I have to be honest that I'm not so proud about this chapter. I still think it's good entertainment, but meh, I could have done better, but since nothing coerces me into re-writing it, here goes. I'll try to do better next time.

Tsunade walked into the hospital with a steady pace. Her thighs brushed against one another with a slippery feeling: cum was dripping from her pussy and ass. She had dismissed Shikamaru, sending him to explain his strategy to the squad leaders of the dispatch mission. She had an appointment at ten o'clock and she was almost late. The busty woman walked to the doctor's changing room, where she took a quick shower before putting on her white coat. She put her heeled shoes back on and walked up to her patient's room.

"Good morning, Lee," she said as she walked into the small room, looking at the young man, sitting on the edge of a high doctor bed. Ever since his fight with Gaara and the dangerous operation he had survived, he had a monthly physical exam with her personally. However, today seemed different. Since she was late, he had already taken off his tight green suit and was sitting in his briefs. His toned and trained body exposed the cougar's eyes, it was the first time she noticed how energetic he seemed. She couldn't help but imagine how good of a lover he'd be.

"Good morning Madam Tsunade," Lee replied as he looked up at her. Like usual, Tsunade walked up to him and took his arm into her hands, then sent chakra through his skin to analyse the bone structure and how it had repaired. She tried to find if any new micro fracture had appeared. She knew he trained way more than she allowed him to, and each month she had to give him the same advice as he stressed the bone structure of his arm and leg.

"How are you feeling today?" she then asked, unable to resist the temptation of caressing his strong and youthful body. She stood close to him and ran her hands along his arms, reaching up to his neck and then pawing his sides, as if she was searching something. Lee was used to this physical, but this prodding was new to him.

"I'm dynamic!" he said with a wide smile, his thick brows raised up high over his round eyes. Tsunade chuckled and reached down for his thighs. She massaged his strong muscles, rubbing her fingers into his skin, caressing the whole of his thigh. When she reached his inner thigh, her hands were dangerously close to his manhood. Every time the mature woman's hands brushed against the small bulge of his briefs, she held her breath. Lee swallowed audibly, wondering why she was checking this area when the real problem was his forearm and his feet. Tsunade wasn't thinking clearly, her mind was clouded with flashbacks of this very morning and even the alcohol drenched pleasure of the night before. She had already had sex with two different young men, yet she wanted Lee right now and then, as if to prove to herself she could do it. In fact, she wanted more than that, she wanted the pleasure of a strong cock delving into her, covering her skin with cum and taking her into nirvana she hadn't visited for too long.

"Lee, there's something odd today. I don't know what kind of training you did last month, but I'll need you to take off your underwear," she said with a serious tone while taking a single step back.

"My… my underwear?" Lee asked nervously as he looked back at the woman clad in her white coat. She nodded in the affirmative and he stood up, looking nervously around. Her gaze was locked on him as he tried to somehow strip naked without exposing his manhood. He moved his thighs and hands to hide his penis, while feeling quite ridiculous in front of the blonde Hokage.

"You can sit down," she said, pointing at the edge of the doctor bed and he obeyed. She walked up close and gripped his wrists, then forced his hands off his crotch. The cougar gripped his flaccid cock in one hand, shifting it around as she examined it. She gave it a quick jerk, pulling his foreskin off the head, and then lowered down to look at the mushroom-like cock. Her breath teased his manhood and it slowly swelled in her hand. She could feel his heart's pulse against her palm. Knowing she was getting the reaction she had been seeking, she stroke his manhood gently, while she took his balls in her other hand and leaned sideway to examine them.

"Ma… Madam Tsu- Tsunade… I'm sorry," Lee said while his face turned red and his cock swelled up more and more in her hand. She shifted until she crouched low enough to have her head at his crotch's height. She looked up at him, grinning.

"It's alright Lee, I need to check if you are healthy and… functional," she bluffed as his erection was finally complete. His cock was long and straight and only her middle finger with her thumb made it around. It was a strong, virile cock, smooth and with very few features, displaying its youth and energy. The naughty woman kept on jerking it, making sure to squeeze its head tightly with her thumb, rubbing her fingers roughly against the smooth sides of the rod.

"What are you doing, Madam Tsunade?" Lee asked as he looked down at the busty woman jerking his cock. He couldn't help but be excited by this site, Tsunade was beautiful and had an alluring body, but he wondered if it was right. He could clearly see what she was doing, he was simply wondering if she really meant it.

"I'm pleasing you," she answered with a sultry tone, enjoying the power she held over the young man's orgasm. She picked up her pace, making him groan softly. A small quantity of precum oozed from the head of his cock and she let it drip down on her fingers, and then smeared it along his length. After a few more strokes, she straightened herself, and then reached for her coat with her free hand. She undid the first few buttons, displaying enough cleavage to draw Lee's attention. Then, she wrapped her arm around his head and pulled him down in the valley of her breasts. His breath became fast and it was hot on her skin. After a short while, Lee began to kiss and lick her skin. He pressed his lips against the smoothness of her breasts. He left trails of saliva in the wake of his kisses, reaching as deep in her cleavage as he could, pulling his tongue out to lick where his lips could not go. All the while, Tsunade kept on stroking his manhood, slowing down her pace when she heard him groan in pleasure and when his cock started throbbing.

"Will you cum for me?" Tsunade asked Rock Lee, who tilted his head back to look at her pretty face. He blinked once, realizing just how hot this curvaceous woman was.

"If you let me," he said, having already understood she was controlling her strokes to keep him from reaching his climax. She was almost immobile at that moment. His orgasm hanged just out of reach, the simple touch of her hand on his cock and the sight of her face and bust enough to excite Lee after such a long handjob. He felt like he would cum just from looking at her, but it turned out he would need a bit more stimulation. Tsunade's lips formed a cruel grin as she released her grip from his cock. She pushed him down on his back on the doctor's bed and took off her coat quickly. She kicked her shoes aside and climbed on top of him, wearing only white stockings, held up by a white garter belt around her waist.

"Then you'll have to make me cum first," she said as she gripped him by the hair before pushing her wet pussy down on his mouth. Lee understood quickly that he was better doing what she asked; besides the outlook wasn't so unpleasant. He could barely see her face, hidden behind her large mounds, which hanged heavily from her chest. His tongue slithered up and down her slit, tasting her juices until it found her clitoris. It hardened quickly after a few stroke, the mature woman being quite turned on from teasing the young man for so long. He parted her nether lips with his own lips, and then started licking her quickly.

"Ah! Yes! Come on, make me cum!" she said as she angled her body back and reached behind herself to grip his cock in her right hand. She started jerking him again, but stopped when he moaned against her pussy and his cock throbbed. The busty woman release the manhood, leaving Lee's balls clenching and aching, about to explode with cum. He didn't hold back on his cunnilingus and he put all his youthful dynamism in it, stroking her hard clit again and again with his tongue. It flickered quickly across the small rosebud, forcing moans out of the mature woman. She ran her fingers through his jet black hair, caressing his skull while pulling it up against her sex. She clenched her legs tighter around his head and began moving her hips, riding his tongue as if it was a sex toy. Panting and moaning, she tilted her head back and arched her back, groping her own huge tits as she felt her climax grow ever nearer.

"Almost there! Oh fuck, you're good! Hmmm!" she exclaimed as her breath became hectic and her chest heaved up and down, making her large boobs jiggle softly. Lee reached up and groped her roughly, squeezing her round breasts in his hands, pawing them like an animal. This touch was the extra sensation which pushed her over the edge, along with his enjoyable tongue. She climaxed on top of him, her juices spraying on his face and in his mouth.

"AaaaahH! Yes! Annnh!" she exclaimed loud enough that the neighbouring rooms could hear her. Moaning and panting and with her eyelids and thighs twitching in pleasure, she pushed his head away as her orgasm reach its peak, her clitoris become too sensitive even for his soft tongue. After catching her breath, she move backward on top of him, until her butt hit his cock. She lifted her knees from the bed and slapped his penis in her asscrack before crouching in a lewd position, her damp sex completely exposed to his sight. Her butt flexed around the long shaft, almost engulfing it entirely and holding it tightly. The head poked her lower back, rubbing in the small of her back. The voluptuous cougar started bouncing up and down, jerking his cock off with her ass, slapping her dripping pussy on his abs and making her huge breasts bounce up and down. The sight alone would have been enough to make Lee cum, but along with the hot dogging of his rod, he came after only a few bounces.

"Hmmm, Tsunade! Hmmmm!" he moaned as his cock shot its load up her back and it creamed her whole ass. It trickled down as she kept bouncing while he shot more ropes of thick sperm on her big butt and on her smooth skin. He convulsed under her, writhing in pleasure as he finally released all the pressure from her teasing. She bounced and bounced, continuing even after his orgasm was done. After a few minutes like this, when Lee's cock finally softened, Tsunade stopped her movement. She reached for her butt and ran a finger on her skin, gathering some of his sperm, before sucking her finger clean.

"You taste healthy," she said, nodding. Lee was panting under her, still recovering from the sudden and intense climax she had brought him to. She turned her gaze down to his face and frowned.

"How many gates did Gai make you open in training?" she asked the young man, a sever look on her face.

"He made me open six so far," Lee said, averting his gaze from hers. Tsunade sighed in relief, she was afraid Gai would have pushed him to open the Gate of Wonders, which would have undone much of her work over the previous years. It didn't mean he couldn't open it, however. She climbed off from him and the doctor bed.

"Never open the seventh gate, your body wouldn't handle. I want to see the effect of opening the other gates on your body. Can you do it right now?" she asked him. Lee hesitated. After all, he shouldn't be opening them just for fun, but at the same time she was his physican. Also, she was naked and right now he'd do anything for her, so beautiful was the older woman.

"Sure, give me a sec to warm up," he said as he started doing squats, jogged around the room and stretched, naked all the while. After a few minutes, he took a stance with his arms in a cross in front of him. He began concentrating and soon after he had opened the first gate. Afterward, he opened the Gate of Healing, which restored him, making his cock stand up fully erect immediately. Tsunade giggled at that sight, but Lee intended on opening more gates before she could lay her hands on that young and stiff manhood. The following gate increased his blood flow tenfold, making his skin turn red and his penis swell up considerably. Tsunade could see the veins twitching and pulsing on the surface of his now rather large cock. He then opened the fourth and fifth gate, making his muscles strain under his skin while chakra started to swirl around him.

"Woah, that's enough Lee!" Tsunade said, putting a hand on his shoulder to draw his attention. She smirked, then turned around and reached for her ass cheeks, which she spread to reveal her pussy, wet and dripping.

"I need you to strain yourself and pleasing me is a very good way to do that," the busty cougar said to the younger man. Lee moved so fast it was as if he teleported, but the trained sannin was able to follow his movements with her eyes. He tackled her up against the room's door, which barely resisted the assault. He drove his large, throbbing cock up into her pussy, ramming himself in with all the power granted by the gates. Tsunade yelped as her pussy split open for the fuck rod and she was taken by surprise when its head hit her cervix. Before she even had time to react, Lee was gripping her womanly hips and pounding away at her pussy, slapping his crotch up against her large butt, which shook and jiggled. He went so fast and hard Tsunade's voice turned into a quick succession of short moans. He was large inside of her, stretching her inner walls around his cock each time he delved in her. Pleasure jolted through her nerves as he fucked her so fast his hips turned into a blur to the untrained eye.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH!" Tsunade kept moaning, louder and louder as she felt her climax approaching incredibly fast. Her huge breasts were squashed against the door and she drooled on it, her face pressed against it as well. She spread her legs as side as she could, standing on the tip of her toes to give him easier access to her pussy. Like a wild animal, the Green Beast of Konoha rutted endlessly in her vagina, hitting her cervix again and again. A mind-blowing orgasm washed over the mature woman, making her thighs shake and her pussy squirt her love juice. Her eyelids twitched in pleasure and soon she could think of nothing but the pleasure rising up from her loins. She felt her legs give way, but in fact it was the door which had surrendered to the repeated and powerful assaults of Lee's thrust and Tsunade's body rocking against it.

"Aaaah! Leeeeee!" Tsunade groaned as she fell down on her knees on the unhinged door. Lee stood crouching behind her, still ploughing into her pussy and forcing her to ride on her climax. Her arms lays limp each side of her as she lay on her face and tits, her tongue soon hanging loosely out of her drooling mouth as yet another orgasm blew her mind. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and her pussy turned numb as it clenched at the impaling spear of flesh. Her large ass was still jiggling from the unrelenting thrusts of the young man. Lee's climax matched only the intensity of the fucking he had been performing. His cum flowed out into Tsuande's pussy as he buried himself inside her, leaning on her ass to keep his balance as he groaned, breathless over her.

"Madam Tsunade?" a shriek woke the couple as Shizune witnessed the lewd expression on Tsunade's face. The assistant blushed at just how satisfied her master seemed. Lee quickly pulled out of the beautiful blonde, leaving her pussy gaping. He closed the Gates as he stumbled into his room, collapsing from using too much energy. With Shizune's help, Tsunade got up to her feet, feeling her knees weak under her.

"I'm alright Shizune. Don't talk of this to anyone, you hear me?" she then said to her assistant with a cold tone. Shizune nodded as she helped her enter the room, and then tried to put the door back in place, but it was broken and needed to be fixed. The two women put Lee in the bed, pulling the sheets over his body to let him rest. Then, Tsunade clad herself into her doctor coat, put on her shoes back on and started walking, with some difficulty, back to the showers. Cum dripped down from between her legs and Shizune had to help her walk. Even the body of a Sannin could barely handle being fucked by such power. The only thing Tsunade could think of is how it would feel to have sex with Gai while he had all eight gates opened. Recalling how much he sweated when he had seven doors opened, she shook her head. It would stink.

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