Tintin 10X10

By MewWitch

100 drabbles challenge set in The Adventures of Tintin 2011 movieverse

Rating: T-May vary per chapter

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Chapter Summary: The first thing the Captain buys with his inherence is not what most would have guessed.

# 023. Cat

Tintin was in the middle of proofreading his latest story when a sudden pounding brought him to his front door.

"Tintin! Look what I've got!"

"A cat?" Indeed the small black tuff Captain Haddock shoved in his face was distinctly meowing. With a little struggle, Tintin was able to shut the now growling Snowy in the study. For now at least.

"Yep! I bought the little beaut just now with my inheritance! In honor of my ancestor I was thinking I'd call him Sir Francis."

"She's a girl" The young reporter noted amused.

"Like I was saying Tintin...Dame Franny!"

Author's Note:

So here's the first installment of my first attempt at 100 themes Challenge. The rest as you can probably guess will NOT be in order. Can't guarantee the updating schedule. I absolutely fell in love with the movie The Adventures of Tintin!