Chapter 13: The Beginnings of Home

It seemed that Robin of Locksley's words had taken great affect on everyone in their little, now very populated, camp. A new hope seemed to kindle inside of each person, making it nigh impossible to dampen their spirits. No matter what must be done to make life in Sherwood easier, or how hard the work my be, they all were excited to contribute without a care in the world. That in itself was something that would make one proud. And it wasn't just the people who seemed excited to start working. Robin was everywhere at once, drawing up plans in the dirt for certain people to do, discussing goals with others, dreaming up ideas for the future and even collecting materials with the rest of the members for the building process. He wasn't just the man who gave the orders, the leader, he was also a worker as well. Even Azeem, who many didn't trust or didn't come near without making a snide remark of being a foreign heathen, tried his best to help with the plans using his vast knowledge and skills. They may not like him very much, but they all had to admit, the Arab's plans and thoughts were more helpful then any would have guessed.

Even in the first day, much was being done in the production of the new and improved base. Every single person in the camp, even the children, went out into the forest to gather materials for the building. The strongest of the group would gather large fallen tree branches and pile them up to be chopped to easier to handle pieces. Others would gather smaller stave-like wood or dried sticks for firewood or other uses. Some would gather straw or dried grass for the thatch rooves, while others would collect long grass to create a sort of make-shift rope and binding for the materials. The children and those watching them would forage for food and water, putting it all in wee baskets and buckets to be separated by the rest. Robin, personally, made sure that everyone had a job to do and that no one was left or wasn't given work. Much to Will's disappointment, because he knew the spoiled lord would make sure he would have one of the worst jobs.

"I don't see why we have to look for food.. The children and women are doing that already, aren't they? It's not like they need any more help, they're capable enough.." Will whined, skimming the ground carelessly as he stepped over a multitude of twigs and dirt mounds. Benjamina chuckled lightly at her friend, knowing it wasn't the work itself that had angered Will, but the fact that Robin had forced him to 'pick berries' though the young man expressed his desire to help John and the other men to collect logs and large branches. Manly work, of course. He even came close to begging. But Robin had turned him down, saying that everyone who was gathering the huge wooden materials had already left and were deep in the forest, so he appointed Will, Ben and Wulf to go in a group to find some more food with some of the women and children. Ben and Wulf didn't mind at all that they were saddled with the easy work. They even made a game of it. Whoever collected the most food items would get three gold pieces. Not a lot to some folk and not really to them either, for what were they, a young boy and w woman disguised as a man, going to spend it on? But it made the harvesting much more interesting, even fun, if you could call it that.

"Well, it could have been much worse." She said, bending down to inspect a small bush to see if anything edible was growing on it's branches. Ben was fortunate to be experienced in the area of foraging. At the Western Manor, the kitchen ladies brought her out with them when they went scavenging for herbs and food. They taught her what to pick, what not to pick, what was good and what would make you stay in the loo for three days getting rid of everything that had ever entered your body since you were a toddler. Not to mention being able to teach Wulf everything she knew was an enjoyable experience in and of itself. The boy was smart, despite his lack of schooling, and remembered much.

"How could it be worse than this? Digging in the dirt to find nuts and berries that will barely feed three of us?" Will said, rolling his eyes at Ben's attempt to lighten the mood. It was a nice gesture, but the young man was far to aggravated to even try to think 'on the bright side'. "Should be out with John and Bull, helping them bring in the heavy stuff.. The important stuff." He mumbled to himself as he picked up a small stick from the ground and swinging it around like a sword, sometimes hitting a plant that was tall enough to reach, thinking it as Robin's head he was hacking at.

"You could be collecting manure to fertilize the crops." A smirk tugged at her lips as she looked up at him from her crouched position. A little snigger came from the boy beside them.

"With your bare hands!" Now they both were laughing, seeing Will's face contort with disgust. He had to admit, that would have been much worse then foraging for food..

"Either that or you could have just been left behind entirely, feeling completely useless." The female said, standing after finding nothing among the brush, patting herself off from the dust and dirt that had collected on her breeches whilst on the ground. "Be grateful, Will, we're doing the most important work of them all. May not be heavy lifting, or very strenuous work, but that doesn't mean it's pointless. How will any of the men be able to have the energy to lift everything if they do not have food? We could build the most grandest of camps, but how long would we last without nourishment?" Will looked down, nodding softly as he realized that what she spoke was truth. They needed food, more now with all the people that came. Sure, they had brought 6 chickens and 2 goats, but that wasn't going to feed everyone for long. He felt fingers at his chin, lifting his head to see that it was Ben who held him. She had a soft smile on her lips and sweetness in her eyes, making Will instantly melt and return her smile. Ben didn't have to say anything to him at all, it was all said in her look. Smile, and be happy. For me, please. Will didn't have to try when it came to being near her. But it was because they were the best of friends, right?

"Ben, Will! Look over here!" Wulf's shouting made both of them look over to where the young boy's voice came from, to see him waving his arms, jumping up and down. The two laughed at the sight, and walked over to their friend.

"What is it, Wulf?" Ben's voice was gentle and full of caring, anyone could tell how much she adored the boy. He was as close to family Ben has had in years. Not that she didn't consider the others as family, but Wulf was far closer to her than many of them could ever get. Wulf was the little brother that Benjamina had always wanted, but could never have.

"Look! Down in the little valley!" He pointed down a small hill to a gathering of bright green, healthy looking bushes spread all over the forest floor. At first, they were utterly confused at what the boy was showing them, since it all pretty much resembled the rest of the forest, covered in greenery. Until Ben caught a glimpse of bright red in between some of the leaves. Heart skipping a beat, Ben squinted her eyes, taking a few steps forward, hoping that it would confirm her hopes.

"Is it...?" Sentenced unfinished, her eyes widened instantly when she saw one single red berry in plain sight. Without uttering another word, she ran down the hill, not caring at how steep it was or that she could fall.

"Ben, watch out!" Will shouted, suddenly worried at what was going on. Both boys slowly descended the hill, trying to get some steady footing and wondering how in God's name the girl did not trip at all with such a quickened pace. Will had to grab a hold of a small tree sprouting up, just to stop him from slipping down the hill like a slide. Finally down at the bottom safely, they saw Ben rummaging through the small bushes till she found what she was looking for. Pulling her hands out of the foliage, they saw a plump, red berry held in her fingers gently, almost in reverence.

"Strawberries!" Wulf said excited, immediately jumping to another bush to grab all the ripe ones he could find. Will chuckled at the boy and his innocent excitement, wishing he was that young again. Oh, the joys of ignorance and unlimited energy, never truly caring about what others thought, just as long as you were having fun. Yeah, those were the days alright. But Will looked away from his younger friend to turn and look at his female friend. But turning, Will discovered, was one of the worst mistakes of his life. His entire body stopped dead as he watched Ben take a bite out of the strawberry she held, savouring the taste as she chewed it sinfully slow. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, enjoying every second the strawberry was in her mouth before she swallowed and took another bite. Something in Will's head told him to look away, that she was just eating a berry and that there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody loves strawberries! It's not uncommon in the least for her to be enjoying one. Until she let out a quiet moan, that he had the great misfortune of hearing, very clearly. Almost too clearly. In as little as three seconds, Will became very nervous of Ben, especially now as she opened her eyes, and locked them onto Will like a hunter would to prey. Smiling in complete euphoria up at him, Ben stood and began walking in his direction, careful not to step on any of the other berry bushes. He wanted to pivot and run, to get as far away as possible, but he had no idea why. Will had never felt like this with Ben before, never this hesitant and jumpy. Each step she took towards him made his heart beat faster and faster, making his chest feel like it was about to explode. Four small strides and she was in front of him with such a wistful grin and elated gaze, it was hard for him to turn his eyes away from her when she looked at him like that.

"Here," She lifted her other hand that had an uneaten strawberry, "Have one! They're sweet and delicious!" Like you? He wanted to ask, but stopped his mouth from saying it just in time. Why had he wanted to say that?! Of all things to say to his best friend! Maybe he was sick? Maybe his wound was infected and he was being delirious? When they get back to camp, he was going to make sure to ask Fanny to check his- Thoughts were interrupted by something smooth touching his lips, and when he finally focused once again, there was Ben lightly placing the strawberry before his mouth to take a bite. She didn't seem at all phased by the fact that she was feeding him, in fact it was almost like she was enjoying it, opening her mouth slightly to show him how to eat it like one would do with a child. In normal situations, he would have been insulted with the fact she was treating him like a child, but his brain wasn't exactly working to well as of late. Will was sure, if he tried to say anything, it would come out incoherent mumbles and make him look like a fool.

But her expression was too serene, too happy not to take her offer. If he didn't, what if it would offend her and make her sad or angry? Tentatively, he leaned forward to taste the berry in her hands, biting all the way down to the green crown that she was holding. He never took his eyes off of hers, even as he bit down far enough that her fingers touched his lips and sent shudders down his spine, all the way down to his toes. And when he leaned back to chew the sweet fruit, she grinned widely, completely unaware of his thoughts and feelings. Thank God... But what really took the cake, was when, unbeknownst to him, a little bit of the red juice was still on his lips. Ben gently ran her velvety thumb over his bottom lip to remove the stain. She did it so tenderly, that Will was grateful his body just went into shock and couldn't move, or his legs would have given way.

"Come on, we can gather the ones that are ready and then keep looking for more food. I'm sure this forest has many more goodies for us to plunder." Ben said, turning from her friend to continue picking the delicacies. Will internally thanked whoever was looking out for him that he now had something to take his mind off the strange thoughts he was having. It should be wrong to think of a friend like how he did. Then again, it should be wrong to eat any sort of food that intimately, Will thought as an image of her eating the strawberry ran through his head. Instantly regretting it. Think about something else! And for the remainder of the time they picked, Scarlet thought of nothing else but strangling Locksley with his own scarf when he got back, blaming him for his recent hysteria.

After Wulf's hand-made basket was full to over flowing, as well as his and Ben's shirt-baskets stuffed, they ventured a little more through the forest, though they had come up with nothing besides a few wild berry bushes here and there that barely had anything ripe enough to pick. So deciding that what they had was enough, and hoping the others were more successful, the three made their way back to camp with their spoils of exploration.

It appeared, much to their relief, as they entered the area some time later, that everyone''s search-and-gather missions had come up very fruitful indeed.

Lumber and wood was spread out in all the places that would be in need of it, a huge pile of grass and hay to soon be worked on, and woman and children placing baskets full of food that were close to over flowing. Walking to the area with the food, the three relieved themselves of their cache, feeling accomplished that they had gathered so much themselves. And the best part, was that the others were just as blessed at finding a food source as they were. In other baskets, there were pears, apples, plums, almonds and other nuts, as well as saplings of each tree to have for their own growing, a multitude of baskets full of an assortment of berries and herbs for flavour and spices, and it also seemed that someone had found some rhubarb stalks. The sight was pleasuring, as it meant that they had quite a bit of food, and wouldn't have to worry about starving for awhile like Will had generally been concerned about.

Once everyone was present and accounted for, the work was started. Many were sure that what was gathered wouldn't be enough materials to finish everything just yet, but Robin wanted to begin building with what they had. Gather in the morning, and build into the night, and get as much done as quickly and efficiently as possible: that was the plan. With Robin instructing everyone on what to do and how to do it , they all set to the jobs they were given. Robin had envisioned a 'forest village', one with houses both on the ground as well as in the trees on supported platforms. It was a curious thing, since no one has ever really heard of something like it before, but with Robin's assuring words, everyone was eager to set to work and see if it were really possible.

Some of the women and older men would begin on a farm area on the ground. Making cages and pens for the animals to stay in so that they could start farming the goats' milk and chicken eggs, and hopefully being able to add more animals in later. They took strong yet thin sticks as the fences and cage walls, tying them with long dried grass, while hay would be placed inside the area for the goats, as well as seeds kept for the chickens. They even decided on making a shelter for the animals to be in, in case of rain or cold weather.

Another job was to start making the rope ladders to climb up the trees with. Some of the farmers knew how to hand -twist strong rope for long and durable use. It was meant to be a way for people to easily be able to get up and down from ground to trees, and also be able to make sure if intruders came along, they could make it impossible for them to follow those who lived in the camp up when they pulled up the ladders or cut them down. When the ladders were finished, a few of the men would start on the platforms, tying the larger wood pieces together as well as support beams so that it wouldn't be simple to break them. Bridges were to be created after that, so that travel from platform to platform wouldn't be going down to the ground and up another ladder. It would be tough work, since the logs and such were so heavy, even when cut down a size, but the men worked diligently without complaints. They were built for tough work as this.

Thatch rooves would be made for the homes that were being built on the ground and trees by a few people who couldn't work laborious tasks. It was a fast and effortless job, so many ground houses would be completed quickly. Those building the huts promised a work that would look almost professionally done. Of course, they had been building these types of homes for years, and knew good quality huts and how to build them. It was reassuring, especially for the women who had children to think about and didn't want them to be victims to the ever changing elements of England.

As for the women and children, they would sit and sort out the food that had been collected by everyone. Each item of food would get it's own container then placed in the food hutch once the ladies would be done sorting. If any item of food over-flowed their baskets, then more baskets would be made and the filled ones would then go into their storage shed.

And it was this job that Ben and Wulf found themselves working, while Will went off to help the men in the trees.

"So, you're the one that looked after me boy, huh?" Asked the plump woman, Fanny, who sat next to Ben and Wulf, smiling kindly at the young woman. Ben returned the smile, though feeling slightly nervous around her. She knew she had no reason to be, as she had heard so much good things about the woman from both Wulf and John, but Ben feared that Fanny may not like her and would refuse to allow Wulf to be with her. Irrational as it may be, as Fanny was probably the nicest woman Ben had ever met outside of Western Manor, Ben couldn't stop the butterflies bouncing around her stomach out of fear.

"Yes, it seems Wulf has grown on me quite a bit. He was the first one who truly excepted me for who I was." Wulf blushed at her comment, making the women next to him laugh heartily, which only made the pink cheeks turn into an entirely red face.

"Aye, he's such a sweet boy. My first boy, and I couldn't be more proud of him." Fanny sent a loving grin to her boy, who looked up from his work just to give his mum a sweet smile of his own. It was short-living though, as he quickly turned back to his work, so not to seem like a mother's-boy and embarrass himself further.

"Must have been hard to allow him to come out here without you."

"Oh aye! Nearly cried me-self dry the first week. But John would take care of him as best he could. So as much as I worried, I knew he was safe." A few moments of silence went by before Fanny suddenly stopped throwing food into it's assorted basket, looking confused. "What you mean 'Wulf was the first to accept you'? The others weren't hard on you were they?" At first, Ben was taken aback by the random question, but then remembered what she had said early, laughing at herself for her forgetfulness.

"Oh gosh, no! They all welcomed me with open arms, even after I stole from them. No, it's just.." Ben paused, trying to think if it would be wise to tell the others that she was a woman. But then, thinking of it, they were all now housing Robin, who was being charged for murder as well. What would be the point in keeping her identity a secret anymore? It's not like anything worse could happen to them now, seeing as Nottingham probably forgot all about her in his hatred for Robin. Ben looked over at Wulf, who somehow knew her internal war, and just nodded his head with a small twitch of a smile. She made up her mind. "It's just that, I'm actually a girl." Fanny's eyes widened a little, doing a double take. "When I came here, I was dressed as a boy so that I could hide better from Nottingham-"

"Rottingham!" Wulf interjected, with a laugh.

"Ha, yes 'Rottingham', but then after I stole some money from Bull and Much that was meant to go to the men, they came after me and asked me to join them since I was all alone out here in Sherwood. Wulf discovered I was a girl and kept my secret." Ben affectionately ruffled Wulf's hair, making sure he saw the warm smile she sent his way. "But when the men finally found out, they still accepted me, so I'm in debt to all of them."

"Why was you hidin' from the Sheriff, love?" Fanny asked, concern clearly etched on her face. This woman clearly had a mother's instinct that wasn't beholden just to her children. Part of Ben didn't want to tell Fanny, not wanting to bring up the memory on purpose, but she knew that talking about it would make her feel better. Bottling things that strongly emotional was like trying to dam up a raging river. It may help for a little, but soon it would break and spill out in chaos. It was something Lady Adelaide always told her when she noticed that Ben had become withdrawn from depression or anger. At the time, it seemed such a silly thing, but Ben had come to realize after her 'breakdown' with Will that what her Lady said was far more serious that what had she thought.

"I was framed for the murder of my..Family." The words were hard to say, but once they rolled off of her tongue, it wasn't as bad as one would think. It seemed to have been getting easier the more she spoke of it to people. But Fanny could see the pain on Ben's face, and she felt horrible for prying it out of the poor girl. A warm and reassuring hand was placed on the young woman's shoulder, as well as a loving smile given to her.

"You've got family 'ere, love." Ben's smile instantly grew bigger, remembering Will's words yesterday. But before she could say another word, a group of young children came running from God only knows where, screaming and laughing as they chased each other. "Hey you lot!" Fanny shouted to the children, getting their attention like trained dogs would to their master. "Get your wee lil behinds over 'ere and help your mum with these berries!" It was now Ben's turn to widen her eyes looking at the sheer number of them all.

"They're all yours?!" Fanny gave a proud smile as all the youngsters came walking over just to sit down next to the ginger haired woman.

"Aye, seven of 'em, and an eighth one on the way." She said, rubbing her very pregnant belly. "This here's Matthew, Bethany, Ethan, Jeremiah, Joanna and Susanna." Each name she said, she patted them softly on the head, and each one looked up at Ben and either waved or grinned brightly. Most of them looked very much like their mother, with either ginger hair or their uncanny face resemblance, though Matthew and Wulf looked almost exactly like their father, right down to the dark hair and tanned skin. "Each one my lil drops o' heaven... On some days." Both woman laughed together while the children just looked at each other in confusion, not sure what their mother had meant. But like any child, their attention lost focus and they all began tossing berries or nuts into the baskets like a little game.

"Benjamina!" A very male voice shouted from behind, drawing the young woman's attention to see Robin walking towards her. Silently apologizing to Fanny, she excused herself, getting up to meet Robin half way. "Benjamina, I've a question to ask you. Is that alright or are you rather busy?" He asked cordially, making her nearly laugh. She hadn't been treated this way in a very long time. A gentleman to a lady, it's felt like decades.

"Of course, Robin, what is it?" Part of her felt good in Robin's presence. Though he caused a lot of trouble, he was well educated, like herself. And as much as she loved all her friends in the forest, many of them didn't know common manners or the ways of propriety, which she admittedly missed. Robin was like a cold drink after drinking sun warmed water for so long.

"I've heard from some of the men that you are rather skilled with archery, yes?"

"Yes, I learned how to use one when I was very young. I wouldn't say I'm a master at the skill, but I wouldn't consider myself a novice either." Ben tried hard not to allow the pride in her voice to sound like boasting or some sort of competition. She was a humble person, not really caring if she was better at a skill then someone else, and she would hate for someone to get the wrong idea of her.

"Good, when we get the equipment I would like you to help train the men how to shoot a bow and arrow. Hopefully, they won't have to use it too often, but I'd rather them learn then be unprepared." His voice was soft and dauntless, giving off the aura of the leader that he was.

"Right, 'rather be safe then sorry'."

"Exactly." He grinned at the young woman, happy that she understands him. Many had been asking him question after question, unsure of what Locksley had meant with many of the things he said. It was good to see someone able to fathom what he was saying at all besides Azeem.

"Yes, I can do that-"

"Excellent! Now it shouldn't take too long, Alexander says he is in contact with a man that will be able to deliver some armory tools so that we may make our own weapons, so be ready when we finally have everything. You'll be training a few groups a day, so I'll want you to prepare yourself for the task. I expect nothing less from such a dependable young woman!"

"Yes, of course. And Robin, I'm exceptionally good at fencing, I could teach the men something of that as well." He seemed to have considered it for a few seconds before shaking his head softly.

"I'm sorry, my dear, but with me helping the men build the village, I'm too busy to teach them archery myself, so I need someone with your talent to do it in my place until everything is settled." Ben looked a little disappointed at first, but nodded her head in comprehension. Surprisingly, the sadness in her expression caused Robin to feel a tad guilty, as she seemed rather excited about fencing. "Besides, we've no fencing swords." He joked, trying to make her smile, even just a little. It worked, though he didn't know it was a forced smile. Feeling accomplished, he softly patted her on the shoulder, thanking her, and walked away back to work with the confident stride he always seemed to have.

Ben watched him as he left and couldn't help feel the discouragement rise up once again. As much as she felt honoured that Robin had so much faith in her abilities to allow her to teach the others, there was no denial that she would rather be fencing. Though he really did have a point, there were no fencing equipment around, and swords were far to heavy in her opinion to pull off most of the stratagem she knew. Besides, thinking about it now, these men and women probably couldn't maneuver correctly to even fence.

"Hey, you okay?" Ben turned to see Will walking up to her, wiping some sweat from his brow. He had been working hard since they returned, and when the men stopped working to get ready to eat, he had heard Robin calling out to Ben, even calling her 'Benjamina', no less. At first, a surge of jealously ripped through him at seeing Robin so close to her. Why? He didn't know, or refused to acknowledge why, but when he saw the downcast expression she had when Locksley left, Will had to make sure the man hadn't said anything to insult her. So he came over to clean up whatever mess Locksley had created, though most likely didn't know he did. Arrogant ninny...

"Oh, yeah I'm fine!" She said, sounding a little too fake, even to herself. Will's eyebrow raised, and Ben knew that she hadn't convinced him in the slightest. Then again, how could she when she sounded like that. A child could act better then that!

"What did Locksley say to you?" The tone of Will's voice was delicate and caring, but with how well she knew him, she could hear the threat in his voice. Not to her, but to Robin. Ben knew that if he continued to think something was wrong, another incident like Will's hand may happen. And she knew she would only blame herself if it did.

"It's really nothing, Will. He asked me if I could teach the men some archery when we get some bows and arrows to practice with." Will nodded his head, looking off to where Robin had walked away, then looked back to her confused.

"But isn't that a good thing? You're amazing with a bow. I'm sure the men will learn a lot from you." Ben couldn't stop the blush that creeped to her cheeks at his compliment, and quickly looked down at her feet to stop him from seeing it. It was strange, Robin had complimented her nearly the same way only moments ago, and it did not have the same effect as Will's compliment did just now. Curious..

"Well yes, I just..Really miss fencing." Will was caught off guard.

"You can fence?"

"Yes, even better then I can shoot. Master Eric taught me.. It was our favourite thing to do during the day when I was done with my lessons." A ghost of a smile graced her face as she looked off into space, searching for the past almost. "Lady Adelaide used to get so cross with him, too. He would stand there in the doorway, just waiting til my lessons were done. And no matter how long she would try to extend them, just to get him to become annoyed or impatient, he would stay there with a patience to rival anyone. And the moment I was done, we would shoot off down the hall to change and get ready. And for the rest of the day, til supper time, we would practice. I had gotten so good at it too, especially for such a young age. Lord Eric even made me a custom made sword for my birthday.."

"Well, where is it? I'd love to see it!" The smile she once had faded, though she tried hard to keep it, making it look as fake as the one she had given to Robin when he spoke to her.

"It's still at the Manor, I.. I couldn't bring it with me." Her voice was just as weak as her smile, and Will knew that it was bringing back a lot of painful memories. But she shook her head, then smiled, almost genuinely, at her friend. "Well we better get back to work, huh? Everything isn't going to get done by itself, is it?" She gently brushed a hand on Will's shoulder before she walked back over to Fanny and Wulf, Will watching her walk away from him.

That tiny moment of her nostalgia was something special to her, he could tell. A memory that didn't make her break down and cry like so many of her memories would do. He wanted to do something for her, make her happy like she used to be when she was younger and in that memory. Make her smile, a real smile. In a moment, an epiphany came to him, and he hoped to whoever was looking down on him that the old coot would know. Running all over camp, he finally found the person he was looking for, sitting underneath a tree, blindly staring off into space as if in a trance.

"Hey, Duncan!" Will shouted as he got closer, causing the old man to jump at his name being called, holding onto his walking stick for some sort of reassurance, nearly hyperventilating. Looking at the state of him, Will felt instantly guilty. As much as he hated Robin, Duncan and Azeem had done nothing to cause his anger, nor would he blame them for the cretin that is Robin of Locksley. "Sorry.."

"Quite alright, Master Scarlet. I-is there something you need?" He asked in a weak voice, looking blindly towards where Will's voice was coming from.

"Yeah, just curious about something that I'm hoping you can help me with, if that's alright with you?" Will crouched down next to the blind man, making sure to lower his voice so that only Duncan and himself could hear the conversation. Duncan seemed to notice the decrease in volume as well, as he scooted a little closer to Will's voice to try and hear it. His ears weren't what they used to be, after all.

"Of course, Master Scarlet! What can I assist you with?" He seemed rather excited to be asked this, and Will could only guess that it was because he felt so helpless. Being so used to helping the Locksley family and now he could barely do anything at all, it must be hard on the poor man. This must have been the first time in awhile since somebody has asked for his help.

"Well, You know the area pretty well, right? Like a lot of the other manors and houses of great stature and power?" The question threw off Duncan a little, wondering why a man like Will Scarlet, who clearing had very little regard for those of a wealthy background, would want to know this at all. But, so used to doing as he was told, Duncan nodded to the young man.

"Why, yes I suppose I do. Lord Locksley, God rest his soul, would speak to many of the other nobles and would bring me along when visiting one'd estate."

"Good! So, do you happen to know where Western Manor would be?" A sly smirk forming on Will's lips.

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