A/N: This all came out of a dream I had. As much as I am a Shenny fan, I do like Sheldon/OC.

For the purposes of this story Howard and Bernadette are married, Penny is with Leonard and Sheldon and Amy have broken up.

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"Oh come on Howard, the only hero that could take Sheldon down would be Flash!" Leonard proclaimed loudly as he, Howard and Sheldon rounded to the landing of the fourth floor.

"I dunno, I think Green Lantern could have a good shot in either incarnation. I mean Sheldon rarely wears yellow and we both know he never gets wood." Before Sheldon could figure out Howard's innuendo an echoing laugh reverberated throughout hallway, seemingly coming from the long broken elevator shaft.

The guys froze before Howard asked if anyone else had heard the noise. For a moment they all thought they didn't hear it. Howard and Leonard shrugged it off and opened the door to 4A before realizing that Sheldon was not with them. Back in the hall Sheldon had his ear pressed to the metal of the elevator doors; wearing his curiosity face- he was trying to solve the puzzle.

Knock, knock, knock. "Is anyone there?"

Knock, knock, knock. "Is anyone there?"

Knock, knock, knock. "Is anyone there?"

He knocked in such rapid succession it was only until he finished his mantra that he jumped back from hearing the voice on the other side of the double doors. "Hey, could you open the doors! I dropped my crow bar down the shaft!"

Her voice was soft and liquid like perfume, kind and yet quite direct. The other two men in the hall watched on in near awe as Sheldon parted the elevator door and extracted the brunette woman within. They couldn't speak to her for a full minute they were too stunned from both Sheldon's sudden knight-in-armor act and the fact that she was simply absolutely stunning. She was most likely in her late twenties, about Leonard's height with a trim but feminine figure-curves in all the right places. Her espresso hair was wavy, falling just past her shoulders. Her lips were naturally bright, her complexion fairly pale like a blushing snow white, and her greenish brown eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief. To be sure, the guys noticed, and so did Sheldon who was still holding her with one of his long arms wrapped around her back. He hadn't let his gaze leave her eyes since the second her feet hit the safety of the fourth floor.

"Uh, yeah sorry." Leonard had just recovered and began to approach her from her right side. Sheldon was still protectively holding her in his grasp and not budging in his evaluation of her facial features. "Um. Why were you in the elevator shaft?" It seemed a reasonable question, thank God he thought of it.

"Oh." She let out a guilty little giggle. "I just moved into 5A yesterday. I told the landlord I would inspect the shaft to see if it was too damaged for a replacement- I don't trust these so called 'inspectors' nowadays." She glanced back toward the open door of shaft and then back between the two short men and the tall man still holding her. She couldn't help but smile ruefully at his little act of heroism. She was not a woman used to needing rescue but goodness was it great that her knight was so tall and so undeniably adorable. The other two seemed like dorks, cute but definite geeks. Good, maybe they could answer some questions. She giggled affectionately, "Hey, do you guys have any idea who used the last elevator to insulate that explosion? I'm a bit surprised whoever chose to do such a small scale experiment in a residential area was able to accurately able to determine the accelerated rate of combustion fast enough to take such a precaution. I'd love to meet that person. Maybe they still live around here? It couldn't have happened more than eight years ago judging by the residue on the shaft."

Deer in headlights. Three pairs of eyes all panicked and staring at her. "What?" She asked, hoping she didn't alienate the first three people she met in Pasadena.

"Oh, oh." Leonard was wringing his hands, hoping his little secret wasn't going to finally land him in trouble with the law, the university or NSA. "Oh, uh. Sheldon didn't do the experiment but he was the one who figured it out and used the elevator. He saved us."

"Oh you know him then? I would love to meet some scientists around here; I don't know anyone in Pasadena and I long ago discovered that my happiness is directly proportional to my proximity to other nerds." Sheldon's attention finally snapped to. He didn't seem to notice that he was still holding the gorgeous- and obviously intelligent- woman in his arms.

"That would be me," the tall blue eyed savior responded. Howard rolled his eyes; he would have expected that Sheldon would introduce himself by his formal title to such a babe. 'Did he even notice? Probably not, but damn! If he weren't with Bernadette I would just- wait, is she smiling back at him like she's charmed by him?'

"This is Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, an experimental physicist." He lazily pointed toward his roommate, still not taking his eyes off hers. "And this is Mr. Wolowitz, he claims that as an engineer he doesn't need his doctorate." For the first time in his life Howard was thankful for Sheldon's condescension. It was the only thing normal about him right now. He was looking at the woman in his arms- well like a man looking at a gorgeous woman in his arms.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm Dr. Christine Thomas."

"MD or PhD?" Sheldon asked in genuine curiosity. It would be wonderful to expand the skill set of the group with a medical officer since Leonard's relationship with Stephanie failed, but it would also be wonderful to have another female scientist around.

"Both actually, and in totally unrelated fields. I try to forget about the MD except in emergencies." At her response Sheldon's already too bright smile widened… now he was visibly charmed. Howard thought the world just might end and it had nothing to do with the fact that Siam Palace just closed yesterday and tonight was Thai night... hence the reason they thought Sheldon might turn into a supervillian tonight if they didn't come up with a viable alternative, therefore they needed to determine who could take him down.

"Well thank you so much for saving me there. Would you guys like to come up for dinner tonight? I make Thai every Monday." Leonard mentally cheered before realizing Sheldon would not be happy if the group had to split up.

"Oh, we would, we usually eat Thai every Monday too. But we usually also eat with my girlfriend- she lives in 4B, Howard's wife, our other friend Raj and Sheldon's ex-girlfriend Amy… don't worry, nothing awkward there." He really, really hoped she wouldn't be put off by any perceived drama of having an ex as a friend of the group. She seemed too nice a person (being beautiful aside) for him to want to alienate... 'Besides, is Sheldon actually still holding her? Wait, he's holding her? My God, the world is ending.'

"Oh please, bring them along! I love to cook for people and I don't know anyone in Pasadena, well except for someone at the university. I would love to meet them if you guys are all up for it."

She was genuinely pleased when Sheldon accepted. "Awesome. I'm just going to go pick up some more good hot sauce and low sodium soy sauce. I hope you guys don't mind your broccoli chopped instead of shredded, I really can't stand that substandard form of preparation." She assumed their simultaneous bug-eyed stares weren't arguing with her. "Oh." As an afterthought, she reached into her pocket and put the contents into Sheldon's hand as she pulled away and toward the stairs. "You might need that Sheldon."

Leonard snagged it from Sheldon's hands as soon as Christine was out of sight.

"What is it?" Howard asked.

"It's a number two pencil."

"Dear God, she gets comic books?" Howard was impressed and scared out of his mind- a socially adept version of Sheldon? Oh… oh no.

"Their babies," Leonard pointed between the spot Christine was last visible and Sheldon. "Will be smart, beautiful, and take over the world." He thought for sure Sheldon would scold him. But Sheldon, also looking wistfully at Christine's exit, simply mumbled in return. "And real."