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The bashful boy with the brown hair was awkwardly shuffling his hands in the pockets of his trousers.

He could tell from the warmth radiating in his cheeks that he was blushing madly, and he desperately hoped that the beautiful girl standing in front of him was unable to detect the rapid beating of his heart.

Softly pressing her delicate hand in his, Fabian Rutter finally mustered up the courage to look Nina directly in the eyes.

He was awestruck by the way her shimmering hazel eyes shone like precious jewels, and how they were framed by golden locks of wavy hair.

As the pulse fluctuating in his neck quickened, the brown haired boy forced himself to part his lips.

"So…erm…Nina…Good Night, then…I'll…um…see you in the morning," he unfortunately was unable to prevent himself from stuttering.

"Good Night, Fabian," she said very clearly, her face brightening with a magnificent smile.

Though both were well aware that they should have been proceeding towards their separate rooms, neither moved.

For a mere moment, just the wonderful sight of her rendered Fabian paralyzed, and he seemed unable to will himself to leave.

Suddenly, as his compassionate heart stirred with desire, the bashful boy brushed his lips lightly against hers. A peculiar mixture of emotions surged through the boy's body, causing the embrace to deepen.

Unfortunately, a stern and menacing voice broke the two quickly apart.

"It's ten o' clock. You all know what that means…In five minutes, I want to hear a pin drop…now get to your rooms this instant!" Victor's nightly intimidation procedure caused a flustered Fabian to scuttle hastily down the stairs, in the hopes that the agitated man had not witnessed his recent action.

When he had made his way to the ground floor, the brown haired boy found himself momentarily fixated on the figure of the blushing girl upstairs; who was now entering her room.

"Mr. Rutter, did you not hear my instructions? Get to your room—now! Or else there will be dire consequences!" The scowling man barked.

Not intent on tampering any further with his caretaker's state of outrage, Fabian bolted to his room, so quickly that he nearly slammed the door behind him.

The young girl with the gorgeous wavy hair quietly entered her chamber.

Flicking the light switch off, Nina Martin collapsed into bed; the previous moments of the day still firmly engrained in her head.

Her pale hand was nestled upon her chest, as she attempted to steady the irregular beating of her heart.

She was completely dumbfounded as to the reason behind her irrational behavior.

Come on, it was just a kiss…It's not like we haven't done it before…Oh, why do I have to feel like this?

Nina's silent musings were suddenly interrupted by the familiar voice of someone who she had nearly forgotten was in the room.

"So, Nina, you and Fabian kissed again? Awww…you two are just so adorable together…" Amber's terrible attempt at a whisper caused the heat to return to Nina's cheeks.

"Oh, Amber, I thought you'd be asleep by now…" The wavy haired girl attempted to change the subject.

"Well, I was rather hoping we might have a Sibuna meeting tonight…" The blonde shifted herself upright, as if to appear more convincing.

"Amber, we all agreed on having one tomorrow, remember? Now, go to sleep, we wouldn't want Victor to hear us." Nina dismissed her friend's concerns, and was relieved to see Amber shift back beneath her covers.

Despite the fact that a certain brown haired boy was still heavy on her mind, the wavy haired girl smothered herself with the thick comforter, and dug her flaming face in the folds of the soft pillow.

After remaining in that position for a short period of time, Nina was finally able to succumb to the tantalizing allure of a long awaited slumber.

A luminescent figure caused the heavy eyelids of the wavy haired girl to flutter open.

"Nina…you must go…go to the place of secrets…" The gossamer image of an elderly woman beckoned Nina awake.

"Huh? Sarah…but, I thought you were free…I don't understand…what do you mean…what 'place of secrets?'"

Unfortunately, the answer's to the girl's inquiries were left to hang amid a wave of silence, as the kind, old lady grinned in contentment, her glowing body dissipating into a sea of ominous darkness.

"No…Sarah…please don't go…I…"

A frantic and confused Nina began to emerge from her dream-like state.

Once again, she was unsure as to whether it had been an actual ghost or simply a vivid hallucination, but no matter what, she was intent on following Sarah's instructions.

Cautiously inching her way out of bed, the wavy haired girl tiptoed quietly across the wooden floorboards of the room, until she successfully ventured out into the blackened hallway, the door silently creaking behind her.

A beaming flashlight was clasped tightly in her hand, as she pondered her next move.

Sarah said, 'go to the place of secrets,' but what exactly did she mean? Well, let's see, maybe she was talking about the place where I first uncovered the secrets of Anubis house…which was the attic…yes, that must be it, Nina finally concluded, before maneuvering her bare feet towards the door that loomed ahead.

As much as she would have preferred to be in the company of Fabian, something echoing from deep within her soul compelled her to do this on her own.

Now, fumbling for her metallic hairpin, Nina prepared to unlock the entrance to the mysterious attic, when, to her astonishment, the door creaked open on its own.

That's strange. This must be more dangerous than I thought…

Wandering carefully up the attic steps, she peered around, as if to spot whatever Sarah might have intended her to see.

At first glance, the misconstrued books and splintered wood appeared to be in a perfectly ordinary condition, until Nina suddenly spotted a flicker of light in the corner of her eye.

Instantly, the precious eye of Horus, which was dangling atop her chest, began to emit an eerie crimson glow, pointing directly to the shimmering cupboard.

What could be in there? Perhaps this is what Sarah was warning me about the last time we had spoken before tonight…last term…the night of the prom…

At this, Nina became slightly apprehensive, though she soon gained enough strength to clasp the radiant closet handle, as if to slowly unveil the source of the strange luminescence.

What? But it looks like nothing…just a really bright light…

The trembling girl was completely dumbfounded, until out of nowhere, she felt herself enveloped by an invisible force.

Though she attempted to scream, her constricted throat allowed only a few raspy breaths to escape from her parched lips.

Before she could even comprehend what was happening, the deceptive light pulled her quickly into a frightful state of unconsciousness.

The brown haired boy briskly fashioned his striped tie, before exiting the room, and motioning towards the kitchen.

Taking his usual seat, Fabian barely even glanced at the scrumptious breakfast that Trudy had so kindly prepared.

Instead, he shifted his head in various directions, in search of a certain American, though he tried not to be too obvious about his motives.

When Nina appeared to be nowhere in sight, Fabian's first thought was to consult with her roommate.

Unfortunately, the elusive Amber did not appear to be present, either, but Fabian certainly was not the only one to make this observation.

"Hey, guys, where's Amber?" A paranoid Alfie questioned rather loudly.

"Oh, she's likely contemplating which pair of shoes to wear," Patricia snarled, causing the entire table to erupt into fits of laughter.

"Oh, come on, guys, she's not like that…" The defensive brown skinned boy attempted to argue, though his innocent remarks only served to create a heated dispute.

Since nearly everyone had become distracted, Fabian decided this would be the perfect moment to make the slip.

Venturing out into the hallway, Fabian was relieved to see a familiar blonde girl making her way down the steps in a very dignified manner.

"Amber, have you seen Nina, this morning?" The flustered boy asked shakily.

"Sorry, no, I haven't. I thought maybe she'd come down early, are you sure she isn't in the dining room?" Amber muttered, her voice beginning to sound concerned.

"No, she definitely isn't there…this isn't like her, at all…I'm really starting to worry…"

His words were in sync with the rapid pounding of his heart.

"Oh my gosh, what if mean old Victor and the teachers kidnapped her because she's the chosen one and…"

A peevish Fabian quickly silenced the frankly ridiculous conspiracy theory that spewed from Amber's polished lips.

"Shhhh! Amber, we don't want the others to hear!" he whispered.

"Why not?" She asked, genuinely unable to understand.

"Because what if Nina is in danger…we certainly don't want anyone blabbing to the teachers about it…or mentioning a word to Victor, for that matter." Fabian's sternness caused Amber's deep brown eyes to register with comprehension.

"Oh, okay! Don't worry, Fabian, I can keep a secret…but may I please go to breakfast, now? I'm starving, and if I stand here any longer, I'm afraid it will damage my complexion…"

At this, the brown haired boy sighed, nodding dejectedly, before proceeding back into the other room.

"Oh, Amber, nice to see you this morning. Will Nina be joining us soon? I do hope so, because breakfast time is nearly over," the tenderhearted woman inquired from across the sink.

"Actually, Trudy, Nina was feeling very…ill…this morning…and so she won't be able to…um…come down…" The girl with the flowing blonde hair concealed the truth, her eyes glancing back and forth to Fabian, who was steering her on.

"Oh, the poor dear. She's probably too ill to go to school today…I better go check in on her…" Trudy began to approach the door, before she was bombarded by Amber's frantic advances.

"No, no, Trudy…she's dreadfully awful…and contagious…as she's concocted the stomach flu…plus, she made me promise…um…not to let anyone near her…she just doesn't want to expose you all to it…" Amber's jaded lies were obviously enough to assuage Trudy's fears, because she soon turned back to tidy up the table.

Fixing his eyes upon the sight of the ticking clock in the corner, the brown haired boy became troubled by the fact that there was scarcely any time left before he would be forced to get off to school.

Even in the time he had been eating, he had barely managed to consume even one fourth of his sugary pancakes.

Normally, he would have devoured them without any sort of trouble, but it seemed his one-track mind was currently preoccupied with a matter of decisive importance.

As the others began to dispose of their trash, Fabian performed a similar action at a rather fast pace, in the hopes that he could partake in one last search around the house.

Despite the fact that he probably should have been preparing for school, the brown haired boy found himself inching his way up the tattered wooden stairs, towards the girl corridors.

Come on! Where could she possibly have gone? I doubt the teachers have anything to do with it, but Victor or Rufus, I'm not so sure…

Just the possibility of this caused Fabian to flinch, his heart rate escalating far beyond what it should have been.

It was then that the dreadful door came to his attention, and he came to the horrifying realization that it was partially opened.

Oh, no, the attic door. She must have gone up there…but why…and why would she go off on her own…unless…

The boy's alarming thoughts came to an unexpected hiatus, as a callused hand gripped his stiff back.

" What do you think you are doing, Mr. Rutter? You know very well that the attic is off limits to students! Now, get to school, right away…or you will surely be cleaning my toilets!" The enraged caretaker declared in a threatening voice, his soulless eyes suspiciously scanning the boy, who was intent on heeding his harsh words.

A sea of long, wavy locks submerged the girl's crumpled body, as her lurid face rubbed against the cold hardwood floor.

The rhythmic creaking of floorboards served to entice her out of her soporific state.

Fluttering her dark eyelashes slowly back and forth, Nina Martin came to recognize her surroundings.

She was painfully aware that her limbs were enflamed, and her weary body was aching all over.

For a brief moment, her brain was swelling with chaos and she was unable to recall how she had managed to fumble into such a terrible position.

As soon as her bleary hazel eyes caught the sight of the dangling eye of Horus, the gut wrenching memory of the carnivorous light resurfaced and triggered a surge of irrevocable fear to rummage through her body.

After a few minutes, Nina became aware that she was definitely situated in the attic, but something about it all was erratic and bizarre.

The normally scattered objects were arranged in a more systematic order, and the nearly undetectable scent of wafting dust seemed more heavily prevalent.

However, the pounding of heavy footsteps hastily bombarded these thoughts, and Nina suddenly folded herself beneath a battered desk, in a vain attempt to remain unseen.

Though the oak wood from above obscured the majority of her upper view, her eyes remained locked onto the terrifying sight of a familiar cloaked figure, whose feet began to patter closer and closer.

At this, the shivering girl tightly forced her eyes shut, her final thoughts drifting towards the handsome image of her best friend, giving her the strength to submit to her inevitable fate.

Every inhabitant of the Anubis house had drifted off to sleep, all but for a certain Fabian Rutter.

His time at school had proven to be agonizing torment, as finding Nina had been his primary objective, thus making it extremely difficult to focus on his classes.

As for explaining Nina's absence to the teachers, he had continued muttering Amber's cleverly concocted fables, knowing full well that they were completely false and misconstrued.

Given the potential danger of the situation, Fabian had canceled the scheduled Sibuna meeting, providing the excuse that it would be unfair and unproductive to neglect the ill Nina.

Since then, he had been eagerly awaiting for darkness to settle upon the dreary house, in fear that any other attempt to discover the whereabouts of his best friend would be completely futile if not conducted at night.

Nevertheless, as Fabian, torch in hand, currently drifted in the ominous blackness, he felt his entrails squelch in fear.

Stop it! Don't be ridiculous. You have to do this…be brave…for Nina's sake.

A trembling, ghastly pale Fabian attempted to motivate himself, as he cautiously crept through the entrance to the attic.

Despite the fact that the pounding of his own heart resounded in his ears, he continued to listen for evidence of any sort of breathing besides his own.

Shifting the tiny beam of light in various directions, he did not seem to spot anything more than the typical disheveled object.

Before allowing himself to submit to defeat, the bashful boy repeated this motion, until the torch suddenly illuminated a familiar figure.

"Nina!" Fabian gasped, his knees immediately sinking to the ground beside her.

Scanning her face more carefully, he confirmed his thoughts, now completely aware that this was no hallucination.

The woman's delicate features were undoubtedly Nina's, but something seemed odd about them.

Not only was her ordinarily lengthy hair cropped to her shoulders, but there was another strange element about her face, perhaps it was something as simple as the slightly firmer set of her jaw.

What's happened to her…she look's strangely different…but what is it…she's…she's…older…

The boy's clever deduction was momentarily disregarded, as the girl with the wavy hair began to stir.

Fabian carefully nestled her in his secure arms and watched in pain as her parched lips began to fumble in shock.

Though she was obviously delirious, and her eyes remained zipped closed, her quivering voice began to reverberate through the air, as she struggled confusedly, tiny drops of sweat dripping from atop her brow.

"Where is he? Where's Fabian? Where's my husband?"

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