A man, a little lady…and a baby

Damon shook his head in disbelief. Had he heard that nurse right? Because it sure sounded like she had just told them that Elena was carrying a baby.

"I'm.. what?" Elena stumbled over her words next to him.

The nurse seemed oblivious to their shock and carried on with a smile. "You're pregnant, Miss Gilbert. Now I've already taken the liberty to make an appointment with one of our best gynaecologists, Doctor Bennett. Due to the stress you've been under in the past couple of days, we just want to make sure that everything is all right and the pregnancy is proceeding normally."

Damon still looked at the nurse as if she were speaking a different language. His brain was very busy trying to understand what was happening here.

"But.. how?" Elena continued to fumble at his side.

The nurse eyed her a bit strangely. Yes, the question was stupid. Of course they knew how babies were made, Damon thought. But they were just trying to process this information.

"I see that this comes as a bit of a shock to you both," the nurse finally understood. A bit of a shock.. That certainly was the understatement of the year! "The test results were conclusive, though. There is no doubt about it. You are pregnant. Now, Doctor Bennett is expecting you at two this afternoon. This is where her office is located."

The nurse handed them the directions, which Elena took numbly. "Best of luck to you both; congratulations again." The nurse shook their hands and they were already out the door, before Damon had even uttered one word. Elena was standing next to him, looking at him with eyes as big as saucers.

"Damon," she whispered, eyeing him worriedly. The look on his face had her worried.

Damon clenched his jaw and nodded at her. "I know. Let's just wait to hear what Doctor Bennett has to say," he told her.

He honestly wasn't sure what else to say to her right then. He was on the verge of freaking out. He remembered his thoughts from a few weeks ago; the thought of her carrying his child had turned him on immensely. And yes, for some strange reason, he felt proud and manly for getting her knocked up. But the other side of him knew that Elena couldn't stay pregnant forever. That baby was going to come out eventually. A real life human being. His child.. his responsibility.

It scared the shit out of him!

He decided to push his thoughts back until they had spoken to the gynaecologist. Until then, the only focus for them should be Charlotte. He began walking back towards her room, when Elena stopped him.

"Damon, let's not say anything to anyone yet. I know everyone is going to want to know about the blood test results. Let's just say everything is fine. I can't share this with anyone yet. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this myself."

He knew exactly how she was feeling, so he agreed. When they went back, they quickly informed everyone that Elena was fine and distracted themselves by playing with Charlotte...

Doctor Bennett was a warm and friendly African-American woman. She was very patient with them and answered every one of their questions – and there were a lot of them. Damon held on to her every word as she explained what would be happening on this particular appointment.

"So Elena, we'll get you in the stirrups. I'll be doing an internal ultrasound. The reason for this is because you're still very early in your pregnancy, so the baby is very small. We'll be able to see more this way than if I were to do an external ultrasound. Once I locate the baby, I'll be able to inform you on how things are proceeding and come to a probable due date. Okay?"

Elena nodded quietly.

"Good. Now you can go behind that curtain and undress yourself. You can put on the hospital gown that I have laid out for you; once you're ready, tell me and we'll start."

Damon watched as Elena disappeared behind the curtain and tapped his foot nervously. Would they really be able to see a baby? It all just seemed so unreal.

"Mr. Salvatore, do you have any questions so far?" Doctor Bennett smiled at him warmly. She seemed to understand his nerves. "You've been kind of quiet."

"I just.. I guess I'll just wait until I see it with my own eyes. It's still too unreal right now," he told her.

The Doctor nodded at him. "That's understandable. Are you a first-time father?"

Father? Okay, the word 'father' and him just didn't seem to belong in the same sentence. The women from his past could probably vouch for the fact that he would be a lousy Dad. He couldn't even seem to commit to one woman, let alone a child!

On the other hand; that was before he met Elena. He wanted to commit himself to her. And he was doing okay with Charlotte.

But Charlotte wasn't his. Maybe that made things easier. "Yes," he finally croaked.

"Don't worry," she smiled. "I'll fill you in on all that you need to know. I'll walk you through his step by step."

"I'm ready," they heard the meek voice of Elena behind the curtain.

Doctor Bennett got up and Damon followed her to where Elena had already placed herself on a bed, ready to put her feet in the stirrups. He looked on as the Doctor grabbed hold of a weird TV set, before picking up a long looking stick. Wait. Would she be sticking that in Elena?

She squirted some gel onto it, before raising Elena's hospital gown a bit. "Okay. This is going to feel a little cold. Try to relax. Now, let's see if we can find your baby."

Damon couldn't help it. He felt uncomfortable as heck as he watched the Doc stick that thing inside of his Elena and probe around. Would this ruin his sex life forever?

"There," Doctor Bennett suddenly said.

Damon's eyes snapped up to the black and white screen in front of him. His eyes searched for whatever the Doc claimed she had found, but he couldn't see it. It was all grainy. Where could she possibly have found a baby in all of that?

The Doctor froze the screen. "There's your baby."

Elena became a weeping mess in front of him, while Damon just blinked at the image. Where the fuck was that baby?

"Oh, Damon!" Elena wept. "Look at that. Isn't it beautiful?"

"Eh, I just.. I don't see it," he confessed.

Doctor Bennett smiled at him, before pointing towards a small speck in the middle of that grainy looking image. Wait. That was it? That grain of salt was his child?

"Everything seems to be good. You are about six weeks pregnant. Given the date of your last period, I'd say the due date is around February 15th next year. But for now, this pregnancy is going as planned. Do you want me to print this picture for you both?"

Elena nodded, while Damon still stared at his grain of salt. That little speck would become a baby. Charlotte's brother of sister. Oh, god! That was his son or daughter!

"All right, Elena. You can get dressed and then we can talk about pre-natal vitamins and the next appointment."

The rest of the appointment went by in a blur for Damon. He tried to focus on Doctor Bennett's important information, but his brain had turned to mush. He just needed some time to take a deep breath and get off this rollercoaster ride for a second. He needed to think.

"I'll see you in a few weeks. We'll get to listen to the baby's heartbeat then," the Doc said to them.

Damon turned even more pale. It had a heartbeat already? Damn it! Fear gripped him full force. He quickly shook the Doctor's hand, before almost running from the room.

"Elena, do you mind if I went to the office for a few hours? There are a few things that need to be done," he said to Elena.

He tried to keep his voice even, but inside, he was trembling like a leaf.

Elena frowned at him. "Can't Alaric do them? Damon, we just experienced a few hectic hours together. We need to stop and think about this, talk about his."

Talking was exactly what he didn't want to do right now. He needed to get away for a few hours.

"We will talk about this. But right now, I really need to get to the office. I'll be back real soon. Give Charlotte a kiss for me," he hurriedly said, before bolting out of there...

Alaric looked up in surprise as he watched his friend and co-worker enter the office.

"Damon? I didn't thing you would be in for at least a few more days. What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Is it Charlotte?"

Damon flopped down into his chair and began leafing through some files. Ah, yes. Distraction. This was exactly what he needed. "Charlotte's fine," he mumbled, before finding the perfect case to bury himself in.

Alaric frowned at his friend. "Did you get into an argument with Elena, or something?" he continued his questioning.


"Is Stefan causing troubles again?" Damon shook his head.

"Then why the fuck are you here, Damon? I got this. You can go back to the hospital. Elena needs you!" Damon remained silent and began typing things onto his computer. He flat out ignored his friend, causing Ric to boil over. "Damn it, you stubborn fool! Either you tell me what the hell is going on with you or I will unplug all of the computers in here and make you listen to me!" he yelled.

Damon punched his fist into the desk. "I came here to get distracted! You're not helping here. Let me work!"

Alaric got up from his desk and sat down in front of Damon's. "Wow, things must be bad, then. Come on, buddy. Distraction is just a way to stick your head in the sand. I know you love to do that. But it will only delay your problems. So get it out now, before it eats you alive."

Silence filled the room, before Damon finally reached into his pocket and threw the ultrasound picture onto his desk. Alaric picked it up and eyed it with confusion, before his eyes turned wide.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"I don't know. If you think that that is my baby you are currently seeing, then yes, you are right."

Alaric's face erupted into a huge grin. "Dude! You got Elena Gilbert pregnant! Congratulations, man!"

Damon didn't respond and looked out the window, causing Alaric to ease up on his enthusiasm somewhat.

"Why are you not over the moon, Damon?"

"Have you seen my track record? I used to fuck everything that wore a skirt, I partied a lot, and I never wanted to settle down... Responsibility was the furthest thing on my mind. And I hated kids. Seriously. I'm not parent material. What if this kid grows up hating me? There are dozens of people that I've torn apart in and outside of the court room. I'm surprised nobody has come after me with a shotgun yet! I was incapable of love, Alaric. And I hurt people. It's what I do. What if I hurt my child?" He shook his hand and ran a hand through his hair. "No, I can't do this. How am I going to teach it about responsibility when I obviously ran from it my entire life?"

The words came out before he could stop himself. He was scared; scared that he couldn't offer this child the love it deserved. He didn't want to hurt it and he definitely didn't want to hurt Elena.

Alaric tapped his finger to his chin, contemplating what his friend just said. "You are probably right about everything that you have just said," he finally stated. Damon's shoulder's hunched with his words. "But... you are forgetting about one thing."

"What's that?"

Alaric smiled at him.

"You are not incapable of love. I have watched you over the past few years. You always thought you were invincible. When you went over towards Elena's house for the first time, you were an ice cold bastard, yes. But when you came back, she had gotten to you. It was written all over your face. You love her, Damon. You love Elena, and you love Charlotte. For a man who always claimed he detested children, you sure were good with that child. There is a reason for that kid always screaming for your attention, man. She loves you."

Damon swallowed something. Man, was he getting a lump in his throat?

"Having a child is going to be scary, yes. Are you going to make mistakes? Yes. No one is a perfect parent, Damon, no one."

They both stared at the ultrasound picture, lying on Damon's desk for a second.

Finally, Alaric broke the silence. "I do sincerely hope that kid gets its' mother's looks during High School, though."

Damon threw back his head and laughed...

His heart squeezed in his chest as he watched both of his girls sleeping. Charlotte was peaceful and quiet in her hospital bed, while Elena was uncomfortable on a seat next to her in her makeshift bed. As he got closer to her, he could see that she had been crying. It caused his heart to lurch even more, knowing he was responsible for that. She probably thought that he would run out on her. Heck, he had run out on her!

But he was back now, ready to make it up to her. For the rest of his life, if he had to.

He softly kissed Elena on her forehead, causing her to stir. Finally, she opened her eyes.

"Hey," he whispered.

She sat up a bit, obviously wary of what he would do or say. "Hey," she answered him flatly.

He knelt down in front of her. "I'm sorry," he apologised. "I know I was being an asshole."

"Yes, you were."

Damon got up and pulled a seat up next to her. He sat down, a little unsure of what to say. He settled on, "How was Charlotte today?"

Elena sighed.

"She threw several tantrums. I'm glad she's finally asleep. I think she really wants to go home. Plus, I also think she wanted you."

They both stared at Charlotte's sleeping form for a second.

"Charlotte is already very attached to you, Damon. If you want to go, do it now. She's still very young. She won't remember you anymore in a few weeks."

Damon's heart skipped a beat at her words. The thought of Charlotte looking at him without any form of remembrance would kill him. He loved seeing her joy when he walked through the door. He loved it when she only wanted to cuddle with him, instead of anyone else. If that were gone…

"I don't want to go, Elena," he croaked, the strain in his voice evident as he fought back tears. Normally, he would hate it if anyone saw his vulnerable side. But right now, Elena needed to see that he was in this for real; that he loved them both more than his own life.

"I know I behaved like a fool. I was scared. When I saw our baby on that picture, it became all too real. I'm a fuck-up, Elena. I used to hurt people and I wouldn't give a shit about it. I did it with a song in my heart. The thought of me being responsible for a tiny human being... I became so scared that I would hurt my own child. I almost began to think that you would be better off without me."

A single tear was slowly rolling down his cheek now and Elena straightened herself, leaning forward. "You don't think that I'm scared? Here I am, with one child in the hospital and another child still so tiny inside of me that anything could happen. I want to share this with you, Damon. If we are going to try and be good parents for our child, we need to talk about what we are thinking; all of our hopes and fears. Otherwise it won't work. You can't run away when the going gets tough."

Damon nodded. "I know. I won't. Not anymore. I'm done running from things. I'm in this for the long haul. If you'll have me..," he trailed off.

Elena got up from her seat and pulled him up with her. She then put his hand on her still flat stomach; a stomach that would soon be swelling with his child. The thought, once again, turned him on.

"Are you ready for this, Damon?" Elena whispered.

Damon looked from Charlotte to Elena, and then to her stomach where his child rested. His face broke out into a grin. "I'm going to be a man with a little lady and a baby."

"Hey, don't forget about your hot, once High School crush!" she objected.

"How could I ever forget about her?" he winked at her, before kissing her softly. "I never could," he breathed against her lips.

The kiss quickly spun out of control as Damon felt Elena almost eating him up and pulling at his hair. Her fingernails were gently scratching his scalp, causing him to softly moan. His hand went down to her ass, lifting him up against his hardness. Man, it had been awhile for them both! With the accident, Charlotte being in the hospital and then the pregnancy, his dick was already hard enough to hammer nails into the wall!

"Uhm, Damon?" Elena breathed harshly as she pushed him a little off of her. "Charlotte is sleeping right there."

Damon ran a hand through his hair to get himself under control.

"Yeah, I know. This will have to be continued some other time. Although.. isn't it harmful for the baby if we.. ?"he questioned, eliciting a laugh from his girl.

"It's perfectly fine. People can have sex during pregnancy."

Damon almost wanted to jump for joy. The thought of not having sex for nine months… Okay, eight months, since she was already carrying his child for a month now. But still..

Suddenly, the image of her sitting on top of him, her belly protruding with the pregnancy while she rode them both to oblivion, careened into his brain. He let out a curse as his cock wanted to poke through the buttons of his pants.

"Mind out of the gutter, Damon. Trust me, when we get to bring Charlotte home in a few days, you are in for a treat," Elena told him.

Damon groaned again.


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