Tintin 10X10

by MewWitch

100 drabbles challenge set in The Adventures of Tintin 2011 movieverse

Rating: T-For Now

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Chapter Summary: Tintin questions the Captain's choice in pets.

# 016. Questioning

"Gotcha!" Tintin let out a triumphant cry as he finished his dive and grabbed hold of his dog.

"About time you caught the devil! He chased poor Franny for hours. In her own home no less! Wee thing's all shaken up" Haddock gruffed, stroking the agitated feline.

"Why did you get a cat though, Captain? You know how Snowy feels about them. It's like you wanted to provoke him."

"Well maybe I did!"

The young reporter gaped at his friend's blatent admitence. "What on Earth would cause you to want to do something like that?"

"That fluffy white Moby Dick's been hiding my bottles on me!"


I am SOOOOOOO Sorry it took me this long to update! The various reasons for this fall under RL and I'd rather not talk about it. So for now here's a chapter to tide you all over until I can get everything settled and can get back to regular updates.