Chapter Eight

Wherein Narcissa Deals With the Situation Quite Nicely


Narcissa Malfoy, a vodka martini in hand, came into the main hall. Her son stood in the doorway, a pretty redhead hovering not far behind.

"Draco, don't just stand there. You're letting all the nice cold air out. Do come in. Miss Weasley, I presume. Do fix yourself a drink, my dear. I imagine you've had a long day. Draco, your father was in his study last I saw. Do be respectful of the carpets. I just had them cleaned."

Draco, who was quite used to his mother's rather straightforward and one-track mind, pulled Ginny into the house and shut the door.

"Ginny, you'd best come with me," Draco said.

"I don't imagine you want your lady friend to see you burn a hole in your father's head. She can stay here," Narcissa said, moving to the side bar to fix another drink.

Draco hesitated.

"You needn't worry," Narcissa said. "That lovely spell your father put on the pair of you won't drag the little lady back to you. Not in this house."

Draco nodded. He still looked hesitant and Narcissa gave him a look that said he would be best to leave now.

Draco, being a brilliant boy, left without another word. Ginny looked a bit shell shocked.

"Do you drink, Miss Weasley?"

"Uh, I just turned legal a few weeks ago. I haven't really done much experimenting," Ginny said.

"Then I'll pick for you," Narcissa said. She poured a scotch neat. "Try this, my dear."

Ginny did so and nodded with thanks.

"Good, now what are your intentions towards my son?"

Ginny choked and a house elf appeared and patted her on the back until she recovered.

"I'd like to get this spell off the two of us," she said when she'd recovered.

"Really? Even if you knew what the spell truly was?"


"MOTHER! FATHER IS NOT IN HIS STUDY!" Draco shouted from somewhere upstairs.

"Don't shout, son," Narcissa said loudly. "He's probably hiding in the kitchen."

"Thanks, Mum," Draco said, appearing on the balcony that overlooked the main hall. He sprinted to the other end and disappeared again.

"What were you talking about?" Ginny asked.

"There are a lot of spells to bind a pair of people together. Do you know a spell called the Last Separation?"

"I've heard of it in passing," she admitted. "Is that what Lucius put on us?"

"Yes. Are you aware of how it works?"

"Not really."

"The spell does not work unless certain requirements are met."

Ginny went still and Narcissa wondered if the girl had made the connection.


"Draco, son, what have I told you about shouting?"

Draco appeared over the edge of the railing. "Sorry, Mum. He's not in the kitchen."

"Try the library, son. And before you ask, I'd suggest you try all of them."

"Right. Thanks."

"The Last Separation," Ginny began quietly once Draco had disappeared again. "It doesn't work unless both the parties feel for each other. Unless they don't want to be separated."

"Yes," Narcissa said, finishing off her drink. She poured another.

"Are you trying to get drunk?"

Narcissa looked at her martini. "My dear child, I came to terms with this several days ago. Well, the part about you caring for my son. I've known for a while that my son cared for you."

"I think I should get drunk," Ginny said, downing her drink.

"Drunk or sober, the results won't change, my little girl."

Ginny winced. "But what do I do now?"

"You can find my husband and have him remove the spell but it still won't change the facts. Or you can marry my son."

"Huh? You mean you'd be okay with it?"

"My dear child, if I hadn't been, do you really think I would have let my silly husband cast that spell in the first place?"

"My brothers are going to freak out," Ginny said. She poured a drink but it was iced tea this time.

"Oh, most definitely. Now, you can always send them my way. I dare say I can handle a few rowdy boys."

"For your sake, I hope so," Ginny muttered.

I'm gonna have the cutest grandbabies, Narcissa thought, studying Ginny's classic profile.

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