"And just how was I going crazy in my sleep, per say?"

"You were chewing on the bedsheets like ein puppy and going "OM NOM NOM". Then you yelled "Victory is mine!" before finally calming down again."

"Ok, you chew on the bedsheets every night and I'm the bad guy."

There had been stories circulating all over Clint City that the GHEIST had acquired a raging powerhouse; so when the other clans had noticed just a slightly demented, gentleman villain amongst the scientists' ranks, it made them begin to wonder whether Scott's boasts of the Rescues' recent heroics were nothing more than bullshit.

Said gentleman villain had been surveying his clan's grounds via the monitors connected to the barrage of cameras dotted around their territory, along with Ernst who kept coming and going as he pleased; upon the Ratman's previous return, he seemed to have been in possession of some cheese, and now said cheese was causing a spot of messy bother.

"Please don't get crumbs on the control panel, Mr Wissenschaft."

"I can't help it if I'm ein naturally messy eater," Ernst protested, indignantly continuing to drop crumbs onto the floor. After a couple more gulps, he couldn't help looking alarmed at the lack of yellow in his claws; without word or signal to Jaxx, the Ratman immediately rushed off on all fours, most likely on the search for more cheese to nibble on.

"This disappearing act is beginning to get old!" Jaxx exclaimed after him, but it was more in humour than irritation. Turning to face the monitors once again, he couldn't help feeling a little disorientated at the sheer amount of screens staring back at him; in his old domain, he'd only had a few, petite relays along his own control panel, and had grown too used to them.

"I wonder what we're all up to today, Clint City," he began, sniggering a little. "Mr Cameron's protesting as always...Mr Romero's cleaning his Ferrari for the third time this week...I have no idea what Miss Hilton's up to...ah. Hello, my children."

Naturally pausing to take a longer look at the activity around the Red One Motel, he couldn't help smiling like a proud father; many may have been quick to point the finger at Ernst after the Xantiax incident, but it was actually Jaxx who had been unintentionally responsible for the Berzerk's birth. Being a dab-hand at chemicals and formulas, the redhead had been trying to find a gas that would bring out the raw anger in mankind. And whilst he'd gotten his desired results with his Xantiax prototype it came with the unwanted side effect of the "scarlet skin", which he had managed to rid himself of with the right set of chemicals. Sure that the prototype was foolproof, Jaxx had been lumbered with tonnes of the gas, so he'd ordered one of his henchman, Leeson, to simply dispose of it. Unfortunately, he hadn't known about Leeson's little score to settle with a certain motel manager, so he'd been surprised to hear that his prototype had been the cause of the new clan. To him, their success as a clan meant Xantiax had been no failure, and Jaxx had made a personal promise to keep on eye on his new "children" ever since.

However, his little reminiscence was soon broken by a certain Ratman's return.

"Ah, you're back, I see," he said, trying to hide the irritation in his voice with a strange sounding curiosity. "Just what on earth have you got there?"

Sure enough, Ernst had hold of a shiny, round something in his mouth; resisting quite a bit when the redhead tried to retrieve it from him, it was obvious he had grown quite attached to it. He couldn't help pouting a little when it was finally removed from his clutches.

"This must be that new virus program that Zero-Deadly or whatever he likes to call himself has been working on," Jaxx said, carefully twiddling the disc between his gloved fingers as he tried to remove some of the sloppy, hybrid saliva. "C0P-0UT, huh? Must have been specifically made for use against the Sentinel-"

He suddenly stopped his words when he noticed Ernst's attention had been attracted by new events on the monitor.

"What is it?"

"Ist das Anderson?"

"No," his fellow GHEIST snarled, beginning to fiddle with a few buttons on the control panel. "They're guests we actually want. Hello, little police officers. Come to play with Uncle Jaxx, have we? Naughty officers. Naughty, naughty officers. You should be tending to your prisoners, wouldn't want them escaping right now, would we?"

The whole clan had grown used to Jaxx's slightly psychotic sounding ramblings, and Ernst was no exception; rolling his eyes at the whole situation, he was growing rather tired of the redhead's constant chatter.

"It's the button on the left to send out Wurmhol, I think, be sure to send him out anytime soon," he interrupted, his tone a weird mixture of tiredness and eagerness. It was as if he was trying to be sarcastic but wasn't entirely sure how; his mood soon turning inquisitive when he noticed Jaxx stepping away from the control panel.

"Was in der..."

"Come, Mr Wissenschaft."

As Jaxx began to make his way out of the laboratory and into the sewers that connected the GHEIST's different functions and rooms, Ernst couldn't help wearing a rather confused expression as he obediently followed. It wasn't like the redhead to venture out into broad daylight; when he'd abducted his victims, it had been in the dead of night.

As the two males approached one of the sewers' many ladders, Jaxx couldn't help shuddering at the sheer feeling of the sewer water soaking through his pristine shoes; managing to shake off the odd sensation, he tightly gripped one of the grey, grimy rungs as if he convinced he was going to fall off at the slightest distraction.

"They're not going to leave until they've arrested someone," he explained, as he carefully began to make his ascent. "Or until they've blown the HQ up. Again But not this time, not this time. I won't allow it."

"Wohin gehst du?"

"It's not where I'm going that matters, but what I'm going to be doing," Jaxx stated, winking as he flashed the Ratman a glimpse of "C0P-0UT" before placing the disc deep down into this pocket.

"You're a crazy, crazy dummkopf, you know that?"

"Farewell, Mr Wissenschaft!" He then exclaimed, ignoring the other male's comment as his sudden rise in volume caused an echo throughout the murky sewers; but not before hissing a rather devious sounding "Keep an eye on the monitors", and causing Ernst to roll his eyes once again in slight irritation. It was the third time this week he'd been made to keep watch, and due to his rat-like tendencies he didn't have the longest of attention spans.

Meanwhile, outside of the sewers, the Sentinel were wondering just what the hell was going on. On previous occasions, they would have already been face to face with the likes of Wurmhol, but they had little time to relax and savour the chance of not having to suffer through acid burning; noticing the sewer lid slide off it's resting place, as if someone was trying to make their way through, the police officers couldn't help tensing up. However, their faces were soon wearing what seemed like slightly confused expressions when they noticed the likes of Jaxx emerging from the hole. Well, in all honesty, they didn't actually know his name. They only knew he was the GHEIST's newest member and that he didn't like the Rescue an awful lot; but then again, the latter could have applied to any of the scientists.

"Huh, new guy," Melvin announced, lowering his weapon and sounding rather unimpressed. "It's just the new guy, everyone, don't get too excited."

"What? I'm not as arrestable as the other GHEIST simply because of my relative newness? That is not the case, officer, I can assure you. I'm just as, if not more dangerous than the grizzliest of my peers and brothers in scientific arms. That is true, I-"

"Alright, no one asked for your frickin' life story," the Sentinel interrupted, sighing in frustration. "Jeez, why do some GHEIST have to make a big song and dance about themselves?"

"Look at him, Mel. Does he really look the type who wouldn't make a big thing of his persona?" Valentina asked, raising an eyebrow at her clan mate, before lowering her voice so her next words were for their ears only. "Ugh, no wonder Ash hates the asshole. The guy thinks classiness will make him look all proper and distinguished, but he just looks like a creepy, posh twat."

"I can hear every word you know," Jaxx said, flashing a glimpse of demonic grin.

"Rewind for a moment, guys," Copper instructed, sounding rather suspicious. "We seem to be forgetting that a GHEIST is freely surrendering himself. Something's not right here surely."

"Yeah, him. He's not right in the head, the gas-guzzling Britard," Melvin responded, only to be on the receiving end of a highly annoyed "This isn't the time!".

Despite the arguing and debate amongst the Sentinel providing the perfect distraction for escape, Jaxx still stood infront of the line of fire; hands up, unarmed, and still wearing his slightly-demented, trademark smile.

"I'm all yours, officers. Just take me."