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Ikuto was in a house just outside the palace on the bed lost in thought. Suddenly, Kukai and Daichi came out of the lamp smiling, "Hey Ikuto!" Kukai said, "So you finally got the girl huh?"

Ikuto just ignored Kukai and pulled his key out of his pocket and stared at it which he always did when he was upset, "Ikuto?" Kukai asked, "Um, not to rush you or anything, but the whole freedom thing…"

Ikuto clinched his key, "Kukai…" he said, "I-I can't."

"What? Why?" Daichi asked.

"They want me to be king," Ikuto said, "And without you, I'm just plain Ikuto."

Kukai had hurt in his eyes which caused Ikuto to feel worse, "I really am sorry Kukai," he said.

"Whatever," Kukai said and went back into the tiny lamp with Daichi, "It's only an eternity of servitude and I'm sure we'll be lucky enough to have another person promise to free us."

Ikuto felt bad. This boy was only 16. Ikuto sighed, "Ikuto?" Amu asked entering the house.

Ikuto quickly hid the lamp under his pillow and turned to Amu, "Amu?" he asked surprised.

"Um, papa wants to see you," she said, "Um, are you okay?"

Ikuto stood up, "I'm fine," he stated his face emotionless.

Amu wore the Humpty Lock around her neck again, "Okay," she said, "Come on, we better go."

Ikuto nodded and the two left with the lamp still under the pillow. Suddenly, Tadase entered the house and smirked, "Idiot boy," he said and grabbed the lamp from under the pillow, "Finally…"

"Rub it!" Kiseki yelled.

Tadase did just that and Kukai and Daichi came out with their backs turned to Tadase and Kiseki and arms crossed, "What now Iku…I don't think you're him…" Kukai said as he turned to Tadase and Kiseki.

Tadase smirked and chuckled, "Finally," he said, "Genie, I want you to grant my first wish now."

Kukai hung his hand already knowing from the look in Tadase's eyes that this was going to hurt his conscience, "Y-your wish is our command… Masters," Kukai said sadly.


"Amu!" Tsumugu yelled, "Prince Neki!"

"What was it you wanted papa?" Amu asked.

Tsumugu pushed both Amu and Ikuto and all of the Humpty Kingdom was there, "My daughter has finally chosen a suitor!" Tsumugu yelled, "Please welcome Prince Neki!"

Ikuto gulped, "Nya…" Yoru said.

"This is bad," Ran said.

Suddenly, storm clouds appeared, "What?" Tsumugu yelled confused.

Suddenly, Tadase and Kiseki appeared, "Tadase!" Tsumugu, Amu, and Ikuto yelled along with the charas yelling "Kiseki!"

Tadase laughed and Tsumugu was suddenly undressed and Tadase now wore his clothes, "I am King now!" Tadase yelled.

Ikuto glared at Tadase. He really hated this guy. He went to grab the lamp, but didn't find it. His face must've shown shock because Tadase laughed, "Looking for this?" he asked holding the lamp.

Ikuto went wide eyed and looked up and saw a larger version of Kukai and Daichi standing there looking evil, "Kukai! Daichi!" Ikuto and Yoru yelled and hopped on Carpet and flew up to them just as they lifted the palace, "What are you doing?"

Kukai looked at Ikuto sadly, "Sorry Ikuto," he said, "We have a new master now…"

Ikuto went wide eyed. How could I have been so stupid! "Genie!" Tadase yelled, "I make my second wish now!"

Kukai winced, "I wish to be the most powerful person in the entire world!" Tadase yelled.

"Kukai!" Ikuto yelled as Kukai snapped his fingers, "No!"

"Sorry," Daichi said.

Ikuto watched as Tadase forced Amu and Tsumugu bow to him. Ikuto looked at Amu then at Kukai, "Amu!" he yelled.

Tadase laughed and surrounded Ikuto and a red aura like Amu and her father, "Hm, now, now, Prince Neki, was it?" Tadase said smirking then snapped his fingers making Ikuto return to his Street rat clothes, "Or should I say Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

"Who?" Tsumugu asked.

"Ikuto!" Amu yelled.

Tadase laughed, "Prince Neki, yes it is he, but not as you know him. Read my lips and come to grips with reality. Yes, meet a blast from your past whose lies were too good to last. Say hello to your precious Prince Neki! So Neki turns out to be merely Ikuto. Just a con, need I go on? Take it from me his personality flaws. Give me adequate cause to send him packing on a one-way trip. So his prospects take a terminal dip his assets frozen, the venue chosen: is the ends of the earth - whoopee! So long, ex-Prince Neki!"

Ikuto was sent flying, "Kukai!" Ikuto yelled, "Amu!"

Kukai looked away ashamed and Amu had tears in her eyes, "Ikuto!" she yelled.

Tadase turned to Amu and Tsumugu laughing. Amu and Tsumugu cowered in front of Tadase not knowing what to do. Ikuto.

~With Ikuto and Yoru

Ikuto awoke in snow, "What?" Ikuto asked dazed.

"Ikuto~ nya!" Yoru yelled.

Yoru was now back to his normal self (Kayla: *Bursts into tears* Whaaaaaa), "Yoru!" Ikuto said relived then remembered what happened, "We have to get back!"

"How!" Yoru yelled, "We're in the middle of nowhere!"

Suddenly, Carpet flew over to them, "Carpet!" Ikuto and Yoru yelled.

Carpet started flying around as if saying, "We need to get going if we want to save your girlfriends!"

"I don't have a girlfriend!" Yoru yelled.

Ikuto just ignored his chara and grabbed him in his fist and hopped on Carpet, "Let's go Carpet!" Ikuto yelled, "We have to save Amu, Kukai and Daichi, and the whole kingdom!"

Carpet flew off at at least 100mph.

~Back in the Humpty Kingdom

Tadase was making Tsumugu act like a puppet while he was dressed like a jester and Kiseki was laughing, "Stop it!" Amu yelled.

Amu wore a deep red tank top with matching pants and shoes. Her hands were chained, but were free enough to allow movement, "Leave papa alone!"

Kukai and Daichi just stood there helplessly. Tadase had not allowed them to return to their lamp, which they wanted to return to in hopes of all this being one big dream. Tadase smirked and pulled Amu closer to him, "Now, now Princess," he chuckled at Amu's old title, "We wouldn't want something to happen to the two of you now would we."

Tadase pushed Amu to the ground. Ikuto, who just arrived, saw this from the window he was on and held back a growl. Ikuto looked around and saw Amu's charas in a cage, "Miki…" Yoru whispered worried.

Ikuto quickly spotted Kukai. He quickly glanced at Tadase who had Amu close to his face again. Ikuto glared and quickly hid behind a pile of gold before Tadase could spot him, "Yoru," Ikuto whispered, "Distract Kiseki, but don't let Tadase know you're here."

"Right," Yoru said and flew off.

Amu was pushed to the ground again, but this time she face where Ikuto was. She spotted him and she brightened up, but Ikuto quickly told her to keep quiet, "Oh, Amu-chan," Tadase said smirking causing Amu to turn to him, "I think I know what to use my third wish for."

Amu blinked in fear, "Genie!" Tadase yelled.

Kukai sighed, "We have names you know!" Kukai yelled.

Tadase just smirked, "I make my third wish now," he said, "I wish for Princess Amu to fall madly in love with me."

Amu went wide eyed and Ikuto about puked, but knew Kukai couldn't do that, "Uh, I, we, uh," Kukai stuttered.

Tadase grabbed Kukai by the collar, "You will do as I say!" Tadase yelled.

"I-I-I," Kukai couldn't get a sentence out because Tadase was shaking him too much.

Amu then got an idea. She smirked and hoped that her acting skills were as good as Ikuto said, "Tadase," Amu said slowly causing both Tadase and Kukai to turn to her.

Amu slowly stood up, "I never really noticed how…handsome you were," she said.

Kukai's mouth hit the floor (again) and Tadase smirked and closed Kukai mouth, "That's better," he said.

Kukai looked at his hand, "Did I do that?" he wondered out loud.

"Kukai!" Daichi whispered to his owner.

Kukai turned and saw Ikuto hiding and motioning for Kukai to come over. Kukai's face brightened and quickly ran over to the hidden Ikuto, "Ikuto!" Kukai whispered.

Ikuto nodded. Kukai's face then quickly fell, "We can't help you, we work for Mr. Crazy over there."

"I know," Ikuto said smirking, "But not for long."

Ikuto then slowly made his way over to where the lamp was, which was also where Kiseki was, but Yoru did his job good. Ikuto, unfortunately, could hear Amu flirting with Tadase. Ikuto felt his face turn green, but continued on his way. Suddenly, Kiseki made a bowl of fruit fall down to the floor and Tadase went to turn to see what it was, but Amu grabbed his face a pulled her lips to his (Me, Kayla& Chelsea: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! *Runs to bathroom*). Ikuto froze in place and really almost puked and Yoru, Ran, Miki, Su, Dai, and Daichi stuck their tongues out saying "Yuck" quietly and Kukai was literally puking behind a post.

Ikuto quickly pushed down the puck in his throat and kept towards the lamp. Amu and Tadase broke away (Me: It was just a 2 second kiss. I would never put Amu through that much torture, but I say that one second is too much.) and Tadase was smirking, "That was-"

Kiseki managed to throw Yoru off him, "Tadase!" he yelled, "The cats are back!"

"What!" Tadase turned and shot Ikuto away just before he grabbed the lamp, "I knew cats had nine lives but this was my tenth time trying to kill you boy."

Amu attacked Tadase throwing her acting out the window, "Leave him alone!" she yelled.

Tadase easily threw Amu onto the floor again. This made Ikuto growl and charge at Tadase, "Don't you TOUCH HER!" he yelled and started an all-out punch fight with Tadase, but like most villains Tadase used his newly acquired magic and threw Ikuto through a post, "Ikuto!" Kukai and Daichi yelled.

Ikuto rubbed his head, "Oh…that's going to hurt in the morning," he muttered.

Amu took a run for the lamp, "Ah, ah, ah, Amu-chan," Tadase said and trapped Amu in an hourglass.

Ikuto was instantly up, "Amu!" he yelled as sand started to fall on her.

Tadase laughed and Ikuto glared full on at Tadase, "You cowardly snake!" Ikuto yelled and grabbed a sword from the pile of gold (Chelsea: Why was there a sword in a pile of gold?).

"A snake huh?" Tadase said and began to glow gold, "How about I show you just how ssssnake like I can be?"

Tadase then turned into a black and dark red snake. Ikuto was shocked aw dang it… Tadase came at Ikuto, but he quickly dodged, "Rick 'em, rack 'em, rock 'em, rake. Stick that sword into that snake!" Kukai and Daichi, now dressed as (boy) cheerleaders, chanted happily.

"You stay out of thisssssss!" Tadase yelled.

Kukai looked bored now waving a black flag with a T on it, "Tadase, Tadase, he's our man. If he can't do it, GREAT!" Kukai exploded on the last word.

Ikuto looked at Amu and saw that her head was barely above the sand now, "Am-gah!" Ikuto yelled as Tadase wrapped himself around him.

"Ikuto~ nya!" Yoru yelled and flew to help his owner, but Tadase turned him into a real kitten.

"Yoru!" Ikuto yelled then gasped when Tadase squeezed him.

Tadase laughed, "You can't beat the most powerful person in the world!" he said.

Ikuto struggled making Tadase laugh more, "You're nothing without the Genie boy," he said.

I light bulb appeared above Ikuto head, "Kukai," he said and looked at Kukai and his chara, "Kukai and Daichi gave you your power! They can easily take it away!"

"Uh, Ikuto…why are you bringing us into this?" Kukai asked laughing nervously.

"Face it Tadase," Ikuto said smirking, "Next to Kukai, you're only second rate."

Tadase went wide eyed in realization, "You're right," he said, "The Genie's powers oversee my own…but not for long."

Tadase released Ikuto and went to surround Kukai. Ikuto then grabbed his sword and ran for Amu while Kukai and Daichi laughed nervously, "I think Ikuto's a little punch drunk…one too many hits with the snake," Kukai said.

"Genie!" Tadase said trapping the 16 year old, "I make my third wish. I wish to be…an all-powerful genie!"

Kukai sighed, "Your wish is my command," he said then muttered, "Way to go Ikuto."

Kukai snapped his fingers and Tadase began to grow in size, "The power!" he yelled and broke through the palace, "The absolute power!"

Ikuto, meanwhile, was just breaking Amu out of her sand prison. She coughed up sand and stared at Ikuto in horror, "What have you done!" she yelled.

"Trust me!" Ikuto yelled over the strong winds.

Ikuto looked at Tadase just as his own lamp appeared. He smirked and grabbed Tadase's lamp, "Hey! Tadase! You wanted to be a genie! Well here you go!"

Tadase was suddenly being pulled into his lamp, "What!" he yelled, "No! No!"

"Wait! Where am I going!" Kiseki yelled as he was pulled as well.

Ikuto smirked, "You get everything that comes with being a genie Tadase," he yelled over all the noise, "Phenomenal cosmic powers," Tadase and Kiseki were sucked fully into their lamp, "Itty-bitty living space."

"Ikuto!" Kukai yelled laughing, "That was brilliant dude!"

Ikuto smirked and watched as everything that Tadase did turned to the way it was before, "Ikuto~ nya!" Yoru yelled and hugged his owner's face.

"Amu-chan!" Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia yelled doing the same to Amu.

Tadase and Kiseki could be heard yelling from the lamp, "Allow me," Kukai said taking the lamp from Ikuto, "A few centuries in the Cave of Wonders should chill them out."

Kukai character changed with Daichi and threw a fastball towards the Cave, "Homerun!" Daichi yelled laughing.

Tsumugu came out in his king clothes and Amu and Ikuto winced, "Um, papa-"

"Did you know about Ikuto Amu?" Tsumugu asked.

Amu hung her head and nodded, "Yes papa," she said, "But Ikuto saved me twice!"

Tsumugu sighed, "That much is true Amu, but, as much as I would love to, I cannot go past this law."

Amu had tears in her eyes and hugged Ikuto almost causing him to fall. Ikuto held Amu close, "I'm sorry Amu," Ikuto said quietly.

Ran, Miki, Su, Dia, and Yoru were depressed. Kukai bit his lip, "Ikuto," he said causing the two lovers to break apart, "You still have one wish left. You can wish to be a prince again."

Ikuto blinked and looked at Kukai and Daichi's lamp with an emotionless face, "I have a wish," Ikuto stated looking at Kukai and Daichi, "A wish I should've made before all this started."

"What?" Kukai asked.

Ikuto looked at Amu sadly then turned to Kukai, "Kukai, Daichi," he said, "I wish you two were free."

"What!" Kukai and Daichi yelled shocked.

The lamp began to glow and floated to the 16 year old and his chara. They were surrounded in a green light. Amu grabbed Ikuto's hand as she watched. Suddenly, the light disappeared and the lamp fell to the ground. Kukai looked at himself then at his chara then at Ikuto, "What…why…" Kukai asked.

Ikuto sighed, "If I would've done that in the first place then Tadase wouldn't have done any of this," he said, "And I did promise right?"

Kukai smiled, "Thanks dude," he said, "But now you and Amu will be unhappy."

Amu squeezed Ikuto's hand, hard, "Stupid law," she said then lifted the Humpty Lock, "Stupid lock."

Ikuto raised an eyebrow, "Why are you yelling at the lock?" he asked.

Amu sighed, "Long story," she stated.

Ikuto sighed knowing he'd have to leave soon, "Nya! Ikuto!" Yoru yelled and flew into the palace, "Your key!"

Ikuto's eyes went wide and his hand to his pocket, "Dang it!" he yelled and followed his chara, "It must've fallen out during the fight!"

Amu and her charas ran in, "Ikuto?" Amu asked, "What's wrong?"

"A key," Ikuto stated, "I've had it my whole life. The woman who raised me said I had it with me when she found me as a baby."

Amu's eyes widened, "I'll help!" she said and started searching with her charas.

Tsumugu stood by the door of the entrance, "You mean that key that you panicked about before I changed you into Neki?" Kukai asked coming in.

"Yeah," Ikuto stated, "It's the only thing I have left of my parents."

"Oh!" Kukai said realizing the importance and started searching with Daichi.

After a few minutes of watching the teens search Tsumugu joined in the search. Suddenly, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia gasped and their hand flew to their mouths, "What?" Yoru asked and flew over, "You found it~ nya!"

Yoru pulled out the key and Amu and Tsumugu gasped. Ikuto walked over to his chara not noticing Amu and her father gasp, "Thanks," Ikuto said smiling slightly and taking his key back.

"I-Ikuto," Amu stuttered, "I-is that really your key?"

Ikuto looked at Amu confused, "Yes, why?" he answered.

Amu smiled and tears broke free, "Papa?" Amu asked hopeful.

Ikuto was confused, "I think we missed something Ikuto~ nya," Yoru said.

Tsumugu smiled, "Ikuto," he said and walked up, "Do you know what that key is?"

Ikuto looked at his key, "Uh…no, not really," he said, "Is it bad?"

Tsumugu chuckled, "No, not in the slightest Ikuto," he said, "Your key is called the Dumpty Key; it pairs with Amu's lock."

Ikuto blinked, "So, it's yours?" he asked.

"No, no," Tsumugu said, "It belongs to the Prince of the Dumpty Kingdom, but the Dumpty Kingdom was destroyed; no survivors, or so we thought…"

Ikuto went wide eyed and Yoru's mouth's dropped, "Wait what?" Kukai said shocked, "Are you saying that Ikuto really is a prince?"

"It would seem so…" Tsumugu said smiling.

Amu ran and hugged Ikuto again, "This would also explain why Amu took an easy interest in you," Tsumugu said, "The Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key are a pair; meaning that the owners are meant to fall in love."

Ikuto blinked slightly shocked, but then smiled and hugged Amu tight, "I guess that would explain a lot," he said softly.

"Alright!" Kukai yelled, "Happy endings all around!"

Ikuto and Amu laughed.

~One Month Later

Ikuto and Amu ran to a balcony where Carpet was waiting. They got on and flew into the night. Oh, did I forget to mention this one little fact…they're the new royals of the Humpty Kingdom. And for those of you who are slow at connecting the dots; they got married. Ikuto leaned down and kissed Amu while flying on Carpet.

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