For the last ten minutes, Jaxx couldn't help but feel he'd been trapped; not physically like he was locked in the cell with no chance of escape, but emotionally as he found himself keep averting his gaze from a somewhat wounded Katja. As the blonde locks fell by the sides of her slightly dirty face, she couldn't help but sense how much "on-edge" the GHEIST male felt about the situation as the pair continued to sit and chat in the metal container that was the cell.

"I guess I was somewhat stupid to expect you to keep any promises," she confessed, beginning to twiddle with a long strand of her blonde hair; soon stopped by Jaxx, who tucked the stray piece behind her ear, she felt her face then turn from it's serious expression to a slight smile.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Jaxx couldn't keep fighting the little niggles inside his mind; he wanted to let her know that she was one of a kind (a Sentinel that he didn't completely despise), but he knew it would easily be taken the wrong way. It wasn't infatuation but a glimmer of admiration, and he hoped Katja would know the difference when he suddenly gave her a quick, somewhat shy kiss on the cheek.

"Get off me," she demanded, making it obvious the smile wasn't about to come back. "I thought you were different from other GHEIST, but of course your being nice was a charade. Makes me glad you'll be staying in this cell, since you had the nerve to come back to the HQ."

"I know," he replied, unable to meet her gaze; yet he accepted his fate, if his willing hands in the "cuffed" position were anything to go by.

"Oh stop with the whole act, Jaxx. You're not to be trusted. And the least you could do is clean your neck," she scoffed, beginning to turn away; however, after a double take and realising the rust-coloured mark was not mere dirt, the Sentinel couldn't help wearing a slightly perturbed expression.

"What happened?"

"Oh, this," Jaxx simply said, shrugging it off with a somewhat disgruntled "huh". "Ernst managed quite the scratch when we started scrapping over the keyboard."

As he unbuttoned the first few fastenings on his shirt and pulled down his collar a little, he revealed a rather deep, scarlet cut on the side of his neck; allowing the Sentinel to take a closer look, both scientist and police officer couldn't help shuddering a little when she brushed the throbbing cut with her fingertips.

"It doesn't look much, but if he'd gone just that little bit deeper, I could have been killed. Or rendered mute at least, since he would have torn through my vocal chords before he got to the actual...yeah."

"So why were you scrapping like that in the first place?"

"Because I was trying to repent for my actions," He responded, sounding rather blunt as if he expected Katja to get it straight away. "Unfortunately my clanmates didn't believe I'd committed any sin, and considered my making up for them to be the actual wrongdoing."

"And exactly what sort of sin requires repentance by having a fight with an overgrown ratman?"

Suddenly jumping when Jaxx threw his fist against the wall in quite a rage-like manner, Katja couldn't help feeling slightly frightened when it seemed he'd snapped at her constant questioning.

"I was Scarlet Fever, ok? I felt so sickened by the fact the clan were going to go ahead with the plan after you helped me that I tried to help your pathetic little clan!"

Despite the fact the scientist had insulted her clan with the word "pathetic", she couldn't help hushing her tone when she realised just what he'd been trying to imply; trying her best to keep her serious, cold composure , Katja could feel the obvious question about to escape her lips.

"Wh—what are you trying to say, Jaxx?"

"I...I was trying to make up for betraying you. You wouldn't think it about GHEIST members, but we do feel remorse, we do feel pain, and we certainly do feel guilt."

" went against your own just to protect me?"

"I care about you, Miss Noble. That's the simple and honest truth," he said, gently taking hold of her and giving her a quick, gentle hug; not even knowing himself whether he was keeping up a pointless charade or giving into his true feelings, he couldn't help feeling touched when he realised he hadn't been punched in the face or repelled in some way upon contact.

"Well...I guess you'd have just let that Gheistling kill me there and then if that wasn't the case," Katja said, the smile slowly returning to her face as she found herself unable to make eye contact with him due to flattery-induced blushing. "Maybe I was being a bit too rash in saying that your niceness was just an act."

Once again proving she was one of the nicer Sentinel when it came to criminals, she suddenly grabbed hold of the redhead and gave him what seemed like a friendly, returned hug; feeling all the resentment towards him just "lift" as she did so, forgiveness soon turning to shock as she heard a familiar tinkle of metal.

"My keys!"

But before Katja could snatch and reclaim them from Jaxx, the scientist had already slammed the cell door and locked her into the metal container; his trademark grin returning to his face, he shot her a devious, victorious glance before darting off in his bid to escape.

One would have expected the blonde's cries to be that of anger, but her exclamation had sounded more like a plea than a threat.

"You come back here, Jaxx Britton!"

"My apologies, Miss Noble," he declared, tipping his bowler hat in a gentlemanly gesture to the Sentinel female. "But it's like you said. I'm not to be trusted!"


"But...what about the scary Narwhals?"

"Two things, Ernsty. One, you've been watching far too many internet videos with Zero Dead again, and two, we're based in the sewers. There's no way a Narwhal would survive this dirty, cramped system long enough to hurt anyone.

As the Ratman stared at her with a slight, canine-like tilt of the head and a rather confused look on his face, Astrid could feel she was reaching her limits; inquisitive natures were one thing, and she loved Ernst to bits, but her fellow GHEIST was so curious about everything that sometimes it just wasn't cute anymore but pretty darn frustrating.

"If you're not careful, Ernsty, curiosity will soon kill the rat," she stated, chuckling a little as she carried on tending to her worms. "And I'd appreciate it if you didn't touch the wormlings, they'll bite you and it'll hurt, believe me!"

Suddenly, the couple were distracted by the hard slamming of the metal door, revealing a very familiar clan member.

"Heeeeeeeeeeere's Jaxxy!"

"Sentinel got fed up of you after only a couple of hours, did they?" Astrid asked, sounding a little sarcastic. "Not surprised. It's always the manic, annoying ones who end up driving them over the edge."

"Miss Wurmwoode, I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments to yourself, thank you very much."

"Just saying, that's all," she retorted, suddenly wincing as a familiar, green liquid stung her skin; soon raising her finger to the worm on her shoulder, she couldn't help waving it a little in a disapproving manner.

"Naughty wormling! What did I say about not spitting on Mommy?"

"You're mad," Jaxx simply said, turning his back on the female GHEIST with a rather frustrated sigh, and not caring for the somewhat irritated glare that Ernst was giving him. However, he was soon caring about the little twinge he suddenly felt in his chest; quick to rely on his gas, he felt the twinge quickly remove itself once he'd been exposed to the scarlet fumes.

"Put the gas down, Jumpin' Jack Flash," Astrid declared, sounding a little irked. "There's a fine, fine line between required dosages and getting hooked, you know?"

At that moment, one of the worms seemed to have caught scent of the gas, suddenly giving a single, small, gravelly-sounding sneeze; however, their attention was soon drawn from sneezing wrigglers to the control panel, as they noticed the monitors flickering in a rather tell-tale manner.

Immediately distracted by the flashing signals, Ernst was quick to tend to the as he pressed the buttons and twisted the dials; squinting as he did so, he was soon able to focus the clan's technology on what seemed to be a rather intruding clan.

"Oh, scheisse! Not again!"

"Who is it, Ernsty?"

"It's die Sentinel," he announced, sounding rather surprised at their arrival as he watched them via the control panel's screens; unable to then keep himself from shooting a rather experienced glance in Jaxx's direction, Ernst was soon nursing a sore, throbbing wound when the redhead suddenly smacked him around the head.

"Oh please, Mr Wissenschaft," he said, with a slight smirk on his face. "Nice guys finish last. I'm not going through all that again."

"Nicht einmal für alle dem Gas in der Welt?"

Despite being unable to form even one sentence in German, Jaxx couldn't help smiling as he heard Ernst's words; taking yet another sifter of gas he did so, he glanced at the canister before shifting his attention to the inquisitive Ratman."

"No, Mr Wissenschaft. Not even for all the gas in the world. This time, we live to win! We fight for our lives! We show them who's boss! We-"

"Ok, does someone want to tell me exactly what's been going on here?"

Noticing Astrid's inquisitive yet curious stance, Jaxx couldn't help chuckling at her misunderstanding; summoning Ernst to his side once more and ushering the female to follow him in their route towards the closest sewer exit, the redhead seemed calm in the panic despite the oncoming violence that was bound to greet them.

"It's a long story, Miss Wurmwoode," he said, still managing to maintain his trademark smile. "But once we dispose of the police, I'll be willing to tell you everything."