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I spoke to him today.

It wasn't anything special, but it was enough for me. Just something to acknowledge the fact that we still existed. That we weren't complete strangers to each other. Of course, we didn't exactly say much. I was the only one who spoke. And I only said one word:

A simple, "Thanks".

It escaped my mouth without warning, I hadn't wanted to say anything at all. My pride was too big. He should say something first. I mean, he was the one who broke my heart. I didn't break his. I deserved some acknowledgement.

Only in the end, I was the one who spoke.

I had been walking outside, breathing in the fresh air when a cold breeze swept through me. Shivering, I wrapped my scarf tighter around my neck. Starring into space, not really thinking about anything, I suddenly felt a tug through the bond. Lissa needed me. Turning around without a seconds thought, not looking were I was going, I bumped into someone.


"Love fades. Mine has."

And just like that, any thoughts I'd had about Lissa disappeared from my mind. In that moment, all there was, was Dimitri. His beautiful eyes staring into mine. No words were spoken. But I guess they weren't really needed, because while his face remained expressionless, there was a swirl of emotion hidden deep within those eyes. They said so much, yet so little. And there was something, though I didn't know what, that gave me the feeling that there was something he wanted to tell me.

A sudden movement made me come back to reality though. Even though it had only gone by a few seconds, it had felt like hours, and in those crucial moments I hadn't noticed that I'd dropped my scarf. Dimitri had though. And suddenly there he stood, holding my scarf out for me to take. And I realized he'd used that moment as an escape. Almost is if he knew that I suspected he was keeping something from me.

Still staring at each other though, both became aware of this awkward situation we had somehow found ourselves in. The silence around us seemed louder than ever, and neither he nor I, did anything to break it.

A feeling of wanting to get out of there suddenly overtook me, and in one swift move I reached out, grabbed my scarf and started to walk away. While brushing my shoulder against his though, I muttered a single, "Thanks".

I still needed him to know I existed.

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