It was raining. Again.

The ground was muddy, and my boots made a slurping sound as I trudged through it. My army was heavy, and I was loaded with weapons - from sword to dagger to shield to bow and arrow, it was all there. And it was all heavy.

My face was covered in ash, and my left hand slightly burned.

'You picked a bad time to get lost.' Said a gruff voice from behind me. Great. This was all I needed.

I turned around to see about eight bandits. They were well armed, covered from head to toe in leather armour and carrying iron swords and axes. The man who had spoken stood at the head of the group, his sword drawn and a smirk on his face. I readied my own sword, and a couple of the bandits laughed.

'Say,' Said the leader. 'All those weapons and all that armour looks heavy. How about he take it off your hands?'

'I'm not in the mood for this. Back off now.' I threatened.

The bandits all burst out laughing. The leader scoffed.

'You sure sound tough,' He grinned. 'I should probably retreat.' He was enjoying this, playing to the crowd. I noticed his grip tightening on the handle of his sword.

I knew I would have to attack first. So I did. I lunged forward with my sword, and quick as a flash the leader parried, knocking me back. As I got to my feet, an arrow swooped past my head and impacted with the muddy ground with a thud. I spotted the shooter, and brought up my left hand. I aimed at the archer and shot a burst of fire - he dropped his bow and yelled in surprise as his hair ignited. A female bandit leaped at me, twin streams of ice streaming from her hands. I grabbed her and threw her aside, and she hit the ground unconscious. A man sprinted towards me, his sword held high over his head. I plunged my sword forward and through his stomach, and pushed him off the blade with my foot. And span around and opened the belly of another attacker moments before his dagger met with my shoulder. Four down, four left.

Then, a bandit jumped on me from behind. I fell, my sword clattering to the ground. I reached for it as the bandit's leader kicked it away.

He knelt down over me, his face close enough to mine for me to smell his disgusting breath as he gloated.

'You're good,' He said as he touched my neck with the tip of his sword. 'But I'm better.' He raised his sword, preparing to bring it down on my head.

But then, before he could strike, I took a deep breath. The bandit stopped for a second, confused. I grinned as I roared: