1. Best friends share… everything.

Disclaimer: the characters and all recognisable situations belong to Stephenie Meyer - this is a work of fan fiction, except for the legends and histories of the Quileute that, of course, belong to them. I pay my respects to their gods.

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Standard garbled author notes:

Set in the usual New Moon world (of my dreams) where Edward leaves Bella to keep her human and safe and never comes back! Thus she does NOT throw herself from a cliff and does NOT meet the Volturi or blow the pack secret to them.

Some time has passed. I will admit that I have completely screwed up the timetable and I have no idea when it really is calendar wise. This is another one shot that got out of control. When have I done that before? *laughs at self*

Bella is still in high school and half the pack phased earlier than they technically should have. Now you can enjoy the story OR you can whine to me that I have made a mistake about the chronology. Your choice.

So I think it is about May of Bella's final year at High School. She and Jake have reconnected and she knows about the wolf pack. The pack took out Laurent in the meadow. Quil phased and joined them at some point but Claire does not exist and there will be no imprinting on babies.

Rating: very MA, warning for threesome and I mean a real threesome… Also clearly I have an issue with showers and water… sigh… I am what I am and I'm sticking to it.

Chapter one.

Jacob Black had put Bella Swan back together. With gentle words and even gentler hands and big warm hugs. Lots of hugs. And Bella's nightmares had faded; the ones where she was lost in the forest and searching for a fleeting shadow. Searching for him and never finding him. Her subconscious had finally seemed to comprehend that he was really gone; that he had really just left her alone in the forest. Left her with the betrayal and the blame; implied that it was her fault. She was weak and transitory. Implied that she was too human and too breakable and that she would just forget him.

She hadn't forgotten him, but she had kind of got over him. Maybe he was right about that. He just seemed so unreal now. She had no photos. All she had were her memories and even they seemed to take on an unrealistic tint. He really can't have been that gorgeous could he?

But she still dreamed.

But now Bella's dreams were filled with a darker world. One where she was lost in the forest and found… found by hot hands and these hands weren't so gentle… and they weren't even Jake's hands. And over time, the dreams developed. Now there were other body parts involved too, not just hands. Now there were tongues and lips and hot hard erections. She woke from her nightmares now with her heart pounding in her chest and her hands clammy… and her panties soaked.

She doesn't admit these to herself though; that would be another betrayal of the boy who had worked so hard to rebuild her. As hard as he had worked on his Rabbit. He was so proud of that car and he was so proud of her. She was still as clumsy as ever but she noticed his sunny smiles and the way he watched her. But it's not like her dreams. So she rebuffed him. She stepped out of his way when he went to kiss her. She made the topics of futures, dating and boyfriends off limits. And Jake let her do it. He didn't push.

He seemed so young and boyish; she can't imagine him as anything other than her childhood companion. The little boy from the beach. The boy she made mud pies with. He was always her little Jake; even if he was closer to seven feet tall than not, these days.

It isn't Jake in her dreams.

Bella was having a shower at Jake's place. He had been epically weird and she couldn't work it out. He had invited her out to stay for the weekend. The whole weekend. Even Charlie was okay with it. He and Billy had gone off on some big fishing trip. Probably an excuse to sit around drinking too many beers and telling the same old stories of their youth. Again.

So she had packed her bag for an overnight stay. Woo hoo.

Jake had been so excited when she arrived; early in the morning, as he had requested. He had even got some chick flick DVDs from somewhere to watch later that night. Borrowed them from Emily or something. She doubted Leah was into chick flicks.

He was all excited about doing what she wanted for once; not hanging in the garage doing what he usually was doing. She didn't really mind but she liked making Jake happy, so she went along with whatever he wanted to do normally. She told him she wanted to hang in the garage and watch him work and he looked oddly pleased by that. He had taken his shirt off and she had noticed; not for the first time, that Jake was seriously built.

He had finally looked at her with a look she had never seen before. He had almost stalked across the dusty floor towards her. Nothing romantic was going to happen in her book, but suddenly Jake looked like a man on a mission. She didn't recognise this man. But then she heard a wolf howl. Saved by the howl. She thought it might be some kind of signal from the pack. His head lifted as he heard it and then he had just run out of the dilapidated garage and disappeared. He didn't say a word to her. Epically weird.

She had waited for a while, but it was clear he wasn't going to be back soon. Some emergency she assumed. She wondered how they knew what the howls meant. Wolf speak?

She always felt grimy after being in the garage so she decided to head inside the dilapidated house and have a shower. It was still early and Jake might be back later. Probably for lunch.

Maybe if Bella had grown up in a family with more than one child, she might actually have locked the door, but she hadn't and she didn't.

She heard the door open and she thought it was Jake back from wherever he went.

"What happened? Some kind of wolfy emergency?" she asked.

No answer. She stuck her head out of the shower curtain.

But the figure that entered was not Jake; it was much bigger and much wider and not as tall. She thought that it was some kind of dare that the others had put him up to, and initially she was not that concerned. She just uttered some kind of squeaked exclamation.

"Quil?" She was so surprised. He had that same look on his face; like Jake's had earlier in the garage. She was confused. "Quil?" she tried again.

"Bells." He said her name like it was a prayer.

She made sure that she was covered with the shower curtain and turned the water off; wiping the water from her face with her hand. He looked almost like he had taken some drugs or something; so unlike the normal happy go lucky Quil.

"Are you okay?" she asked him. She had never really thought of Quil as dangerous. Certainly not to her; he was the pack clown and she wasn't frightened of him now.

"Oh…" he groaned. "Here you are …naked… and wet." He almost growled it at her.

She was still confused. "Yeah…" she spoke slowly as if he was not quite with her. "Duh… I'm in the shower."

No response.

"You can leave now. Go collect your money," she suggested.

He looked confused now. "Money?" he repeated.

"Yeah." She waved at him with one hand. "For your bet."

He blinked very slowly. That gave her the tiniest jolt; it was so… predatory. She started to question what was happening.

"Quil," she stated carefully. "Leave now."

He tilted his head a little. And he smiled at her. A very slow smile.

She gasped a little. She really looked at him for the first time since he had entered the room. Jake was built but Quil was built. He had been big and burly before the transformation and now he was as big as a boulder. And she noticed his usual cut-offs were straining at the front.


She made another startled squeak noise. It attracted his attention. He took a step towards her. She had nowhere to go. She was naked and hiding behind a shower curtain. Jake's house had one of those showers over the bath arrangements.

He just stepped into the bath with her. He took up an awful lot of room.

She didn't know what to do. He didn't seem like normal Quil. But she still wasn't frightened of him, but she could feel her heart rate increasing a little with her anxiety. She had a choice between watching him and flashing him her naked body. She chose modesty and turned her back to him. Her wet hair hung over her shoulder and dripped down her body. She shivered a little. It crossed her mind to ask him to pass her a towel. At least he might have to get out of the shower to do that. Probably not. The bathroom was very small and all their arms were so long. He could almost certainly reach it by just leaning to the right.

He made a noise at the sight of her naked, wet back and ass. It sounded mostly like a groan. Dear god, she was mooning him.

He took another step towards her. She was right up in the end of the bath now. She was too clumsy to climb out and get past him to the door. She would probably fall and hurt herself. She thought about doing it anyway and while she was judging the distance he closed the gap between them.

One of his big hands slid around her neck and held her under the chin. The other snaked down to between her legs. He tugged her back against him at the same time as he pushed forward a little. She was suddenly plastered up against his front. There was no gap between them now.

"Quil?" she tried appealing to him as well as she could with him holding her chin. She had a memory flash of her darkest dreams. She made a small noise like a whimper. Her hands reached up to hold his arm where he held her around the throat.

He pressed his face in against her neck. His fingers at her groin pressed in against her secret places. No man had ever touched her there.

"Bells," he breathed down her neck. He was so big and so warm. She closed her eyes. Maybe it was a dream. She was asleep on Jake's couch having another freaky dream.

He licked her neck. It was so unexpected that she jolted a bit and the fingers in her secret places moved a little; they rubbed against other things. Things she had rubbed her own fingers against. She had only done it after Edward was gone and she could do it without upsetting him, or making him lose control.

Quil seemed to know. She tried to shift her body, but it just allowed those meaty fingers more access. The hand at her chin shifted a little and those fingers stroked down her neck. Pressing over the pumping vein in her neck.

"Stop it," she begged. "Stop touching me."

"I'm not moving my hand, Bells," he whispered in a dark and throaty voice.

She almost groaned.

He spoke again. "You're the one rubbing yourself on it."

That shocked her. Her eyes flashed open. She caught herself shifting her own hips against him.

Holy crow, he was right. She had started rubbing herself against his massive hand as it covered her whole mound; his fingers slipping and sliding through her folds. She tried to breathe; it was hard to breathe. He held her so firmly. And the air seemed thicker; harder to inhale.

She was trying to think. How was she going to get out of this? Whatever this was?

"Quil! What do you think you are doing?"

"Embry …oh thank god," she gasped out. The thought of what on earth Embry was seeing crossed her mind. How could she explain this?

Quil spun them both effortlessly and oddly gracefully in the crowded bath. She faced Embry now. Naked. Wet. With Quil's paw on her pubic mound. And she couldn't move. But she was so pleased to see him.

She cringed at the sheer size of them both. Trying to fit in the bathroom with her. She lifted her hands in entreaty to Embry.

"I told you not to start without me," Embry said.

"What?" she managed. The implications of what Embry had just said freaked her out.

"J-Jake… where's Jake?" she demanded. He could stop them. Before…

Embry smiled at her. He still looked like normal Embry. His dark eyes watched her seriously. "He's with Leah… and he won't share…" Embry sounded put out.

"Share?" Her voice almost sounded hysterical, she could hear it rise herself.

"Yeah… he crapped on about alpha pairs and shit like that." Embry rubbed his jaw. "Punched me."

"But we can share, can't we Embry," Quil suggested in that low growly voice.

"What the hell is going on…?" She finally thought to ask Embry, while he still looked a tad sensible.

"Mating season Bells… didn't Jake warn you…? I thought that was why you came out for the weekend?"

"No," chuckled Quil. "I know he didn't tell her. He thought he might actually get 'his' Bells… finally after all those weeks of teasing… but I guess Leah distracted him more huh? The wolf will out."

"I didn't tease him," she blustered, but now she understood that look in the garage.

"No," said Embry. "You just never saw him like that, did you?" That struck her as so truthful that she couldn't deny it.

"No," she said in a tiny voice. "He's my friend."

"But we saw you," breathed Quil down her neck again.

"We?" she squeaked.

His hand made another sliding stroke and she gasped and rubbed herself on him again.

"Sam?" she tried, ignoring her treacherous body.

"Christ, he'll be busy with Emily," Quil answered.

"They did this last year so they know what to expect," Embry said. His eyes were raking down her body. The way Quil had hold of her, basically displayed her for him. Everything she had was out for him. And she wasn't sure that what she had was worth looking at. She felt nervous all of sudden.

Embry took a step towards them.

"She's nervous now Quil… I told you to wait," he chided. Somehow he knew what she was feeling; damned wolf senses that picked up her heart beat and her scent.

"It was the water… and knowing she was naked… man, I had my hand wrapped around my cock but I just couldn't wait… and wet, Embry… she was all wet…" Quil argued.

"I know…" crooned Embry. "But she's getting cold and shivery now Quil."

"We should warm her up…"

"Turn the water back on…"

"Sandwich her between us…"

She made another squeak noise. Just the thought of the two of them…

One thing she had never really admitted to herself was the number of heated hands there were in her recent dreams.

Four. Always four.

Embry chuckled. "Jake was planning to roll her around in the garage… but we are better than that, aren't we, Quil?"

"Yep. We can start in Jake's bed. Can't exactly go to your place, or mine."

"True," Embry agreed.

"But can we try the forest…? Just once… I so want to fuck her in the forest… it just feels… right? You know?" Quil begged his friend.

"I-I… I'm not agreeing to this," Bella blurted out

Embry looked at her doubtfully. "Really? So what were you doing rubbing yourself on Quil's hand, Bells?"

"I… I-I don't know…," she almost wailed.

"She was so close… she was dripping… and then you came in…" Quil grizzled.

"Are you sure?" Embry was asking Quil, not her. He sounded doubtful again.

Quil just lifted his hand from between her legs and held it out to Embry. His arm extended past Bella's quivering shoulder. She could see his fingers glistening. It was covered in … her.

Embry sniffed at it and then his tongue snaked out and he licked Quil's hand. He smiled; a long, slow smile. He looked her in the eyes when he did it. "Damn!" he exclaimed. "You taste sooo goood Bells… can I have a taste… huh?" He held Quil's hand with his and then he sucked the essence of her from his friend's fingers. It was the single most erotic thing she had ever seen.

She felt another rush of moisture between her legs. "Oh my god," she groaned.

"Her heart rate just went nuts, Em."

They both sniffed. Quil's arm slid from her neck down and around her waist and he lifted her up. He stepped out of the bath and onto the floor in front of Embry; taking her with him. At some kind of unspoken signal Embry stepped in and squeezed her between them. Her feet were not on the ground. She was held up between them.

Her head rested on Quil's shoulder now. She was pinned between them and she couldn't seem to get enough air in her lungs. She couldn't utter a word.

Embry smiled at her. "I wonder," he said. His arm reached out again. But this time he reached past her. He grabbed Quil at the back of the neck and he hauled him in towards his mouth. And he kissed him. It looked like something they had done before. Their mouths were just sealed together. Bella watched in disbelief as Embry shifted his head a little and stroked his tongue in and out of Quil's open mouth.

She could hear herself panting for breath. Embry pulled his head back and nibbled a little at Quil's bottom lip. She heard Quil groan and then he surged forward and mashed them even closer together. They were so rough with each other. Now she could feel two erections pressing at her. The arm that had been around her waist was now around Embry's. She didn't know where to put her hands, but in the end she reached out and slid up Embry's shoulder to his neck. His skin felt smooth and hot; so hot.

Embry's head finally drew back and he locked eyes with her again. "Wanna taste him?" She knew he didn't mean for her to kiss Quil directly. "Hmmm?" he asked her. His lips hovered just above hers; teasing her. "Yes? Bella?"

Quil's lips landed on the side of her neck and he licked her again. Then he started kissing and sucking down her neck.

"Bells?" Embry checked.

"E-Embry." Finally, she could speak.

"Say 'yes', Bells." He paused. "If you want to… do you want us to look after you?" His lips still hovered over hers, but now a heated hand palmed one breast and the other was grasped by a different, but no less heated hand. Quil made some kind of encouraging noise against the skin of her neck.

"Say ''yes'," Quil added.

"Y-yes…" she whispered.

Embry smiled and then he kissed her. His mouth slanted over hers and he kissed her more gently than he had done with Quil, but he still kissed her hard. She was losing her mind; sandwiched between them. Embry tasted good, really good and a little sweet.

He pulled at her neck with one hand; the other was still holding her breast. She opened her mouth when his thumb stroked down her jaw. And then his tongue plunged into her mouth. She tried to jerk back a little. She had never been kissed like that before.

She heard herself make some inarticulate noise.

Embry's head drew back. "Quil always tastes kind of sweet to me," he told her quietly. "Like he keeps stealing the candy from his mother's shop."

Quil snorted behind her. Then his big hand grabbed her face and pulled her around to his. "My turn," he told her. She groaned but he swallowed it as his mouth descended onto hers. Embry was right; he did taste sweet. The idea that she could taste Quil on the other man almost undid her. She felt another rush of wetness between her legs. She ached now and she tried to wriggle between them.

They both groaned and she could feel their cloth covered erections as they instinctively ground them against her.

"We have to move, dude or we'll be doing it here…" Quil stated.

"Yeah," agreed Embry. He slid his hands under Bella's armpits and just hoisted her up. Her legs lifted and wrapped around his waist as he turned to carry her out of the bathroom. She had one arm around his neck and the other she reached out back to Quil. He grinned at her and squeezed her hand, walking quickly behind Embry as they made their way to Jake's bedroom.