack, his large rod teasing her anus with its undervein and sliding easily in her slippery butt's valley.

"I never give up, it's my way of the ninja!" he exclaimed as he fucked her ass crack. She let him work her plump rear, pounding her cheeks with his crotch, sending ripples through them each time their bodies met. The silence following Naruto's cry was only broken by the rhythmic slapping produced at each of his thrusts. Despite having cummed recently, Naruto found himself groaning in pleasure quite fast. Tsunade's big butt was lovely and so smooth; it felt better than anything he had tried before.

"Aaah… again… I'm going to cum again…" he whispered, cursing himself for his incapacity of controlling his orgasms. He hugged her when he climaxed, mauling her breasts and squashing her ass between his crotch and her body.

"Aaah, so rough! Hmm…" the curvaceous lady moaned softly as she felt his hard cock throb between her ass cheeks and his sticky cum splatter her back and cover her ass again. The powerful kunoichi pulled away from the teenager then turned around, cum still dripping from her ass and along her thick legs.

"You never give up, hmm? I'll crush your resolve and your dream at the same time," she said, tripping him with a quick kick to his ankles. He crashed on the ground roughly, only to see Tsunade crouch down over his crotch, facing his feet. The blonde boy noticed just how messy her back and ass were, covered in his spunk. Her ass was round and firm and he only wanted to grope it. His cock twitched, erecting quite fast at such a sight. The beautiful woman quickly gripped it and slapped it between her ass cheeks. She was crouching on the tip of her feet, her knees together over his legs. Then, she spread her legs as wide as she could while placing her hands on her own thighs, exposing her sex to no one as she had her back turned to Naruto. Meanwhile, her toned ass flexed all around his cock, her fat buttcheeks almost crushing his huge cock as they squeezed around it from the position she was in. The kunoichi squatted on top of him, flexing her big thighs, squashing them against her shins as she let herself fall down, jerking his cock with her ass once more. His bulbous cockhead rubbed against the small of her back each time. Her huge breasts bounced freely, almost slapping her own face and falling heavily when she pushed herself up quickly. She hastened her movements, making the boy under her writhe in pleasure. The horny blonde reached between her legs with one hand to massage his large, churning testicles while using her other to keep her balance. Once more, the young man came, but this time she squeezed his cockhead between her ass cheeks, making him cum all over her anus without penetrating it. She jerked his cock roughly with her hands, teasing her own asshole with the head of his huge, throbbing and pulsing cock. Tsunade relaxed her ass and stood up, leaving Naruto to pant on the ground.

"Still hard? My, my, you really are a stamina beast," she commented at the sight of his large dick pointing up despite having blown three loads on her ass already. Naruto propped himself up on his elbows and grinned.

"I'm only getting warmed up, I'll definitely prove to you that I can accomplish my goal, believe it!" Tsunade smirked at his believe it! tag phrase and knelt down over his thighs. The busty blonde bent forward until her huge breasts dangled each side of his arm-sized cock.

"Aren't they a nice match?" she asked as she engulfed parts of his large member in her cleavage, leaning down on his legs in the process. She gripped the base of his cock and started jerking it, making her breasts bounce up and down along its length each time she hit them with her hands. Meanwhile, she licked and teased his thick cockhead, taking it in between her lips and twirling her tongue around it like a big lollipop. The teenager found the energy to straighten himself up, and then shift on his knees, forcing his cock into Tsunade's mouth and squashing her jugs between his thighs and her body. He started fucking her breasts and mouth at the same time, slapping his body against hers again and again. She moaned softly around the large, invading rod and swallowed his pre-cum, which was oozing freely into her mouth. He groped her big tits hard, squeezing her nipples and pulling on them roughly, making her cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. He rocked her breasts fast and Tsunade noted that he lasted longer than the three previous times. Still, his breathing became ragged after less than two minutes and his cock pulsed in her mouth. She knew he was about to cum and tried getting ready for it.

"Aaah, Tsunade, your mouth is so hot and your breasts are so soft! Aah, hmm…" He shot his load into her mouth with one last powerful thrust, almost bruising her breasts as he pushed them up against her chin. His cock expanded, gaping her mouth before filling it up. The torrent of semen overwhelmed Tsunade and it flowed out of her nose and around Naruto's cock. Her cheeks were bloated with cum and her eyes widened in surprised as her face was turned into a mess of cum. She still swallowed a cupful of it, but it was far from enough compared to how much the young man was unloading in her, thick rope after rope. Naruto fell down on his rear, legs shaking and chest heaving as he panted. Meanwhile, Tsunade coughed, choking on the extra cum which she had difficulty swallowing. When she finally caught her breath, the teenager had sat down on the side of the bed to wind down a bit.

"Oh? Already tired?" Tsunade asked with a teasing tone while she cupped the cum off her breasts and face, then sucked her fingers clean. Naruto's cock had swelled down slightly, but when the mature woman gripped it in one hand, it hardened immediately. The young blonde grinned at the older one.

"Not one bit, believe it!" The busty woman grunted in displeasure at the fact that she couldn't push him to his limit and she answered to his last taunt by leaning down on his fat prick and taking it in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She gagged around it before pulling back, sucking it thoroughly, and then delving down on it again. The legendary sucker quickly suppressed her gagging reflex and took a good portion of his penis into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and sucked, tongue pressed against the undervein and jaw stretched open to fit his girth in. Her lips ached from having to wrap around such a large rod for such long minutes. He had lasted a good five minutes now, longer than any time before. Still, he groaned softly, caressing Tsunade's hair and resting his hand on the back of her head, letting her do her work as she saw fit. She was kneeling between his legs, which allowed her to push her cum-caked tits up and engulf the base of his cock in them. She gave him both a titfuck and a blowjob at once, which pushed him much faster towards his climax.

"Oooh, damn your tits are nice Tsunade! Aaaah, if you become Hokage, I'll fuck these again!" he cried out, tilting his head back. The bombshell Sannin increased her pace, excited by the thought of having him fuck her breasts again. He gripped the side of her head and held her down on his cock when he came, shooting his load straight into her throat, allowing her to swallow it all more easily. He pulled out quickly and gave a few thrusts between her breasts, finishing by creaming them again. With his cock still resting in Tsunade's cleavage, Naruto grinned and taunted her once more.

"Well, you know maybe you aren't fit to be Hokage. I mean, you can't even suck my whole cock. Not much for someone dubbed the Legendary Sucker," he said, which prompted her to stand up quickly.

"I'll show you what sucking I can do, you brat," the bouncy lady said, her eyes darting around the room. She jumped on the bed and lay down on her back with her head dangling from its side, but upside down.

"Come on brat, get your cock in here and I'll show you what being a living legend means," she said while pointing at her mouth, which she opened wide. Naruto stood up then lowered himself until his bulbous cockhead was touching her full lips. She gripped the back of his thighs and pulled him in slowly. His cock slid into her mouth, then into her throat, angled perfectly with her mouth. He could see her throat expand as his cock penetrated her deeper and deeper, yet not once did she choke or gag. It felt incredibly tight around his cock as her oesophagus constricted around it as if to swallow the whole thing. He finally made it all the way in her throat, at which point he was almost about to cum because of how tight her stretched throat was. Tsunade couldn't breath like this and her face slowly turned red, but she let go of Naruto's thighs. He groped her huge, sticky breasts and massaged them, then started fucking her throat. Each time he ploughed in, he felt it stretch around him and it squeezed freaking hard on it. Tsunade let out gurgling sound, her thick spit mixed with his cum and precum leaked out and linked with his testicles and her face. His scrotum hit her nose each time he made it all the way in and tears began rolling out the corner of her eyes as she began lacking air. Her vision became blurry, so she closed her eyes and focused on controlling her body's reaction to such an invasion. The young man came quickly in such a tight hole, his cock sucked completely in. He gave powerful thrusts when he came, slapping his testicles hard into her face, splattering it in her own drool. He came almost straight in her stomach, which started to bulge from all the cum she had swallowed. His climax was long and hard and he pumped her full of cum. She almost passed out from lacking oxygen, but she still controlled her body so perfectly that it remained a perfect cocksleeve for Naruto, who finally pulled his cock out. She took deep breath immediately while links of gooey cum and saliva formed between her lips and Naruto's cock. She pulled herself up and coughed a few times, breaking the links with her face.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, concerned for her well-being.

"Yeah…" she said after wheezing, "I think I'll go drink some water and cleanse myself. I'll be back," she said as she stood up, stumbling. Naruto sat on the side of the bed, still unable to believe how powerful that last orgasm had been. He heard the water run in the restroom for a good five minutes, which he used to relax and lay down in bed. Tsunade came back a few minutes later, her face and chest clean of his cum and looking quite refreshed. Her stomach was still slightly bulged and she could feel the cum shift in it when she did greater movements. She found the young man to be jerking off in the bed, looking straight at her naked, hourglass shaped figure.

"Damn it," she cursed as she stared at his huge, hard cock in his rather small hand. I really underestimated his stamina, she thought for herself as she climbed back into bed. Naruto crawled towards her and she hugged him into her breasts. He began sucking on her nipples, taking one after the other in his mouth. They hardened at the touch of his teasing tongue and the playful nibbling of his teeth. He groped and massaged her large globes of flesh, always giving more attention to the more sensitive buds.

"You really like those, don't you?" she asked as she cradled him in her hands while he sucked on her breast.

"Yeah, they are so soft… can I fuck them again?" he asked with puppy eyes. She chuckled and caressed his head.

"Maybe…" she answered, which made him suck even harder on her nipple.

"Aaah, careful Naruto, not so hard!" she moaned out, which made him suck on it even harder. He toyed with her other nipple, pressing it with his finger before pulling on it and twirling it. A mix of pain and pleasure flared in the buxom lady's mind, but she let him tease her breasts. He sucked so hard on her left nipple that milk even came out spurting into her mouth.

"Aaah! What the fuck?" Tsunade cried out as she felt the warm liquid pour out the small hole. Naruto drank from her breast, squeezing her nipple between his lips. She felt warm and enjoyed the feeling of having the fluid pumped out of her. Soon enough, her other breast also leaked milk and Naruto immediately switched his mouth to it, lashing his lips down on it while he sucked her tits off. He toyed with the other nipple, pressing his finger into the hole, stretching it further and letting more milk out.

"Oooh Naruto, my breasts feel… ooh!" she said as he pushed his finger into her breast. He pulled back from her nipple, then crouched on the bed and held one of her juggernaut tits in his hands. He pushed his cock into the hole he had stretched with his finger, but he couldn't fit it in.

"Damn it, I'm too big!" he exclaimed.

"There's a way to shrink your dick: simply use a lot of chakra," Tsunade said.

Naruto immediately said the usual words: "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" which made a clone appear next to him. It divided his chakra in two, which in turn shrank his penis down. It was still much larger than any normal man's, but it was far from Naruto's usual trunk.

"There, now you can fuck my nipples good!" Tsunade said as she attempted to cup her breasts, which overwhelmed her hands easily. The two Narutos grabbed one of her huge boobs each, and then angled their large penis with the small milk hole. Naruto managed to get his in relatively fast as it was already stretched.

"AaaannnH! HMmmmm!" Tsunade cried out as Naruto thrust his shaft into her breast. As he was pulling back, his clone managed to get his own big cock inside her other breast. He pounded it roughly in, squashing her tit between his body and her torso. One after the other, each Naruto rammed his cock inside one of her breasts, making her convulse in ecstasy while her milk spurted all around their big rods, splattering down on her stomach and thighs.

"Aah! Ooooh, it's too much! Fuck! Hmmmm, stop! No! More! More!" Tsunade moaned as she felt her breasts burning and the sensation was simply too much for her. She climaxed right there from having her nipples fucked so hard by two big cocks. They ploughed her abused nipples mercilessly until both of them cummed, straight into her breasts. It spurted out, mixed with her milk and she came again, arching her back until it hurt. She fell down on her back, panting and heaving, not even able to think as her mind at turned blank from the intense orgasm. The two cocks sprang free from her udders, which lay fat and round on her chest, the nipples stretched and leaking gooey fluids. Naruto and his clone both finished their load on her body, splattering her legs and stomach in their spunk. Tsunade was panting heavily as she recovered from her weird but mind blowing orgasm. She couldn't believe just how intense having her nipples fucked was. The two stretched holes quickly contracted once they weren't being abused by Naruto anymore. The mature woman straightened herself; still breathing harshly, and she reached for the two big cocks, which she jerked slowly.

"I'm far from done, Naruto," she said before clearing her throat. Then, she moved between the young man and his clone, lifted her heavy breasts and slapped them down on their cocks. She engulfed part of their long, hard shafts in her underboobs. She squeezed them down on the two cocks.

"See? My breasts still have plenty of uses," she said, her huge tits large enough for the two Narutos to fuck one each. They started thrusting in her underboob, dirty with spunk and milk. It all dribbled down her bulging stomach and down on her thighs. She was kneeling down, which made the thick fluids form various sticky trails on her smooth skin. Their crotches met the side of each of her breasts, slapping gently against their firm roundness. Their cocks perked out and almost touched at the base of her cleavage, but she reached around her bosoms to grip the heads. Her fingers rubbed roughly on the sensitive and bulbous cockheads at each thrust, bringing them much faster closer to their orgasms. They both started groping her breast again, toying with her nipples once more, but mainly pawing the large globes of flesh. Ripples coursed through both her tits from the slapping of their crotches, making her tits jiggle and bounce playfully.

"Aaah, Tsunade… does every part of your body feel that good?" Naruto asked, his head tilting backward and his large testicles producing more and more of his hot spunk.

"They feel that good only once you cover them in cum," she answered with a sultry tone. With an incredible synchronism, Naruto and his clone climaxed. They pushed their cocks up in her underboob, spurting their load under her breasts as they fucked her large udders. Their thrusts became hectic and she jerked their cocks as fast as she could, pumping more and more of their semen. It covered her stomach and the base of her tits in a matter of second. The real Naruto pulled away and let her jerk him off, shooting his last ropes across her face, making her shriek and giggle.

"Eeep! Careful with that Naruto!" Tsunade wiped her face with her hands, and then licked her fingers clean.

"Not in the eyes, not in the hair," Tsunade said with a cold tone, punching Naruto's clone out of this world as she talked. Then, she stood up and lifted a leg. The move seemed both sexy and threatening to Naruto, who witness the dance of her muscles and the exposition of her womanhood. It was short lived and he soon found himself pushed down on the ground by Tsunade. She stood on top of him and was already trailing her foot down to find his cock, which had swelled back to its original humongous size. She pressed it up against his abs.

"How many times will I have to make you cum?" she said angrily, already pumping his penis with her foot. She teased his cockhead with her toes and put more and more weight on that foot, making it squeeze his shaft harder. Naruto didn't dare move with his manhood held in hostage like this, besides it wasn't unpleasant at all. On top of that, he had quite a sight of her body. From his perspective, he could witness the strength and curviness of her legs. Their toned and thick shapes leading up to her dripping wet womanhood and her big butt. Then came her gigantic tits, which sadly hid her face from his sight. They seemed incredibly huge from such a point of view and they jiggled so perfectly from her movements that he felt a sudden surge of precum ooze out of his cock. Just as he thought about that, she turned her head to look at him from her left side, where her breasts wouldn't hinder her view. She was dirty with his cum and her own milk, which gave her a slutty, yet exciting look. Tsunade shifted from one foot to the other, making different muscles flex much to Naruto's enjoyment. When she felt Naruto's cock start pulsing under her foot, she turned it slightly on one side and gripped what she could of his cock in the fold of her toes and started pumping it even faster. His release came a few seconds later and it splattered his own chest. The thick ropes of cum flying out of his large penis fell one after the other on his young and toned body, turning the mature woman on even further. The busty woman then sat down on the bed's side and she pulled his cock upward with both of her feet and she immediately started jerking it.

"Again so soon? AAah, Tsunade… it's getting so sensitive from all that rubbing, give me a break!" Naruto pleaded, feeling his cock and testicle ache from cumming so much already. Tsunade didn't care about his whining and she squeezed his cock harder between her feet as she masturbated him even faster. Her sex was fully exposed to his sight now and it was quite exciting. He wanted to delve in it, but he couldn't, he knew she had control right now. However, his penis was so sensitive that it felt as if his previous orgasm had never waned down. Already, he was pouring precum on the blonde's feet and was writhing on the ground.

"Come on, not even a whole minute? Seriously Naruto, you really need to train your chakra control," she said, shaking her head in disapproval. No matter what she said, knowing she could make him cum so fast made her even moister. Her juices were dripping on the bed sheet, staining them.

"Tsunade… I'm… I'm…" Naruto began to stutter, his body convulsing as he tried to hold his climax back. Her feet rubbed his whole length fast and hard, squeezing down on it enough that her toned legs were flexing in a sexy manner. This sight made Naruto lose it and he came, shooting a fountain of cum up in the air. It fell down all over her feet and his penis. A pool of semen formed on the ground between his legs and his testicles lay in it.

"One thing is sure though… you have a boatload worth of chakra," Tsunade commented with a smirk. A quite dirty Naruto stood up, his cock still pointing straight up at Tsunade, round, long and hard. The busty woman was truly impressed by his stamina and she thought he could become quite a lady's man if he learned how to use it properly. Then again, being pumped full of so much cum would be quite pleasant as well. Her smirk morphed into a grin as she thought about how many women he'd break with this cock. She knew she could handle something that large: she had made her body especially for sex. Still sitting on the bed's side, she spread her legs, reached for her woman hood and spread her pussy lips.

"Really, I can do it there?" a quite eager Naruto asked as he walked closer. He leaned forward to look at it and was taken by surprise when the strong woman gripped the back of his head and pulled his face down against her sex. He fell down on his knees, his cock almost touching the ground like a third leg. He dug his hands into her thighs as he tried to push himself up, but she was much stronger than him.

"Mmf? Hmmf, mff?" he tried to ask the mature woman, looking up at her.

"Start licking, you should find a small, hard bud between my pussy lips. When you do, lick that fast but not too hard," she ordered the teenager. Naruto wasn't completely ignorant and although he had never done it, he knew what this was all about. With his lips and tongue her spread her pussy lips and pushed them aside, exposing her clitoris to the attacks of his tongue.

"Aaaah, right there! Hmmmm…" Tsunade moaned out, her hand still on Naruto's head. His muscle flickered up and down, hitting the most sensitive part of her body again and again at an increasing speed.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" she moaned out at each and every hit of her clitoris. The pitch of her voice raised and soon enough she had lifted her legs from the ground, her thighs twitching and spasms kicking through her feet. She clamped her thighs around Naruto's head, almost crushing him right there. He breathed with difficulty, but guessed that he's only hope was to make her cum fast enough. He wrapped her arms around her big legs and reached for her womanhood, which he spread a bit further with his fingers. His cunnilingus pushed her ever closer to her orgasm and she arched her back and kicked her head backward, sending her blonde hair whipping her own back.

"Aaaah… hmmmmMM!" she growled as she felt her climax about to shatter her will. She placed her hands on the bed behind herself, allowing her to keep her balance.

"Aaah! AAAannh!" she cried out loudly as a powerful orgasm washed through her body. She threw herself down on the bed and pushed her crotch harder against Naruto's face while her juices covered him, squirting lewdly on his chin and neck. He stopped licking her sex but still couldn't free his head from the vice-like hold of her legs. He felt the muscles of her thighs twitch against his cheeks and he heard the strong woman pant, defeated on the bed.

"Aaah… aah… now I really need more!" Tsunade panted out after freeing Naruto, who was wiping his mouth clean.

"Wha- more?" he asked as he stood up, his cock twitching and eager to fuck her. His cockhead was merely inches away from her exposed pussy and the teenager put his hands on her thighs, spreading them further.

"Not yet!" she said as she twisted herself. She gripped his hips with her knees and twirled him around, throwing him on the bed with a ninja move. Then, she turned around on top of him and pressed her wet cunt against his face. Naruto immeditaly groped her huge ass and his fingers delved into their roundness. He pushed his mouth against her wet opening and drank her juices, lapping inside with his tongue. Meanwhile, Tsunade had wrapped her tits around his cock and was squeezing them with her biceps. She jerked the base of his cock with her hands, making her huge tits bounce across his lengthy shaft while sucking the head, giving him a hand, blow and tit job all at once. Naruto glided his tongue from her pussy's entrance along her slit until he reached her clitoris again. The mature woman's clitoris felt incredibly sensitive as it was gorged of blood from her previous climax, making every touch of Naruto's tongue even more intense. He moved his tongue much slower than in his previous cunnilingus, but made it so that they would last much longer, using more than just the tip of his muscle. He moaned against her womanhood, feeling his cock completely pleased by the woman's assets and multiple skills.

"Aah! Oooh, hmm! Naruto, finger my ass while you lick my clit!" Tsunade yelped out. The blonde man sucked his two thumbs, and then slowly pressed them into her rear entrance, spreading the thick cheeks and stretching her anus. He kept licking her rosebud, giving it no pause while she sucked the head of his thick manhood. Tsunade had much better control over her own body and she endured through the stimulation of having her ass stretched by Naruto's thumb and a cunnilingus long enough to make the young man cum first. The triple stimulation was simply too much for him and after a few minutes his cock was leaking precum and throbbing madly.

"GGnnnnnnnn!" he muffled against her womanhood as he came, immediately sucking on her clitoris and flicking his tongue incredibly fast. She came while he was still spurting his hot cum all over her breasts and face. The busty woman hugged his cock as she came, holding back her moans and climaxing silently; sucking on the man's large, churning testicles. Naruto pulled his finger out of the lovely woman's even lovelier ass.

"Tsunade, your ass is so great, can I fuck it later?" he asked quite bluntly. The naughty woman chuckled and straightened herself.

"You'll need to warm it up properly then," she said as she knelt down over his face, still looking at his somehow always hard cock. She leaned backward then moved her hips down, pressing her huge butt onto Naruto's face. The voluptuous woman parted her own ass cheeks until she felt the younger blonde's breath tickle her anus. She pressed it against his lips, squashing his face between her big cheeks. Naruto understood and started licking the rim of the tight, puckered hole. He teased the knots of nerves and bloodstreams all reaching to this so sensitive area. His tongue ran in circles around it, and then flickered on it as if it was another clitoris.

"Hmmm, yes, keep going Naruto," Tsunade moaned softly, gyrating her hips slightly as he ate her anus. He pushed his tongue inside the small hole, stretching her sphincter a bit, and then started thrusting in and out, his lips pressed against the rim. The busty woman rode his tongue, moving ever so lightly on top of him and groping her own breasts to keep them from bouncing. She put more and more weight on her butt and off her knees. Eventually, she lifted them from the bed and simply crouched on top of Naruto, her legs spread lewdly and her thighs squashed on her shins. She started masturbating, but found her clitoris to be quite sensitive after two cunnilingus. She focused and used one of the perks of being a medical ninja to calm the blood flow of this area. She was truly meant to be a sex machine. She masturbated roughly immediately after, moaning while Naruto ate her ass and fucked it with his tongue. He groped her big butt cheeks, massaging them roughly. His tongue delved again and again into her, licking the insides of her bowels, feeling her incredibly tight walls wrapping around his muscle.

"AaaaaaAAAH!" she cried out in a crescendo as she came, making her sphincter clench down on the blonde ninja's tongue. She squirted like a real fountain: her juices sprayed all over Naruto's body and even down the king-sized bed, almost reaching the far wall. Panting, she unfolded her legs and stood straight up, stretching her aching knees, before turning around and leaning forward to make Naruto suck her finger clean of her pussy juice. The young man took her fingers into his mouth, then stood up while sucking on them. Tsunade straightened her back and pulled her digits out of his mouth. Then, she bent forward and kissed the shorter man, pressing her full lips against his. Naruto pushed the mature woman back onto the bed, letting her fall on her back. He crouched next to the bed, and then slid his thick cock between her thighs. He held her legs in a V and he stared at her beautiful body, his long cock rubbing against her slit.

"Ready?" he asked, slightly nervous and afraid of cumming way too fast for her to have fun.

"Are you?" she answered as she clasped her legs together on his penis. The warmth of her inner thighs enveloping his manhood made Naruto reflexively thrust forward and hug her thick legs. The top of his cock made it past her legs and stood hard, pointing at the bed's head.

"Go ahead, fuck my thighs," Tsunade said, kissing the air and groping her breasts as she talked. Naruto didn't have to be asked twice and he immediately began thrusting back and forth, sliding his long dick between her legs. Her inner thighs were so wet and dirty that it was very easy for him to glide along her soft and smooth skin. His testicles slapped near her pussy and his cum-caked torso banged against the length of her legs as he rocked his whole body against hers. The head of his penis came out of her thighs each time like a big round purple eye looking at the busty blonde. She kept massaging her own big tits, letting him enjoy this moment and knowing she'd have her fun soon enough. The naughty woman was already imagining him covering her in his cum, splattering her round breasts and her stomach with his semen. Naruto crouched down further, almost resting his shaft against her pussy and her cleanly trimmed hair. Propping herself on her elbow, the lady stared as she saw his arm-sized penis come almost half the way up her belly. Will it go that deep? she wondered, looking at his large erection thrust between her legs. Lost in thoughts, she hadn't heard Naruto's groans and grunts, signalling his impending orgasm. He pushed himself hard against her legs and shot his load all over her body, the first thick stroke right in her face. The others creamed her large breasts, making her cleavage even stickier than it already was while turning her belly in a white, gooey mess. Tsunade wiped her face clean yet again, eating the semen she gathered with her hands. She quickly found herself licking her own breasts clean, sucking on her sensitive nipples and replacing cum with saliva on her smooth skin. After quite some time like this and with Naruto still resting his ever hard cock between her thighs, she looked up at him with her legs forming a V.

"What are you waiting for? Start fucking me already," she said with a smirk. The young man pulled his shaft back, and then tried angling it with her wet entrance, but his thick head kept slipping off. The busty blonde then reached down between her legs and helped him aim properly.

"There you go… now simply push it in," she said, lying down on her back as she waited to be pierced by his mighty shaft. Naruto did as she said and he bucked his hips forward, unfolding her tight pussy. She groaned in pain as he planted his dick in her small hole, feeling her tight walls opening up for him. The naughty blonde endured through the initial pain of the first penetration, clenching her teeth. Naruto was especially hard and big and it really made her doubt if she could take it all in. The teen ninja slowly pulled back, but felt her so tight around his cock that he could barely move. He spread her legs further, wrapped his arms around her thick thighs and pulled her forward, ramming his cock in.

"Aaaaanh!" Tsunade screamed as he impaled her cunt on his penis. It stretched around his rod, the outline clearly visible through her belly.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, worried about the strong woman.

"Yes! Fuck me already! Fuck!" she yelled at him before clenching her teeth again and sucking air in. He obeyed her again and forced his shaft out before thrusting in her again as deep as he could despite her tightness. He didn't jam his whole shaft in, but it felt good, warm and wet inside of her. He wouldn't last long, but neither would she. The lustful Tsunade was hitting the bed and smothered her own breasts as he started fucking her more consistently. She writhed and twisted on the bed, biting down on her own fist as a powerful orgasm washed over her. It made her pussy compress his penis, pushing him over as well. He started filling her up with cum, but thinking this was bad, he pulled out and clasped her thighs together, jacking himself off with them. He covered her body in yet another layer of semen while her climax died quite fast from being deprived of his cock.

"Naruto! Don't stop fucking me!" she screamed angrily at him.

"Sorry!" he answered, quickly ramming his cock in her folds once more. He hadn't finished cumming that already he was hard and fucking her, cum still flowing out of him. His thrusts were hectic as long as his orgasm went on, but he was soon able to fuck her good. Semen gushed out of Tsunade's convulsing pussy. The strong woman then lifted her head and pressed on her breasts in order to see his penis entering and leaving her womanhood. The sight excited her, but she noticed he didn't go all the way in.

"What are you waiting for, push it all in me," she said. Naruto hesitated, then started pushing his cock deeper, pressing its head against her cervix, sending jolts of pain and pleasure through her body. Soon, she got used to it and wanted more.

"Come on! Thrust hard! Be a man!" she encouraged him. Pulling his mighty rod back, the young man steadied himself then rammed the whole thing back in the curvaceous woman. The power of the thrust sent her breasts slapping against her chin. His body met her large thighs, making them wobble. His testicles hit her ass cheeks and her belly was deformed by his invading member.

"Eeeyaaaah! Aaahh! GNnnnnnn…" Tsunade moaned loudly, craning her head back and climaxing as soon as his whole big cock was inside. He had penetrated her womb, stretching it lewdly with his cockhead. The woman's vaginal walls were clenching hard on his cock, but it didn't prevent him from starting to thrust inside her deepest parts. He couldn't believe her pussy had swallowed his whole thing and at each and every single thrust, Tsunade came again, spitting drool over her own face, her eyes rolling in their sockets and her tongue lolling lewdly out of her mouth. She was so tight Naruto knew he wouldn't last long. Making her cum again and again, he endured through the painful process of not cumming. When, his precum was leaking inside of her and he knew he was about to climax as well, he started to literally pound her womb with his cock like a jackhammer. He came almost immediately, but he pushed Tsunade even further. Her fingers were clenched into fists and she couldn't even breathe anymore. Her juices were squirting all over Naruto and he had fucked the milk out of her breasts. Her huge jugs were bouncing up and down, slapping her face then her torso at each of Naruto's thrusts, sending arcs of milk spraying all across the room and on the woman's full body. His cum shot out in an explosive manner, stretching her womb even further, making it expend. Her belly bulged while the young man came inside of the mature woman, pounding her like an animal would. His orgasm was long and hard, but nothing compared to Tsunade's. He pulled out of her abused pussy after a minute long climax, letting a load of cum pour out of her. He set her legs down, leaving her broken on the bed. Scratching his head, he wondered if he had won his bet. He had fucked her silly before being exhausted. His cock did swell down slightly after such a powerful orgasm, but he knew he could cum again in less than five minutes. To his surprise, Tsunade rolled on the bed, and then pushed herself up on four legs. Using a regenerative technique, she made her pussy like new. On four legs on the bed, she turned to look at Naruto.

"Did you really think you had outdone me?" she asked with a sly look. The young man squint his eyes, then formed a seal and summoned a clone. The real Naruto knelt down behind Tsunade and gripped her hips in both hands, angling his still rather large cock with her pussy. Meanwhile, his clone offered his cock to Tsunade, who gladly took it in her mouth. Both Naruto and his clone initiated fucking her hard, the real one slapping body up against her big butt as he pierced her tight vagina, rubbing her inner walls with his length, while the clone fucked her throat hard, pushing his member all the way into her throat at the very first thrust, slapping her chin with his balls. The duo fucked the woman from both ends, making her rock on her knees and hands between them. The blonde's ass jiggled at each thrust, the skin soon turning a light pink from all the slapping of Naruto's body against her own. Meanwhile, she could barely breathe from having her throat fucked continually. Soon enough, the clone came in her throat, coating her insides with his semen, shooting enough that she couldn't swallow it all and she had to let a lot spurt out of her mouth and drip down on the bed.

"Aaah.. I'm about to cum too!" Naruto declared after watching his replica cum into Tsunade's throat and finally let her moan out audibly. He spread her butt cheeks and pressed his thumb back into her ass as he came into her pussy once more, thrusting hard and slow while his orgasm washed over him. Tsunade panted from all that fucking, but she hadn't cum again and her breasts ached from swinging back and forth this whole time.

"Fuck that, I didn't even cum," she said as she pushed the clone down on his back and crawled forward on all four until she could ride his member. She forced it into her pussy and began bouncing her ass up and down on him, giving quite a sight to Naruto. Her vagina swallowed the clone's cock easily each time she brought her body down on his. Naruto knelt down behind her and put his cock between her ass cheeks.

"Not yet," she said as she reached behind her back and angled his cock with her pussy, pushing it down on his clone's. He wasn't comfortable with that, feeling the sleek texture of the other shaft against his, but when she managed to shove the head of his cock in her tight pussy, he didn't care anymore. Tsunade grunted as her pussy was stretched even wider that Naruto had done with his big shaft. He pushed his penis into her until he was balls deep in her, hitting her cervix. Then, like two pistons, the cocks jumped in and out of her, slapping her crotch hard and fast as they fucked her hard.

"Aaah! Hmmm… yes! Gonna… cum! Come on!" Tsunade moaned out, her back arched as her butt jiggled from the harsh fucking of her pussy. She came soon after, making her walls hug the penises even harder and her juices leaked out of it. Her tightness pushed the two boys over the edge and they came inside of her, creaming her pussy with thick and gooey semen once more. Tsunade panted heavily as she recovered form the orgasm and Naruto was quick to pull his cock out and wipe it between her ass cheeks, reminding her she had agreed to let him fuck her ass eventually. The busty blonde flipped around and crouched on top of the clone with her legs wide and spread, exposing her abused pussy to the young ninja. She sat on the other man's cock as she placed her feet down each side of his legs and pushed herself up. Smirking at Naruto, she grabbed his clone's penis and aimed it at her asshole, then slowly sunk down on it.

"What? He gets to do it first? That's no fair!" Naruto complained, crossing his arms as she looked at Tsunade's face turn into a grimace of pleasure as her sphincter was being stretched by the clone's thick cock. She sunk down until his whole length was inside of tight bowels, his balls bulging out under her ass cheeks. She gyrated her hips before pulling herself up and starting to fuck his cock with her ass, slapping her round rump on his crotch each time she took him in.

"Come on Naruto, don't be silly and fuck my pussy again, I know you love it," Tsunade said with a teasing tone, which was enhanced by the lewd slapping of her wet ass on the clone's body. Defeated by how much he loved fucking Tsunade, Naruto gripped her thighs and helped himself into her pussy, shoving his shaft in her. He had difficulty fucking her efficiently as she bounced on top of the other Naruto, but after a few thrusts, he managed to synch his movements with hers. He enjoyed looking at her big bust bounce each time she moved and at her face, twisted with pleasure. The way her velvet folds constricted around his penis, he knew that this time she would cum first. Both of her holes were being stimulated at once, bringing her closer and closer to her orgasm. The busty lady kept moving, her thighs shaking from both the effort and the pleasure it brought her. Soon, she had difficulty controlling her legs and the clone started to fuck her back. She stopped moving, letting both males have their way with her, penetrating her holes incredibly fast.

"AAaaah! Yes! HmmmM!" the horny Sannin yelled as she climaxed, her whole body shaking and her head tilting back. She couldn't swallow her drool and it soon dripped out of her mouth as she screamed her pleasure from being penetrated in both her pussy and ass at once. Without more warning, Naruto pulled his cock out of her vagina, then pushed her legs up each side of her, exposing her womanhood, but also her ass and out it was being fucked by the clone. He angled his cock with her anus and rammed it in her ass, stretching her even further. She came almost immediately from the incredible stimulation, making her squirt all over Naruto. Both ninjas fucked the naughty woman's ass, banging their bodies on hers at it clasped down on their hard members.

"Tsunade… your ass is the best! I want more of it! Forget becoming Hokage, fucking your ass is my dream come true!" he exclaimed as he came in synch with his clone. Theirs cocks pulsed as they shot their loads deep into her intestines. The trio remained in such a position for almost a minute, until all their orgasms calmed down.

"I'll become Hokage, Naruto. Until you are strong enough to become it," Tsunade said with a smile.

"Really?" Naruto asked with a broad smile, glad he had convinced her with his actions.

"Yes, at one condition: dispel your clone and ravage my ass," she said with a sly look. The young blonde pushed the woman's ass up until only her head, neck and shoulder blades were still on the bed. Then, he angled his cock down inside of her, holding her legs down against her breasts. With his shaft rammed all the way inside of her, he dispelled his clone. Instantly, his shaft swelled up to its arm size, stretching Tsunade's insides further and almost ripping her sphincter. She came almost immediately and Naruto started fucking her mercilessly with his large meat rod.

"AAah! Yes! Yes! I'll be Hokage if you fuck me like this every day!" Tsunade screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough that anyone in the restaurant could hear her. She came at practically every thrust, her pussy continuously squirting down on herself, splattering her love juice on her legs, breasts and face. He fucked her milk out, which mixed with her pussy juice into a dirty mess. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as he fucked her brains out, delving deeper in her that she could have thought possible and ravaging her ass with his humongous cock. She drooled on herself and bit down on her tongue, not controlling her body anymore as it convulsed in sheer pleasure. Orgasms were chained one after the other and before long, she blacked out.

And that's how Naruto convinced Tsunade to become Hokage.

I hope you liked it! I'm not really proud of this one, it's a mash-up of different ideas all in one story. Still, even if the story isn't great, I think the lemon is good. Now, I'll write my thoughts for this lemonade. I'm thinking of making making this a serie of stories where Tsunade enjoys the company of different men. I think there's plenty of of stories where men gather a harem out there, it's time for us women to do the same. I'm most likely going to continue the story but only after the time skip (aka in Shippudden), where the new generation has grown old enough to really be interesting to Tsunade's cougar eyes.