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Takano P.O.V

Hmmm what should I get him?

Thought Takano Masamune, the Editor in chief of Emerald, sitting at his desk at work. He was thinking about what he should get for Onodera's oncoming birthday. He planned to have a date with him on his birthday and about what they will do after the date, but the only thing he hasn't planned about is what he should buy for Ritsu for his Birthday. He could give himself as Ritsu's Birthday present though but this would be really to cliché. While he was thinking of what he should get for him he was looking the whole time at Onodera who's working and talking with Muto sensei on the phone about the Storyboards.

He's really working hard … I should give him a day off on his Birthday and for me too so that be both can have our date.

Thought Takano san and was smiling.

"Takano san?" asks Kisa

"What is it Kisa?"

"Why are you smiling?"

"Well is none of your business"

"Oh are you maybe thinking of someone special right now?" said Kisa san and smiled

"Maybe" said Takano san and looked at Onodera who listened to their conversation. As Takano looked at Onodera he quickly looked away blushing a bit.

"Uh I wonder who it is "

"Stop wondering around about that and get back to work or do you want me to give you more work than you have now!" said Takano yelling at Kisa

"EEEEK! HAI BOSS !" said Kisa san and went right back to work.

On a free day of work

On a free day of work Takano san was going in the mall shopping to find a present for Onodera's oncoming Birthday in a week.

Well what should I buy for Ritsu?

He was looking round every store but none of the stores had a perfect gift to give Ritsu for his Birthday present.

What should I buy for him? I shouldn't buy something that is too lovey dovey or romantic for now.

If I just know more about Onodera then I would know what he likes …

Wait I remember that he said that he saw something in a shop and that he wants to have it.


"Rittie?" asked Kisa san

'What is it?"

"Why are you so down?"

"Oh well I saw a nice thing in a shop that I really want to have but it's really expensive "

"And what?"

"Can't tell you "

"Oh but at least tell me the brand of it!"

"Fine is a thing from CK"

"From CK? What brand is that again?"

"Well you need to figure that out Hahaha"

"Oh come on!"


Well now I just need to find that CK brand thing that he really wants and buy it.

He spend nearly a half an hour in the mall and looking around the shops if there was this CK brand around. He passed a shop which he saw a sign which stood that you can carve in things for free when you buy one of the products from this shop.

Finally I found it! Takano was thinking about that thing he saw on the display window from the shop.

This would be the perfect gift for Ritsu!

So he went in the store and said to the sales person.

"Hello I want to buy this and also want to inscribe it"

"Sure and what do you want to inscribe Sir?" The seller told him and handed him a piece of paper and a pen so that Takano can write what he wants to inscribe. While he was writing what he wanted to inscribe he thought about Onodera.

"Finished "

"Fine so the craving will just take one day so you can pick it up tomorrow"

"Thank you "

"Oh and is it a Present for your Friend?"


"Hope he or she will like it"

"Yes I think so too" said Masamune and left the store. When he got out of the store he was smiling. Now he got a gift for his Ritsu.

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