A/N Kayla and Chelsea: WE'RE BACK!

Me: *Drags in little sister*

Caroline: NOOOOOOOOO! *Her fingernails dug into the concrete trying to stop being pulled.*

Me: And now our A/N cast is complete *Locks exit door*

Caroline: *Has rain cloud above her head*

Kayla: Well… that's new.

Chelsea: I'll get a mop…

Me: Okay! It's time for a new Shugo Chara fic! It is Amuto so if you don't like…why are you in this category? And read the information before you read. Common sense people.


Me: *Sweat drops* It's not a torture chamber…but if you want it to be…

Kayla: Don't, we'll get in trouble.

Me: Fine…why don't you and Chelsea tell everyone the cast of this play.

Kayla and Chelsea: Okay!

Kayla: Aladdin is played by Ikuto.

Chelsea: Jasmine is played by Amu; hence the Amuto part.

Kayla: Abu is played by Yoru and Raja is played by all four of Amu's charas, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia.

Chelsea: Jafar is played by Tadase and Iago is played by Kiseki and the Sultan is played by Tsumugu (Amu's dad if that wasn't already given).

Kayla: The guards are as followed: Nikaidou-sensei (will be known as Yuu in this fic) is the head guard, and Nagi and Kairi are the other two.

Chelsea: And finally! Genie is played by both Kukai and Daichi!

Me: Did everyone get that? Good. Now before the real story starts let me just say that this will follow the same plot as the movie, but…the characters will be more like the Shugo Chara characters they are, except for Tsumugu, who is trying to get Amu married. Now this is just a short introduction into the story. The real story will begin next chapter. I would greatly appreciate R&R to tell me if you guys like and will read this. THANK YOU!