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In a time where pure magic and fantasy fully existed; fables of witches, and trolls roamed tirelessly throughout the earth- With Sorcerers who wreaked havoc upon the innocent; trying to gain control with all of the powers of the universe. A mystical world to where the largest of beasts in the land called Dragons was born.

It was a place that was beyond mortal comprehension.

But it was also a place where lushes of green hills and land grew bountiful- much of it going untouched, and unexplored by man- where love, life and survival had conquered all who inhabited it; dismal and against all odds, or fated towards the positive side of the steady beats of two people's heart.

This is a story of one little girl's passion, eventually growing into a younger woman's gain.

This is her life, and how she found herself defeating all evil, and finding love in the most unexpected way…

It all had began on a high, lonely hilltop, in a one bedroom shack hidden away from moving travelers; away from the daily routines of the hectic city life. A family of two who lived, and shared their time of solitude together; the older woman who resided there, much preferred it that way. With what her granddaughter had endured in her first four years of life, it seemed the most practical and safest way to raising her.

Especially since the woman practiced witch craft heavily, as if it were bred into her bones. During their life time it was sorely forbidden; shunned upon by the many in their home land. It did not matter if they were rich, poor, a man, woman or child.

It was devastatingly wrong in the world of the living, and in the "sane".

The old lady smiled down at the little girl who sat at her kitchen table, running a callused hand through her crimson mane; lost in her own thoughts. The six year old had such long, beautiful thick hair that glittered brighter than the sun, and it would forever remind the grey haired woman of her own daughter's who had unexpectedly died during the crusade invasion only five years prior. But, she wouldn't shed a single tear more, for she saw greatness in this little wonder that sat at her woodened table. She knew the day when this baby was born that it had great potential. All Verdona had to do, was to teach her in the ways of the Anodite. It was more or less a well long forgotten tribe of witch craft that'd been handed down from generation to generation with other family members who were lucky, and fortunate enough to have been born with "the spark". Verdona marveled in the girl's possibilities.

"Grandma?" A small voice hovered about; echoing in the older's ears, bringing the woman out of her silent reverie.

"Hm?" Verdona responded, a bit distracted at first, but gaining control right away upon seeing her granddaughter's face of concern. "Oh, I'm sorry dear." She chuckled, pushing another stray lock of red away from the girl's lavish, and dark green eyes. "I wasn't on earth there for a minute- Did you say something?"

A sigh of annoyance escaped from the pink folds of the younger one, causing her to twist rapidly in her seat, facing her grandmother head on. "I asked if we could go to town today, and watch the celebration." Seeing the distant response immediately from Verdona, the small child continued, rabidly stressing her case. Hoping the older woman would finally say yes. "Everyone will be there, and you've never let me go to town before, so I was hoping that I- I mean "we" could go see all that awesome stuff for once. I've never been to one -


"..And just think of all the learning stuff I'd be doing! And the fun- mostly the fun. But-"


"And I promise to keep my magic in check!"

"Gwendolyn!" Verdona called out, resting a delicate hand on top of her protégé's shoulder. "Calm down, dear." She finally sighed, looking down at the over excited crimson haired girl; forcing a comforting smile upon her lips. "I don't think it's such a good idea this time, honey. You're not ready."

"But.. I". Gwen huffed, turning her expression towards her lap, her tiny hands folding inward in disappointment. "I just thought that we could…"

Verdona kneeled slowly onto the wood flooring of her small home, brining herself eye level with her granddaughter, keeping the warm gestures hanging along her already weathered and wrinkled features. "I know you think that you're ready, sweetie. " She lifted Gwen's face eye level with hers. "But we need to be very cautious when it comes to things like this." To stress her point, Verdona then lifted her index finger, and brought out a low magenta filled light. It glowing brighter and brighter until it escalated; fading into the darkness that hovered just above the witches' heads.

Gwendolyn's eyes slowly trailed upward, watching as the glow quickly fizzled out against the ceiling of their rickety little shack. "I know." She scolded herself silently, knowing her grandmother was right. She hated it when Verdona was right; which was most of the time anyway, and that was the worst part of it.

Always was.

"Tell you what." Verdona began, as a big grin plastered itself upon her features. "You continue to train with me- working hard with your powers every day, by learning to keep in it control; I promise to take you to the festivities on your sixteenth birthday. How's that sound?"

Gwen's nose whipped up in slight confusion. "Why sixteen?"

Verdona giggled lightly towards her inexperienced little witch, and used her index finger to nuzzle the girl's nose in a teasing like fashion. "Because, you'll be the same age as I was when I had begun to master many things… Like for example, controlling one's power, sweetheart."

"Ah." Gwen puffed, rolling her emerald pools at the same time. She knew that excuse was going to come out of her Grandmother's mouth. It wasn't a shocking answer to say the least. Verdona could be so predictable inside of any situation. Well, to Gwendolyn anyways. Living with her for those first few years of life helped in that aspect of it.

It also didn't mean that Gwendolyn had to agree with it.

"Now." Verdona began, swiftly changing the subject, quickly removing herself off of the dirt tinged flooring. "Let's see if we can try something new today. Okay, kiddo?"

"Like what?" Gwen asked, seeming most hopeful to the task at hand; her anger of not being able to join the other children in the town below, melting almost instantly. She loved to learn; this much was clear, and she wasted no time in absorbing all of what her Grandmother had to offer her. Over the course of her living with Verdona, Gwen had achieved many things at an alarming rate. The older Anodite was more than impressed, never having any doubts as to how far Gwendolyn would develop into an amazing, and honest sorceress. Hoping that someday, the younger girl would change how people had perceived witches with power, and eventually accepting them like any other magical being that had their own rights to live.

Verdona had let out true, full blown laughter towards her inexperienced Anodite, grabbing herbs, and potions from the pantry; almost dropping one of the bottles during her fits of entertainment from her granddaughter. "We-" She paused for dramatic effect, reaching for just one more canister, "Are going to birth a butterfly today."

"Really!" Gwen gasped out in happiness. She couldn't believe it. This was going to be her very first time making something that would be truly alive; an actual living and breathing being. Gwen couldn't contain her admiration of such a thought. This was going to be huge, big; a most promising achievement if she did in fact reach that particular goal. Just one more step for her to move upward, and to eventually enjoy her time socializing with other people too. This was the day that she was going to prove to Verdona once and for all that she herself was capable of greatness by controlling her gift from the heavenly gods above.

Gwen smiled deviously at such a premise.


"Alright, dear, have a seat over here with me please." Verdona pointed as she sat cross legged on the hilltop a few miles away from their home. In order to master a certain spell, the older woman thought that serene silence for concentration was best. Especially for Gwen, whose powers were undoubtedly quite strong. One ounce of distraction could cause any amounts of disastrous outcomes. Dying; per say, wasn't on her lists of things to do. Keeping cautious was always best.

"So what do we do first, Grandma?" Gwen inquired, her voice never dropping from anything less than intrigue. Butterflies, to her, were magical, beautiful and inspiring to all forms of life. This was going to be a wonderment of all wonderments for her. So naturally, the girl was ecstatic.

The older witch didn't respond right away, as Gwen watched diligently from her position in front of Verdona. Her eyes wandering with every move the older woman made. Lighting incents, candles, and placing a tarnished leather bound book by her side. Verdona then closed her eyes, getting herself ready in deep meditation. No matter how many times Gwendolyn witnessed her grandmother doing this; it never seized to amaze her. Someday, she wanted to be just like her grandmother.

But little did she know how much greater she would be.

"Are you ready, kiddo?" Verdona whispered out, keeping her dark blue orbs shut tightly, her body straight and narrow; it aligning with the setting of the sun.

"I can be." The crimson haired girl grinned widely, knowing her grandmother couldn't see her expression. She shifted her body into the same as her teacher's, clamping her eyes closed in meditation as well.

"Well then. Why don't you start by wiping that smile off your face, and begin meditating with me."

Gwen's jaw instantly dropped, although she was already in position, she could've sworn that her Grandma had eyes located all over her; going in every type of direction to see all that had inquired around them. She hated that too. Gwen couldn't get away with anything, and with being a child, it sure put a damper on many childlike things.

"And don't even think about sticking your tongue out at me young lady." At this point Verdona had opened one of her eyes, catching Gwen's facial expression at such an awkward moment, that it caused the older witch to giggle in amusement. "Shall we?" She sighed once again, changing the subject. Although Verdona's patience with the girl ran quite high, it still left little room for when it came to teaching the ways of being an Anodite. This type of magic was serious business, and should never, ever be taken lightly.

With the nod of her head from Gwendolyn, Verdona continued to explain with what they were about to get into. "Now just relax, and focus on your task, sweetie. Stay in meditation. Listen to all of the life provided around you. Embrace it, and know it well. Seek the manna that exists in everyday life; letting it consume you."

Fear over came Gwen at first. This was always the hardest part; letting the manna freely enter her body. When the first time she did it, it seemed as though it was hurting her, but as she began to practice it often enough, it went from prickling pins and needles, to only slight, mild discomfort. But no matter how many times she had done this, it didn't help with her fear. All in all, it was still quite an unpleasant feeling.

"Let your mind's eye focus on the manna- moving your thoughts to form a small delicate creature with wings."

After only a few minutes of meditation, the two Anodites were now glowing with bright, magenta power; both lifting themselves up from the forest floor; swirls of light going in and out, twisting and turning, sparking on every sharp and erupting movement.

Gwendolyn continued to remain calm when she lifted her own body, waiting for the older woman to continue. The discomfort passing; she was now astonished with what she was experiencing at that moment in time. It was just enough to take her own breath away.

"Keep concentrating, Kiddo." Grandma Verdona instructed, her voice never wavering anything higher than a loud whisper. "Don't break the bond. We need it to stay afloat; otherwise we'll come crashing down to the earth."

Gwen inwardly took in a nervous breath.

"Don't break it Gwendolyn, I mean it." Verdona smiled knowingly, both feeling the weight of the pink tinted powers upon their shoulders. She knew that Gwen was strong and smart enough to withhold her concentration. Verdona never had any doubts about that. Her granddaughter was beyond her original thoughts of potential, and knew she could handle a mere mortal's magical spell.

"Breathe." Verdona reminded her student. "Oh, and remember. You must be absolutely precise with speaking the language, Gwendolyn, or it won't work right." The older woman laughed under her breath for a moment or two, and cringed silently to herself on the possibilities of what might happen. "We're not sure what could turn out of it, if you totally slaughter the chant, okay…? … "You ready?"

"No." Came a whimpering cry from just across the way, causing Verdona to chuckle out loud once more. "Repeat after me." She continued, ignoring the younger girl's cry for help. "Sed leo, admirabile et pulchra. Ut vitae datae."

The crimson haired girl listened intently. Hearing every syllable her teacher poured out from her lungs; listening to every "t", "s," "I's" and every letter in between during the chant. She had to get it right the very first time. There was no room left for a mistake. If her grandmother didn't know the outcomes of speaking the chant in such an off filtered manner, she wasn't about to risk it. It had to be one hundred and ten percent accurate.

Once Verdona had finished, it was now Gwendolyn's turn. Opening her mouth to chant the spell, her throat had immediately gone dry. Recovering herself quickly, she chanted out the spell, her voice sounding a bit raspy, but knowingly clear all at the same time; which was very important upon completion with any forms of magical chanting.

Feeling the manna being ripped away harshly from her body, Gwen's eyes had opened suddenly with a forcible jolt. Keeping her concentration at an all time high, she then saw what was being transformed from directly in front of her. The magenta pink hues that were floating all around the girls' had quickly changed into greens, blues, yellows, and oranges; most of them already taking their shape.

Fluttering movements from each colored orb, showed the evidence of a promising wing, folding, and unfolding with each up and down motion it carried about its' being.

The red headed witchling was amazed, speechless, and most of all proud. She, on her own, had just created hundreds and hundreds of small animal like entities.

Verdona was very, very pleased with the outcome. When she first tried the spell years, and years ago, close to Gwendolyn's age, she only managed a small amount of five or so butterflies. But here, seeing her granddaughter make thousands, simply amazed her; making her heart swell up with pride.


After her three hour long lessons of spells, enchantments, and over all learning, Verdona allowed young Gwendolyn to explore the world around their home; reminding her to never travel too far; that danger can derive from many forms of life- Human and nature alike.

Gwen of course rolled her eyes in response and told her Grandmother not to wait up for her by the nearest hill top, that she'd meet Verdona at home around dinner time; which gave the older woman a chance to sneak in a cat nap after today's festivities with her star pupil.

Although tired and worn down, Gwendolyn was young enough to bounce back faster than a woman who drastically tripled her own age. So, the extra energy she did have was used towards exploring, and ultimately, more learning of the world around her. She was just fascinated by all accounts of nature, with how things lived and strived to survive.

Walking down a familiar path way that the young girl had taken more times than she could count onto her one hand, she quickly took notice at a deformed- almost petrified tree that she'd never seen on her travels before.

Curiosity getting to the better of her (not to mention that she was a complete tomboy at heart) she just had to climb the large clunky thing and conquer it full force. The big chunk of wood looked quite challenging. So, what better way to feed her need of competition, then by climbing said tree?

Finally reaching for the top, Gwen's eyes widen in awe. She could see the whole village from where she was standing. It was beyond what she considered to be only a dream. It was almost as if she could just touch it, even though it was too far from her reach. How she longed to converse with others' her own age.

"*sigh*Why didn't I notice this stupid, ugly looking tree before?" She questioned to herself out loud, reaching for another tight knit branch from above. She needed to get higher up for an even better view of the small village that she always longed for.

Rustling of the trees around her however, brought the girl out of her fantasy ideas all together. She hesitated with moving at first, waiting for the sound to reach her ears once again. When nothing happened, thinking that it must have been a wild animal of some kind, the girl continued to lift a foot onto another branch, reaching for another to pull herself onto yet another tree limb.

That's when an unfamiliar voice spoke to her, causing her to stop in mid stride.

"That's because it's my stupid, ugly lookin' tree," Came a gruff reply echoing just below her feet.

Gwen was startled at first, but kept her composure quite well. Moving some debris from her view, she peered down, seeing an overly well dressed dark haired boy. He seemed to be about her age from the looks of it. Well… She thought he was any way. It was hard to tell being a bit higher than usual.

"And who says that this is your tree?" The crimson girl snapped back, grinning at her intruder maniacally. "I don't see your name on it!"

The boy sneered just as playfully at her while bringing out a small pocket knife from his trouser's pocket; displaying it so he knew she would see the device. "Like I said, it's mine." He then began to carve his name upon the bark of the tree, running the knife rapidly though out the veins of its outer shell. "See?" He laughed hoarsely, pointing to his handy work. "It does have my name on it." He turned up towards the girl, the smile never leaving his face. "Now don't make me do somethin' about it by kicking your ugly butt off of my secret "ugly" tree."

Gwen growled under her breath, releasing an intake of air she didn't realize she was withholding. Grabbing a branch between her two hands in anger, she decided that now was not the time or place to show him her true powers, or potential. She didn't know who he was, or who he hung out with. Her life would hang in the balance if she were to share that part of her life with him. Not to mention Grandma Verdona's furiousness if she ever found out. Which… She always did find out. So, she decided to try and scare the poor kid with her expertise battle skills she'd been taking from her Grandfather for over the past year and a half.

Angling herself just right, Gwen tilted her body forward and out, shifting her weight so she could twirl herself upside down while holding onto each branch, swinging as if she were a professional acrobat from a sold out, three ringed circus.

With each moving pass, the boy intently watched her. At first not impressed with her simple movements, but it then gradually grew wider with each difficult twist and roll she had conquered during her decent to the ground below. It was majestic, hard core, but all in all delicate in every sense of the word.

Gwen finally came in contact with the earth below, and took a defensive stance; her hands straight as an arrow's point, her brow arched in such a way that told the boy to "do his worse, and to "bring it on" as best as he possibly could.

She was far from being scared.

The boy however just stood there silent. Gwen then rolled her eyes back at him out of annoyance. "Well?" She questioned, keeping her strong willed defiance around him. "Care to say that to me again?" She taunted, finally brining that grin back upon her rose tinted lips.

"Wooow…" Was all that escaped from the young man's mouth- realizing that he was showing his emotions of being impressed, the kid quickly shook his head, snapping out of his enticing trance. "I mean-" He stuttered a bit under his breath, and continued. "For a girl? I guess that's pretty good."

"Uh, huh." Gwen replied unconvinced, knowing she had him right where she wanted him, but also realizing too, that he was in fact trying to be sincere, so, she figured she should at least try and be some of that; paying the kindness forward as well. "I'm Gwendolyn," She proclaimed smiling sweetly, holding out her hand in good gesture, waiting for the young man to oblige at the same time.

The boy hesitated, lifting a brow at her in uncertainty. Seeing her warm smile though, told him that everything was going to be okay. He didn't know why he was suddenly drawn to her, or why he felt the sudden urgency of feeling safe around her, it was just an emotion that over whelmed him completely.

Smiling himself, he reached out for her hand, and took it gently, watching as their fingers met up with each other. "Kevin." He simply said, their hands never unlocking for a few minutes more.

"This is weird." Kevin finally spoke after a few moments of absolute silence between the two of them. He finally let go of her hand, watching as it dropped swiftly to her side.

"Y-yeah." Gwen agreed, looking towards her way home, anything to keep herself from staring. "I really should be getting home. My grandmother's probably wondering where I am by now."

"Yeah." Kevin lamely sighed out, silently kicking himself for coming up with such a nerdy type of response. "Um… Sorry about the whole ugly, uh- thing." He finishes, rubbing the back of his head nervously. He didn't know what was coming over him. He never acted this way around anyone, and it was more than an uncomfortable feeling to say the least.

"Don't worry about it, I'll live." The red headed girl replied, finding that she had been grinning from ear to ear the whole time. She really did need to go home though. Grandma Verdona was seriously going to bring hell upon her if she didn't make it back home by dinner time.

As Gwen turned to leave, an idea struck her hard. Could this boy be her very first friend? "No." She quickly thought to herself. "Grandma would kill me knowing that I'm talking to a stranger." Then another idea hit her twice as hard. "What Grandma doesn't know, won't hurt her, right?" She put a hand to her chin in deep thought. "..and I just learned how to do a blocking spell about a month ago. I mean.. If it's in small doses- So maybe-?"

Gwen spun around full circle, staring on at the boy with mixed emotions running frantically through her own bones. "Would you like to meet me here tomorrow?" She sputtered out without even thinking. Realizing her mistake she finishes with, "I'm sorry. I mean… If you wanted to- I really don't want to make you and stuff, if you don't want to- it's your choice if you do or not- I mean-

"Sure. Why not?" Kevin shrugged carelessly. "I got nothin' else better to do."

And with that, Gwendolyn smiled and turned away, heading towards her Grandmother's shack, unknowingly leaving Kevin smiling like a full blown idiot in her dust.

Unbeknownst to her, was that she was going to be Kevin's very first friend too.

Grandma Verdona would so not approve...

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