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"He's in a coma, any questions for him will have to wait until he wakes up" the nurse said as her eyes flicked down to the papers in her hand.

"when he came in he had a concussion, cuts, bruises and two missing limbs" She continued looking through the papers, "though the missing limbs weren't a problem, he has prosthetics- pretty advanced ones too, never seen anything like them, some of the doctors here wanted to try to remove them but that might have caused harm to the patient."

The man nodded, "when did he arrive?"

The nurse looked down at the clipboard, "On the 17th of last month, he's been here for about two weeks but the strange thing is nobody came looking for him and he doesn't come up anywhere in our databases."

The man nodded and took out a contact's card, "call if he wakes up and the minute he wakes up."

The nurse took the card, putting it into her shirt pocket, "who are you again?"

He turned back around, "NCIS, Agent Gibbs" and with those words he walked out the hospital doors, leaving a confused nurse behind.

"Boss!" Tony called out, "got anything?"

Gibbs just stepped out of the elevator and as he went past Tony's desk swiped the coffee of it and took one large gulp before answering ignoring Tony's defeated expression and grumbling.

"The kids been in a coma, but he arrived at the hospital the same day that the murder happened, plus nobody knows who the kid is, He's a John Doe."

"Couldn't they just scan his fingerprints to find out who he is?" Tony regretted asking the stupid question but it was too late to take it back as Gibbs swatted the back of his head.

"Owe" Tony whispered as Gibbs continued "there is a chance that the kid was somehow involved, so I want you-" he pointed to Magee, "to expect a phone call from the hospital and go down to see Abb's about the kid's fingerprints." Gibbs held out a plastic bag with inked finger prints inside on a piece of paper.

McGee gaped, "Boss how did you-" Gibbs glare made him shut his mouth. "Right, I'm on it"

"Ziva, you're heading back to the hospital, there's something those hospital staff wasn't telling us and you're going to find out what it is."

She nodded, "Yes sir."

"and you Toni, you're coming with me to see the victims parents." Gibbs said as Toni followed him to the elevator.

"Why won't you show anything? Momma's been good to you, what have I done? I'm sorry I left you alone Sunday but it was my day off and my friends invited me to a rock concert! What was I supposed to do?"

McGee quietly stepped into the lab, "what's up Abby?" He asked interrupting her rant.

"Well, you know how there was strange symbols at the crime scene right?" Abby didn't wait for him to nod, "I've run these photos of the symbol through every data base and still nothing! It's like it's completely made up!" McGee opened his mouth but shut it again as she continued, "But I won't give up! It has to have been used somewhere!" Abby started typing on the computer, clicking on the mouse until a picture of the crime scene was zoomed on the symbol.

"The victim was found right on this and Gibbs thought it might mean something so I searched it through the databases and found nothing, nada!

McGee cleared his throat, "While we are on the topic of Gibbs, he wanted you to put these prints through the database to find a match." He handed the bag to Abby, "but about the sign, wasn't it outside on a blacktop? It was drawn by chalk right? So what if the wind maybe rain or when we moved the body erased something?"

"You are a genius McGee!" Abby shouted as she hugged him.

Magee held a stunned expression on his face, "I am? Oh right I am!"

Abby released him and went back to the computer, focusing on the photograph, "there looks like there's faint traces of chalk right here, so a line must have been here..."

She trailed off and then spun back around as she heard Magee leave, "wait! Make sure Gibbs doesn't come down here! I'm working on a surprise for his birthday next week, I'll come up to tell you what I found out-" Abby's tone took a threatening tone, "don't you dare tell anybody about this, especially Toni, got that?

McGee gulped and nodded.

"Good" Abby said as she turned back to her machines.

McGee shivered as he reached his desk, Abby was scary when she got like that, it sort of reminded him of the director, and another shudder went down his back as the phone rang.

"Hello, this is NCIS Agent McGee."

"It's Ziva, McGee."

"Oh what's going on?"

"Tell Gibbs, the kid is awake and you have to come down here, the hospital staff needs some help to restrain him." A crash sounded, and then a couple of screams followed.

McGee gulped, "okay, I'm on my way, you're telling Gibbs right?

Ziva laughed over the phone, "Oh no McGee, it's your turn."

Then she hung up. McGee sighed, why was it that he was the one always bullied?

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