They had all thought Brandt difficult to deal with at times.

He and Hunt, though good friends, were polar opposites in how they worked. If the plan was not laid out perfectly, every detail discussed and examined, the former analyst was a nightmare for the duration of the mission.

Taking him on a mission post-Delilah, however, was a new level of unbearable.

"Do you think they're feeding her right?"

Hunt craned his neck around the edge of the steel pillar they crouched behind, dodging back just in time to avoid a bullet that nicked the metal and ricocheted off in the opposite direction. He fired a shot in the direction the bullet had come from, heard a yell and a thud, and ducked back beside Brandt to reload his gun.

Brandt glanced both ways, darted forward and gestured Hunt to follow. As they ghosted along the dark walls of the building, he continued to whisper.

"I hate the thought of her locked up in that kennel all day. I paid the extra to have her walked three times a day, but -" he paused to fire a bullet at a goon who had stepped into their path, before continuing like nothing had happened. "She might miss me, you know? Last time we put her in there she lost weight because she wasn't eating."

Hunt tried very hard not to roll his eyes, but was saved from having to answer by Carter's voice in their comms.

"The Joker is in the building. How's Penguin?"

"Copy, Catwoman. Penguin is still pining over here, but we're getting by."

Brandt made a face. "Why did Benj – I mean Batman – get to pick the code names this time?"

"Because I wasn't saying goodbye to my dog while we were being briefed on the mission," came Benji's clipped reply. "Besides, you can't deny these are the coolest names we've had in a while."

"Yes I can," Brandt snapped. "Batman is only cool when you're actually Batman. The rest of the characters suck."

"Take that back!"

"Guys," Carter interrupted. "You're clear. Get out of there."

The building was as close to empty as they were likely to see it, but Hunt still insisted it would be quicker to jump out the window. Brandt raised a skeptical eyebrow and took the stairs without incident.

They hopped into the back of the van before it had stopped, and it did not go unnoticed when Benji placed his headphones over his head and Carter turned up the volume on the radio to drown out Brandt's phonecall to the kennel owner.