I don't own Leverage. This is just to help with my obsession until season 5 gets here. Spoilers for the whole show up to this point.

Nate grimaced and ran a hand through his hair. He was out here pacing the living room floor of the new apartment because Sophie had finally gotten sick of him tossing and turning and kicked him out of bed. She'd said that if he didn't get out and let her get some sleep she was going to break Meredith's record for the shortest time between marrying a guy and murdering them. They'd only been here for two days since their honeymoon.

Nate's pacing was due to the ultrasound Sophie had scheduled for the next day. He'd thought he was doing okay, until tonight at about 10 pm when the panic had set in and he'd begun obsessing over all the things that could go wrong. After telling him twice to stop staring at her and then trying sex (which, okay, had distracted him for a bit but then he'd gone right back to panic mode) Soph had banished him to the living room.

"Hey Nate." Nate almost hit the roof.

"Jesus Parker! When did you get here?"

Parker grinned and jangled one of the carabiners on her rig. "I'm checking to see how fast I can get in here from the roof. I'm even faster than at the old place!" Her voice was excited.

Nate smiled. Trust Parker. "Did you guys find your new places?"

He wouldn't have thought Parker's grin could get bigger, but it did. "Yep. Hardison says he's gonna hug you 'til your head pops off when he sees you again."

"How did you know we were back?" Nate asked curiously.

"I've been checking every night. I saw you were here last night but I didn't want to interrupt 'cause you were having sex." At this casual comment Nate blushed a furious red. It wasn't the first time that Parker had caught him having sex with his wife (he felt a pleased squirm in his stomach at that last word.)

"Hey Parker." Sophie's voice was quiet as she walked into the room. "I couldn't sleep... too used to you being there now, I expect," she said to Nate. Parker walked over and then stopped, just looking at Sophie. "What?" Sophie asked, tilting her head.

"Is it okay if I hug you? I don't wanna hurt you..." Parker looked a bit scared.

"Parker, I'm pregnant, not an invalid. Yes, you can hug me," Sophie said, pulling the girl into her arms. "Never been around someone who was pregnant huh?"

Parker shook her head no. "You look different."

"Oh come on. I'm not showing yet," Sophie snorted.

"No, I mean..." Parker tilted her head and looked at her friend. "Something is different. But I don't know what."

"Parker, that's just your mind getting used to the fact of my pregnancy and projecting it. I don't actually look any different than normal. Yet."

"She's right Soph." They both looked over. Nate had boosted himself up on the counter and was peeling an orange. "You're glowing."

Sophie smiled. "I think you're both just sleep deprived."

Parker's cell beeped. It took her a few seconds to get it out of her pants pocket due to the fact that she was still wearing her climbing equipment. Hey, girl, I swung by your place but you weren't home. Eliot and I are headed for midnight Chinese food. You interested?

She showed the phone to Nate, who took it and texted Hardison back. Get it takeout and bring it here, make sure you get orange chicken! Nate.

Hardison's text back was nothing but row upon row of smiley faces.

When they walked into the apartment twenty minutes later both Eliot and Hardison dropped the food they were carrying and rushed Nate and Sophie. Nate could honestly say he'd never been hugged that hard in his life. Ever. Eliot actually picked Sophie up and swung her around briefly before setting her back down. She laughed. Hardison was a bit gentler, clearly not quite as ill at ease as Parker with Sophie's condition but not as comfortable as Eliot.

Eliot's hug actually hurt Nate a bit, though he never would have admitted it. That wound from when Dubenich shot him wasn't all the way healed yet. Nate couldn't have cared less at that point if it was fresh. He hadn't realised how much he missed people just touching him until recently.

"So what's it gonna be?" Hardison asked. "Not that it matters 'cause I'm gonna make it a hacker genius no matter what."

"Hardison, we don't know yet. We probably won't even know after tomorrow." When the younger members of the team gave him confused looks Nate said "Ultrasound."

"Can I watch?" Parker's voice was excited.

Sophie eyed Nate for a second, gauging his nervousness and imagining him having Parker to deal with on top of it. "Next time, okay Parker?"

"And hey, man, you aren't making this kid into some geeky computer whiz. I'm gonna make sure he or she can defend themselves before you go teaching them any of that Warcraft junk." Eliot speared a piece of chicken.

That was apparently Parker's cue to get in on the argument. "Hey, what about climbing and lifts and all that important stuff. I want a turn!"

Nate and Sophie just met each other's eyes across the table, and then in an identical gesture dropped their heads into their hands. "Guys, can you at least wait till the poor kid is born before you try to divvy up it's time?" Nate's voice was wry. He could tell them that they weren't allowed to teach his kid their skills but he knew he'd be ignored.

Eliot and Hardison at least had the grace to look embarrassed. Parker didn't, but not much of anything embarrassed Parker. The rest of the (meal? Midnight snack?) passed peacefully enough, with the guys talking about some of the things they'd discovered about Portland since they'd gotten here and Parker talking excitedly about all the security measures at a local museum that she was just itching to break into. When everyone gave her the look of doom she was quick to point out that she didn't actually want to steal anything, just see if she could break in and out.

Noticing Sophie trying to stifle a yawn, Nate finally broke up the gathering. "Guys, Sophie and I have an early morning, so I'm evicting you. We'll be back here by 10 am tomorrow if all goes well."

None of them protested. The boys left through the door, Parker left the way she'd got there, saying she needed to get the rest of her equipment off the roof before she went home. After they were gone Sophie looked at him and smiled. "You know our kid's gonna be the world's best thief in existence by the time they're twelve years old?"

Nate smiled. "I hope so." He took her hand and led her into the bedroom, finally feeling like he might be able to sleep.

Sophie woke him up at 6:45 am with a bout of morning sickness. They'd been thankfully few and far between. He couldn't help but wonder if part of it wasn't nerves about the upcoming appointment. She was calmer than him on the outside, but that didn't mean she might not be freaking out internally. He padded out to the kitchen in his bare feet and put on both the kettle and the coffee pot, and then returned to the bathroom and checked on her. She'd climbed into the shower.

He made her a cup of tea and brought it into the bedroom, setting it on her nightstand. She didn't bother getting dressed after her shower, just wandered into their room naked as the day she was born. He looked over at the curtains on the window, thankful that he'd thought to put those up when they first moved their things in here. She saw his glance and smiled. "Nate, we're eight floors up. Nobody is likely to be peeking in our window. Well, except maybe Parker," she added.

"Yeah, apparently she saw us having sex the night before last." Sophie blushed a bit at that comment but then shrugged.

"Go have your shower," she told him. "Appointment's at 9 am. We don't want to be late."

Okay, now Sophie had to admit she was feeling a bit nervous. She'd felt calm enough at home but now sitting here in the waiting room she was starting to feel like a swarm of butterflies high on meth had taken up residence in her general abdominal area. To Nate's credit, he must have noticed something in her expression, because he took her hand and squeezed it gently. That made her feel a bit better.

"Mrs. Ford?" A nurse came over to them. After Sophie nodded she said "I'm going to take you in and get some background information from you and do some blood work and vital signs. Your husband can come with you if he'd like, or he can wait out here. Your preference."

"I'm going." Nate didn't even give her a chance to speak. Sophie's mouth quirked in a bit of a smile; he'd been more protective of her than ever since finding out she was pregnant. It was a bit cute actually. She stood up, keeping hold of his hand, and followed the nurse.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Carson." The man held out his hand and shook with both Sophie and Nate. "So, Mrs. Ford. This is your first pregnancy?" Sophie nodded. "Nervous at all?" At this she nodded much more emphatically. He smiled. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of you," he reassured. "So what we're going to do today is get an ultrasound, see if we can't get a good look at this little miracle, and then set up some follow up appointments. I'll get you to lie down here," he said, indicating a table. He pulled a sheet over her so that it was lying low on her hips and then pulled her shirt up, exposing her abdomen. "This is probably cold," he warned, before putting some kind of blue gel on her. She shivered.

"Not probably, definitely," she said.

He was quiet for a few seconds as he manipulated a sensor over her abdomen, and then suddenly he grinned. "You play the lottery?" he asked Sophie.

Sophie was thoroughly confused but shook her head. "Why?"

"Maybe you should consider it," he said, still grinning. "There are two heartbeats in there."

Sophie's jaw dropped. She looked over at Nate. He still hadn't let go of her hand, not since he'd taken it in the waiting room fifteen minutes ago. He looked like someone had hit him over the head with a brick. "You idiot!" she said, shoving him. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that you don't have to be an overachiever all the time?" She meant for the words to come out angrier than they had (not that she actually was angry, but she was shocked).

Finally Nate seemed to come back to himself. He looked at the screen and then at Sophie. "Are you sure?" he asked Dr. Carson.

Dr. Carson nodded. "Yep. It's pretty impressive actually; not a lot of first pregnancies end up being multiple births. Congratulations." He finished with the ultrasound and then used a tissue to wipe off the gel. "Okay. Make an appointment with Sally at the front desk to come back and see me in two weeks. If everything is still the same then we'll wait a month between visits after that. If you have any questions, call." He handed Sophie a card. "If it's after hours and you need something call the pager number there and leave a brief message. I can't promise I'll call you back right away, because I do a lot of deliveries at Portland General. But I will get back to you." She nodded. He smiled and shook their hands again, giving them a few last instructions.

"I'm driving." Nate looked over at Sophie's comment.

"Why?" he asked. "Not that I'm objecting, but why?"

"Because I think you're in shock a little bit. And that means slowed reaction time."

"You aren't shocked Soph?"

"Shocked, yes. In shock, no. I'm thinking this is finally starting to sink in for you." She smiled and kissed him, lifting the keys out of his pocket without him noticing. When she held them up and jingled them, he just laughed.

"You always did have a knack for stealing stuff off of me. Wallet, keys. My heart." He grinned.

Her heart melted a little bit at that. "I like this you," she said softly. "Something tells me this is the one Maggie fell for."

He nodded. "I used to be crazy romantic. Before life kicked the crap out of me."

"Mmm. Well, Romeo, let's go home. I have a feeling the rest of the team has already invaded."

Sophie's prediction proved to be sound. Hardison had taken up residence on the couch, Parker was arranging things in her cupboard, and Eliot was in the kitchen chopping vegetables.

A chorus of hello's greeted Nate and Sophie as they walked in. "How'd y'all do at the doctor's?" Hardison asked eagerly.

"Well, apparently we need another set of Godparents," Nate said.

"Hey, wait up, you said I could!" Eliot's voice cut off as he replayed the sentence and heard 'another'. "You have to be kidding me!" He grinned at Sophie.

"Nope," she said, shaking her head. "Two for the price of one I guess."

"Sweet!" Hardison punched the air. Then did an impromptu dance around the coffee table. "Two mini hackers!"

"How can you fit two babies in there? Sophie's too skinny." Parker looked confused. Nate just started laughing.

"Hardison, do Sophie and me a favour and save our sanity. Download your girlfriend a book about pregnancy," Nate said.

Hardison laughed. "Man, I keep telling y'all, I'm so far ahead of you. I've already got it on here. I'm like, on chapter eight."

"Hey, I want one," said Sophie. They all looked at her. "Well, if you guys are gonna be reading about all the stuff that's going to happen to me I figure I might better read it too. Otherwise I'll seem stupid."

"You couldn't be stupid if you tried all day, Soph," Nate said. "And anyway, I already have a book. It's in my suitcase. I bought it on the way home."

"Is there anything that you don't do your best to plan?" she asked curiously.

"Not anymore." He shrugged. "What'cha making, Eliot?"

"Omelettes." He pulled out a bar stool near the island in the kitchen. "Park it and watch. First step to learning anything is watching it." Nate nodded and sat down.