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Sam Thinking: Regular

Danny Speaking through thought: /Brackets and itialized/

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Ugh! Every new school I'm at, something has to go horribly wrong! First, it's my rickety old locker jamming, causing my first tardy of the school year! I despise this school. I sighed as I knocked quietly on the wooden door. A way too cheery teacher opened up the door.

"Why, hello Samantha!"

"It's Sam..." I growled. She ignored me as she continue to blabber on.

"Samantha, you'll be sitting next to Tucker Foley."

"Who's he?" I mumbled. She laughed horribly.

"The kid in the red beret." She said as she pointed an African-American kid out to me. I sighed and sauntered over to my newly assigned desk. My binder made a loud thump, causing him to look up from his shiny PDA.

"Hello gorgeous!" he said, quickly straightening up. "My names Tucker, or Too Fine- and I-"

"Are you hitting on me? The answer is no." I replied quickly. He smiled.

"Ah, I have found a feisty one!" My hand quickly smacked him on his head.

"Ew, no! But since you're the first person to not freak out- can I sit with you at lunch? Not to be creepy or anything..." I asked quickly. It wasn't every day that a guy or girl isn't freaked out by me. Tucker shrugged.

"Why not? Me and Danny are usually the only ones sitting at our table." he stated calmly. His eyes light up as he smiled evilly.

"Plus, Danny can finally meet a girl!" I raised a thin eyebrow.

"Excuse me? This Danny has never met a girl?" I scoffed. Tucker quickly waved his hands.

"No! No! I meant he could finally talk to someone besides me! He's pretty cute..." he wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

I found myself blushing.

"Are you playing matchmaker?" I accused as I hid my face from view by starting to 'work' on my homework.

"Maybe... I-" Just then, the extremely annoying school bell rang.

"You'll meet him soon enough! He likes raven haired girls!" he shouted as he disappeared into the mob of teenagers rushing to their next class. I rolled my eyes and quickly spotted a drinking fountain.

I stepped in line behind a raven-haired guy. He was actually kinda cute... No! Bad Sam! You don't even know him! But he wa-A body crashing into mine quickly interrupted my thoughts. I fell onto the ground, above me a pair of blue eyes.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" cried the blushing boy as he quickly scrambled up. I blushed as his firm hand helped me up.

"Are you okay?" he asked, apparently concerned for my well being. I smiled as he continued to stammer and blush.

"I'm fine..." I said quietly. He sighed, evidentially relieved.

"Great! Well, I got to get to Science Class... It rocks ya know!" My violet eyes quickly widened in realization as I grabbed his hand.

"Do you have it with Mr. Lancer by any chance?" I quickly asked before he left. His sky blue eyes seemed to sparkle in laughter.

"Are you stalking me or something?" he laughed. I felt my face quickly heat up.

"No! I just happen to have him next too..." I stammered. He chuckled and grabbed my hand.

"Come on! I'll show you where to go! What's your name?" he asked sweetly.

"Sam. If you call me Sammy, prepare to die!" I growled. He laughed and we continued to chatter as we headed to science.


"So what's your name?" I finally asked as we walked into science.

"Danny. Danny Fenton." he said as he held out a hand. I started to laugh and collapsed into a seat.

"What's so funny?" he asked quizzically.

"Tuc-tucker-" That's all I managed to get out before I burst out laughing again. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Tucker told you about me? What did he say this time?" he smiled cheerily. I immediately blushed vividly.

"Ah... You really don't want to know..." I muttered. He was about to say something when Mr. Lancer sauntered up to the board.

"Hello students! Today we're going to-" he whipped out a guide to "Hip and Funky Things to Say". I chuckled along with Danny.

"- go to the 'funky and hip' Mac Lab..." he finished. "Remember, it's a..."

"Privilege, and it can be taken away..." droned the class. He smiled.

"Good! Meet me in the lab!" he said as he walked out the door.


"So... How do you do this Sam?" asked Danny. I rolled my eyes and clicked the mouse.

"You click a button that says Lemon Juice and poof! It pops up!" His blue eyes widened in wonder.

"Cool! How did you do that?" Yeesh, did he not know how to work a computer?

"Uh-no, ghosts ate my laptop, so not really..." trailed off Danny. Wait... Did he just read my mind?

/That would be a yes.../

AH! Who said that?

/It's me, Danny. I can... read minds.../


Dan- wait... How long have you been reading my mind?

/Just now... It's a new ghost powe- crud./

Ghost powers? Danny, who are you?

/Uh, tell Mr. Lancer that we both have to pick up cookie dough./

Cookie dough?

/Just do it!/

I sighed internally. "Mr. Lancer? Danny and I have cookie dough to pick up. Can we leave?"

"Go ahead! I'll explain your homework tomorrow. Don't forget to study!"

"Will do Lancer!" Danny yelled back as he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

"So who are y-" He put a finger on my lips.

"I'll tell you in a second...Uh... Sorry..." he stammered blushing as he removed his finger. I blushed vividly as he whipped out his black cell phone.

"Uh- Tuck? Yes, I met Sam... TUCK! NOT NOW!" He muttered softly, "But yea, she is cute..." My heart soared when I heard him say that. "Stop gloating! And- yea, she did figure out my secret... Stupid, I know! I'm skipping lunch and explaining everything to her... No, not that!" he said blushing wildly. "Gotta go! Bye!" he said quickly, snapping his phone shut. He looked cute as he ruffled his raven hair.

/I'm cute?/

Ah! Danny! You weren't supposed to hear that! (He smirked and laughed.)

/Too late! Alright, when we get to my house, I'll explain everything. Am I seriously cute?/

DANNY! (I blushed.)

/Am I?/


/Fine. You know, if we talked like this during class, we wouldn't be caught talking.../

Yea, but that's when I daydream about y-YO YOS!

/Yo yos?/ (He cocked an eyebrow.)

Oh look! There's your house!

/How do you know?/

It says FENTON WORKS in bold letters. How can I not?

/Good point./

Now, Danny, don't listen to my thoughts or I will kill you personally. Got it?


I sighed and trudged up the rickety stairs. Danny followed behind me and locked up his bedroom door. He turned to face me, as he ran a finger through his raven hair.

"Okay... Sam... Whatever you do... Don't scream. I'M GOING GHOST!" he cried out as a flash of light surrounded him. What happened next I could scarcely believe.

His icy blue eyes turned a ghastly glowing green. His usual blue jeans and red and white t-shirt transformed into a spandex jumpsuit complete with a white D on his chest. I covered my mouth to try not to scream in horror.

"Sam! It's okay! It's okay!" quickly said the ghost as he placed a cold hand on my shoulder. "I'm still me! I'm still Danny Fenton, the guy you think is cute!" My pale cheeks quickly grew red as I slapped him.

"So it is you..." I gasped. He transformed back into Danny.

"Yea..." he mumbled as he sat down on his bed next to me. "Pretty big secret to know when I only met you today, isn't it?" I nodded as I considered all of what just happened. It-w-just wow. That's all I can think.

"Its fine... And just to let you know... Your the only persons mind I can read..." he stated. I raised an eyebrow.

"Who else knows your secret?" He chuckled.

"The matchmaker and my sister." I giggled and realized something.

"You know... If you can talk to me through my thoughts... Do you think I could do the same to yours?" I pondered out loud. He tapped his finger on his face in thought.

"Try it, although I doubt it..." he said dubiously. My eyebrows furrowed in concentration as I searched for the weakest signal to his brain. Call me crazy, but it worked! I heard a faint voice inside my head...

/Wow, she's cute when she's trying to concentrate too hard.../

I'm cute? (Danny appeared startled as he stared at me in awe and began to blush.)

/GAH! You- e- a- IT WORKED!/

You're avoiding the question...

/Eh- well, you never replied either!/(He stared at me triumphantly. I grinned.)

So? You first.

/Did you know that Elmo's goldfish gets replaced every couple weeks?/


/Uh-eh-yes.../(His face turned an even deeper shade of red. I blushed as I responded.)

Aw! I think you're cute too...

/Heh-heh... Do you want to talk normal now?/

"Sure!" I boomed. Danny tumbled off his bed in shock.

"Sammy! You scared me!" he scolded. Sammy? No one calls me Sammy! Well, except you Danny. I'll make an exception.

/How'd ya know I was listening?/

Eh, it's a girl thing.

"Anaways...I should be getting home... It's getting kinda late." I said regretfully.

"Want me to fly you home?" asked Danny. My eyes widened in shock.

"Wait- you can fly?" I asked, astonished.

"Duh." He smiled sweetly and punched me playfully in the arm. "Ghosts can fly Sammy." he grinned.

"I'll fly, then I guess. Do I ride you like a horse or-" Oh man. That sounded so wrong.

"Or you can just hang into my hand and you'll float!" laughed Danny. He grinned evilly. "That did sound wrong!"


"I'M GOING GHOST!" He grabbed me with his gloved hand and turned me intangible. We both phased through the pane glass window. I looked down and grinned widely. It was an amazing view from down here! Then I looked up and gasped. The sunset gleamed through his white locks of hair, and he looked ahead, smiling adorably. I stared for a few seconds. Danny looked back and cocked an eyebrow.

"Uh-Sam? You okay?" I blushed and looked away.

"Huh? Oh, yea... It's just that..." I looked back up at him blushing, "Flyings...nice!" His face light up in realization as he blushed and smiled.

"Eh... So which house is yours?" asked Danny as he scanned the ground.

"The huge mansion..." I mumbled embarrassed. Danny's mouth dropped.

"Mans-your rich?" I smiled weakly.

"Yep. Yay for me. Just don't tell anybody, okay?" I asked concerned. He nodded as we floated softly into my large backyard.

"That was amazing!" I laughed in amazement.

/So are you... /

Danny? Care to repeat that?

/GAH! I didn't mean to send you a message!/ (He started to blush.)

Maybe since we communicated so much telepathically that now our minds are connected somehow...(Danny's eyes went wide.)

/...good point. But I only think we can do this when we're close together./

Makes sense...

"Uh- what did you say earlier?" I said, breaking the awkward silence.

"NOTHING!" he stammered while blushing. "Well, I guess this is goodbye for now. Bye Sammy!"

"Bye... Daniel." I smiled. There. Now you have a nickname too Danny.


Well, it fits.

/True.. Bye Sammy! Again.../

Bye Daniel! I'll see you at school tomorrow! With that, my guardian angel flew off into the sunset. I walked inside with a huge grin implanted on my face.

"How was your first day sweetie?" crooned my mom.

"It was... It was amazing."

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