A/N: So, after two years of writers-block here I now am again, with a really poor excuse for a start. But hey, it's a start! Hopefully it doesn't suck too bad. Just see it as a way for me to get back on my feet. Anyway, this takes place in the fifth book of the Vampire Academy series, Spirit Bound. It is from when Dimitri has ben turned back to a dhampire and he tells Rose that his love for her has faded. Here is a little something of what Rose may have been thinking...

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"Love fades. Mine has."

Those four words were stuck in my mind, "Love fades. Mine has."

Love fades…

And when progressing these four words, bending them over and over again, trying to make some sense out of them, a thought occurred to me. Realization.

It had never once occurred to me that his love maybe wouldn't be there forever. That his feelings towards me maybe just were temporary.

That I wasn't his forever.

A thought I now wished I hadn't thought of. How could it even be remotely possible? How couldn't I be his forever when he would always be mine? All of a sudden, he and I no longer fit. And everything seemed so foreign. The one thing that I had always confided in, always thought so much of, was the fact of how much we fit. How much we completed each other.

But was it all my imagination? A silly teenage crush I couldn't see past? All of a sudden, I doubted everything. Everything he and I had ever been through.

Love fades…

Now I wonder, was it even there to start with?

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