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It was early in the morning, the sun had yet to rise over the small Leaf town. The two Uzumaki females had awaken early, Kushina eagerly wanted to take Naruko to their new flower shop. Sure the place had been there for quite a while now but to Kushina it was like a new place they shared as a family. Kushina and Naruko had to practical dragged Naruto along as well. The blond grumbled on their way to the flower shop, morning was not a friend to Naruto Uzumaki. The only way he'd wake up with a bright shining smile was if he slept with a certain red headed woman.

Naruko gasped in awe as she walked by herself around the aisle of different arranged flowers. There were so many she had seen on tv and magazines, there were also a couple of the same flowers she had seen back at the school's rooftop.

"This one is so pretty!" Naruko squealed as she carefully held the head of the flower with the palm of her hand. It was purple tulip. Naruko looked around the shop for her any sightings of her mother or brother before she picked up the flower and neatly placed the flower on her hair. She went to the nearest piece of glass and used it as a mirror, Naruko made different expressions as she titled her head. She wasn't a girl who liked to show off her looks but once in a while Naruko liked to treat herself. She smiled to at her image, "I wonder if Naruto-nii would like it" Naruko wondered, but she guess that something like this wasn't worth his time. Naruko sighed to herself before she realized the empty shop.

"Hmm? I wonder where Naruto-nii and Kaa-san are?" Naruko said as she removed the flower, she needed to put it back in it's place before looking for them.

Meanwhile at the back of the shop where they kept more flowers along with pots, chemicals and all the tools you'd need to garden, there were soft moans and whimpers coming from behind the racks of epmty flower pots.

"Na-Naruto... We need to finish-! Mmm!" Kushina faced the flowers as her rear was facing Naruto who had his hands on her waist while he thrust inside the woman's folds slow rhythmic pace. Kushina tried her best to suppress her moans from escaping but Naruto wasn't being gentle just because they were doing it outside their home. For some reason this excited Kushina and with Naruto's usual energetic mood, she was feeling lost in euphoria.

"Kushi-chan~" Naruto whispered and leaned in from behind without stopping, the blond pulled Kushina's dress up and snaked a hand under, grabbing a hold of the woman's breast. "Are you afraid Naruko will walk in on us?" Naruto grinned mischievously, he was one to tease when they fooled around.

"Do-Don't say that!" Kushina face grew red, she didn't know if it was Naruto's teasing or the fact that his cock was hitting her womb.

"Kushi's face looks awfully cute right now" Naruto was loving Kushina's expression, she seemed intoxicated in ecstasy. The blond leaned in the red head's earlobe and nibbled on it. His hands worked on her body, one hand tightly gripped the ass while the other cupped her breast and pinched her nipple.

"I wonder how Naruko's face would look when she sees her mother cum" Kushina started to regain her senses when he said this, "Wha-What do you mean?" She asked still a bit out of it. Naruto grinned and gave a sharp thrust, piercing Kushina even more, she howled quietly as he hit her womb once again.

"Naruko!" Naruto called out.

On the other side of the flower shop, Naruko heard her brother's voice calling out to her. The blonde girl neatly place the flower she held back in it's place before answering back.

"Naruto-nii? Where are you? Where's Kaa-san?" She yelled as she looked around the front of the shop.

"We're in the back! Come on over!" Naruto said from the back. Kushina's eyes were wide, what was Naruto thinking? Before she could slip out so Naruko wouldn't see, Naruto picked her up from the back of her knees, spreading her legs and showing how they were connected. "Naruto! Wh-What are you doing?!" She bit her lip, trying to hold back to moan out loud.

"I want Naruko to know about us"

Kushina's eyes widen when she heard the doorknob turn. She covered her face with her hands. This was it, her daughter was going to find about her incestous relationship. Kushina would feel even worst if it weren't for Naruto pumping into her pussy. She was about to climax but she kept her ears for her daughter. Her wet tongue stuck out as she panted wildly while her eyes rolled back. It was wrong to act like this or even feel like she did but Kushina couldn't help it and now her daughter was about to walking on her.


Kushina heard the voice of Ino Yamanaka and for the first time she was glad the blonde girl came to the rescue. She gritted her teeth as Kushina came followed by Naruto cumming as well. Kushina limped back into Naruto's arms, her eyes were filled content and relief, they had barely dodged that bullet. But Kushina was now mad at the blond holding her, she glared at Naruto as he gave a sheepish smile.

Back in the front of the shop.

"Ino-san?" Naruko said as she let go of the door knob and turned to the said blonde. Ino was smiling as she was in her school uniform. "Good morning!" Ino continued to smile as she looked at the old Yamanaka shop.

"Good morning" Naruko said as she returned the gesture. "So I guess you guys are already moving in huh? I sure am going miss this place"

Naruko curiously stared at the platinum blonde, "Oh look at me, talking like I'm going away!" Ino scratched the back of her head, a bit embarrassed.

"No it's fine" Naruko said while giving her a reassuring smile. Ino looked at the blonde girl and couldn't believe she was Naruto's sister, while Naruko did resemble her brother in some way, she did not however have the same personality.

"Why don't we walk to school together? Just the two of us" Ino pulled Naruko by her arm and held it in the similar fashion she did with Naruto. "I'm sure Naruto-kun won't mind if I steal his sister for a bit" Ino grinned slyly as Naruko could only sigh before smiling.

"Naruto-kun! Naruko-chan and I are going to go on ahead! I'll see you at school" Both Naruto and Kushina heard the front door open and close. Naruto sighed before turning towards Kushina who stood up while pulling up her panties.

"You're not still mad are you?" Naruto asked only to be ignored by the red headed beauty. "Kushi-chan?"

"Hmph!" She turned away and crossed her arms. Kushina was upset, she couldn't believe what Naruto almost did. Kushina wasn't ready to let Naruko know about their secret yet. She probably didn't want Naruko to ever know.

"C'mon Kushina, I was just messing around" Naruto explained but Kushina wasn't letting him off the hook so easily. "Our daughter almost saw us! She almost found out!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Our daughter?" Kushina covered her mouth, she didn't mean to say that. "You-You know W-What I mean!" The red headed woman was flustered, her mind wasn't thinking straight.

Naruto sighed, he didn't make a big deal out of it as much as Kushina was. "I'm sorry Kushina, I just got too excited"

Kushina gave Naruto a sympathetic smile, she went up to him and cupped his cheeks with her hands. She gave him a quick kiss before looking him in the eyes. "Get going to school, you're going to be late."

"But I-" Kushina shushed him by pressing one finger on his lips, she didn't want to hear any protest. "We'll talk about it later"

But Naruto didn't want to talk later, he wanted to let her know that he meant no harm. Naruto didn't want to keep their relationship a secret, if Naruko was going to live in the same roof then she would have to accept their secret. It had been bothering him for quite a while now, Naruto couldn't tell anyone about Kushina because it wasn't common for a mother and son to have this kind of relationship. Still, the blond wished that at least Naruko knew about them and was okay with it, she was an Uzumaki she'd understand right? Naruto slowly fixed himself up, putting on his school uniform before heading out the door.

"I'm not mad, Naruto... I'm just not ready to tell Naruko just yet" especially in such an indecent manner, that wouldn't help them at all. Kushina still had many worries if their relationship got out to the public. Naruko had just moved in two days ago, she couldn't just drop something like this on Naruko out of nowhere.

Back with the two high school blondes, they both walked side to side. They didn't talk at much at first, it wasn't until Ino started to question her about her life. Ino was very curious about Naruto's sister ever since she found out she was moving over. Ino didn't even know Naruto had a sister till he mentioned she was moving in. She learned that Naruko was an academic student, she excelled in every subject and was the president of student council in her old school. In Ino's opinion, Naruko was the complete opposite of Naruto who only wanted to slack off and liked to compete in any physical sport even though he wasn't part of any team.

"Well what about you Ino-san?" Naruko asked.

"Please just call me Ino, no need for formalities if were gonna be friends" Ino said with a smile. "Okay Ino, tell me a little bit about yourself. How long have you known my brother?"

Ino took the moment to think, no one had ever asked her these questions especially the one about Naruto. With Sakura as a childhood friend they already knew everything about each other.

"Well as you saw heard yesterday, I am part of the flowering club. The flower shop we use to own, was where I grew up. I love flowers and taking care of them" Naruko was fascinated by Ino's passion for flowers. Ino was just as passionate and dedicated as Kushina. Naruko had never met a girl like Ino before, all the other girls in her old school were too busy trying to be something they weren't and chasing pretty boys.

"And-And as for Naruto, well we've known each other since we were kids" Ino laughed nervously, she was a bit embarrassed about it.

"Oh so are you and my brother dating?" Naruko asked bluntly, she had been curious about this since she saw how close in contact they were in. Ino stuttered as she waved her hands in front of her, "N-N-No! It's not like that- I mean we do hangout b-b-but it's not like we're dating yet"

"Yet?" Naruko thought as she found it cute how someone had a crush on her brother.

Ino sighed, here she was stammering like crazy and in front of her crush's sister. "Well it's not like I haven't tried before..." Ino referring to asking Naruto out, "It's just a bit... Complicated" Naruko could only raise her brow, had her brother done something bad to Ino? Sure he has dense but he would never hurt someone's feelings.

Ino could see the confused expression the blond girl next to her had, she couldn't help but to sigh once more. "Back when we were kids, I wasn't exactly Naruto's best friend." Ino paused for a moment to glance at the girl before she continued. "I was naive back then. You see when we were little, Sakura, the pink haired girl you met yesterday, and I had a crush on this boy named Sasuke. You know the guy that sits next to you?" Naruko nodded and the Ino continued. "And Naruto was the annoying little brat that would always get in the way"

Ino smiled as she remembered her childhood days. "He really did grow on me eventually and I somehow fell for him..." For a moment Ino was on cloud nine, she then quickly snapped back into reality when she realized who she was talking to. "Bu-But don't tell him, it'd be really embarrassing"

Naruko gave her fellow classmate a trusting smile before nodding. "Don't worry I won't tell a soul"

Both girls giggled at their little secret they now had between each other. Naruko was glad someone would trust her enough to tell her personal things to her. She was happy that Ino was her friend. Ino herself was glad that she could talk comfortably about her crush to another person, not only was she another friend but Naruto's twin sister. She could already tell that Naruko and her would be good friends.

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