Chapter 30: Stalker Tim Part 2

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Tim and Dick had been friends for several months now, but he had still never been over to Wayne Manor. Dick kept saying that Bruce didn't like visitors, but he didn't seem like the type to let that bother him. Tim sighs, setting his camera to the side. Sure, some people may think that waiting in the bushes of Wayne Manor was a bit much, but he was trying to observe Dick at his most candid; at home. He brings his camera back up when he hears a familiar laugh and focuses on the front door. Dick walks out basketball shorts and a tank top with his hair ruffled, dragging Bruce out behind him with a football in his hand.

"Come on, Bruce. You have to get some sunshine once and a while! People are going to think you're a vampire!" Dick chimes, leading his adoptive father to the grassy patch on their front yard.

"People are not going to think I'm a vampire."

"Come on! I finished all of my homework and Wally and Roy are busy." Bruce sighs, relenting.

"Alright…but we can't play football with just the two of us."

"Why not? We can just take turns and try to get around each other. This should be fun!" Dick beams, crouching down once they were in position. "You can go first. Tackling is allowed, by the way." He smirks as Bruce rushes forward, spinning around the boy. Dick tries to trip the billionaire, but he jumps out of the way. Just when he thought he was in the clear, Bruce's eyes widen as Dick lands on his shoulders. He grunts from effort before toppling over to the ground. Dick laughs triumphantly as Bruce chuckles as well.

"Alfred is going to kill us if we get grass stains on our clothes." Bruce states, looking at the bright green stains on the knees of his slacks.

"Oops." Dicks mumbles innocently. Bruce cracks a rare smile and ruffles his son's hair.

"It's alright…I'll just throw this pair out and he'll never know."

"Awesome!" Dick beams, his good mood instantly returned. He picks up the football that Bruce had let go of during the fall. "My turn! Catch me if you can, Dad!" They both suddenly freeze, staring at each other in shock. Dick smiles warmly, causing Bruce to relax and smile himself. The boy then runs off with the billionaire chasing after him. Tim blinks, taking the camera away from his face again. That was the first time he saw the billionaire actually smile. He had definitely caught an important moment and would be sure to make a note of it once he got home.

Tim sighs, flipping through the channels on TV. He finished his homework early, as usual, and was now merely waiting for his father to come home from gambling yet again. He stops, seeing a report on Batman and Robin. A citizen caught Robin on video during a fight against Two Face. On the footage, Robin does a quadruple somersault before landing on top of the villain's shoulders, giggling happily. Tim's eyes widen in shock; the remote slips from his fingers, clanking onto the floor. He had only seen three people ever pull that move off. Two of them were dead. That meant that the Boy Wonder was none other than Dick Grayson! Tim shoots up from the sofa in joy, running over to his log of important findings. This was a huge turn of events! With Dick being Robin, that meant that Bruce Wayne was Batman! He would write down his findings, and keep it to himself until the time came. This was a delicate process. He couldn't just approach them about it. So, he would wait and watch until the perfect moment.

It had been several years, and Dick had become more distant. He could tell that things were strained between the acrobat and Bruce, but he couldn't figure out what. Things had been going so well, then one day; Dick came to school in a sling and in a foul mood. One thing that he had come to learn about Dick was that he never held grudges. What could have been so bad that left him in such a sour state? He sits in the park, on his usual spot, playing a game on his phone. His phone rings, causing him to jump. Tim answers it, curious as to why Dick was calling him.

"Dick? Is everything alright?"

"No…I'm leaving Gotham." Tim pales at the solemn tone in his friend's voice.

"What? Why?!"

"I can't really talk about it. But we can still talk. I'm moving to Bludhaven."

"O-Oh….alright then…just be careful…I hear that city is dangerous." Dick scoffs at the comment.

"I'll be fine…thank you, though…and Tim…take care of yourself." The phone goes dead and Tim blinks, staring at the device. He was leaving? Just like that? What could have possibly happened?

A new Robin emerged not long after Dick left town. There was no mistaking it. This one was younger, and much more violent. How Bruce dealt with this boy, Tim would never understand. It was only four months after Dick left before Bludhaven was destroyed. When Tim read about it in the paper, he nearly had a heart attack until Dick texted him, letting him know that he was alright. It was now a few more years later, and Dick had moved yet again, to Jump City. The Titans popped up, and Tim knew that it was the acrobat's doing. What was the most notable was the fact that Jason Todd, new ward of Bruce Wayne, was killed. It was also a known fact that Robin had been murdered by Joker. It didn't take him long to connect the dots. The reason why Tim was on his way to Wayne Manor at the moment was because of Batman's increasing violent behavior. He nearly killed Joker. If Nightwing hadn't shown up when he did, who knows what would have happened. Tim knocks on the door, not surprised when Alfred answers the door, eyeing him curiously.

"May I help you?"

"Yes…actually, I was hoping to talk to Mr. Wayne."

"Master Bruce is not taking any appointments today."

"It's rather important, actually…it seems as though you have a bat problem." Tim states, hoping the butler would catch on. Alfred's eyes instantly widen before he shows the boy in, leading him to the study.

"Master Bruce will be in shortly." Alfred states before walking out. Not even a minute later, the billionaire walks in, shutting the door behind him. He turns a glare towards the boy, crossing his arms.

"What do you want?"

"I want in. You've lost control as of late and Dick isn't around to help you through this. You're going to wind up killing someone, and you will never forgive yourself for it." Bruce's eyebrows shoot up in shock, not expecting him to know so much. "I have known your identity for quite some time. All I want is the opportunity to prove to myself."

"You have a lot of work ahead of you, if I decide to train you."

"I fully understand that." Tim states determinedly. Bruce nods slowly, letting his arms drop to his side.

"Let's see what you can do."

"Ugh. Boring! The last one didn't even have Dick in it!" Jason interrupts, crossing his arms. "This is all about how you became Robin."

"You're so impatient! I was getting to the part where Dick and I really bonded!" Tim glowers over at him.

"Spoken like a true stalker."

"Shut up! I'm not a stalker!"

"Drake, we all know of your antics. Your memories have only proven that." Damian grumbles. "I have been the closest to Grayson as of late."

"It's not your turn yet, Little Demon." Jason smirks at the glare he receives from the youngest bird. "I didn't get to finish my story either. Tim just had to get his little creeper story in that he couldn't wait." Jason snickers as the hacker throws a pillow at him, since it was the closest thing he could grab.


"My turn again." Jason demands, grinning at Tim's grumpy expression.

Dick cries out in pain, getting thrown back from an explosion. He had been chasing after Red Hood, trying to capture him, but the villain threw a grenade at him. Nightwing tried to dodge it, but there was not enough room on the roof. Red Hood snickers, walking over to the fallen bird. He kicks Dick in the ribs with his steel toed boot, causing him to grunt in pain.

"Looks like you weren't fast enough this time, Dickie Bird." Red Hood sneers. Dick's eyes instantly shoot up to him and he pales.

"J-Jason?" The villain removes his red helmet, smirking down at his older brother. "You're…alive?" Dick breathes, trying to sit up. Jason kicks him back to the ground, glaring irritatedly.

"Oh, now you care."

"I looked everywhere for you when I heard that Joker had taken you!" Dick winces, coughing up blood. "I've always cared…please…Jay, just come home…"

"No. Bruce chose the Joker over me…he chose his self-righteousness over one of his own!"

"No, he didn't. If he killed Joker, he would have lost himself…"

"At least that lunatic would be dead!" Jason rages as Dick stumbles to his feet.

"That wouldn't solve anything, Jay…you know that." Dick makes his way over to him, limping slightly. "Please…just come home…"

"Get away from me!" Jason growls, taking a step back, but Dick makes his way closer, and pulls him into a hug.

"I'm so glad you're alive." Dick whispers before going limp. Jason's eyes widen as he catches his brother, noting the large gash on Dick's back. He sighs heavily, scooping him up. Figures…Dick always won one way or another. They were both going home after all.

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