This is a little fanfic that I decided to start. I feel a little bad because I have already two other long fanfiction to complete, but this one isn't that long and it's something a little different.

The title might change if I ever think of a better one.

This was inspired from the anime Maid-sama, but just the concept, because this fanfic has his own story and if the story is similar to this anime, it's really a coincidence because I only saw the half of the first episode of Maid-sama lol xD!

To make it more clear, my fanfic does NOT follow the story of maid-sama, and don't expect it to follow the sotry of the anime, because it will NOT! ^^;

Info about the story:

Pairing: Rochu (main), probably some mention of Dennor or Sufin (but that's not the main point ^^;).

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Warning: Gakuen!AU, on some occasions cursing , Yao being embarrassed (but just because he is cute when embarrassed, not for cruelty ^-^), cross-dressing, France being France and in later chapters some sexual references. In fact, the story might be rated M near the end (Who knows? Anyway I'll make a big warning when it happens).

If a sentence is in Italic, it means it's a thought.

Lovely maid Yao!

Chapter 1

Alfred walked through the streets, one hamburger in hand and a milkshake in the other.

Today was a pretty normal day. It was a nice Thursday afternoon and like usual, right after school; he bought a hamburger and a milkshake to help him relax from his awful endless day of school. This was for him, the best way to prepare mentally for tomorrow's endless day of torture, because for Alfred, everyday could be a torture day when it comes to school.

However, today was a little different from usual…

As Alfred walked in front of a certain café, he noticed someone a little familiar.

He stopped his walking and looked at the said person for a while. It took him several seconds to realise that it was indeed someone he knew…

"OMG!"He screamed at the realisation, spitting some of his milkshake.

Could this person be one of his classmates? Well if he wasn't; he sure looked a lot like him. However, the person was wearing a French maid dress and was serving. This was something that somehow didn't made sense to Alfred.

"YAO?" He shouted at the person in question. It didn't take long for the individual to turn his head to look at him.

Now, Alfred had the complete confirmation; it was his classmate Wang Yao, and he was, definitely, wearing a French maid dress.

There were several minutes of (awkward) silence; the two stayed quiet for a long period of time. Alfred was trying to understand what in the world was happening and meanwhile, Yao didn't move; he was dying of embarrassment and was trying to find a way to avoid this situation.

"HA HA, Dude! What the hell are you doing there like this?" The American said laughing at the other, which didn't help Yao's embarrassment.

"I do not know who you are, stranger!" Yao quickly replied in hope that these lies would help him escape from this uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.

"Dude, I am not stupid! I know it's you! If it wasn't you, you wouldn't have looked when I called your name!"

Damn it! Why was Alfred only using his logic when it wasn't the time?

"Aiyaa!" Yao complained, hiding his red face with his hands.

The Chinese had a feeling it was going to be the end of his life. Now Alfred was going to tell the school, his friends and who knows? Maybe this entire city will soon know that he works at a café and that he had to wear an outfit for women.

"So, you work here? Since when? I hope for you that they pay you double because you wear a dress. Ha ha ha!" Apparently, his American classmate thought that all this was a really funny topic, since he didn't stop laughing like an idiot.

"Listen! You have to keep this a secret from everyone aru!" Yao ordered him, with the sternest tone ever. The Chinese gripped the other's school uniform tie, hoping that Alfred would realise that he was really serious…and maybe with a little luck, he would be able to strangle the American. Alfred can't speak if he is dead, right?

"W-what?" The blond asked, astonished at the mention of the word "secret". He never was good at keeping secrets! Never!

"W-why would you keep that a secret? Ha ha ha! There is nothing to hide! There is nothing wrong with cross-dressing as a maid to work at a café. Ha ha ha!" He remarked nervously, now fully anxious.

"Aiyaa! If you open that damn mouth of yours, I swear, it's the last time you will be able to talk aru!" The Chinese warned. Obviously, this was only making Alfred even more anxious, instead of convincing him. Seeing that Alfred didn't seem reassured by all this threats, Yao had to admit that he choose the wrong way to convince his loud classmate.

"L-look, if you keep this a secret from the others I will offer you this cheesecake aru!"Yao said, finally calmly. He took a portion of cheesecake that was actually a leftover from a client and offered it to the American.

"Oh, Cake!"Alfred chimed like a kid. "I promise I'm going to keep this a secret!" He said happily taking the cheesecake.

Yao only hoped that the American really meant it.

"HEY GUYS! You'll never know what happened today Ha Ha Ha!" The American shouted all happy, showing the free cake he recently got.

In the study room, the three other students didn't even move their eyes from their computer screen; it was the nicest way they found to show that they couldn't care less about what in the world Alfred had discovered.

"I was walking on the streets, when suddenly I found a café. And I got a free cheesecake!" The other continued proudly, oblivious to the fact that no one seemed to care.

"Now, I am not selfish. I am willing to share the cake with you guys. Each of you can have a small little piece. Except for the commie!" He exclaimed pointing his finger at a tall blond Russian.

"You have nothing! I know that you are insulting me!" Alfred added angrily.

"I don't care about your stupid cake da?" Ivan replied with a plain tone, not even bothering to look at the other. It's not like he would stop insulting Alfred only for a piece of cake, the American also insulted him more than once.

"Alfred, why in the world, would someone give you a free cake? Don't you think it's suspicious, idiot!" The British remarked. Arthur couldn't believe how careless this American could be. Who knows what could be in this cake!

"No! Don't worry; it's someone we all know that gave me the cake. I don't think it's suspicious. Ha Ha Ha." Alfred responded trying to find a knife in the room to cut the cake. For some reason, he didn't seem to realise that he was in a study room and not a kitchen.

"Who give it to you?" The French asked curiously, he didn't remember seeing a café around here. He was wondering if there were pretty girls working there.

"Yao." The blond American plainly answered unconsciously, still desperately trying to find a knife.

"Yao?"The three other blonds exclaimed with complete surprise. Even Ivan, who wasn't listening, completely stopped what he was doing to look at the other. None were expecting this answer.

"You mean Yao. Like Wang Yao?"Francis inquired again.

"Yes, he is working at the café. And you would never guess what? He is working there as a waitress, like wearing the maid dress and everything! HA HA HA! It's so funny!"The American admitted, completely forgetting about keeping it a secret.

For the first time in his life, Ivan was entirely interested in what Alfred was saying. So Yao, his big crush, was not only working as a waitress in a café, but was also wearing a maid outfit… That was something he needed to see! Just picturing what his crush might look like wearing this outfit was completely melting his brain.

"Anyway, he gave me this cake, and in exchange I promised I would keep it a secret…"

And this is when the American finally realised that he already failed!

Holy crap!

"B-but nobody is going to talk about it, right? It's like going to be our secret, right?" Alfred asked sheepishly, hoping that Francis and Arthur would keep this a secret more than he did.

"Hon hon hon, of course. But tell me Al, where is actually this café you are talking about?" The French questioned. Things sure looked interesting and Francis was more than curious to see what Alfred just mentioned.

"Oh, it's right on the street where the Mc Donald is."

"I see~ I shall pass around there soon."The blond French promised to himself, having a very perverted smile.

However, his thoughts were completely interrupted when he heard the door of the room being harshly opened and closed, making a big loud noise. The only thing all of them saw, though, was a Russian hastily leaving the room.

It's not every day that a Rochu fanfic starts with America, right? xD

I have the intention to make the chapters rather small like this (it's about 3-4 pages according to Microsoft Word).

I don't exactly know how often I will update this fic, since I also got others. Right now I am rather motivated, I guess it's because it's a change from the two others (and because I am keeping the chapters small).

So I thought that probably I could add a little chapter each week, I always wanted to do something like this and I think it is an opportunity to do it. Of course, it depends of how busy I am, so I will see about it.