Felt bad for not updating so here is a random drabble. I don't own digimon, k, thanks bye :)

Her feet graced the floor for mere seconds but the movement, contortions, control of her body more than spoke for itself. Her fingers touched the velvet red ribbon for seconds before they left it and she span on the tips of her toes until the ribbon was spiralling up and down her body like a helter skelter. She threw the ribbon into the air and then leapt after it and curled into a ball. She span, again and again through the air until finally she came just inches from the floor and pushed her whole body out. Her hands touched the soft, blue mat and her bare feet grabbed onto the ribbon as easily as if they were her hands. She threw the ribbon once more, with her feet, graciously into the air and then flipped onto her feet and caught it in her right hand. A round of raucous applause followed and she left the performance area with her head held high.

"So this is what you do on those Saturday's when you are too busy to come to the digital world?" Davis' voice rung out in her ears and she spun to give him a vehement glare.
"How did you find out where I was?" she hissed, careful to make sure no one else arrived from out of the blue
"I have my sources" Davis surmised, looking at his nails in a nonchalant manner. Yolei moved with speed and dexterity, grabbing him by the colour she thrust him up against the wall
"Oh, do you now?" she seethed
"I won't say a word" Davis gurgled as his throat was squished. Yolei looked at him and then lowered his body onto the ground and patted him on the head
"Good boy" she chirped.