Her feet graced the floor for mere seconds, but the movement, contortions, and control of her body more than spoke for itself. She traced her fingers across the red satin ribbon for a fleeting moment and then began to spin on the tips of her toes. Around her, the fabric spiralled up and down her body. It was mesmerising.

She threw the ribbon into the air and allowed her whole body to follow shortly after. Airborne, she curled into a ball, spinning again and again until a flash of the wooden stage became too close to bare. Reaching out with her hands, she touched her fingertips to the wood and allowed her body to roll up to full height before placing her palms on the ground and springing back into the air briefly. Catching the ribbon with her feet as she revolved, she tossed it lightly into the air and then allowed herself to land on her feet.

She stretched out her right hand expectantly and grasped the pole as it slipped into her hands, the ribbon still sailing through the air after it. A loud noise erupted from the front of her and she opened her eyes to see the audience's hands furiously beating together. They were applauding, and for her! A smile spread across her lips but she withheld the 'booyah!'; that would come later.

Bowing, she left the stage with her head held high, completely oblivious as to what she was about to face.

"So this is what you do on those Saturdays when you're too busy to come to the digital world?" It was Davis.

Spinning to find the source, she spotted his red hair and shot him a vehement glare. "How did you find out where I was?" she hissed, careful to make sure none of the others were here as well.

Davis looked up, trying to be nonchalant, and said, "I have my sources."

Yolei dashed across the brief space between them and grabbed him by the collar. She thrust the idiot up against the wall and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you do, do you?"

"I won't say a word." Davis moved a finger across his lips and tossed the key, a mixture of panic and laughter in his eyes. She just had to hope the fear beat his obsessive need to entertain himself.

Eventually, Yolei decided that Davis had received her warning and lowered him to the ground. Walking away, she waved over her shoulder. "Toodledadoodle, Davis!"