Sorry if this is very bad but this is my first story and I have Dyslexia if you don't know what that is… look it up.

This started off as three chapters but then I decided to put them all together… here is it.

hope you enjoy

There was one person that I wanted more than anything to foster me, her name was Kinga. She came to my school, Steepwood, to do a presentation about reptiles. As soon as she walked through the door something clicked inside me, and I almost though that I was with my mum and dad, well, I was that happy.

After she had finished it she said that some people could stay behind and handle the animals which were mostly snakes. Off course I stayed behind and so did Amber, she always had what she wanted and everyone liked her because of how rich her mama and papa where… well that's what she said anyway. She was also said to be the braved person in the class, yet refused to hold a snake. What a wuss I thought, but then I loved snakes and would jump at any chance to hold one.

After Amber was gone, it was just me, the snakes, and Kinga. She started to talk about the fact that all animals were just as humans. She also said that no person should be judged and that everyone was equal.

After she said that she started to talk about her family and how special each person was to her and also about the fact that her daughter and her husbanded had a girl named Lillian.

That was the point where I started to listen because that was also my name; I had lost my parents but there was something that interested me about this woman's granddaughter.

"My daughter was a great person" said Kinga. She then looked at the floor as though very upset.

"Wait! Did I hear you right? Or was I imagining it? Did you say your daughter "WAS" a great person? Did she do something that made you unhappy or something?" I asked. There was something in what she just said that started to make me feel sorry for her.

"Yes you heard me correctly, I did say "was" you see, well I don't usually talk about it but well….." she just stopped. That made something come to my mind. That seemed so obvious now.

"It's ok you don't have to talk about it. I was just curious, that's all I'm sor..."

She cut me off mid sentence… "No is ok it's just… that they died I don't know much of how, there was only two eye witnesses and they doth refused to talk." As soon as she said that, I knew that I should tell here my story, and see if we have more in common than just both liking snakes.

"It's ok, I know what it's like to lose someone that's close to you… my mum and dad died six and a half years ago. I was there when they did, you see my mum and dad loved to travel thought they would always refused to go without me. Which was hard because my mum can't go on a plane she got very badly air sick. Though my dad couldn't go on a boat because he got bad sea sickness so they always split up. The day they died my dad agreed to cope with his sea sickness and go with my mum and me on a boat. That one day when he decided to come with us, was the worst possible time because when the ship was crossing the sea just happened to be terrible. A huge wave broke over the stern they both went over; actually everyone went over, except me and the ship's captain. I begged him to go back and get them, but he refused, there was nothing I could do. After that I was put into a care home and here I am now."


Two days after the day Kinga came into are school she walked into my care home. At that point I was in my room staring out of my bedroom window watching the sea, waves lashing at the shore. A seagull landed on the place where a wave has just moved from and then when the wave came back in, the sea gull had a nasty shock, squawking at the sea as if it could scare it away. Wait that reminds me I had once found a seal on that beach. it had been caught in a plastic bag, I rescued, it and each day after I when down to see if it had swam back out into the sea, Poor thing. Well I was watching the seagull trying to attack the sea when there was a knock at my door, at the time I thought nothing of it, I still thought nothing of it when Kath, the person that is in charge if all of us called a told us that there was a future foster parent. well I was still day dreaming at that time it was only when my best friend Mia came in and told we that there was a meeting that I was broking away from my window.

Making my way down stairs and into the large dining space where the meetings were always held. I realised that I was the only one that had been missing and that Kath had all ready started, making my way with Mia to are original seats. I saw that Kinga! was there stand by the door smiling at me, I started to listen to Kath "as I was saying this is Kinga Potowska she is here to see if there is a child that would suit her, She's a potential foster care. Well let's let her introduce herself, Kinga." After she had finished saying this I felt very embarrassed to the fact that I had made everyone wait.

Kinga then started to talk in the same proud voice as she had when she was giving the lecturer. It was very weird in school. I had hoped that she would turn up out of the blue and foster me, but this made me speechless, and noticed because when I wasn't I would talk noon stop about random things.

"Well as Kath just said that my name is Kinga and I am looking for a child to foster. The child has to like snakes because I love them and have three at home. I also travel a lot so they have to love moving around a lot. That's mostly all I do as a job, I travel around the world, helping people and places that are about to be destroyed. I would like to talk to everyone and see which person will suit me the best."


Kinga asked me "when I first saw you there was something inside me that said that you were special and was the right person for me. Sorry but this is very hard to explain. But all I would like to know is well it is two things. First is if you thing that you are special and the second is if you felt something when you first saw me and the last thing is if you would like me to foster you because compared with everyone else you were the only person that I like and thing would fit in with me."

"That's three things I stated"

"All right no need to get cocky" Kinga quickly replied

For a moment I was speechless confused about why anyone would want to foster me however I soon got my words back and straight away started to babble. "OMG I can't believe that you are saying. Am I imagining this?" Just then I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. "Ouch! ok I am not. This is true." I continue "let's answer the questions in order. The first one is a yes I do think that I am special, everyone special. The next is that when you first walked into the school that there was something different, and I have no idea why, but I liked you more than I have anyone else, and also that I was somehow connected to you. I thought that it was just me but it seems like it wasn't. Oh and the last answer to the last question is that there is no way that I would not say yes to that question." That last answer made Kinga very confused so I restated the answer. "I mean yes I would love it." There, that would have to do, just hope that is what she wanted to hear.

That's how I got to where I am know, standing in Kath's office with Kinga telling me that she would love to foster me and all I had to say was yes. OMG I could not believe that this was happening to me. I was going to get away from this god for saken house, and I was going to go to the only place that was meant to me. I was going to go and live with Kinga.

Hoped you like it I will update soon. With more exciting things I just had to get that through the boring part first.