Primal Instinct.

Chapter Twenty Three: Coming Home.

Coming Home.

That was what it felt like to finally have Viktor's manhood sheathed deeply inside her. Rogue couldn't help but let out a deep, relieved sigh as she straddled his hips, both hands pressing firmly on his abdominal muscles as she took a moment to appreciate the feeling as well as feel relieved her idea had been right.

"I wish ya'd take your clothes off."

Viktor rumbled, running his hands up over the back of her dress.

"I told ya, I'm cold."

Rogue muttered back, licking her lips before she tried rocking forwards a little. She gasped a little as she felt Viktor's hands grip her hips tightly in response. Whilst being cold was a reason she had kept her dress, bra, socks, and slippers on it wasn't the only one. Right now she had managed to let her hormones and instincts allow one of her Mates to penetrate her. If the cost was keeping her clothes on so her instincts could be satisfied by having some kind of 'shield' then so be it. It was stupid, it wasn't really a shield in any way to protect the cub in some way but she was with her Mate and that was the best thing ever right now.

Viktor hummed with half amusement and half fustration as he lifted his torso up to nuzzle the spot behind her right ear. A shy smile tugged at the corners of her lips at the affectionate gesture as she rocked her hips forwards and backwards this time whilst trying a little rise and fall in an attempt to find some kind of rhythm without any real experience in the subject.

"Thats it baby, nice and slow."

He purred, using his own hips and his hands on her hips to help guide her movements. When his mouth parted again, however, and his teeth just brushed the flesh of her neck Rogue's instinctive reaction was immediate without her even thinking about what she was doing. One of her hands shot out, grabbing his throat and slamming him back against the matress with a feral growl, teeth bared as she glared at him. When Rogue realised what she was doing a blush rose on her cheeks out of embarassment as she gently released him. What she didn't realise was her other hand had gone to cradle where her baby lay at the same time.

"Easy. Easy. Its okay, I don't wanna hurt our cub."

Viktor reassured her, his voice husky and low as he tried to sooth the instincts he'd inadvertantly flared up.

"Ahm sorry. Ahm sorry..."

Rogue breathed, tears pricking the corners of her eyes as she moved both hands back to rest upon his adominable muscles as she tried to relax her body once more. She knew it could have been worse though. She could have moved herself off him and run for an exit. Her instincts had at least partly recognised it was safer to stay as she was then try to flee.

"Its okay Rogue. I'm yours. You're safe and our cub is safe."

Viktor murmurred, rubbing his hands against her hips soothingly as he stayed laid beneath her relaxed so she'd have no other reason to act defensive. No longer unbalanced, Rogue resumed rolling her hips letting their arousal build once more. A low moan left Rogue's lips as she felt Viktor grab and squeeze her rear, a low hum coming from his own throat as he thrust his member deeper inside her silken depths.

"More baby. More."

Viktor groaned, his claws flexing as he tried to encourage her to go faster as he began to pick up his own pace. Rogue gradually increased her pace, her fingernails digging into his flesh as she tried to balance her arousal, and her Mate's, with her protective instincts. Before she knew it they were thrusting frantically, Viktor sat up as he roughly rammed himself inside her and using his grip to her backside thrust her hard against him even as she did the same vice versa. Her fingernails dug into his shoulder blades, their moans and slapping of sweaty flesh filling the air as her chest bounced up and down vigourously not just due to the motion but also due to her heavy breathing.

"More! More! More!"

Rogue moaned, her senses overwhelmed as she forgot all sense and reason. Before she knew it she felt him explode inside her, his semen plunging through her even as her own juices began to trickle down her thighs. Viktor flopped back onto the bed, sated as he kept his grip on her hips so they'd remain joined. What they didn't know was that it wasn't over.

The door flung open with a bang causing Rogue to look over her shoulder sharply whilst Viktor merely raised a smug eyebrow at his half brother. He knew if Rogue didn't have instincts and hormones driving her to distraction she would have recognised James by scent automatically. Logan looked at his naked brother with shock. He had finally achieved the impossible. At least it had been impossible.


James hummed, having paused for a moment before striding towards her. Rogue gulped as she felt her arousal begin again as she watched Logan strip off his shirt, wifebeater and belt. She was unable to see any more as Logan put his hand on her back and forced her forwards so her chest was flat against Viktor's. She heard him unzip his jeans and take them off along with his socks and boots before both hands grabbed her ass cheeks. With a deep inhale he parted the round globes, his rock hard cock jerking in excitement as he pressed the head of it against her puckered asshole.


Marie gasped, alarmed as she felt his fingers run over her inner thighs before rubbing the juices over his cock. She couldn't help but feel worried and concerned, not over the experience of anal but because she wasn't sure how she'd react to it sober and not pregnant let alone whilst pregnant (and admittedly feeling a little crazy thanks to her instincts and hormones).

"I've gotchu."

James murmurred, feeling his balls ache as he finally pushed every inch of his long, thick cock inside her until finally he was balls deep inside her. With a growl of lust James began pulling himself out slowly until only the head was inside before ramming himself back inside with a snap. Within seconds he was fucking her relentlessly, slamming himself harder and deeper inside her with every thrust. With every thrust Rogue's body was forced to yerk upwards before sliding back down, her breasts slapping against Viktor's chest and chin, whilst the movement of her body also caused her to move whilst his cock was inside her. Viktor could feel himself getting more and more aroused with each jerk of Rogue's body and before long his hands were clenched around her hips as he plunged in and out of her with reckless abandon.

Stuck between two cocks, her body jerking this way and that due to both males rough handling Rogue could only hang on for the ride. A chant of 'oh my god' seemed to play endlessly on her lips as James' cock overfilled her, forcing her muscles to stretch further then she thought possible and she thought for sure he must be breaking something as he frantically fucked her until finally he came, his semen bursting out of him with stream after stream which was forced to leak out around the base of his cock as her anus was overfilled already. At the same time Viktor roared his own completion, soaking her inner walls with his own cum as he forced every inch to stay buried inside her.

Viktor released her hips, a smirk on his lips as he caught the posessive, raw lust in his brother's gaze. He didn't make any movement as James yanked Rogue off him, tossing her onto her back, pinning her wrists to the bed above her head with one hand and roughly plunging every inch of his long, thick dick inside her sore pussy with a grunt. Stood between her parted legs, crotch to crotch he vicously ravaged her as he sought his own pleasure from her exhausted, sweaty body. He tuned out everything around him, his gaze focused on her large breasts bouncing so deliciously, his sense of smell focused on the scent of their arousals and cum, and his hearing focused solely on his sounds of pleasure and hers of exhausation, a bit of pleasure, and a lot of pain.

Before long both of his hands had a firm grip on her hips as he slammed her pussy into his groin and rammed his cock into her depths in one fluid motion, whilst Rogue lay limp, her arms still above her head. James didn't last much longer as he ruthlessly and frantically pounded away at her prone body until his own semen poured inside her abused pussy until she was filled up to the brim. He let his cock slip out of her before climbing up onto the bed, straddling her abdomen as his gaze fell on her massive, perky breasts.

"She has a great set of tits."

James mentioned, gaining Viktor's grunt of agreement as he too glanced over at the round mounds. Inching forwards James yanked her dress and bra down revealing her breasts before he pushed his cock between her breasts, putting a hand behind her neck and head to lift it up so she was looking down the valley between her breasts. She blinked up at him, her eyes glazed over from exhaustion and over-sensitivity.

"Every time my cock goes inside that lovely mouth of yours I wanya to suck, and suck hard."

He told her, making sure she understood and acknowledged him before placing a hand over her right breast. Without warning he began thrusting hard and deep between her breasts, his other hand leaving the back of her head once he was sure she could hold herself up. Both hands gripped both tits, squeezing them hard with nails as well as pushing them together as he rammed his cock between her breasts, his balls slapping against the underside of her tits and three quarters of his long cock pushing itself between her lips and getting a delicious, long, hard suck for its efforts from inside Rogue's warm, wet mouth.

James dragged his nails over the soft flesh of her tits, yanking hard on her nipples and drawing blood as his grip and movements got rougher and wilder by the second.

"Such a good mouth and nice, warm pussy. You suck real well there Marie, real well."

James growled, his engorged cock covered in all three sets of cum rubbed the same juices onto her breasts and over her tongue and teeth as he continued his brutal assault. The force, power, and speed was so great that anyone without the supernatural healing ability they possessed would have been dead long ago. It was because of this that James and Viktor were no strangers to incest. After all they could never get proper release if they couldn't shed all restraints and since the healing ability was rare they hadn't managed to find more then a couple of others they could really and properly fuck. Without getting that proper release their temprement would get more and more unstable, more vicious, and so they had fucked each other a number of times just to get that release they needed. Not only that but they did love each other, they were brothers, and back when they were young incest wasn't as much of a taboo so it never seemed wrong.

"I needa fuck."

Viktor muttered as he got up off the bed, stretching his arms above his head before he moved to stand between Rogue's legs where James had been previously. The sight of James' muscles flexing with each thrust, sweat glistening on his and Rogue's skin, along with the sight of James' wet cock forcing itself, and sliding along her flesh so nicely, not only between her breasts but into her mouth too caused Viktor's own cock to harden with an aching lust that needed to be sated. Grabbing her thighs with his huge paws, nails sharp and long as they digged into the skin, he forced her to part her legs as wide as possible and pushed them up until they were over his broad shoulders. His paws now gripped just below her hips, each thumb along the crease between thigh and crotch with his long, thick, sharp nail piercing her skin so close to her soft folds. With one savage thrust he had plunged his cock into her pussy balls deep with a low growl.

With the extra power and extra body involved everything felt so much more. Viktor's teeth sunk into the flesh of James' shoulder whilst Rogue gripped James' thighs tightly as she keened in helplessness as she felt every inch of her body moving and aching in more ways then one.

"Please, please, please, please."

Rogue begged, tears coming to the corners of her eyes as both brothers began to ram their cocks into her respective body parts at the same time. James squeezed her heaving tits harder, nails piercing the skin and drawing blood, even as he pushed them together to rub against his soaking wet cock. Meanwhile Viktor's paws grabbed her ass, his nails pressed inside and beneath her skin, as he rammed his length inside her over and over again, the sound of wet flesh slapping wet flesh filling the air as his cum, James' cum, and Rogue's cum splashed between and over the both of them as his balls hit her pussy and his cock rammed itself completely inside her. The same happened between James' cock into her mouth, her saliva adding to the effect, and his cum soaked balls slapping against the underside of her breasts.

"God, I love ya fucking titties."

James snarled, smacking both tits on the outer side with his hands in one hard smack. The sound of her wet breasts smacking into and bouncing off each other was music to both males' ears. The sight of it aroused James even further, making his cock swell thicker and longer. Without a second thought James gripped Rogue's shoulders and then using the muscles in his legs and arms he rammed his body forwards, forcing his cock and balls to plunge between and slap her breasts as he forced the majority of his cock into her mouth and down her throat with a lust filled roar. He hauled her body downwards with each of his forward thrusts, bruising her breasts as they slapped against his crotch and thighs as well as her own chin.

Viktor's hands reached past James' body and grabbed each of her breasts, his bloody and sharp nails plunging beneath the skin as he too began yanking her body downwards as he thrust forwards, causing his chest and James' back to smack and trap her legs between them as they did so.

It wasn't long before they were a sweaty, exhaused pile on the bed with Rogue covered in her own blood and theirs as well as her own juices.

Merry Christmas! Enough said. ;]