I roll over to be blocked by a body, it surprises me at first until I realise that it's Bertie.

I open my eyes, wide as ever, realising what we had done last night.

My heart shuddered, I had never felt so in love with someone in my life. I stare at Bertie, with loving eyes and smile to myself.

He must've sensed my stare as he then awoke from dreamland and turned to look at me, then smiled and kissed me on the lips.

"Are you in pain?" he asks sympathetically

"No, I feel amazing" I reply.

He grins at me again and I sink into his arms, my head leaning on his shoulder.

"I had never felt so close and in love with someone as I did last night with you" Bertie speaks up.

I look up at him and smile then peck a kiss on his bare chest.

He grabs me then and we roll over and fight playfully until falling off the bed in laughter and I realised I was only in my bra and knickers which felt a bit awkward so stood up.

But he grabbed my waste and pulled me in close caressing my back with his robust hands.

I just wanted to express all my feelings for him and make love to him more and more.

We kissed intensely again until I broke it realising I was meant to be meeting Becca and Molly.

"Bertie, I have to go, I'm meeting Bec and Molly to talk about me moving."

"ugh, must you leave me?" he kisses my cheek and neck passionately.

I laugh and escape his lips, "I'll see you later" then flash a sensual smile and throw on yesterday's clothes.

As I'm about the open the front door, Bertie's hands find my body again as he hugs me from behind, pelting the right side of my face with even more kisses. "See you later" he says and lets me go.


I burst into Starbucks quenching a Frappuccino then take a seat by some leather chairs next to a street facing window.

Not long after, an unbearably blonde Molly and ravishing Becca enter with wide grins.

I stand up and run to them with open arms.

"Ah Frankie you're glowing, my god!" Molly announces.

"You can talk, your hair is amazeballs" I reply.

We all laugh.

"Well anyway, how are you" Becca asks as we take our seats.

"I'm actually brilliant, but guys I'm so sorry I haven't been around recently, like we've got a lot to catch up on"

They look at each other with cheeky expressions, "you don't have to apologise, Bertie is some catch babe" Molly says.

*cough* "yeh, he's amazing" I say with awkwardness.

"Frankie... what's with the awkward face?" Becca asks as they both lean forwards in suspicion.

"Nothing, no it's nothing"

"Babe, tell us. We're your best friends" Becca outstands.

"Well. We kinda…" I look to my knees "we kinda…"

"YOU DID IT, DIDN'T YOU?" interrupts Molly.

"Molly shusssh!" I demand.

"Shit gal. What? When?" Asks Becca.

"Last night…" I reply sheepishly.

There's a silence.

"Damn girl. Did it hurt?" Molly asks.

"Well yeh of course" I look around. "But I gotta say it felt fucking good" We all giggled theatrically.

"But in all seriousness, I didn't want to meet you guys to say this. There's something bigger"

They look at me cautiously.

"Well, you know I told you about Mickey and mum?" They nod. "Well my mum is really over dramatic and worried and she really wants to move. To Essex. We're leaving next month."

They look at me with horror and Becca starts to have tears rolling.

I join their side of the seats and give them both big hugs to snap them out of speechless-ness.

"You can still come to visit, don't worry honeys."

"And we can go hunt down some proper nosher Essex boys, alright?"

They form teary smiles as we laugh together.


We spent a couple hours together then, bonding and gossiping.

Making arrangements of us meeting up whilst I was in Essex and such. I really loved them. Wish I could just pack them up with me as I'm pretty sure I won't find any girls like them in Essex. –Sad face-

That's it. The last of my stuff, packed up.

I seal the box with strong tape and hurl it to the front door with the rest of them.

The front door opens then and Bertie slanders in looking rather distressed. He frowns then we run into each other's arms.

Here come the tears again.

"You've got to stop crying in front of me you know" he teases.

"But this may be the last time I ever cry in front of you"

I hear him sobbing. "I'm going to miss you so much Frankie Anne Daytor"

"I'm going to miss you too Bertie William Gilbert"

He kisses me on the forehead and I close my eyes as a tear falls.

-enter sad movie music-

"Alright Franks, we've got to go." My mum bashfully enters.

Bertie lets go of me, still holding my hand.

He helps load the truck with our boxes until they're all on.

He opens the car door for me and we kiss for the last time, mournful yet passionate.

"I love you" I say.

He mimes "I love you too" trying not to cry.

The door closes and the car starts to move away, away from the door, away from my perfect London life and away from a saddened, deserted Bertie.

His aqua blue eyes, the ones that I met with the day I first time I saw him watch me as I leave.

It was the last time I'd ever see that tall, broad, dirty blonde, windswept, handsome, rigid, blue eyed hunk of a man. The last time ever.

Goodbye Bertie. I'll miss you.


Hey guys, sorry to leave you with that depressing ending of a story.

But seriously thankyou for reading along with me this far and being so supportive and nice with your comments.

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