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"Say goodbye, Plasmius," spat Tucker as he fired up the bazooka.

"Wait! Can't we negotiate? Figure something out?" asked Vlad nervously as he began to back up.

"No...no negations... Unless..." His head immediately turned towards the device Danny was captured in.

"Release Danny. Now." he growled.

"Why should I?" cackled Vlad.

"Because if you don't..." He looked Vlad angrily in the eye. "I'll reveal your secret. Everyone will know that your a halfa, that you fooled everyone, stole money-"

"You-you can't be serious!" scoffed Vlad as he glared at Tucker. "We had a truce!"

"No, you and DANNY had a truce. Me? I don't have a truce with you. So I repeat again- Release- Danny." Fear shone in the elder halfa's eyes as he nodded quickly.

"Next time you won't win so easily, Tucker Foley," he hissed angrily as he slammed down on the pink button, causing Danny to tumble out of the containment unit.

Sam's POV

I groggily opened my eyes and blinked. Twice. What was Tucker doing?

"Release-Danny." he growled as Vlad somehow willingly obeyed him. A gasp was heard as the prison Danny was in came wide open.

"Danny." I gasped. "DANNY!" I ran over to where he collapsed on the ground, gasping for fresh air.

"Sam..." he said weakly. I stroked his hair out of his baby blue eyes.

"Danny...your alive.." I sighed happily in relief as I hugged him, never wanting to let go of him again.

"Well, I'm breathing aren't I?" he joked as I glared at him.

"Danny, you could've been killed and your JOKING ABOUT IT?" I yelled at him. He smiled and shook his head slowly.

"That's my Sam..." he whispered softly.

Tucker's POV

I watched triumphantly as Vlad transformed and flew out of the room. I sighed in relief. Man, if he knew that gun was just a fake, I would've been in really deep trouble. Really deep.

"Danny! Dude, you oka-" I stopped when I saw the two lovebirds hugging.

I grinned. Since I just saved his butt, it's okay to do a little teasing, right? Right? Of course, I'll just wait a teensy bit longer, since well, it's kinda obvious what will happen next...

Danny's POV

Sam...I thought softly.

What is it? Came the reply back. Can't you say it out loud?

This,..this doesn't need words...I thought.

I sat up, hissing slightly at the pain, but smiled. I leaned in and...

No one's POV

The boy leaned in, closing the tiny gap between the two. The girl sighed happily as she melted into the kiss. Another boy in the background, with a huge grin on his face, waited a few moments before teasing,

"So...when's the wedding?"

"TUCKER!" they shouted in unison.

"What? At least I didn't ask when the baby was due!"

And that simple statement earned him a painful date with a combat boot.


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