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SPOILER ALERT! Bleach Chapter 478!

Bound By Fate

Chapter 1: Moe's Fate & The Fateful Encounter

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With every heavy step I took, it was getting darker and darker. A chilly breeze followed me in the warmth of the summer night and I shuddered accidentally. The weight on my back was pulling me down, but even if it was a ton heavier, I wouldn't have minded carrying it - it was Tsukishima's weight. Yes. If it meant that I could help him and save him, then I would do anything. Right now nothing mattered, only that I take him back to our apartment safe.

I could feel his smile against my shoulder. A tired, but honest smile. It was only rare occasions, when Tsukishima-san smiled. He was so quiet all the time. His smile was also quiet. However, to me it meant the world. His head slightly slumped deeper into my shoulder, and he drew in a weak breath to speak up.

"Thank you... Shishigawara-kun..." He mouthed ever so quietly. If he wasn't talking right next to my ear, I surely would have missed it. It filled my chest with warmth and happiness. I felt a bit of the heat creep across my cheeks and I started to get nervous actually. I felt the need to lighten up the mood a little. So I tried to convey my cheer to Tsukishima-san and pointed out the beauty of the dawn. Man, it really was a beautiful scene...

... But I am sure he never saw it. As I slightly nudged him with my shoulder, his head bobbed further down, his limp arms almost falling off from around my neck. I could not feel his heartbeat against my back anymore.

I stopped in track and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, his face as calm as ever. I never once saw a wrinkle on his face, yet now I wanted nothing else but a wrinkle. An ever so slight sign of life on his face. His raven hair was now across his pale face. He would always brush it away, or even use hair clips, but now, he did nothing of those.

"Tsuki...shima...san?" I felt his name die in my throat as I felt my chest tighten. I slowly let him down from my back, and leant him against a nearby tree. He didn't react in the slightest. "Oi... Tsukishima-san... wake up... please! Wake up!" I begged him as I tried to bring up his face, to make him open his eyes, to find life in those beautiful brown irises again. But it was to no avail.

I felt teardrops run down my face as I fell on my knees in front of him, in disbelief. I gagged as I held back a sob. Tsukishima-san... He couldn't die like this. I needed him. He was my everything. Without him, I was useless, meaningless. My hands weakly fell from his shoulders and made contact with the dirty ground with a thud.

" can't leave me..." I mumbled to myself in denial, my head hung. "No... that is not possible..." My speech was ragged with painful sobs. "Tsukishima-san... Tsukishima-san, you can't die...!" I clutched the dirt in my hands as I felt my body tremble in fear and sorrow. "Tsukishima-san!" I yelled in his face, hurt resounding in my voice. "Tsukishima-san, wake up already! TSUKISHIMA-SAN!" My yell echoed through the dark blueish gray sky, disturbing the constant silence of nature.

It has been a week since Tsukishima-san has died. Since that day I've been in the deepest depths of hell. I was an emotional dump of hurt and loneliness. I never was as alone as now. Since that day I have done nothing. My days were empty. My nights were empty. I could barely sleep, and now I had dark bags under my eyes. I barely had any appetite, my skin was getting pale. I have been wearing the same clothes for the third day or so. The only times I move out of the apartment is to cool my head every 5-6 hours, because in the apartment everything reminds me of Tsukishima-san.

It was again the time of an errand like that. With a heavy sigh I closed the door behind myself. I didn't even care to lock it. It never really mattered anymore. Painful memories made their way back to my mind again, as I recalled the day before his death. I remember how I skipped outside the apartment like a happy child. I remember how I had a wide smile on my face, and how he chuckled lightly. Back then, I didn't think things would end up like this. My eyes were red and dry, and even though I craved to let my sorrow out in the form of teardrops, there were none left.

My footsteps echoed on the narrow hallway. Lonely, lonely footsteps. How long will it be like this? When will this end? And more importantly - how will this end? Will I stay as depressed and sorrowful as I am? Will everything get back to normal? ... Will I ever find happiness again?

With such pessimistic thoughts I entered the small convenience store around the corner. I was greeted by the shop assistant in a cooing sound. Did she not notice how awful I looked? Don't they know that the most hurtful thing in the world for a depressed person is an other person's happiness? I didn't even care to reply. I picked some crisps and snacks, ... and milk. Oh how clearly I remember that day now. The day when I forgot to bring milk from the store. It might seem silly for anyone else, but to me, it means a lot. I scoffed. How strange it was, that back then everything seemed so positive and good, and now, everything seemed sad. In a day every little innocent thing has lost their cheerfulness and joy in my eyes.

On my way back home I noticed something that I haven't, for a while. The game store across the street. I remember going there a lot before, with Tsukishima-san as well sometimes. It brought back painful memories again - the first time I tried out playing against him, and then losing a good dozen times before giving up. Before I even noticed it my feet took me to the store, and now I was standing in front of it, the automatic door sliding open.

And I asked myself... "Why not?" If up till now, nothing could help... maybe this will. Even if by force... I have to forget. I can't live like this anymore. It's too much for me. I can no longer withhold this much sorrow. So bravely I headed inside, reaching inside my pocket to see how much money I had on myself. Counting slowly, I calculated that I had enough cash to buy at least 2 new games. I mindlessly wandered around the store to find something good, but what could look good at a time like this? Nothing seemed to be good enough for me. I grunted as I took a good look around the store. There were only a few customers, their head buried reading the backside of the gameboxes.

That moment I spotted a familiar girl. That long, orange-shade hair... That well-curved, yet slim body... Those large, puppy-like eyes... Inoue... Inoue Orihime... The name rang in my head as I finally remembered. It wasn't too hard, though. After all, she was ... she had a connection to Tsukishima-san... A painful sensation rose in the corner of my eye and I felt manly tears coming up. With a gulp I tried to hold them back. Forcing my gaze away I started to wander around the other part of the store. Man, I didn't expect her here.

...What could a girl like her be doing here? I stole a glance of her again. She was in front of the Sims shelf. A silent scoff passed my lips. Of course. Sims. I shook my head as I headed towards the action games. Yeah, something aggressive and bloody will bring back my bravery and strength. I read the different titles (of which I barely understood a few) and suddenly I felt lost between all those games. Which one to choose? All of them seemed interesting and uninteresting at the same time... By a sudden idea I shut my eyes and thrusted my hand forward. Whichever game my hand would choose, I will play it.

I almost screamed in surprise as I felt my hand bump into something soft and warm. As I opened my eyes I saw that I had touched someone else's hand. Stupid me! I cursed inwardly as I apologised.

"Huh? Sushigawara-kun?"

WHAT! What the hell is she doing here? I felt a deep blush creep onto my face as I saw her from up close. I swallowed hard.

"Wait, it's actually SHISHIgawara..."

"Wooow, I never expected you to be here!" That's my line, silly. "What are you doing here?"

"Ehmm... Just choosing a couple games to kill some time..." What else did she expect?

"That's great! Actually, I was doing the same thing! Though...I'm pretty lost among all these games I never even heard of..." I felt a bit of empathy inside myself. Well, duh, I was feeling the same way. "Oh, that's right! Sushigawara-kun is a boy! Then you must be good with games! Could you help me maybe?" She asked with the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Despite all the stupidity crammed into her words, I couldn't help nodding immediately in response. I wanted to smack myself across my face. I knew probably even less than her, and here I was offering my non-existent knowledge! But... she looked only too happy. At least...let her be happy.

"Well...uhh... I..." I quickly ran my eyes across the shelf and looked for the most flashy-looking game. There was one with colorful cars and a jungle background on it, so I simply picked it up and showed it to her. "Yeah, this looks great! This..." I blurted out because I had no idea what the title said. "I heard it's really good! All my friends play this!"

"Really? Awesome, thanks!" She exclaimed happily. Maybe even too happily. How could something so simple make her this happy? ... I wish I could be like her...

"In exchange, I will also suggest a game for you!" ...Huh? "Look! The new Sims 3! It's so epic!" ... It's been out for like a year and this is the last game I would describe as 'epic', but... whatever...

"A...Ah, thanks, right." I said nervously as I unwillingly took the game from her hand. She was still checking out the car racer game I had given her. Really, those sparkling eyes were just too much...! It's just a game!

"Then, I'll be going! Thanks for helping me out, Sushigawara-kun!" She said suddenly as she turned on her heel. I was just standing there dumbfounded, with the two ridiculous games in hand.

"Wait..." The word left my mouth before I could think. She stopped in track, and looked back at me with those innocent, curious eyes. I really had no idea what to say. "I... uhh..." Don't let her go! Think of something! Quick!

I put on a macho pokerface as I said with a playful grin. "It's Shishigawara."

...WHAT THE HELL WAS I SAYING. Really, was that my best line I could pull off? Seriously, it would have been better if I just let her go and -...

"Ah, right, sorry, I alwas forget. But I'll just read it into my mind right now so that I won't forget it." She then raised her two pointers and pressed them against her temples, and said in a robot-like voice.

"His name is SHI-SHI-GA-WA-RA. I repeat. SHI-SHI-GA-WA-RA." A smile then pulled across her soft lips and she looked up at me. "Alright, information stored!" She giggled playfully, while i just watched her, speechless. This girl

"U-Umm...maybe if you..."


"I-I you have any plans" I asked, my face like a tomato, words stuttered. A few moments of silence passed before I dared to look up at her.

I backed away with a yell of "HUH?" as I saw teardrops forming in the corner of her eyes.

"W-What's wrong? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry!" I hurriedly apologised, but she shook her head.

"No... Actually...I don't have any plans...I haven't really had any for the past few days."

...What could have happened? She seemed like a popular girl. Someone who never had problems. Someone who would always have friends to rely on, who would take her to all kinds of places. Someone who would always have some plans even for the next week.

" about...crashing at my place? ... You know, trying out these new games?"

"...Yeah...that sounds good."

And we smiled. For the first time in a week, a smile pulled across my tired face. And thus I followed her towards the cashier, and then we went all the way home together. I still couldn't believe what was happening.

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