After what seemed like an hour I made it back to the house. Kinga was still not back from her meeting so the house felt abandoned. I went to my room and headed up to my bedroom trying to forget about what had just happened.

Not that long had pasted but long enuf to have let me start crying, kinga came to knock on my door asking if I was all right.

"I fine." I answered

Even thought kinga had not known me that long she could still tell when I was upset about something. "Don't worry everything will be fine. All I wanted to ask you if you would want to be part of the society that I had I meeting for today. That is all."

Oh… I was not expecting that, I thought that maybe she had seen my running in because I had not heard her come in. "uuuuuummm." My mouth was not doing what I wanted it to do. "uuuuuummmm, yes I would love to be a part of it. WH-"kinga cut in. sounding to excited to be true. I know what she was trying to say and that was what so I repeated myself. "yes I would love to go it."

She immediately replied with I murmured that I think was for herself more than me "I thought so." Then she said directly to me,"tomorrow you will have to get up early as it the assessments, if you pass you can join the society." when she was saying that she had started to make tea. I know I wouldn't get another chance to ask so I when and said

"What does this test have to do with the society and what do I have to do any way." Kinga just stared at me telling me that I was getting on her nerves. As there was no way that I was going to go back to the home so I shut up.

Not that long after I when up to my room after having tea which was homemade Chinese. As I had to get up early the next morning I went to bed early that day. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep or that's what it felt like.



I jolted into a standing position and started around me there was a red sea everywhere in every direction excepted for where I was standing, where there was an island that was black. I then heard the call again

"HELP" this time it was louder than the last time and again I kept on hearing help until my black island melted away into nothing. Then I started to fall faster and faster until I saw him standing there over a girl that didn't seem to wither with fear like I did the first time I saw him she just stared into his red eyes that were redder than fire. As I stared into his eyes the girls call weakened and she started to tune around and ran towards me that's when I noticing her eyes snapping me from the monster's I realized I had found someone with the same curse as me. She might only be in my head but still I was looking at someone with one brown eye and one green. Unlike mine which was one red and one black. Not the best colure eyes for blending in.

Then her face faded away and I was left with Naelyon eyes.

"Lillian wake up and get dressed"

. I opened my eyes tiredly and then remembered today was the assessment. If I pasted I could finely get into the society. I got dresses in a red top and black trouser. Splashed water over my face fully waking me up and walked down the stairs.

"Good to see your awake" kinga said as she put a cup of tea on the table for me. "This is Mrs. Pennykettle she will be doing the assessment today just say when your ready and you can start." I finished my tea and then said that I was ready to start as soon as she was ready

"I am all ready set up, so please follow me this way." She lead me in to one of the rooms that I had not yet been in but I had hardly explored any rooms as yesterday I had spent all my time being chased around the beach. The room had very neutral colures on everything, there was a TV and a sofa one end and a fire place the other as if it the room didn't really have a purpose. Thought in the middle of it there was a lizard, a yellowy crystal, a mouse and last there was a bird, thought I had no idea what type.

"Ok, than … sorry I didn't get your name."

"Lillian " I replied shyly, trying to finger out why there was the, things on the grounded where for. Then Mrs. Pennykettle said.

"Ok, then could you please sing this it saying you will no tell anyone about what happened in here." why would I not be allowed to tell any on about what happened here? That was very unusual. But I did it and then we continued with the assessment.

"Lillian. Could you please steep in to the middle of the circle and put your arms in front of you, palms down." I did as I was told arms out hands down. Then she continued "then spin in a clockwise circle." I did as I was told again starting at the lizard nothing happened, next was the bird and again nothing happened, my hopes started to fade until I tuned to the lizard that started to span around in circles I tuned my head to look at the assessor how's face lit up, obviously happy. Then last I tuned to the mouse that did absolutely nothing. I then dropped my arms.

"right, so you're gift lie in lizards and sea creatures, but what?" asking here self more then me she then tuned to me and asked. "do you have any good connections with any types of animals?"

I thought of the relationships I have had with flipper and the snakes that kinga brought in to my previous school. So I replied "I like seals and snakes and have had …" I got lost for word not knowing what to say. I conceded saying conversations but opted otherwise. Instead I said "good relationships with lots of them."

"I will have to go and talk to kinga quick stay here." She said quickly and walked out the room to find kinga. So I do that, walking over to the sofa and sat down waiting for her to return.

After about five minutes she returns with kinga. Kinga says "you do seem to have a gift. Today there a meeting being held I would like you to come. Hopefully we might find out where your gift lies."