Characters: Viola, Sara, Brenda, John, Samantha, Marissa, Jason, Lucas, Alice, Kendra, Steve, Mari, Mitch, and Tim

Cut Alice, Marissa, and Jason calling out to Samantha at the station.

Alice sits on the floor and buries her face into her hands.

Alice: "This is all my fault. This was a horrible idea."

Jason: "Hey, Samantha's smart… sort of… but either way she'd know how to get away. Come on let's go search for her."

Jason grabs a metal baseball bat from his trunk and moves towards Alice and Marissa who flinch thinking that he is going to attack them but he just laughs at their reaction.

Marissa: "You jerk! This is serious. Let's go."

Jason puts his hands up in surrender and accompanies the girls in their search for Samantha.

At first they call out to her but then realize that Ghost-face is out here too. They go onto the bridge and Alice and Marissa walk strait through it.

Jason, behind them, stops and notices Samantha's phone on the ground. He picks it up and examines it. Alice and Marissa are already at the other end of the bridge. Jason looks over the edge and sees something.

He goes down there see Samantha's lifeless body. He is about to call out to the girls when Samantha's phone rings.

Cut to Alice and Marissa walking and they are already a while away from the bridge, finally turning to see that Jason is gone.

Cut to Jason underneath the bridge

The phone rings. He answers the call.

Jason: "Hello?"

Ghost-face: "Hello Jason. So glad we could still have a Randy in the movie."

Jason: "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?"

Ghostface: "It means that you're next one my list."

Jason: "Ha, well good luck with that..."

Suddenly from behind, Ghost-face pops up from behind and grabs Jason, like Ghost-face said, it resembles Randy's death except under a bridge.

Jason struggles but is stabbed multiple times. he tries calling out for help but his throat is slashed by Ghost-face, finishing him off.

Cut to Alice and Marissa in the middle of the parking lot.

Alice: "Where'd Jason go?"

Marissa: "Maybe he's trying to scare us."

Alice: "Jason? Please. He couldn't scare a baby."

Marissa: "Then where'd he go?"

Alice: "I don't know. Here call him."

Marissa dials Jason's number but there is no answer.

Alice: "Try texting him, he usually responds to that faster."

Marissa shrugs and texts him: "Hey, where are you?"

She presses the send button and they look around. After a minute, 'Jason' answers: "At the car. Hurry, I found Samantha."

Alice finds it strange but Marissa bolts to the car. They reach it but no one is there. They turn to see a different car leave the parking lot.

Alice: "Well? Where is he?"

Marissa: "I don't know. I'll call him again."

She calls and they hear the phone ringing from the backseat of the car. They turn to see blood dripping from the bottom of the door. With a look of terror, they open the door to see Samantha's body on the floor of the car and Jason's body laid out across the seats.

The two scream in horror. They freak out and Alice imediatly calls the police.

Police Oportator: "Hello how may I help you?"

Alice: "Help! Please, there's been two murder at the Woodsboro Train Station."

Oporator: "Alright, they are on their way. Just stay put."

Alice: (Crying) "Ok thank you."

They hug each other when Marissa's phone vibrates. She checks it to see that it's from Samantha's phone.

Alice: "Oh my god what does it say?"

Marissa opens the message and it reads: "The Windsor house is next."

Alice: "Oh my god he's going to Mari's. Let's wait for the police to come, they'll tus to Mari's."

Marissa: "No time, we have to warn the others."

They close the door and get into the front and drive franticly to Mari's house.

They pull up to the drive way and run towards the overly large front door, pounding on it. Eventually they pound on the door so hard it slides open. It was never locked. They rush in calling out to the others but no one is there.

Alice: "Steve? Mari?"

Marissa: "Lucas? Where is everyone?"

Alice: "I don't know."

Marissa: "What the heck."

Alice: "What do we do?"

Marissa: "Um…"

Cut to Mitch wandering around his house.

Mitch: "Kendra? Where are you?"

He is in search of his baby sitter but she in no where to be found. Just then she enters through the sliding glass door.

Kendra: "Hey Mitch. What's wrong?"

Mitch: "Where were you?"

Kendra: "It doesn't matter. Did you need me for something? Are you hungry?"

Mitch: "No. I just thought I heard something but no big deal."

Kendra doesn't seem comfortable. She feels guilty about something.

We're almost at the start of the climax! Who could the killer be? Could it be Kendra? could it be Tim? It could be anyone! Tell me who you think it might be in a review!