Naruko Namikaze, 17 years old, blonde, smart and beautiful young woman was about to start her new life. Today is the day she would move in with her mother and her twin brother. It was unexpected but at a young age of ten years old, her parents divorced, splitting up she lived with her father and her brother Naruto ended up staying with her mother. Not having any contact between the years they were split, Naruko's memories of them were very vague. It was until a few weeks ago that her father passed away in a horrible accident that she would now live with her mother. She lived in a different part of the country, some place where city folk, such as Naruko would feel unfamiliar with their customs. She sighed, looking out the window of the train, she wondered if she would feel at home. Would her mother love and treat her the same as her brother? And how would he feel as well? Her memories of him were that he would always prank people and he was very loud and he would always cling to their mother.

The train came to a stop, breaking her thoughts. As she exited the train with her backpack and suitcase, she saw a woman with beautiful long red hair adorned with a hair clip, waving at her. The blonde girl smiled, "She looks the same as I remember her" walking towards her the mother she knew as Kushina, ran towards her and embraced her tightly surprising the blonde teenager.

"Oh honey, its been so long!"

Kushina said, she pulled back and looked at her. Naruko could see that she was one the verge of bursting out in tears.

"I'm so sorry about your father"

Naruko nodded and was once again pulled into another hug. The death of her father was very shocking, she got the horrible news when she was in class she had been noticed that he was in a terrible car accident that had killed him on impact. When Kushina let go, she wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes and smiled, bring herself to change the topic.

"Look at you! You're all grown up!"

Naruko smiled at her mothers comment, she really didn't know what to say.

"Well what are we standing around here for, I bet your very tired from your long trip"

"It wasn't too bad. Although I am a bit hungry"

As if on cue her stomach began to growl loud enough for Kushina to hear. Naruko sheepishly smiled.

"Well no child of mine is going to starve! Lets get you home and I'll have meal prepared for you in no time! You like ramen don't you?"

Naruko nodded however she actually didn't really like eating that stuff as it was unhealthy but she didn't want to turn down her mother's offer.

"Great! Let's go then, our house isn't too far away from here"

Kushina took her suitcase to help her carry it instead, she the lead the way to her new home. Naruko realized that she didn't have a car and guess that wasn't needed if her house was close by. As they walked, Naruko noticed that there were more trees, mountains, and terrain than the city she was used to. Kushina talked about how when she was little and all the memories together they had. When they crossed the cobblestone bridge they entered the town.

"Uhm where is Naruto-Niisan?"

Naruko asked, Kushina nervously smiled as she tried to come up to an excuse but couldn't think of one. "Well you see...Naruto-I mean your brother is a little less excited to see you as much as I am" The blonde girl had a confused look on her face which Kushina noticed.

"Don't get him wrong, he's probably waiting for you back at home. He was a bit nervous to come."

As they walked through the streets, Naruko could tell people here seemed much more friendly as oppose to the city where everybody was rude. She saw what seemed the school she would be attending along with her brother. It was a bit up top of a hill, the school it self looked very elegant almost like a mansion. They continued to walk until they arrived to small but yet comforting two story house, she assume this would be her new home. "Here we are!" Kushina opened the front gate and made her way to the door. Entering inside Naruko felt right at home. She smiled and saw that it was actually much more bigger inside.

"Your room will be right up stairs second door to the right. I'll get started on that ramen"

Naruko nodded and made her way upstairs, looking around the place she failed to see the other person in front of her, crashing into them.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"

Naruko rubbed her head before looking at the person beneath her. Growing a crimson shade blush she screamed and got off her brother. Naruto, who had cushioned Naruko's fall was between her legs face first. It didn't help that she had a skirt on, he got a good look at her striped panties.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to peep! I swear it was an accident- Hey you look familiar, do I know you from some where?"

He cut his hysterical apology as he cupped his chin and stared at her, wondering where he had seen her face before. Before asking anymore questions, he was suddenly pulled into a headlock by his mother.

"Idiot don't you remember your own sister?"

"Oww Kaa-san!"

Naruto struggled between her mothers grip as he tried to pry himself off, Naruko sweat drop at them and smiled, they both seem to have a very friendly relationship; one that was very different from her father and her. "Its okay Kaa-san, Naruto-niisan hasn't seen me since we were little so its understandable" Naruko said to her mother and realized she had just called her 'Kaa-san' for the first time in a long time. Kushina released Naruto and smiled and nodded, "Okay, Naruto you make sure you get along with your sister. Got it?" She gave him an intense glare that told him to either obey her wishes or no more ramen. Naruto only nodded as he gulped, his mother's ramen was out of this world and its not like he was going to disobey her in the first place. Kushina then made her way back downstairs, telling them that the ramen would be done in a bit.

"Jeez Kaa-san," Naruto rubbed his neck before fixing his eyes on Naruko and smiling at her. "Nee-chan sorry about bumping into you like that, I should watch where I'm going next time"

"No it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going"

"Well let me be the first to say, Welcome to our home! Trust me your gonna love it here!" He wink at her giving her one thumbs up, "Well I'll let you get settled in, if ya need anything just call my name and big brother Naruto will be at your side in a flash!" Naruko smiled and giggled before nodding. "Nii-san you were only born 10 minutes before me"

"It still makes me the older sibling!" he shouted, sliding down the stairs.

After Naruto left, Naruko entered her room and saw her new room. It was not that small, the bed was already there and a wooden desk in front of the window made it seem cozy. Compared to her old room this one seemed much more simple. She dropped her bags and laid on the bed, for a moment she dozed off until she heard her a knock on the door. She awoke and told them to enter, it was Naruto telling her that the food was ready. She nodded and told him he'd be downstairs in a bit. When she arrived to the kitchen table she saw Naruto already digging into his bowl, while Kushina had just set Naruko's bowl on the table.

"Its my special 'Naruto' ramen dish"

She said with a warm smile, Naruko sat across from Naruto and began to eat much more gracefully than Naruto. When Naruto finished he began to stare at his twin sister which didn't go unnoticed by her.

"Uhm yes? Is there something on my face?"

"Sorry I'm just trying to figure out something"

Naruko, a bit flustered, tried to figure out what he was looking to find. Naruto however had locked his eyes on her chest, when he finished analyzing her, his eyes moved to the woman behind her. Comparing both of his sister and mother's chest size he wondered who won in that category. He smiled innocently when his mother caught his stare, trying to play it off but she pulled her bottom eyelid and stuck her tongue at him. The red headed woman then moved towards her daughter's side.

"Now Naruko-chan tomorrow will be your first day of school with Naruto. How do you feel about that?"

Kushina asked, hoping to catch her attention and divert her from Naruto's. Turning to her mother the blonde girl smiled.

"Well I hope Naruto-niisan will show me around, I'll be happy with that"

"Well of course I'll show you around, Nee-chan! I'll take you around the entire school, give you the full tour!"

The sheepish grin told her, he was happy to hang with her at school. Usually siblings would avoid each other in school, Naruto however was more than willing to take her on a tour, introduce her to his friends, and walk her to her class so she wouldn't get lost. After their meal they washed their plates, both teenagers were about to leave when they were pulled into a warm embrace by their mother. Naruko at first was startled by the hug but then she relaxed into it.

"Its nice to have you with us, Naruko-chan"


Kushina kissed both of them on the cheek before releasing them and suddenly squealing as if she saw a mouse. Naruko looked at her as if she was hurt but she just waved it off as nothing with a nervous smile. As the day went on, night came and Naruko was ready for bed. Lying on her bed, she thought how well its been going the first day. She definitely felt welcomed, her mother treated her like she had never left and her brother didn't seem to mind her presence in fact he asked a lot of questions about her life, what she liked, and how her father was. Her father. She missed her father but she knew he would be happy with her mother and brother. With so many pleasant thoughts, sleep began to call her and soon she fell into deep sleep.

Meanwhile in Kushina's room, soft moans escaped the red haired woman. Two naked bodies in the middle of the bed. She arched her back against her lover, arm over his neck. He held her by the waist and one hand cupping her bare breast, all while thrusting inside her womanhood. Kushina gripped the sheets of the bed, trying to suppress her loud moans she kissed her lover and moaned into his lips as they both came. Moments later they both cuddled together before Kushina spoke.

"Do you think she heard anything?"

"I don't know, Kushina-chan is awfully loud when she cums"

Kushina puffed her cheeks, pouting she playfully glared at her lover when he teased her.

"I'm serious Naruto! I don't want my daughter to be disgusted by our relationship"

Naruto brought her closer to him protectively as if someone was going to take away from him. Kushina stared at him with worried eyes when he spoke.

"Then we'll keep it a secret until its the right time"

"But what if..." she paused and blushed as she passed her hand on her stomach. "Something happens?" she felt him cup her cheek and kiss her, when he broke the kiss he smile. "Then we'll get through it together" His words put her worries to ease for the moment, she knew things would get hard but for now she decided to enjoy the moment with her lover. They both slept the rest of the night waiting for the next day to arrive.

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