Standing in the darkened doorway with the subtle light from the hallway at his back he looked at the sleeping figure on the bed. Unmoving and unrelenting, cold. An outside observer would assume the figure was nothing more than a statue had it not been for the passionate fire that light up his onyx eyes.
The sleeping man on the bed was still on the cusp of boyhood. His raven hair which normally stood on end as if disheveled by a strong wind now laid slick against his sweaty forehead. The blanket pooled at the bottom of the bed. The dark green of the sheets and darkness of the wood making the palness of the etheral creatures skin glow like a firefly in the night. Innocent and fragile.
Moving forward with a grace not usually assoicated with that of humans the watcher approached the bed. The bed dipped under his weight as he took his place next to the still sleeping being. Placing an almost reverent finger on the boy's pulse he allowed it to trail down the younger's throat before moving farther south. Past the rosy buds on the nearly hairless chest down past the taunt muscles of the sleeper's abdonmin. Pausing he by passed the prize that made a home between the other's legs.
Still slient he allowed his finger to run up the inside of the boy's thighs. Gently running it over the some opening he found nestled farther up. By this time small pants of air made their way past the smaller's parted pink lips.
Adding pressure he slipped a finger inside the unassuming body stroking the quivering muscle's inside. A smirk made it's way across his face as the younger boy let loose a small moan. Working his finger deeper into the hole searching for the small bundle that would bring the Raven pleasure.
Adding a second finger into the tight hole he laughed in victory as the boy bucked against his hand in his sleep, mewling as he did. Rubbing against the small nub within his soon to be lover he felt a smug statisfaction as the boy rutted against his fingers moaning wontonly. Adding a finally finger he streached them as he loosened the still sleeping boys hole.
With drawing his fingers he carefully rolled the other onto his stomach his eyes softening as the he wimpered at the loss and snuggled into the pillow below him.
Striping the larger man ran a hand down his front. Muscles rippled under scarred skin. The black mark on his arm standing out on his skin. Moving sliently onto the bed he crawled behind the oblivious form before posiotioning himself. Pushing his cock against the smaller man's heat he gently forced his way in, causing the other to whimper in pain. Kissing the back of the neck he wrapped his hand around the smaller's cock a massaged it until the pained whimpers turned into smalled gasping moans of pleasure.
Moving slowly be began to rotate his hips, his cock pulling and pushing, in and out, of the body below him. Leaning forward his began teasing the sack of the his sleeping lover muttered breathless words into the other's ear.
Finally coming around the boy was shocked as he realized his dream was in fact reality. That while he slept someone had begun to take his virginity from him. Struggling he tried to move away from the man that had him pinned to the bed.
"Hush Harry," came the deep drawl from behind him.
"Snape? Harry asked as he stopped struggling.
Snape nuzzled his neck in response, causing the smaller boy to shiver. Harry was confused hadn't the two of them been in potion's class just a few minutes ago? Hadn't Snape been yelling at him for yet another failed potion? Why than was Snape inside him? Why than did every fiber of Harry's being want him to give in and beg the older man to move? tp bring him pleasure, to claim him in a way that no one had ever claimed him before.
As if hearing his thoughts Snape began to move once again within his student. Placing more weight on him, showing comfort and ownership all at the same time. Harry gasped as he felt the wonderful friction playing with in his most secret of places. The hand returned to his member and began to once again massage it. Never in all the times he had succumbed to his teenage hormones had he ever made himself feel like this. Moaning he pressed back against the invading cock before jerking forward trying to fuck the hand holding his own.
Snape nipped at his ear before pulling out of him, causing him to let loose a sob of disappointment. Harry"s only warning had been the tightening of the grip on his hips before the Potion's Master slammed back into him with enough force to pushed his face into the pillows.
Snape didn't give Harry time to react of adjust as he began to slam into him again and again. Burying his face into the boy's untamable locks he pounded in the heat below him. Closing his eye's he allowed his other senses to heighten. He listened to the orchestra of sounds that Harry made. The moans, the whimpers, mewlings, the screams of pure pleasure and passion as he attacked the boy's prostate.
The feel of the vice like grip that surrounded his cock, like velvet. The soft, slick flesh beneath his hands. The hard pulsating member in his hand, the precum dripping threw his long fingers. His lover's pulse beating beneath his cheek and the night black hair softer than the finest silk brushed his forehead.
Allowing himself to taste the one below him he groaning at the flavor. The taste of sin. that's what it was, sin. Like chocolate and the finest of whiskey. sweat and lust, all rolled in to one. The smell of sex, and sweat mixed with some childish aftershave.
Harry's cries were gaining pitch, and volume. Snape thrusted harder in the now willing body below, racing to completion. The ready viselike grip the boy's spasming hole tightened to the point of being painful.
Harry felt like he was on the edge, Snape was grunting in his ear, pistoning in and out of him with a speed and with a force he didn't think possible. Suddenly all Harry could see was white, everything ceased to exist except this amazing pleasure that burned every nerve in his body like a wildfire. Slumping on the the bed he could veagly fell Snape still moving inside felt the larger man tense before a warmth spread through his ass.
Snape tried to keep his weight off Harry as he pulled out and collapsed by his side. Pulling the younger man into his arms he settled down for the night. Harry turned and for the first time he was graced with a view of those emerald green orbs. He could see the confusion in them as well as the sleepily contentment.
Running a hand through the dark hair he molded his body around his small lover. After all he could answer the boy's question's when the morning. Than again it might be hard to explain. After all it's not often this kind of thing happens while your sleeping.