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Chapter 1: The new Student

It was another peaceful day in Konoha. The skies were clear with no sign of a single cloud. The sun was shining brightly and birds were cheeping. It was basically your typical normal peaceful day. Location: Konoha High school

Location: Konoha High school

Time: 9:00a.m.

"Hey Ayame!"

The brunette girl with the same colored eyes turned around to see her friend Ino coming up to her.

"Oh, hey Ino."

The blonde haired girl looked around and was starting to get curious, "Where's your boyfriend? You're usually with him almost every time."

"Oh, Sasuke? He's with Neji and the other guys."


"Ino! Ayame!" The two girls looked at the direction of where the voice came from and saw that it was Sakura along with Tenten. The two girls that joined in were nearly out of breath since they rushed to look for them and had finally got to them.

"What's wrong?" Ayame asked.

"Did you hear? There's a…" Sakura then stopped, as her and Tenten's gaze were looking at someone behind Ayame and Ino. The person that they were looking at was at a pretty good far distance from them, and could hardly get a good look.

Ayame and Ino tilted their head a bit, "What are you two looking at?" The other two decided to turn around and realized that they were looking at some guy. He had spiky blonde hair and was wearing a dark gray colored coat with a white-buttoned shirt under it. He was also wearing a pair of dark blue jeans.

"Who's that? He's like the only one that's not wearing the school uniform." Ino mentioned.

"That's the new student that moved here." Sakura answered.

Ayame examined closely and could see a blank expression on his face. It was as if he had an "I don't give a rat's ass" attitude, "What's wrong with him?" Ayame asked.

"Well, what I heard was that his parents were killed in a terrible accident when he was only six years old. He was put into an orphanage for a few years, but he was taken in by his dad's best friend." Sakura's eyes started to water slightly feeling terrible telling the small story about the new student.

"But then, ten years after he was taken in by his dad's friend, he was killed trying to prevent a robbery at a bank. And for the past two years after his dad's friend died, he hasn't really said a word or anything since then. He's been living on his own and when people tried talking to him, he would show no interest in talking."

"That's terrible." Tenten said.


The girls turned their gaze to the voice and saw that it was another student approaching the new one. He looked rather happy, but not in the good way.

"You must be the new kid. My name's Takashi."

The blonde haired boy just looked at him with a straight face and his eyes half closed. He kept his hands in his coat's pockets.

Takashi rose an eyebrow, "Why don't you talk?"

The blonde haired boy just didn't budge or anything, he just kept glaring at Takashi.

Takashi placed a hand on the blonde haired boy's shoulder, "Hey! How about you speak and I won't…"


Takashi was screaming in pain, as his arm went completely limp. The four girls that remained in the same spot were watching in shock, "Did… did he just… break his arm?" Ino asked.

"I didn't… think that he… could be that cold." Sakura mentioned.

"Hey what's going on?" The girls once again turned around to see Sasuke and Neji. Ayame smiled and rushed over to him and wrapped herself around his left arm.

"Did you hear about the new student?" Ayame asked.

Sasuke and Neji both tilted their heads, "No, where is he?" Sasuke asked.

Ayame pointed in the direction where the blonde haired boy and Takashi were. Sasuke and Neji both looked closely and could see them and saw that Takashi was still screaming in pain.

"Hey! What did he do to Takashi?" Sasuke asked.

"Ugh… he…"

"Know what? Forget it, Neji let's go." Sasuke said, as he gently pushed Ayame off him. Neji nodded as the two of them ran over to Takashi and the new kid.

"Hey! Just what do you think you're doing?" Sasuke asked, as him and Neji approached the new student.

The blonde haired boy just decided to walk right past them leaving a frustrated Sasuke and confused Neji behind.

Sasuke shook his head and turned to Takashi, "Let's get you to the nurse."

"Th… thanks…" Sasuke and Neji escorted Takashi to the nurse to make sure that the new kid wouldn't be able to go after him again. They walked towards the girls first, "We'll see you all later. We're going to get Takashi to the nurse's office." Sasuke said.

"Okay." They all said.

Sasuke walked over to Ayame and pecked her on the lips and then walked off heading over to their destination.

Ding! Dong! Ding!

"Oh no, we better get to class." Tenten mentioned.

"Yeah, we'll all meet up for lunch again today." Ayame said.

"Okay, bye for now." They all said to each other and went to their separate classes.

Ayame was now in front of her classroom door and opened to see that everyone was talking to one another, "Phew, I made it."

She walked in and made her way to her seat, which was in the row closest to the windows and in the third seat from the front.

"Hey Ayame." The brunette haired woman turned to see a paled skin girl with long black hair.

"Oh, hey Hinata."

"Did you meet the new student yet?"

"Um… not really. But, we did see him and… Takashi of course got smart with him and then he ended up breaking Takashi's arm."

Hinata's eyes widened in pure shock, "Really?"

"Yeah, most of us were there and witnessed it. I'm afraid that he's going to have a hard time here."

The door opened and drew everyone's attention to see that it was their teacher. Everyone rushed over to take their seat, "Good morning class." The teacher said.

"Good morning Mr. Hatake." The class said.

"Well, we got a new student here in Konoha High School today and I'm sure you're all aware of that." The entire class just nodded in response.

"Anyway, we have a new student in our class now."

Ayame just went completely wide eyed, "No, don't tell me…"

"Let's make him feel welcomed here, his name is Naruto Uzumaki." Just as Mr. Hatake said that, the blonde haired boy walked into the class with the same expression on his face.

Naruto could feel that all eyes were on him and glared at the entire class.

"Ugh… Naruto, how about you go over and sit next to Ayame." The teacher said, as he pointed at the brunette.

Ayame nearly jumped out of her seat. No matter how much she wanted to protest against it, she just couldn't come to herself of doing so. She was afraid that he might end up hurting her. A sweat dropped, as she saw him walking towards her direction, "Why does Mr. Hatake have to make him sit next to me?"

Naruto stopped in front of her desk, as everyone was still watching him. Ayame just looked up at him with fear in her eyes. He then looked down at her, which caused her to jump a bit. Naruto turned his attention to his desk and took his seat.

"Naruto, I should inform you about the policy of the school's uniform. You're to wear a white collar shirt, which I see you have and black khakis."

Naruto placed both his elbows on the desk and intertwined his fingers together and rested his chin on them.

"Um… okay, let's get on with class shall we? Turn your textbooks to page eighty six students."

Time Skip: 30 minutes.

Naruto couldn't take being in the class and got up out of his seat, which drew the whole class's attention, "What is it Naruto?" The teacher asked.

He just ignored him and walked down the aisle and to the door, "Mr. Uzumaki, you can't just leave…" By now, Naruto was already out of the classroom, as he slammed the door shut.

"I'll be right back class." The teacher walked out of the class and once the door shut, everybody got out of their seats and rushed to the door.

"What do you think he's going to do?" One of the students asked.

"Who knows?"

Outside the classroom

"Mr. Uzumaki."

Naruto turned around to see his teacher, "Look, I know how you feel Naruto and you need to remember, that was all in the past. Why don't you just loosen up a bit and get to know everyone?"

Naruto closed his eyes and turned his back to his teacher and walked away. A sweat dropped down the back of the teacher's head. He then let out a sigh accepting defeat and went back to the class.

"He's coming back!" One of the students shouted, as they all ran back to their seats. The door opened, as the teacher walked in and closed the door behind him.

"I'm sorry class."

"What happened to Naruto?" A student asked.

"I'm afraid he left for the day. Let's just continue, shall we?"

Time Skip

Time: 5:00p.m.

Ayame and the others from this morning were walking out of the building and were all thinking of what to do.

"Hey! Why don't we go see a movie?" Ino asked.

"Again? Why don't we find something else… like a game?" Ayame suggested.

"A game?"

"Yeah, that sounds good and I know just what kind of game." Sasuke said.

Ayame placed her hands on her hips and looked at him, "Oh? What kind of game?"

"How about, whoever can get the new kid to speak wins?"

"WHAAAT?" Everyone said at the same time.

"What? It seems like an actual challenge."

"Sasuke… have you already forgot what he did to Takashi?" Neji asked.

"And have you forgot of how much of a complete idiot Takashi is? And seeing how it was him, he probably tried to start trouble."

"Hmm… I think I can get him to let loose." Ino said, as she winked at everyone.

The rest of the gang just cocked an eyebrow and knew that Ino had some evil tricks up her sleeve, "Okay, then it's settled. And, whoever gets him to actually let loose gets to tell him why we're talking to him." Sasuke said.

"Ugh… isn't that kind of harsh?" Neji asked.

"Yeah, but it's just a game… remember?"

Ayame gently punched Sasuke's arm, "That's just cruel." She said.

"Fine, fine, we don't need to tell him then. But, whoever wins gets to help him around school."

"That's going to be rather tough." Neji said.

"Well, he's new and I'm sure we can get him mixed up in a few things." Sasuke said.

Everyone began to wonder what exactly Sasuke had up his sleeve, but just waved it off, "But he left during class this morning, what if he's not here?" Ayame asked.

"Hmm?" Sakura turned around to see the blonde haired student walking past the main gates.

"Hey, he's leaving." Sakura announced.

Everyone turned their gaze over to the gates and just saw him go around the corner, "I thought you said he left?" Everyone asked, turning their gaze to Ayame.

"He did though…"

Everyone took a quick glance at one another and then all rushed over toward him. Once they all turned around the corner, they saw that he was gone.

"Where did he go?" Tenten asked, as everyone started to look around.

"Hey! Just give us your money and we'll let you go."

They all looked around and realized that the voice was coming from a nearby alley. They all rushed to it, but didn't go in since they saw Naruto and a few thugs surrounding him.

"Shouldn't we help him?" Neji asked.

"In a second, let's just see what happens first." Sasuke said.

"But what if he really gets hurt?" Ayame asked.

"Just watch for now." Sasuke replied.

Naruto just stood there keeping his same expression around the thugs, "Hey! Are you going to listen or what?" One of them asked. However, they didn't get a single word coming from the blonde haired student and by now were growing annoyed by it. One of the thugs went up to him and placed both his hands on the boy's shoulders. Naruto looked up at him with annoyance in his eyes. Naruto then punched the thug right on his nose, which caused an instant nosebleed.

"Why you!" The other thugs ran to him, as Naruto elbowed one of them that came from behind. Sadly though, Naruto couldn't keep this going and wouldn't be able to handle them all. One of the thugs came up from behind him and put him in a headlock, while the other two went up in front of Naruto and started punching the living daylights out of him.

"I've seen enough." Neji said, as he ran in with the others just behind him.

"Hey!" The thugs turned their attention to see Neji closing in after them. They looked behind the student and could see even more students coming.

"Damn kids. Let's go." The one holding Naruto just pushed him to the ground, as they all took off.

Naruto leaned up and turned his gaze to the group, "Hey, are you all right?" Neji asked, as he held his hand out offering to help him up.

Naruto ignored his offer and got back up to his feet on his own. He prevented himself from looking at each and everyone and just walked past them.

Everyone turned around, but Sasuke was getting angry with the blonde haired boy, "Hey! We just basically saved you! And you have nothing to say?"

Naruto ignored him and turned around the corner of the alley leaving them behind.

Sasuke let out a low growl and ran after him, "Sasuke!" The rest of them ran after him.

Once Sasuke turned around the corner, he quickly grabbed Naruto's shoulder and spun him around, "Sasuke don't!" Everyone shouted. It was too late; Sasuke had just punched Naruto along the jaw line, causing the blonde haired boy's face looking to the side. Everyone was quiet, while the others behind Sasuke and Naruto were just standing there in shock.

"We saved you from those guys and you have nothing to say?"

Naruto didn't do a thing and just remained still, "You're just a selfish bitch!"

"Sasuke!" Ayame yelled.

Sasuke quickly turned his attention to her, "Shut up Ayame! He needs to wake the hell up!"

Ayame's eyes widened after hearing that her boyfriend had just nearly yelled at her and told her to shut up. Sasuke turned back to face Naruto with frustration boiling up inside him, "I heard what happened in the past and you still let it effect you. Just forget about it and move on!"

An awkward silence came between everyone, but surprisingly someone broke it, "Thanks."

Everyone's eyes went wide, but then Naruto turned his back to them and walked off, "Did… he actually say something?" Ayame asked.

"Ye… yeah." Sasuke answered.

"That didn't take long." Tenten mentioned.

"That means Sasuke won." Ino said, as she pouted in slight frustration since she wanted to get him to talk.

Sasuke turned to face the others, "Well… I guess that's over with then. Looks like I get to help him around the campus then." He said, as he looked at Ayame and could see the anger in her eyes.

"You still didn't have to hurt him." She said.

"Hey, he had it coming. He was acting selfish and deserved it."

"He may have been acting selfish, but you had no right to punch him." She then walked past everyone and then past Sasuke and started heading off to catch up with Naruto. Sasuke and everyone just watched as she left.

"She's right Sasuke, you didn't have to go that far." Neji said.

Sasuke turned back to face the others, "Oh come on, Neji you know damn well that you wanted to get at him too."

"I may have, but I would've just talked it out, not hurt him."

"Whatever, I'm headed home." Sasuke replied, parting himself from the others.

Naruto was walking along the sidewalk with his hands deep in his pockets.

"Naruto!" A feminine voice called out.

He ignored it and just kept focusing on getting home.

"Naruto wait up!"

That same voice was starting to get to him. He just simply wanted to get home without any interference. Suddenly, he was forced to stop since Ayame blocked his path.

"Naruto… I'm sorry for what Sasuke did earlier."

He just looked her in the eyes, but then he just walked around her and continued his way home. Ayame quickly turned around and grabbed him by the right shoulder. Naruto by now was getting annoyed, as he turned around grabbing her by the arms. Ayame yelped after being pinned against the wall. The space between them was so small that they could feel each other's breath.

"I just want you and everyone else to leave me alone." He said.

"Naruto… you're hurting me." She began to struggle trying to break free.

He looked at his hands and just realized that he was squeezing her arms to hard. He quickly withdrew his hands and placed them back into his pockets, "Sorry." He whispered, as he turned his back to her.

Ayame looked at the back of his head feeling all sorts of emotions within her. She was feeling sad for him and yet she was also feeling kind of scared of him, but at the same time, she wanted to help him in every way possible to make him forget about the past and get him to actually socialize with others.


Naruto rolled his eyes and just walked off leaving her behind. She watched him go and inside her, she refused to listen to his request.



She looked to the opposite side and saw Sasuke coming to her, "What happened?" He asked.


Sasuke cocked an eyebrow and then looked the other direction to see Naruto at a far distance, "What did he do?"

"He didn't do anything."

Sasuke just kept watching Naruto's figure, as he became smaller since he was moving farther and farther away. Ayame just stared at Sasuke seeing how he was still watching Naruto.

"Well, I'm going to head home." She said.

Sasuke turned his gaze to her, but, before he could say anything to try and prevent her from leaving, she quickly pecked him on the cheek. She smiled and walked off, "I'll see you tomorrow!" She waved him a goodbye and started to jog her way home.

He watched her leave, but he had a disappointed look within his eyes, "I'll just have to find out tomorrow then." He said to himself.

Location: Naruto's apartment.

Naruto arrived in front of the door that would lead him into his home. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key. He inserted the key, but he didn't bother to turn it, which would unlock it.


"Are we their yetttttttt?" Naruto whined, as he threw his arms all over the back seat.

A red haired woman turned around to face her son (Of course you all should know what her name is), "We'll be there shortly Hun, you just got to be patient."

"But I want to go home now!"

"Son, your mother's right." Minato said.

"Yeah, why don't you just take a little nap?" Kushina mentioned.

"I don't want to."

"Well, we'll…" Kushina was cut off after being slammed against her door. The car was crashed against a wall after being hit by an eighteen-wheeler. The car was stuck, it was crashed into a wall and yet, the truck had smashed in on the other side. Naruto was lying on his side with a massive cut along his forehead with blood sliding down. He could see his parents covered in blood, but shortly after, his vision was getting blurry and the sound of sirens could be heard not to far from them. He slowly and weakly sat himself up and leaned over to see his mom and dad. His eyes shot wide opened, as his vision was starting to come back to being clear. He saw that his dad was nearly smashed, the truck that had rammed into them had hit hard enough that it crushed the whole left-side of his body. He looked to his right and saw that his mom's head had ended up smashing against the wall. Her head basically broke the window and ended up smashing against the wall. Naruto was shaking, not because he was weak or limp or anything. It was because of the sight he was seeing. His parents were gone and there was no way that they could've survived.

"Get the people out of that car now!" Someone shouted from outside.

Naruto's eyes started to water and then busted out crying, "Mom! Dad!"

The back window of the car broke, as Naruto ignored the reason of it. He then felt a pair of hands grab him by his sides, "Come with us kid."

Naruto grabbed the headrest of the passenger seat refusing to leave his parents, "Mom!"

"Come on kid, we need to get you to the hospital." The medic said.


The medic looked at the child's parents and saw that they were gone, "Your parents are gone, and there's nothing we can do. Now come with us!" The medic shouted.

Naruto's grip on the seat started to weaken since the medic was now pulling him harder. He was just hanging on by a finger till the medic pulled him one last time and now Naruto was out of the vehicle, but was in the medic's grasp. The medic hopped off the car and held onto Naruto tightly, but he was having problems keeping him still since he was wiggling trying to get free from the medic, "Would you hold still? We're trying to help you!"

Naruto's vision was getting blurry due to all the tears he had, "Mom! Dad!" The distance between him and the car where his parents are was becoming bigger and it was hopeless for him to try and get back there.

End of Flashback

Naruto's eyes started to water, as he remained standing in front of his door. He leaned his forehead against the door and slammed his fist on it too, "Why! Why couldn't I just go with them!" He pulled back his arm and slammed his fist again on the door.


He froze completely unaware that someone was close. He lowered his arms, but whipped his tears away before he did so. Then he turned around to see Ino standing there curious of what was happening.

"Are you all right?" She asked.

He ignored her, as he turned back around. He then turned the key and then removed it. After placing the key back in his pocket, he turned the knob and opened the door that would lead him inside.

"Hey! Wait, Naruto what happened?" Ino asked, as she quickly grabbed his arm.

Naruto was forced to come to a stop since Ino refused to let go, "What's wrong?"

He looked her in the eye and jerked his arm away, "Why are you here?" He asked in a cold tone.

"I live here and when I got here, I heard you yelling…"

"Nothing's wrong. Just leave me alone." He walked into his apartment and slammed the door shut leaving a worried Ino outside. The tears that he had tried to hold back had escaped his eyes once again. He removed his arms from the sleeves of his coat and placed it on the coat rack. He then walked to his room, while unbuttoning his shirt. Once he stepped into his room, he removed his shirt and tossed it onto the bed. Quickly, he unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned them. He then slid them off and tossed those onto the bed as well. Shortly then, he made his way to the bathroom. Once he was in the bathroom, he turned the shower on and waited for the water to get nice and warm. He slid his boxers off and kicked them to the side, as he stepped into the shower. Little did he know though, that there were footsteps that could be heard from his living room. Naruto just stood there and rested his head on the shower wall letting the warm relaxing water pour down on him.

"Well, that looks relaxing."

Naruto shot his head up and looked to the side and saw Ino standing just outside the glass door of the shower, "How did you get in?"

"You forgot to lock the door, but don't worry, I took care of that. I thought that I should come help you forget about whatever's on your mind." She said in a seductive tone. Ino then removed every last bit of her clothing. She opened the door and walked into the shower, as she closed the door behind her.

"You should…"

She placed a finger on his lips, which cut him off, "Don't worry, hopefully I can help you out of your shell."

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